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  1. [23:07:45] <Kain> So you totally curled right up and went back into your little dream realm.
  2. [23:07:57] <Natalie> Today, on 'Why You Should Never Give Your Players Cloaks of Invisibility':
  3. [23:08:16] <Kain> You float down, landing on the path between your place and hers.
  4. [23:08:21] <Natalie> Actually she'd been trying to use Mary's advice to go there while conscious, but there might've been a little curling involved.
  5. [23:08:30] <Natalie> Because come on that's her everyday life.
  6. [23:08:50] <Natalie> "Okay let's see," she narrates, checking to see if the curtain she stole's still there.  Or anywhere.
  7. [23:08:53] <Natalie> Being worn?
  8. [23:08:57] <Kain> Yep!
  9. [23:09:16] <Natalie> "Awesome," she puts the hood down and gives herself an affirmative nod. "Nin nin nin."
  10. [23:09:20] <Natalie> "... What does that even mean?"
  11. [23:09:43] * Natalie sets off to the DORK I mean dark castle, fleetness and swiftness in her steps!
  12. [23:09:53] <Kain> Even if you're invisible though, it doesn't mean you're totally silent! Roll a stealth as you infiltrate the dark fortress.
  13. [23:09:57] <Natalie> ... And then stops.
  14. [23:10:01] <Natalie> Realizing there's a drawbridge.
  15. [23:10:14] <Natalie> And circles around... attempting to be silent, yes.
  16. [23:10:15] <Kain> And an Athletics check.
  17. [23:10:16] <Natalie> 2d6+6 let's see
  18. [23:10:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, let's see: 11 [2d6=2,3]
  19. [23:10:27] <Natalie> 2d6+11 OH but you're right that's much nattier so let's do that too
  20. [23:10:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, OH but you're right that's much nattier so let's do that too: 22 [2d6=5,6]
  21. [23:09:31] <Natalie> Yes thanks dicemaid please come have sex with me
  22. [23:09:33] <Natalie> in the middle of this session
  23. [23:09:48] <Kain> You leap up and over the drawbridge, making an audible noise as you hit the ground on the other side.
  24. [23:09:51] <Kain> ...
  25. [23:09:58] <Kain> No response, you think you're good.
  26. [23:10:15] <Natalie> "Phew," she says totally silently to herself; so silent that there isn't even any voice acting!
  27. [23:10:43] <Kain>
  28. [23:10:43] * Natalie looks left, right... forward, backward, up, down, diagonally between two directions a little.
  29. [23:10:56] <Natalie> ... And resumes sneaking forward.
  30. [23:11:02] <Kain> Inside isn't as brightly lit as normal. Lights are on in the dining room, but the entranceway is dark.
  31. [23:11:40] <Kain> The room, you remember, is upstairs.
  32. [23:11:50] <Kain> Remembering! Remembering is nice.
  33. [23:12:10] <Natalie> 'Mhm,' she thinks to herself without words, 'So she has lights on where she's at... all I gotta do is not go near there.  Easy.'
  34. [23:12:30] <Natalie> 'Nin.'  Still pondering what that means, Nat slooooooooooooooooowly tiptoes up to the stairs.
  35. [23:14:23] <Kain> The upstairs hallway is dark, too. Nothing... nothing...
  36. [23:14:34] <Kain> You eventually find your way to the room with the enormous padlock.
  37. [23:14:51] * Natalie starts to attempt to turn the flashlight on but stops herself WHOOPS GETTING TOO USED TO IT
  38. [23:15:42] <Natalie> 'Easy,' she thinks again, 'I can't come here while she's gone.  I'm keeping my word!  But as long as she doesn't catch me, I can just have ooooone little peek...'
  39. [23:16:06] <Natalie> '...'
  40. [23:16:11] <Natalie> 'So how am I gonna...'
  41. [23:16:25] * Natalie looks dumb for a second. Or would if she wasn't invisible.
  42. [23:17:04] <Kain> Natalie's white outline with a transparent fill totally looks dumb for a moment.
  43. [23:17:12] <Natalie> 'Okay okay I'll just' she makes the tiiiiiiniest little laser beam thing on a finger.
  44. [23:17:25] <Natalie> Or however else she's lockpicked before.
  45. [23:17:30] <Natalie> ... Which was probably always that.
  46. [23:17:34] <Kain> Not going to try and replicate the master thief check?
  47. [23:17:48] <Natalie> Oh this is HOW she's master thiefing.
  48. [23:18:05] * Natalie does look left and right to see if she has enough time to give herself Faith though just in case.
  49. [23:19:26] <Kain> No one's looking! Unless they're invisible too. Maybe Mary is, since she's you.
  50. [23:19:42] <Natalie> Oh damn you're right!  ... In fact there's no reason for her NOT to be oh god.
  51. [23:19:59] * Natalie isn't clever enough to consider that and silently whistles nothing to herself because she isn't making any noise~
  52. [23:20:09] <Kain> Thievery check~
  53. [23:20:11] <Natalie> 2d6+9 ♪
  54. [23:20:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, ♪: 17 [2d6=2,6]
  55. [23:20:21] <Kain> Yoink.
  56. [23:20:32] <Natalie> 'Careful careful... just one peek after all.'
  57. [23:20:35] <Natalie> 'Not two!  Not three!'
  58. [23:20:37] <Kain> You ruby laser the padlock and actually manage to unlock it without breaking it.
  59. [23:20:48] <Natalie> 'It's just gonna be like something embarrassing anyway.'
  60. [23:20:59] <Kain> Creaaaaaaak.... The door slowly swings open.
  61. [23:21:01] <Natalie> 'Like a birthday cake for... oh wow when IS my birthday?'
  62. [23:21:05] <Natalie> 'Do I... Do I have one?'
  63. [23:21:23] <Natalie> 'I mean she probably knows her own birthday but I don't THINK it was a year ago...'
  64. [23:21:27] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1inb4 a swarm of Nightmare Mary stampede Nat as they burst from the door)
  65. [23:21:31] <Natalie> 'Oh I don't even know what time IS anymore.'
  66. [23:21:44] <Natalie> '... Okay, so I'm just gonna peek in and close it.'
  67. [23:21:47] <Natalie> 'Here goes!'
  68. [23:21:49] * Natalie peeks in.
