Rough Draft

Aug 5th, 2020
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  1. GURPSChronica
  2. A shitty attempt at implementing an out of combat skill system for use with Nechronica by just poaching that shit from GURPS.
  4. Basic Run down
  5. Gurps uses a 3d6 roll under system where the base target number is your skill level (abbreviated as SL). It uses a point buy system for purchasing stat advancements, skills, and advantages. For the purposes of this game, the skills, stats related to skills, and non-combat advantages are going to be the only things used here. That means shit like encumbrance, lifting, fatigue points, and so on are going to be ignored.
  7. What you need:
  8. Required:
  9. -GURPS: Basic
  10. Core GURPS rule book, required for obvious reasons. Skills, Advantages, Equipment, and how shit's resolved are going to be the important bits here.
  11. -GCS application
  12. The character sheet creator for GURPS. Very good and handy program but might take a wee bit to get used to. Kiwi will try to give explanations for how to do shit in it and best practices towards the end.
  14. Helpful:
  15. -Power Ups 7(PU7)-Wild Cards.
  16. All PCs are going to have a wild card skill. Kiwi will do his best to explain their function and so on, but it won't hurt to have the book on hand.
  17. -Power Ups 2(PU2)-Perks
  18. Perks are 1 point advantages that can be a fun way to differentiate characters and Basic's only got like 5 or 6 of them. This has more.
  19. -Power Ups 6 (PU6)-Quirks
  20. Quirks are 1 point disadvantages that can be a fun way to differentiate characters, like with perks, Basic's kinda lacking.
  21. -Ultra Tech (UT)
  22. Between Basic and this, this should cover 95% of equipment needs. If you think you got all your equipment needs covered with basic, this is not needed.
  24. Changes from normal Nech play:
  25. -No more action checks, this also means no more part betting.
  26. -No more full repairs and the like after combat. There will be a small amount of parts you can just stick back onto yourself, but more extensive repairs will require use of skills such as surgery, first aid, mechanic, and so on.
  28. Basic Number Run down.
  30. -Everyone has 75 points. Kiwi is not allowing any disadvantages at this time, but he is allowing up to 3 quirks.
  31. -All PCs have 10 in every stat to start with.
  32. -You cannot buy up a stat past 12.
  33. -All PCs will have 12 points in whatever their wild card skill is. You can place up to 24 into your wildcard at your discretion.
  34. -All PCs will have a -12 point "disadvantage" that offsets 12 points of your wildcard skill.
  35. -The max skill level you can have in non-wildcard skills is 16. This includes talents or other advantages that increase your SL. This limit does not apply to situational bonuses like you get from perks. If you are uncertain, add the advantage to your sheet and see if GCS increases the skill in question, or just ask.
  36. -Skill limits will be raised as time goes on, but this is where things stand for now.
  37. -Points for spending on GURPS skills and advantages are separate from Favor. Exact numbers are TBD.
  39. SL-10 is considered "average." On an unmodified roll, this is where you'd have a 50/50 chance of success. This can be considered "hobbyist" or "fresh out of training" skill level
  40. SL-12 is considered "professional." A soldier with some experience in the field will have SL-12 in their specialization skills.
  41. SL-14 is considered "Skilled." A good surgeon with years of experience will have SL-14 in Surgery.
  42. SL-16 is considered "Talented" The best detective in a police precinct will have SL-16 in relevant detectiving skills.
  43. SL-18 is considered "Exceptional." This is "Olympic athelete" or "World class marksman" levels of competence. Typically going beyond SL20 is excessive unless you are looking to do things that carry heavy penalties.
  45. Further character building rules/restrictions:
  46. -No magic, luck, psionic, combat, allies, contacts, patrons, or body modifying advantages. All of these are covered by the nechronica side of things or are inappropriate for the game.
  47. -For now Kiwi's ruling that most parts and skills that might be relevant to a roll might give you a +1 or +2 to specific rolls rather than trying to add an advantage for every part a PC might have.
  48. -Social skills are in a bit of an awkward place more for being uncertain as to how relevant they might be. To ensure that social skills will stay useful, Kiwi is allowing a roll before conversation checks using whatever social skill you might have to provide a bonus to the conversation check.
  49. -For above: Failure= -1, Margin of Success 0-3=+1, MoS 4-9=+2, MoS 10+ = Guaranteed madness point reduction and if the conversation check is a critical success, you may apply a +/-1 to the fetter roll.
  50. -Cinematic perks/quirks/advantages/skills as well as exotic skills will require approval.
  52. Wildcards:
  53. For Kiwi's game, he will be having every PC start with a wildcard. For future games where someone might not want a broad spectrum of PC competence, disallowing wildcards is for the best.
  54. Wildcards are a unique category of skill in GURPS. There's a full rundown of potential benefits and optional rules and what they are more specifically in PU7, but the gist is it's a type of catch-all skill that you can roll against in the place of a more specific skill. An example of this is "Scout!" (all wild cards must end in an exclamation point), it covers skills like tracking and camouflage, and while normal Survival has required specializations, like Survival(Arctic), Scout! can be used to make survival checks in any terrain. For this game, your wild card represents your broad character concept's competence but not their specialty, as such, your wild card caps out at a much lower SL than normal skills. If you're a scout but want to be able to track a mosquito through a hurricane, you buy up Tracking directly.
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