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Feb 4th, 2016
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  1. >What's the standard gameplay like? Comparable to any past Digimon games?
  2. Standard turn based RPG with a battle timeline on the side to show who goes next.
  4. >Is its story related to any past games/shows/media?
  5. Nope. It's a self contained story.
  7. >How many Digimon are there total? Just what's in the charts being posted? Are there unobtainable Digimon as well?
  8. 243 Digimon in total. The charts show the digivolution lines that Digimon can go down. The only unobtainables are the pre-order DLC ones like Cherubimon (vice) and Beelzemon Blast Mode but you can easily get these two if you get the digital copies of the game within the first month of release.
  10. >Filesize for digital version?
  11. Vita - 1532 MB
  12. PS4 - 2520 MB
  14. >Where do I claim the DLC?
  15. Once you make it to the 2nd chapter a girl outside the detective agency will have everything. You'll need enough space in your party to claim each digimon. Cherubimon and Beelzemon aren't given to you but the ability to digivolve them is unlocked through the DLC.
  17. >What DLC?
  18. If you pre-ordered the physical PS4 version or buy the digital version for either PS4 or Vita during the month of Februray you'll receive the DLC pack. It includes: BlackAgumon, BlackGabumon, Cherubimon (Vice), Beelzemon (Blast Mode), an Agumon wearing the male/female MC costume, an Agumon wearing Tai's costume from the anime, a "Useful Item" set and Vita/PS4 themes (digital only)
  20. >What are the differences between PS4 and Vita versions?
  21. Besides slight performance differences (PS4 runs 60fps, Vita runs 30fps) both games are the same and feature Cross Save. Apparently there is currently a bug where some scenes in a few of the chapters don't play voice audio on the vita version.
  23. >What changes in Hard mode?
  24. More items and money from battles. Enemies hit harder and have more HP.
  26. >New Game+?
  27. You can change your gender and name. You keep your Digimon & their levels, memory limit, money, items, sleuth rank, scan percentages, and digifarm stuff. You don't keep story related items/locations and request progress.
  29. >Is it better to max my Digimon's level before digivolving/de-digivolving?
  30. Reaching Max Level let's you increase the ABI stat and the max level of the new evolution. It is generally considered a waste of time to reach max level before digivolving as you still gain ABI and increase the Max Level from digivolving as soon as you are as able. At best you gain an extra point or two of ABI from reaching Max Level.
  32. >How do I obtain memory upgrades?
  33. Open every chest and do the whiteboard sidequests. Sometimes they are also rewards for boss battles.
  35. >How does the DigiFarm work?
  36. A digimon's nature or personality increases one of its stats by 5%.
  38. Here are the natures:
  40. Durable: HP
  41. Lively: SP
  42. Attacker: ATK
  43. Defender: DEF
  44. Brainy: INT
  45. Nimble: SPD
  47. Builder and Searcher don't increase stats. Instead, they affect your success with the item development and investigation farm actions, respectively.
  49. When you do the farm training, each Digimon in the farm has its stats increased over the training period based upon a few factors. The amount increased is decided by which rank of the training you do (just do the fastest one that raises the most stats, the CAM reduction is easy to make up for). Determining which stat will go up is easy, as it's decided by two things. First, the ability of the digimon in question determines one of the possible two stats that will go up. Second, the ability of the leader digimon determines the other. I don't know what happens if you run the training with a builder or searcher Digimon as leader. I would assume that each Digimon only receives stat increases according to its own nature.
  51. So if you want speed to go up on a Digimon with a nature besides Nimble, get a Digimon with the Nimble nature and make it the farm leader, then run the training!
  53. One last thing, this process one half of what ABI is used for (with the other half being digivolve requirements for some Digimon). Each Digimon has a limit to how many points it can have its stats increased using this method (and/or with the foods that increase stats). The limit is 50 + (ABI / 2), meaning that a Digimon with an ABI of 0 can have its stats increased by a total of 50 points (across all stats, not 50 each), and a digimon with an ABI of 100 can have its stats increased by a total of 100.
  55. >Note about Digivolution
  56. Items that increase stats do NOT count towards evolution requirements. Example: If you need 130 Atk to evolve into something and you only have 130+ Atk because an equipped item is boosting your atk to that level you will not be able to digivolve. The base atk stat is what has to reach the requirement.
  58. >Digieggs
  59. Digieggs are NOT consumed once you do a digivolution with them. They will stay in your inventory.
  61. >Armor Evolution
  62. http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/faqs/71778?page=19#section1790
  64. >Victory Uchida Locations
  65. http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/faqs/71778?page=5#section633
  67. >Should I be taking my Digimon to their max level before I Digivolve them or am I just wasting my time? Is there even any benefit to doing it?
  68. There is no reason to reach Max level before Digivolving. Just level them up until they have the moves you want (check what moves and when they get them in your Field Guide) and digivolve them.
  70. >The Hagurumon Dungeon
  71. You'll eventually (around chapter 4) get a sidequest on the whiteboard in the detective agency called "A Life Crisis!?" that will lead you to a connection jump point in Broadway 1F. The digital space this sidequest takes place in is a great place for grinding as it gives so much exp. Running this with 3 PlatinumSukamon will grant even MORE exp. NOTE: You WILL NOT be able to go back to this dungeon once you complete the sidequest.
  73. >PlatinumSukamon?
  74. This digimon has a skill that increases the amount of exp you gain. The digimon has to be in your active party for this to work and it will stack with other PlatinumSukamon. SO you can have 3 PlatinumSukamon in your active party and get a ton of exp for your reserve digimon. You can even equip the Sukamon with Tactician USB for even MORE exp gain. Easiest way to get one is Pabumon > Motimon > Hagurumon > Platinum Sukamon
  76. >Tactician USB?
  77. These are rare drops from the DigiFarm's Develop option that can be equipped to a digimon for a 1.5 extra EXP gain. Choose Command -> Develop -> 1000 Yen to start the process. Fill the farm with as many digimon with the "Builder" personality that you can and the "Developer Know How" Farm Goods (these can be purchased from the digilab) to increase your chances of getting the drop. The popular strategy is saving your game when there is about 2 minutes or less on the development timer and then reloading your save until you get the Tactician USB. It's a rare drop so it's possible this can take a lot of time depending on your luck. These effects of this item are stackable.
  79. >Support Skill Guide
  80. https://digimoncybersleuth.wordpress.com/support-skill-guide/
  82. >DigiLab Guide
  83. https://digimoncybersleuth.wordpress.com/guide-to-digilab/
  85. >DigiBank Guide
  86. https://digimoncybersleuth.wordpress.com/guide-to-digibank/
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