  69. [23:22:12] <Kain>
  70. [23:22:44] <Natalie> (I already don't like the direction this is taking)
  71. [23:24:25] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1And then Lenore walks into the hotel room BAWLING HER EYES OUT and wakes Nat out of her trance)
  72. [23:24:38] <Natalie> (that would actually be hilarious)
  73. [23:25:09] <Aori_Radidjiu> (SORRY NO PEEKING INTO THE MARY 1,1BABYCAVE FOR YOU!)
  74. [23:25:11] <Natalie> (in fact, that's how most TV shows would conclude this scene)
  75. [23:25:18] <Natalie> (no no no no no no no)
  76. [23:26:48] <Kain> From here you can see... a second bedroom of a sort, covered in black sheets. A whip hangs on one of the walls, and a pair of handcuffs hang from one of the bedposts. The window in this room has thick black curtains draped over them, and there are a lot of weird devices you don't recognize. You do, however, see a few more paintings of that snake from before on the walls, in various poses.
  77. [23:26:48] <Kain> Now that you look, he seems... strangely familiar somehow. And straight across from the door is a dressed with an open journal on it. You can't make out the words from here.
  78. [23:26:55] <Kain> But it looks identical to your journal.
  79. [23:27:30] <Natalie> 'No.  Nnnnnnnnonononono, I said I was just peeking and not actually going in.'  Oh god she's already regretting it.
  80. [23:27:39] <Aori_Radidjiu> (>whip)
  81. [23:27:42] <Aori_Radidjiu> (>handcuffs)
  82. [23:27:47] <Natalie> 'Just close the door.'
  83. [23:27:50] <Natalie> 'Close the...'
  84. [23:27:51] <Aori_Radidjiu> (get the fuck out Nat)
  85. [23:27:54] * Natalie looks left and right again.
  86. [23:27:59] <Kain> ...
  87. [23:28:00] <Kain> no one.
  88. [23:28:02] <Natalie> 'Close it and waaaaaaaaalk away.'
  89. [23:28:06] <Natalie> 'Donnnnnn't go in.
  90. [23:28:07] <Natalie> '
  91. [23:28:12] * Natalie steps in.
  92. [23:28:14] <Natalie> 'Damnit.'
  93. [23:28:48] <Natalie> 'Okay when I said "one peek" I obviously meant "of what's inside there" all along, yeah!  Nin nin nin nin nin.'
  94. [23:28:56] <Kain> As you step in, you notice there's a jewelry box on the dresser as well, filled with various snake-themed jewelry, like bracelets and earrings.
  95. [23:29:23] * Natalie gives invisible weird looks at all this.
  96. [23:29:34] <Natalie> Just ONE peek at the diary.
  97. [23:29:35] <Natalie> Only one.
  98. [23:29:35] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Mary's banging Terrato)
  99. [23:29:49] <Natalie> (1,1I have no clue why I didn't come to that conclusion earlier)
  100. [23:29:51] <Kain> You sneak a peek at the diary.
  101. [23:30:06] <Natalie> 'Just one line and I don't even need more than that,' Nat affirms herself.
  102. [23:30:08] <Kain> It's written in very formal handwriting, in red ink.
  103. [23:31:55] <Kain> 4I trusted you. But I knew you would peek anyway. Because you're me. Oh, well. I suppose it's alright if it's you. Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. You've already come this far, a little more won't hurt, will it? Just sneak back out when you're done, and as long as I haven't seen you, it didn't happen, right...? Hehe...
  104. [23:32:22] * Natalie probably spends up to five minutes facepalming.
  105. [23:32:25] <Natalie> Okay, one minute.
  106. [23:32:34] <Aori_Radidjiu> (yes.)
  107. [23:32:55] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Fuck I want to go and high-five Mary.)
  108. [23:32:57] <Natalie> No that's a lie she just walks straight back out, takes a second closing the door, then gets the hell out of the castle to facepalm THERE.
  109. [23:33:15] <Natalie> 'I hate me so much.'
  110. [23:33:53] <Kain> Well, that was anticlimatic.
  111. [23:34:20] <Natalie> Is there anybody who wouldn't NOPE out at that?
  112. [23:34:23] <Natalie> REALLY?
  113. [23:34:29] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  114. [23:34:37] <Natalie> That is the most terrifying thing
  115. [23:34:53] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Yeah, that "Hehe..." at the end is like the creepiest thing)
  116. [23:34:58] <Natalie> (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  117. [23:35:19] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Also Tree's expecting a screamer because he's a wimp)
  118. [23:35:38] <Natalie> (how can you even do a screamer in tabletop)
  119. [23:35:40] <Kain> So... what does Nat do now?
  120. [23:35:41] <Aori_Radidjiu> (I GMed for him in a horror game, he flipped out over everything)
  121. [23:35:55] <Natalie> Feel stupid - Aori Kain was watching - and...
  122. [23:36:11] <Natalie> ... And realize that actually WAS kind of familiar, huh.
  123. [23:36:27] <Natalie> Nope nope whips and chains not going back there
  124. [23:36:37] <Natalie> Gotta just install fences by the nightmarebuncle fields
  125. [23:36:40] <Natalie> ...
  126. [23:36:55] <Aori_Radidjiu> (WHICH IS SCARIER)
  127. [23:37:04] <Aori_Radidjiu> (NIGHTMAREBUNCLE OR MARY'S ROOM)
  128. [23:37:08] * Natalie actually considers what was just said in parentheses, yes.
  129. [23:37:09] <Aori_Radidjiu> (4CHOOSE WISELY)
  130. [23:37:42] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Also there are multiple nightmarebuncles and only one of Mary's room)
  131. [23:37:46] <Natalie> "Okay, me, I gotta think like me here," she whispers to herself in a presumably-safe place.
  132. [23:38:13] <Kain> (I like to think my music choice contributed to this)
  133. [23:38:27] <Natalie> "IIIIII would definitely do what I just did.  But I'd also sneak back behind the other castle to see why it's so dark and creepy back there..."
  134. [23:38:41] <Natalie> "So she already knows my secret, it's totally fair."
  135. [23:39:01] * Natalie slaps herself in the face, "NO I said not two or three JUST ONE."
  136. [23:39:20] <Natalie> "... One-and-a-half is okay though because that doesn't count as two."
  137. [23:39:29] * Natalie sneaks backwards. Literally. Walking backwards.
  138. [23:39:40] <Kain> Roll another stealth check
  139. [23:39:42] <Kain> :3
  140. [23:39:46] * Natalie didn't even lock the door back because she is such a shitty thief.
