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SimCity tips from Acmlm for 100k population goal

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  1. - Once the year rolls over, hold L until you finish building to stop the game time from progressing (minus letting go to do the underflow glitch)
  3. - This is done because the game checks something every 4 months (not exactly sure what), but if building up of C and I occur before your R begins to rise, then demand for C and I drop before R can catch up.
  5. - there's another thing it does every 4 months (March, July, November), update the population density stat. That's when small houses turn into full ones for a nice jump in population around 50,000
  7. - The building is done where it is on scenario 61 because te game only updates land value every few months and it starts high where you build over forests (and next to water), but it doesn't make much of a difference
  9. - Short horizontal lines of C in the middle (instead of the vertical one) drops the average distance from each R so the game spends less time following rails, or at least it seemed a bit faster
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