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  1. NE Goddess of undeath, greed, ambition, lies, thieves, gold
  3. [b]Titles[/b]: The God Thief, Dead Creed, Lying Mistress
  4. [b]Domains and (Subdomains)[/b]: Death (Murder, Undead), Evil (Daemon), Strength (Resolve), Trickery (Greed, Thievery)
  5. [b]Inquisitions[/b]: Conversion, Heresy, Persistence, Sin
  6. [b]Favored weapon[/b]: Shortsword - the balanced combination between the backstabbing dagger and the fierce longsword.
  7. [b]Personality[/b]: Self-centered, manipulative, vain
  8. [b]Adjective[/b]: Michazran
  9. [b]Philosophy[/b]:
  10. "Crush all that would obstruct your ambition: for your ambition is all that matters."
  11. "Lie, cheat and steal: for the world is your enemy, and will do the same to you."
  12. "Overcome death: for death will destroy your ambitions."
  14. The unholy symbol of Michazra is [url=]a bloody handprint[/url].
  16. [spoiler=Origin]The followers of Michazra would tell nonbelievers that the God Thief was once Herself a mortal. In reality, there is no proof to back such claims, only the word of those who worship the biggest liar of them all. Supposedly, Michazra was born a mortal woman in a distant time and space. A weak mortal woman in a nation experiencing a wide-spread plague. Amidst all the death shone a brilliant light, a legendary hero who cured the plague. The hero's position among the Gods was certain, and the day the hero was about to ascend to godhood, a woman still ailing from the plague asked for the hero's blessing. What followed was the ascension, but of the wrong mortal. How exactly did Michazra manage to steal godhood from the hero? That is the greatest secret in Her religion, one that is only revealed to Her herald.
  18. Of course, the story is most likely made up to encourage Her followers to seek more power, even divinity.[/spoiler]
  20. [spoiler=Dogma]Michazra's current ambition - for the Dead Creed is defined by Her ambitions - is to spread undeath so the world would not know death. In spite of her love for undeath, Michazra loves watching living creatures, especially those with powerful emotions. It pains her to watch creatures, particularly strong ones, die before their ambitions are realized. Then again, as the Lying Mistress, She could be crying crocodile tears.
  22. Michazra teaches to use whatever means necessary to get what one wants. Indeed she is the embodiment of selfishness. She claims to know the truth about life, and that truth is that ambitions are all that matter. Thus, those goals should be chased effectively, with no remorse or compassion to share for others. Of course, if situation permits or requires, Michazrans are allowed to co-operate with authority and other people. Whatever it takes.
  24. As the Lying Mistress, many of Her followers are outlaws, especially thieves and con men. As a deity of undeath She also attracts necromancers and actual undead creatures. And of course, being the Lying Mistress, some of her followers are politicians. Occasionally even honest people offer a prayer for Michazra, in hopes She would bless their dreams and ambitions.[/spoiler]
  26. [spoiler=Appearance]As the origin myth of Michazra goes, She was born a mortal woman and in Her divine form takes the appearance of a fine lady. There is a little bit of vanity in Her: she wills to appear in the shape of a beautiful, charming dark lady. Being the goddess of greed and gold, Her person is made even more stunning by Her numerous jewelry. Naturally the unholy attire is finished with a motif of skulls and bones, suitable for the goddess of undeath.[/spoiler]
  28. [spoiler=Crypt]Michazra resides in Crypt: a lower plane that houses negative energy that animates the undead. This neutral evil plane resembles a massive underground necropolis with countless graves, mausoleums and sepulchers. Crypt is the home for daemons, undead both corporeal and incorporeal, and souls of mortals who died without living to their fullest. Naturally, the two former torture the latter. Dead worshippers of Michazra and particularly strong mortals who died with their ambitions fulfilled often become either high-ranking daemons or powerful undead monsters in this unholy afterlife.[/spoiler]
  30. [spoiler=Herald]Michazra has Her own personal herald, but the identity of this mysterious entity is unknown. Somehow she has managed to lie about the existence of the herald, and now no one is sure who is or isn't the herald of Michazra.[/spoiler]
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