  141. [23:39:48] <Natalie> 2d6+6 you bet
  142. [23:39:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, you bet: 13 [2d6=5,2]
  143. [23:39:56] <Kain> Sneak sneak sneak...
  144. [23:40:00] <Natalie> Nin nin.
  145. [23:40:09] <Kain> What the fuck you actually snuck better this way than before.
  146. [23:40:16] <Kain> Sneak sneak...
  147. [23:40:20] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  148. [23:40:31] <Kain> You sneak backwards into Mary's secret torture dungeon
  149. [23:40:32] <Natalie> 'Okay' now it isn't whispering anymore 'so I just... find out WHY that's like that.  And THEN leave.'
  150. [23:40:35] <Aori_Radidjiu> (I guess Nat's become a 1,1smooth criminal by moonwalking)
  151. [23:41:13] <Natalie> 'Why is she into this stuff anyway, I can't see any reason I'D be into all this... unless...'
  152. [23:41:22] <Natalie> 'Unless....'
  153. [23:41:37] <Natalie> 'Well Ammy's my best friend and I don't cover my castle in Tonberries.'
  154. [23:41:58] <Natalie> You know what, just for amusement purposes, all the '' stuff she actually says out loud in the physical world but NOT in the æther realm.
  155. [23:42:09] <Natalie> Which means if Mr. Prickles is in the inn room he gets to get confused as fuck.
  156. [23:42:25] <Kain> So, what do you do once you're back in the room?
  157. [23:42:39] <Natalie> First of all, not touch anything.
  158. [23:42:55] <Natalie> ... But look closely at EVERYTHING.
  159. [23:43:07] <Kain> Not even the journal? There's gotta be other pages... riiight?
  160. [23:43:09] <Natalie> 'Okay, so it only counts as two peeks if I touch things.'  Settin' dem thresholds.
  161. [23:43:22] * Natalie does stare at the journal a minute.
  162. [23:43:27] <Natalie> 'If I turn that page.'
  163. [23:43:34] <Natalie> 'She's going to KNOW I'd turn that page.'
  164. [23:43:40] <Natalie> 'And the next page will be... like...'
  165. [23:43:51] <Natalie> '"I'm standing behind you" and then I'll turn around and aaaaa no no no nono'
  166. [23:43:54] <Natalie> 'nononononononono'
  167. [23:43:57] <Kain> Okay, so roll me an awareness while you're at it.
  168. [23:43:58] <Natalie> 'Don't turn that page'
  169. [23:44:00] <Natalie> 2d6
  170. [23:44:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 2d6: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  171. [23:44:05] <Natalie> '...'
  172. [23:44:07] <Natalie> 'BUT.'
  173. [23:44:14] <Aori_Radidjiu> (what a nat)
  174. [23:44:16] <Natalie> 'That's because she expects me to turn to the NEXT page.'
  175. [23:44:20] <Aori_Radidjiu> (she should've brought something)
  176. [23:44:21] <Natalie> 'So I'm gonna turn it backwards...'
  177. [23:44:32] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Er, *someone)
  178. [23:44:50] <Natalie> (Yeah if she did that though she'd have to mist it and not be in both worlds at once)
  179. [23:45:10] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Good point)
  180. [23:45:12] * Natalie tiptoes up and does just as she said.
  181. [23:45:20] <Kain> Flip.
  182. [23:45:26] <Natalie> As in, turns back a page instead of forward.
  183. [23:45:42] <Kain> This one... still written in that red ink, but it doesn't seem addressed to Natalie. It reads...
  184. [23:45:48] <Natalie> '... Wait a second but then she'd know that I'd do that instead of turning it forward BECAUSE I thought she'd know I'd turn it forward and-'
  185. [23:46:02] * Natalie clamps her invisible-eyes shut at that realization but cracks one open.
  186. [23:46:06] <Natalie> ... Then two.
  187. [23:50:30] <Kain> 4Terrato is more charming than I thought, initially. I haven't been able to get him out of my mind. Not literally, of course, I don't think he'd fit in here, but...! There is a certain attraction to his confidence that I enjoy. I think I appear much too young at the moment, however, for his tastes. That's probably the only thing I regret inheriting from my sister. But... if everything goes
  188. [23:50:30] <Kain> 4according to plan, I should have a more mature form soon. I hope she doesn't react badly if we start to differentiate... I don't think I could tell her to her face, but I've come to admire her almost as much as Grandfather, especially after seeing some of her memories. He -did- warn me against becoming too soft, though...
  189. [23:51:44] <Natalie> '... Alright, now I'm done here.'  She kind of visibly trembles in the not-æther realm.  Guilt?  Maybe.
  190. [23:51:57] <Natalie> 'First... turn it back to where it was when I found it.'
  191. [23:52:09] * Natalie flips the page forward one again.
  192. [23:52:15] <Natalie> 'Second...'
  193. [23:52:17] <Natalie> 'DO'
  194. [23:52:18] <Natalie> 'NOT'
  195. [23:52:20] <Natalie> 'LOOK'
  196. [23:52:22] <Natalie> 'BACK'
  197. [23:52:27] * Natalie begins walking backwards.
  198. [23:52:53] <Kain> 1d100
  199. [23:52:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 67 [1d100=67]
  200. [23:52:59] <Kain> 1d100
  201. [23:53:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 17 [1d100=17]
  202. [23:53:03] <Aori_Radidjiu> (shenanigans incoming)
  203. [23:53:06] <Natalie> (^)
  204. [23:53:11] <Kain> Bump.
  205. [23:53:16] <Natalie> (well that's sort of expected when there's a shenanigans roll)
  206. [23:53:31] <Kain> You... bump into something soft and warm.
  207. [23:53:33] <Natalie> 'Aaaaaaaaaaand it's over.'
  208. [23:54:03] * Natalie continues not turning around.
  209. [23:54:12] <Natalie> Just takes.... one step.... to the left.
  210. [23:54:20] <Natalie> Not a jump, mind you.
  211. [23:54:34] <Aori_Radidjiu> (But man does she wish she could do the time warp)
  212. [23:54:48] <Natalie> (I'm really considering how many ways I can bring 'hands on hips' into this too)
  213. [23:55:01] <Kain> Mary finally sighs and just asks, "What are you doing?"
  214. [23:55:21] * Natalie pauses a moment.
