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  1. Name: Rory
  2. Alias: The Judge
  3. Age: 15
  4. Gender: Female
  5. H/W: 5’11 and 150 lbs
  6. Alignment: Lawful Good
  8. Power: 2 (the power of her spark or her general strength?)
  9. Speed: 1
  10. Technique: 1
  11. Intelligence: 3
  12. Cooperativeness: 5
  14. Quirk/Spark Name: Brand of Truth
  15. Spark Type: Emitter
  16. Spark Description: When Rory hears someone lie, whether it’s to her or someone else, her ability is activated (her hands start to glow) and she has the ability to brand their skin with her own marking that translates to ‘SINNER.’ She brands them by placing her palm anywhere on their skin and then it basically “holds” them. When branded, the victim is left unable to speak any lies and is left in paralyzing pain until Rory is unable to keep holding them (about a good five minutes). Mark stays for about an hour. It’s kind of like Wonder Woman’s halo, but just with Rory’s hands.
  17. Spark Drawbacks: Her hands become red right after, throbbing and useless until she properly rests them for a few hours. She can barely move her fingers in that state.
  18. Spark Limits: Rory’s rarely used this spark and is pretty inexperienced, so she doesn’t have that good of a hold on someone when she uses her ability, making the victim more easily able to break out of her hold or the hold lasts for a short amount of time ( maximum five minutes ).
  20. Fighting style: Do you know Toph from ATLA..? Her style of earthbending is based on the Southern Praying Mantis style.
  21. Personality: She’s not afraid at all to get her hands dirty and is always outside doing some sort of physical activity. Overall, she’s a loud, outgoing person who likes basically everybody, but is not afraid to call someone out if they’re breaking a rule.
  22. Backstory: Rory grew up in a really strict household where her parents greatly emphasized following the rules, listening to elders, and being a good person in general. She grew up with three older brothers on a farm, so she was outside doing a lot of the work a lot, which is the main reason for her athleticism and strong build. She’s the only member of the family with a spark.
  23. Appearance: Tan skin, freckles everywhere, and long, red, tangled hair that she usually puts up so it gets out of the way. Her hands are calloused from days on the farm and she’s got a lot of sunburns from just being outside in general. Her front tooth is chipped from falling down the stairs when she was ten.
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