  215. [23:55:31] * Natalie checks her cloak, still pulled over?
  216. [23:55:37] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Calling her claiming to be a ghost)
  217. [23:55:45] <Natalie> (1,1Even better)
  218. [23:56:01] <Kain> Yep, you're not looking at her, so you can't see if she's looking at you, but you -did- bump into her.
  219. [23:56:11] <Kain> You see a hand reach past you and feel around in front of her.
  220. [23:56:28] * Natalie does sidestep, then, deep breath, and....
  221. [23:56:41] <Natalie> "Shh.  You haven't seen me yet."
  222. [23:56:47] * Natalie THEN turns around and books it.
  223. [23:57:00] <Kain> You see her lips curl up into a smile as you pass.
  224. [23:57:02] <Aori_Radidjiu> (oh my god fuck I lost it)
  225. [23:57:10] <Kain> Mary: "Then... I suppose it did not happen."
  226. [23:57:14] <Natalie> (Thanks, I try~)
  227. [23:57:18] <Natalie> "~"
  228. [23:57:23] <Natalie> "Later!"
  229. [23:57:38] * Natalie SOARS out of the castle.
  230. [23:58:07] <Kain> Unless there's anything else...
  231. [23:58:10] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Calling Lennyfit in 3...)
  232. [23:58:16] <Natalie> Just one thing.
  233. [23:58:22] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,12...)
  234. [23:58:28] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,11...)
  235. [23:58:46] <Natalie> (1,1You can do that if you want actually, I won't even mind)
  236. [23:59:00] * Kain shakes the one thing out of natbuncle
  237. [23:59:03] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh I was gonna' leave it up to Kain)
  238. [23:59:14] <Kain> This first.
  239. [23:59:27] <Natalie> Nat heads out behind her own castle where the evil grimdark plains are and... hmm, trying to think of if there's something that's convenient to leave a message on in a place like this.
  240. [23:59:48] <Natalie> Oh fuck it she just lasers it into the ground in a spot where it can only be seen if she goes behind the castle.
  241. [23:59:54] <Natalie> "Keep it between us, 'kay?"
  242. [00:00:12] <Natalie> Then, reassured, goes into her castle to be a lazy fuck.
  243. [00:00:42] <Natalie> 1,1Best result if Lenny was listening to her talking to herself the whole time
  244. [00:01:21] <Lenore> There's the sound of the door opening, and then getting closed with a slam, followed by sniff, sniff, and you think you hear someone rubbing their nose with their sleeve.  Ew.
  245. [00:01:43] <Kain> The bunc jolts awake! Not enough concentration.
  246. [00:01:50] <Natalie> "BWAH"
  247. [00:02:04] <Natalie> "NO YOU STILL DIDN'T SEE ME SO I-"
  248. [00:02:21] * Lenore sniff. "O-oh, I'm sorry Nat" sniff "I didn't see you t-there..."
  249. [00:02:31] <Kain> Mind you, it's actually been several hours IC since Lenore would have talked to Theta, this is awkward. CELEBIIII
  250. [00:02:37] <Natalie> "That was the point."
  251. [00:02:42] <Lenore> (nono, I have it in my head Kain)
  252. [00:02:45] * Natalie reaches over her head and tugs at nothing.
  253. [00:02:47] <Natalie> "..."
  254. [00:02:49] <Natalie> "Oh."
  255. [00:02:50] <Lenore> (She fell asleep crying in the alley)
  256. [00:02:54] <Kain> Awww.
  257. [00:02:56] <Kain> Okay. then.
  258. [00:03:01] <Lenore> (And then got up int he morning like WTF and went back to the hotel)
  259. [00:03:27] <Kraken> (Aori meant to say head Kainon)
  260. [00:03:34] <Natalie> (lel)
  261. [00:03:37] <Lenore> (oh you)
  262. [00:03:49] <Natalie> "Well I was definitely not doing anything at all nope!"
  263. [00:04:38] * Lenore sniff. "I wish I-I..." Sniff. "Did nothing..." Her face is red and screwed up from tears, there's some makeup leakage, and she looks a bit dirty from being in that alley so long.
  264. [00:06:54] <Lenore> And her hair's all messed up, too.
  265. [00:07:09] <Natalie> "Lenny..."  Nat facescrunches and awkwardly reaches over to try to pat her on the... eh, nah, better not.  "Nnnn, what HAPPENED to you?"
  266. [00:07:31] <Natalie> "I thought getting mad was weird but this is even weirder.  Talk to me, 'kay?"
  267. [00:08:01] <Lenore> "W-what happened?"  Sniff!  She wipes her face again, with a handkerchief from her kind of soggy hat.  "M-more like..."  Sniff.  "What I did!"
  268. [00:08:56] <Natalie> "Okay, so I might've done something not-that-great too."  Natty wears an awkward smile.  "Waaaaaaaanna trade?"
  269. [00:09:51] <Lenore> "I-I..."  Sniff.  "I..."  Sniff.  "I......"  Sniff, and then she grabs Nat and starts bawling on her shoulder.
  270. [00:10:32] * Natalie pats the poor mage on the back. "C'mon, it can't be as bad as doing exactly what your little sister told you not to, could it?"
  271. [00:10:40] <Lenore> Lenny smells a bit bad.
  272. [00:12:45] * Natalie sniffs once or twice but ignores it.
  273. [00:13:16] <Lenore> "I...I...I broke Theta!" Sniff!  "I'm a terrible horrible indescribably bad monster who shouldn't have questioned our relationship and should've...should've..."  sniff.  "Should've spread my legs instead of talking!"  Sniff.
  274. [00:13:28] <Natalie> "You- wait what"
  275. [00:13:45] <Natalie> "Um... okay.... slow down a sec, Lenny."
  276. [00:14:12] <Natalie> "You made Lamb- I mean Theta mad, or something?"
  277. [00:14:26] <Kain> what
  278. [00:14:41] <Kain> (>she called him Theta)
  279. [00:14:48] * Natalie stands up and does some leg stretches. "Stretching your legs is nice, but you can talk while doing it too!"
  280. [00:14:51] <Kain> (historic moment people)
  281. [00:14:53] <Natalie> (yes major turning point)
  282. [00:15:09] <Lenore> Sniff.  "No, I made him cry!  I..."  Sniff.  "I took his heart and crushed it with my hands, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"
  283. [00:15:23] <Natalie> "Wait you killed him?"
  284. [00:15:34] <Lenore> God she's getting so whiny it's hard to understand her
  285. [00:15:44] <Natalie> "Um... no... okay."
  286. [00:16:01] <Natalie> "When that happens, people just return to the planet, to the Crystal, and..."
  287. [00:16:02] <Lenore> She gives the most nervous, insincere gigle you've ever heard.  "No, no, m-metaphorically."
  288. [00:16:05] <Natalie> "Uhh, how'd it go- oh."
  289. [00:16:09] <Natalie> "Nevermind then!"
  290. [00:17:02] <Natalie> "Ammy just got seriously injured 'metaphorically' in a way that it'd probably be impossible to ever recover if it was real!"  She nods matter-of-factly, giving a thumbs-up.  "But it wasn't real so she's fine!  Obviously it's the same thing here, right?"
  291. [00:17:13] <Natalie> "It just like, takes a little while to get over the shock and that kinda stuff."
  292. [00:17:27] <Lenore> Sniff.  "But I might as well of!   I'm just as horrible!"
  293. [00:18:35] <Natalie> "That's silly.  Lenny, I'm best friends with someone who DID kill people (even if it wasn't on purpose or anything) and I didn't even think that was horrible, so why would you be for whatever you did?"
  294. [00:18:46] * Natalie flicks her on the forehead.
  295. [00:19:11] * Lenore stares back at Nat, looking right into her eyes, and sniffs.
  296. [00:19:25] * Natalie is smilin' as usual.
  297. [00:19:50] * Lenore has basically a puppy-dog eye face going on, but actually sincerely and not one of those fake ones that people make to get their way
  298. [00:20:05] <Natalie> "... Here."
  299. [00:20:22] <Lenore> She also has a bit of snot on her face ewwww
  300. [00:20:28] * Natalie grabs Lenore by the shoulders and moves a little closer to the spot she just flicked, giving her a little kiss on the forehead~
  301. [00:20:54] <Natalie> "There's my blessing.  It's magic, so if there's anything that can make you feel better right now it's gotta be that, 'kay?"
  302. [00:21:07] <Natalie> "All you need to do is believe in it~ ♪"
  303. [00:24:55] <Lenore> (Sorry if you're wondering why I'm taking so long, I'm like, seriously debating how to have Lenore react to this D:)
  304. [00:27:56] * Lenore closes her eyes and takes a deeeeep breath.
  305. [00:31:21] * Natalie pulls back and grins. "Any better?"
  306. [00:33:35] * Lenore barely opens her eyes, into almost slits, her fists suddenly clenching up, her knuckles white from gripping them so hard, you can almost hear them digging into her skin. "I...I...I..." She exhales, seething, then inhales deeply again. "I can't believe how fucking dumb you're being! What am I, a 2 year old!? I'm too old for kiss it and make it better, and here you are, laughing my
  307. [00:33:35] * Lenore own problems off like they're nothing, talking about people dying like it's nothing, does anything actually matter to you, Nat? I can't believe how fucking careless you are at times like this!" Nat's never heard Lenore talk in this kind of tone without something blow up right after, you can almost hear her vocal chords straining as she tries to restrain herself from not outright
  308. [00:33:37] * Lenore yelling and instead trying to keep an even tone, the text embellishments being where she suddenly shouts instead.
  309. [00:34:40] <Kain> Energy crackles across Lenore's body, very similar to how it did before she Tranced in Mt. Gulug.
  310. [00:34:57] <Natalie> "Ah... w-w-wait but I'm pretty sure this is what I've always-" Oh god she casts Reflect on herself anyway just out of sheer terror.
  311. [00:37:15] <Natalie> To make it even worse, Nat's probably never heard Lenore talk in this kind of tone EVER as far back as her memories go, since she was mostly pretty cheery during the Tonberry fight.  The poor catgirl just stumbles back and falls onto another bed- or maybe a wall, a wall makes more sense here.
  312. [00:39:02] <Lenore> "Do you really even care, Nat?  Did you care about that guy at the docks?  Do you care about any of the people we fight against?  Is this just a game to you, where you just beat up all the bad guys and everything will be okay?  All I ever hear you talk about whenever we're planning is just beating up anyone we find, no finesse, no making sure there's no casualties, no making sure we
  313. [00:39:02] <Lenore> don't ahve the wrong ideas, just charge forth, because obviously we can do no wrong.  Nacchan's here to save the fucking day!"  She breathes in and out rapidly in between sentences, you swear at some points she stops and seems like she's trying to count to 10 or something and just says fuck it instead
  314. [00:40:02] <Kain> Lenore, your body is trembling at this point, your skin's even starting to pulse pink.
  315. [00:40:18] <Natalie> "H-Hey, wait, I'm just..."  After each shouting fit she shrinks down a little more and a little more, decreasing in volume each time, "Just trying to help..."  Until it sounds like a whimper, if even that, "By being me, it's all I remember how..."
  316. [00:42:11] * Natalie curls into a ball against the wall and looks up, trembling. "Is... Is that really what I'm like?"
  317. [00:42:31] <Lenore> "Do you know what would happen if I just blew things up willy nilly Nat?  Have you ever considered the thought?"  There's some drops of blood dripping from her fists, hitting the carpet or whatever.  Her hat was a little soggy and crumpled now, but now it's perfectly straight from all the energy going off of her, a magic circle forming underneath her without her realizing it.  "Would
  318. [00:42:31] <Lenore> you like it if I demonstrated right now?  HUH!?"
  319. [00:42:58] <Natalie> "It's true, isn't it."
  320. [00:43:38] <Natalie> "Guess... I messed up.  That nightmare thing I fought was really me after all..."
  321. [00:45:22] * Natalie dispels her own Reflect. "Sorry. Guess we weren't meant to live together after all."
  322. [00:45:29] <Lenore> "I could...I could...I could..."  Her eyes widen, as visions of the town exploding, children dying, the docks collapsing, the seas raging, the eidolon wall in pieces, Mr. Prickles' spines getting blasted off.  "I...oh my god.  Oh my god."  Her knees buckle and she drops to the floor, and she starts sobbing into her hands.
  323. [00:45:56] <Kain> The signs of trance begin to fade again.
  324. [00:46:10] * Natalie stands up and looks down.
  325. [00:46:24] <Lenore> "Nonononononononononononononononono"
  326. [00:46:37] <Natalie> "I... guess I get it.  Humans and Eidolons can't really understand each other... we're just too different."
  327. [00:46:51] <Natalie> "Sorry, Lenny."
  328. [00:47:34] * Natalie hauls up the crystal and a few other things, turning toward the door.
  329. [00:47:38] <Natalie> ".. Bye."
  330. [00:47:39] * Lenore slowly brings her hands down, looking up at Nat, a little bit of the blood from her hands got on her face, so she looks RIDICULOUS. "No, no, oh my god, no, Nat shut up."
  331. [00:47:55] <Lenore> "No!"  She gets up and oh my god she runs after Nat aaaaaaah
  332. [00:47:57] * Natalie tuuuuurns the handle.
  333. [00:48:21] * Lenore jumps on her. "Stop, no, oh my god I am so sorry no I wasn't thinking."
  334. [00:48:24] * Natalie turns back, teary-eyed. Oop they're streaming down actually. "Then what?"
  335. [00:48:34] <Natalie> "That doesn't matter!  Everything you said was right, you know!"
  336. [00:48:56] <Lenore> "I..."
  337. [00:49:13] <Natalie> "You think I don't care about human stuff?  Well you're right!  I think it's fine when they die because they just get reborn, I don't know anything about your relationships or your death or the way you do things!  I'm ME!  I do it how I'M used to!"
  338. [00:49:28] <Natalie> "I probably don't even have to care about danger because I live forever anyway!"
  339. [00:49:46] * Miyuki is now known as Anise
  340. [00:50:16] <Natalie> "I don't know how Ammy was ever able to put up with it anyway," she looks down a bit.
  341. [00:50:54] <Natalie> "The mission to put the Crystal back is mine and mine alone anyway, it WAS pretty stupid to get you all dragged into it."
  342. [00:51:28] <Natalie> "And besides, I know why I forgot."
  343. [00:51:45] <Lenore> "...Nat..."
  344. [00:51:52] <Lenore> "...I'll go with you."
  345. [00:52:06] <Natalie> "You hate me, don't you...?"
  346. [00:52:16] <Natalie> "And Zet- ... Theta."
  347. [00:52:20] <Lenore> "...I thought I did...but..."
  348. [00:52:39] * Natalie pokes Lenny's forehead again, much more lightly this time.
  349. [00:52:50] <Natalie> "You know, I don't really have a blessing.  I just made it up."
  350. [00:55:15] * Lenore takes a deep breath in. "Nat, listen to me, I'm wrong. Oh my god. I was just being angry,'re Carbuncle, the cute little cat Eidolon that helps people out! The one who gives everyone cheer when they're down! don't care about our human things as much, but that's because it's your job not to. Being carefree, is...part of you, right?" She seems a bit unsure, the
  351. [00:55:16] * Lenore "right?" seeming to almost be asking herself. "And...I shouldn't think badly of you for that."
  352. [00:55:35] <Lenore> "Besides, it's hard to care about things that much when...when your memories are screwed up, which isn't your fault."
  353. [00:57:06] <Lenore> " care enough to give a blessing...which..."
  354. [00:57:11] <Natalie> "Being carefree is all of me," she gives a little giggle and pulls the finger back.  "But... no, yeah, it's not like I've never thought about human stuff and how far away I am from it.  The last few thoughts I remember ARE stuff like, 'is the way I think about things too different from how humans do?'  I mean... I'm made by the planet to help the planet, not to live on it and do the stuff that humans and human-likes do, right?  Dating, relationships, love, hate... I barely get any of that stuff."
  355. [00:58:10] <Natalie> "See... well, it's kinda soon, I barely even had time to think about it since I found out, but, um."
  356. [01:00:49] <Natalie> "I've been losing my memories because I've been becoming something... not... me.  Getting... taken over, I guess?"  She leans against the door and shivers a little.  "I saw a version of me that ACTUALLY totally lost it, it's the scariest thing I can remember already."
  357. [01:02:04] * Lenore 's eyes widen. "R-really? Yeah I just...I'm sorry about how I just got, I just realized how scary what I was saying was..." She shivers. "How'd you see that? Was it when Ralul checked out your castle or something?"
  358. [01:03:47] <Natalie> "Uh-huh.  We fought it, too... and I guess there're a lot of them in there too.  So, shh, I really wanted to just not tell you about it, but... 'Dark Eidolon' is what I might end up becoming, he said."  She folds her arms after wiping the tears off, looking up.  "We know a way to fix it, maybe... but I still wanna put my mission first."
  359. [01:04:35] <Natalie> "So I guess it would be scary if I turned into something like that in front of you guys, huh?"  Now she pokes Lenore's nose.  "Maybe going alone and leaving you all do be human (or human-ish) WOULD be better."
  360. [01:04:54] * Lenore frowns. "But Nat, if you're alone..."
  361. [01:05:02] <Lenore> "Who's going to stop you from becoming like that?"
  362. [01:05:24] <Natalie> "Well, Ammy'd probably follow me even if I told her not to.  She's like that."
  363. [01:06:44] <Natalie> "But... it'd probably be up to luck, I guess?  If that happened, there'd just be no more me.  Maybe Mary wouldn't be around either."
  364. [01:06:50] <Lenore> "I'm...I'm not letting my friend go off on their own...besides, you and me make a great team, remember that fight earlier?"  She's not bawling or freaking out anymore, at least, so she's calmed herself down a bit.
  365. [01:07:18] <Lenore> "Besides, if you go like that, wouldn't you want someone to blow you up?"  She FINALLY smiles and winks at Nat.
  366. [01:07:24] * Natalie wears a little smile. "Maybe... but... it's not like I'm not sad or mad or scared ever, Lenny. I'm cheerful and happy because I HAVE to be."
  367. [01:08:01] <Natalie> "Hehe... yeah, you'd probably be a fight I'd be happy to lose to.  I mean, it'd hurt a lot!  Buuuuut."
  368. [01:09:18] <Lenore> "And, you know how Ammy's always talking about stories and Eidolons and stuff, right?  Maybe if you were with us humans all the'd become more human!"
  369. [01:09:36] <Lenore> "And also, about the Crystal..."
  370. [01:09:36] * Natalie gulps. "That sounds really familiar."
  371. [01:10:14] <Lenore> "While I guess it is more YOUR job than mine or anyone else's, I have a personal reason to go beat up Kraken!"
  372. [01:10:23] <Lenore> "And he has a shard!"
  373. [01:10:43] <Natalie> "Yeah.  Well, you know me, I'd fight him even if I knew I'd lose."
  374. [01:10:56] * Natalie ruffles Lenny's hair, or what little of it hangs out from under her hat.
  375. [01:11:11] <Lenore> "So you need someone else to tell you that you would lose, okay?"
  376. [01:11:23] <Natalie> "... Okay.  I got it!"
  377. [01:11:38] <Natalie> "But anyway, if we're gonna do something like that, we can't be fighting with each other, 'kay?"
  378. [01:11:55] * Lenore nods. "Okay...I'm sorry about how angry I got..."
  379. [01:12:09] <Natalie> "Maybe I can change my own story a little if it REALLY annoys you that much..."
  380. [01:12:12] <Natalie> "But!"
  381. [01:12:23] * Natalie sidestaps and twirls around, hopping back on a bed.
  382. [01:12:50] <Lenore> "You don't usually annoy me!  Just're being dense...but I'm a little dense too..."
  383. [01:12:58] <Natalie> "Tell me what Alp- Theta did already anyway!  Or what you did or whatever.  If not OVERPOWERING CHEERINESS then there's probably some way to fix it, right?"
  384. [01:13:15] <Lenore> "Which is why..."  Sniff.  "I said what I did to Theta."
  385. [01:13:29] <Lenore> (wow we were both going to go back on topic at the same time!)
  386. [01:13:45] <Natalie> (lol)
  387. [01:13:55] <Natalie> "Like what?"  Nat pats the bed next to her.
  388. [01:14:35] <Lenore> "Well, first off, I told him that...well...that maybe we should put our relationship on hold...because he doesn't really have time for it...and because honestly I'm a little jealous of what he does with the Black Mage Girls..."
  389. [01:15:05] <Natalie> "Reeeelationship?"  Her head tilts a bit.  "Huuuuh."
  390. [01:15:10] <Lenore> "And that made him really upset and he felt REALLY BAD!"
  391. [01:15:12] <Lenore> "Oh um."
  392. [01:15:32] <Lenore> "As in like, going toward husband and wife, like my mom and dad used to be"
  393. [01:15:52] <Natalie> "Nnnnno that's not my amnesia or anything, I know what it is 'cause I helped Eiko with that!  But... I just never knew you were IN one."
  394. [01:15:55] <Lenore> "As in kissing and holding hands and cuddling and...making babies...and yeah..."
  395. [01:16:10] <Lenore> "Oh, well, that's kind of the reason why I put it on hold."
  396. [01:16:32] <Lenore> "Because there wasn't really any relationship, we just...made out...once or twice...and then didn't do anything else."
  397. [01:16:52] <Natalie> "So... are you in true love with each other?"
  398. [01:17:00] <Natalie> "I guess not if you had to put it that way..."
  399. [01:17:04] * Lenore tilts her head. "I dunno'..."
  400. [01:17:36] * Natalie gives a sage nod. "Eiko said that too. That she wanted to make sure the true love was real... I guess that's what the whole 'relationship' thing is for."
  401. [01:17:51] <Natalie> "So, you never know until you try!"
  402. [01:18:06] <Natalie> "And when you try and it doesn't work out... um..."
  403. [01:18:09] <Lenore> "But it's because he's so busy with all the things he's doing that he doesn't have time for dating or doing anything that couples do, so...I figured we should wait on a relationship until he isn't so busy!"
  404. [01:18:41] <Natalie> "Okay that's probably my fault, since you've been helping with my mission and all."
  405. [01:18:44] <Natalie> "But I mean..."
  406. [01:18:55] <Lenore> "Well, he has his own mission on TOP of helping with yours!"
  407. [01:19:13] * Natalie headtilts again. "The Crystal JUST said to take a break, didn't it? So why'd you pick breaktime to... decide he was too busy?"
  408. [01:19:17] <Lenore> "And he's ALWAYS spending time with the Black Mage Girls and helping them out and helping out dolls like Ambrosia and..."
  409. [01:19:37] <Lenore> " know what he did yesterday, right?"
  410. [01:19:49] <Natalie> "Drank that weird potion?"
  411. [01:19:56] <Lenore> "He went out and found some Black Mage Girls and took them ALLLLLLL the way to Black Mage village."
  412. [01:20:05] <Lenore> "And spent ALL DAY on that."
  413. [01:20:20] <Natalie> "... Okay, I mightve been napping during that."
  414. [01:20:30] <Lenore> "I didn't even know he was doing that until Elizabeth told me, because I met her when I went to Conde Petie!"
  415. [01:20:40] <Natalie> "So... that's why you're jealous?"
  416. [01:20:51] <Lenore> "Yeah it's..."
  417. [01:21:01] <Natalie> "I mean, you could always change your hair color and stuff and pretend to be one of them too, couldn't you?"
  418. [01:21:23] <Lenore> "But...I want him to like me!"
  419. [01:21:28] <Kain> In during terrible ideas
  420. [01:21:55] <Lenore> "Not like me because he thinks I'm something else!" :/
  421. [01:22:38] <Natalie> "I guess people..."  She rubs her Ruby.  "... And... whatever he is... have trouble saying what they really feel, then, huh?  I only kinda get it, but from how I see it neither of you really did anything wrong."
  422. [01:23:15] <Lenore> "We didn't, and I tried telling him that and that I didn't think BADLY of him but that we should save the relationship for later, and he got upset..."
  423. [01:23:21] <Lenore> "And then T-89 showed up!"
  424. [01:23:39] <Natalie> "Upset... huh."
  425. [01:24:04] <Lenore> "And she told him not to think badly of himself and stated a lot of cool things he did and how cool I was for saving myself for later and..."
  426. [01:24:08] * UboaServ sets mode: +o Kain
  427. [01:24:09] * Kain changes topic to 'Theta isn't people, silly'
  428. [01:24:10] <Lenore> "Well it cheered him up but..."
  429. [01:24:23] <Lenore> (PFFFFT)
  430. [01:24:51] <Lenore> "She mentioned I wasn't running off to go like, do things with other people and all, and was just saving it for later, and that I was great for that, but..."
  431. [01:24:52] <Natalie> "Well I dunno what to do 'bout THAT side of it.  Even when it was just us and Amby together I still don't get what he.... she.... whatever thinks most of the time.  I mean I can't even count how many times I got called 'silly.'  Shoulda wrote it down."
  432. [01:25:40] <Natalie> "But... how'd you put it?  Did you say something like, 'we'll save the world and THEN we can go out?'"
  433. [01:26:05] <Natalie> "Because that makes a lot of sense, once the world is saved you probably won't have a whole lot to do.  At least as far as world-saving-stuff goes."
  434. [01:26:08] <Lenore> "I have to admit that I kind of...wouldn't mind seeing some other people in the mean time...and...I said that to Theta...and he took it wrong and thought I was ditching him for other people and ran off and is now really upset, and I'm upset that I upset him, and..."  Sniff.
  435. [01:26:21] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  436. [01:26:40] <Natalie> "I'm an amnesiac and even I think that's a dumb thing to say!"  Nat pouts.
  437. [01:26:58] <Natalie> "But you could always just uh... you know."
  438. [01:27:04] <Natalie> "Apologize, right?"
  439. [01:27:09] <Lenore> "It seemed dumb in retrospect, but when I was saying it I just wanted to put it out there so that he wasn't being misled!"
  440. [01:27:20] <Lenore> "Yeah, but..."
  441. [01:27:28] <Lenore> "I'm not sure if an apology is enough..."
  442. [01:27:31] <Natalie> "Well it's obvious NOW what you meant.  Just say that you said it weird."
  443. [01:28:00] <Natalie> "Look at what we just did!  You scared the crap out of me, but we decided that we couldn't be fighting with each other if we were going to save the world together, right?"
  444. [01:28:08] <Natalie> "You two just have to come up with the same thing."
  445. [01:28:27] <Lenore> "'re a lot easier to convince of something, you know?"
  446. [01:29:06] <Natalie> "Yeah... I mean I definitely don't want to talk to him... her... whoever myself either, really.  I don't feel like I'm all that liked."
  447. [01:29:11] <Lenore> "Like, I got mad at you and started saying really bad things and you took them seriously immediately...and you took it seriously immediately when I said I was wrong...but...I don't think everyone's like that."
  448. [01:29:36] * Lenore frowns more. "Awwww...that sucks."
  449. [01:29:42] <Natalie> "But, that's just it!  If we're gonna work together and be friends, we can't not understand each other, right?"
  450. [01:30:17] <Natalie> "So I just have to MAKE sense of stuff.  Maybe if Eidolons and Notdolons can't really, truly understand each other... that's just how it is.  But you know I want to try to get through to each other!"
  451. [01:30:18] <Lenore> "I should probably ask Ammy's opinion too..."
  452. [01:31:19] <Natalie> "I guess... tell you what, I'll bring everyone together and we can all talk it out, 'kay?"
  453. [01:31:22] * Lenore nods. "When you think about it, Eidolons are shaped by what people think of them, so if people think of them as understandable, then they could understand them, right?"
  454. [01:31:38] <Lenore> "...I don't think I want to talk to Theta right away..."
  455. [01:31:51] * Natalie nods a bit. "The planet's changing, anyway... so maybe we should WANT it to change to a world where we can all understand each other easier."
  456. [01:31:57] <Lenore> "I want to think about how to say things right and get Ammy's opinion and...nnngh..."
  457. [01:32:06] <@Kain> And then
  458. [01:32:14] <@Kain> Nat said the most profound line in Kaingame yet
  459. [01:32:15] <Natalie> "No rush.  Maybe we'll wait a day or two?"
  460. [01:32:23] <Natalie> k changing that to her page-quote
  461. [01:32:45] <Natalie> btw courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality
  462. [01:32:46] * Lenore nods. "Not TOO long, though, because if we wait too long...well...I'm already worried about Theta!"
  463. [01:32:54] <Lenore> AAAAA FUCK
  464. [01:33:20] * Lenore sighs. "First I should take a bath, though, I look terrible, don't I?"
  465. [01:33:27] <Natalie> "A little."
  466. [01:33:57] <Lenore> "Okay, I'll get myself cleaned up, and then maybe we could take a nap or something!"
  467. [01:34:07] * Lenore runs off to do that so that THIS MINI CAN END
  468. [01:34:28] <Natalie> "I think Ammy might've wanted to go shopping or something... and then we need to send letters and- oh she's gone."
  469. [01:35:02] <Natalie> "... I wonder what was scarier between that and the thing in Sis' room."
  470. [01:35:04] * Natalie shivers.
  471. [01:35:24] <Lenore> (Kain't be this terrifying)
  472. [01:35:40] <Natalie> "Yeaaaah I think Lenny has a little way to go," she reassures herself and falls over backward.
  473. [01:35:57] <@Kain> Zzzzzzz....
  474. [01:36:16] <@Kain> Nat takes a nap?
  475. [01:36:21] <Natalie> Nap takes a nat.
  476. [01:36:28] <Natalie> Oh boy, omake?
  477. [01:36:29] <@Kain> Alright then, one more thing~
  478. [01:36:31] <Natalie> oh god
  479. [01:36:33] <Lenore> Into its warm embrace~
  480. [01:36:35] <Lenore> ohboy
  481. [01:36:36] <Natalie> oh god I already know what's oh god
  482. [01:36:38] <Natalie> oh god poor nat
  483. [01:37:34] <@Kain> As Nat drifts off, the flower pot with the cactus in it tumbles off ot he windowsill, landing on the carpet nearby with a noise not quite loud enough to wake her. Stretching up, a black cat with a crown on his head yawns and scratches his neck. "What a wonderful morning~"
  484. [01:37:37] <@Kain> </>
  486. ---
  488. [01:43:45] <@Kain> Natalie stepped into the small, unassuming chamber. The only piece of furniture in the room were a four poster bed with black satin sheets. As she stepped in to examine, the door creaked closed behind her.
  489. [01:44:45] <@Kain> Turning, she saw only the glimmer of a ruby, hovering in the darkness, but there came a whisper. "4I knew you'd come, because you're me. But now... you can be us, too."
  490. [01:45:04] <@Kain> One by one, red eyes began shimmering in the darkness...
  491. [01:48:45] <@Kain> Amaryllis found Natalie playing with one of her ribbons, as usual. Oddly unperceptive of her, she failed to notice the gleaming blue of Nat's eyes had changed to a crimson. "Are you ready, Nat?" she asked, and the girl smiled sweetly. "Let's go!" Amaryllis turned, and the girl's smile curled up into a wicked smile...
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