Devil May Cry Threesome: Anon's Awakening (Greentext)

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  1. :The Start: Fem Dante on top of Fem Virgil until both are filled with baby batter
  3. >Dante is noisy, telling you where to put it as you go.
  4. >at the end she screams as she climaxes
  5. >Vergil is quiet and doesn't look at you, the only noises she makes are little squeaks when you hit her spots
  6. >Although you can't see it, her face is slowly reddening and a smile is growing on her face.
  7. >Just before she orgasms Dante flips them over so you can she her pink cheeks, dopey, love struck grin and heart pupils
  8. >Realizing that her face can be seen, Vergil's expression turns to shock before her hands fly to her face as she tries to hide behind them.
  9. >Her sister isn't having any any of that though, Dante's hands shooting up to slowly pull them away, causing the eldest twin to start demanding she stop in her most commanding voice.
  10. >Which isn't that commanding as she gives a little mewl of pleasure with each thrust into her and she's stuttering because you can see her "indecent expressions"
  11. >The sight of this only makes you harder, bucking and slamming your hips into Vergil's faster and faster, causing her eyelids to flutter and her words to devolve into primal gasps of need.
  12. >As you go, you feel a pressure on your back as the demon hybrid's legs wrap around you and her hands pull you down, released from Dante's grasp after she determines she no longer needs to hold her twin back.
  13. >You're roughly pulled down and hugged tight by Vergil, forcing you to modify your thrusting as she has you locked down and whispers sweet nothings in you ears.
  14. >How she wants you, how she needs you, how she wants to breed a new generation of demonic overlords with you as their size.
  15. >Soon the pleasure overloads her brain, her to squeal "I love you!" so fast and so many times that the words run together, her dignity cast aside as her insides milk you for all your worth.
  16. >As you two lay there, panting and basking in the warmth of each other, there's a delicious softness and warmth on your back as Dante, a cute pout on her face, tells you that she wants another go because "There's no way in hell I'm letting my sister show me up!"
  17. >As you are gently rolled from the still dazed Vergil's grasp, you are greeted by Dante in her demonic form.
  18. >Her skin is a fiery red with a ridge of small horns growing before her ivory hair, a baleful light glowing from within the cracks running along her skin and two leathery wings sprouting from the small of her back.
  19. >Her fingers are tipped with razor sharp claws she slowly drags across your cheek, her touch light enough so that you feel the presence of the edge but not enough to break the skin.
  20. >Her breath is hot and her chest heaves with each breath, soft, palmable breasts that are but a hair smaller than her sister's, although she makes up for it with a little extra in the rear.
  21. >Her ruby lips lock onto yours in a heated kiss of passion, a small growl of barely contained lust rumbling from her as she continues the kiss till your lungs burn.
  22. >"I hope you're ready for the real deal," she tells you after breaking the kiss, her eyes now glowing a blazing a raging orange "because I'm not letting you go till I've given you every ounce of my love."
  23. >Your ready again, the shaft at your waist hard and pleading for something to be put in....Something that Dante does as she plunges on your shaft.
  24. >She's soaked from her excitement, allowing you to slide in without any resistance, a shiver of pleasure going down her spine from insertion.
  25. >Just as soon as you bottom out in her, she rises again before slamming back down on you, still wearing that cocky grin she always has.
  26. >"How's it feel Anon?" she asks you, her hips never ceasing their movements "Is my love taking you to the edge?"
  27. >It is, her insides feeling inhumanly good, softer than silk and clasping you in ways you've never thought possible.
  28. >a 0 to 10 scale wouldn't be large enough to describe how mind blowing it is, neither would a 0 to 1000 scale.
  29. >Your heart is hammering as the demonic girl rids you, that grin giving you a glimpse of razor sharp teach as she smiles.
  30. >"Wow, that look of yours is just like my sisters," she taunts, slamming down again "You look like you've hit the jackpo-"
  31. >You hands shoot up and grasp those crimson pillows of hers, hands sinking into the softness and causing her give a shriek of pleasure as your tender ministrations to her chest cause the demon hunter to twitch.
  32. >"H-hey!" she stammers out under your assault, her hips moving less as she turns to putty beneath your hands "I'm the one whose s-supposed to be on to-"
  33. >Another squeeze turns her comment into another lewd moan, her confident, domineering attitude mask falling away and show you just how close she had been to the edge.
  34. >Her hips are barely moving now, you having taken control as her nerves dance with electric ecstasy.
  35. >"C-come onnnn!" she whines, her wings spasming erratically as she loses control "S-stop it!"
  36. >In the throws of passion with her mouth hanging open and eyes hot with love, you can't help but notice that her and her sister's faces are remarkably similar when you've pushed them to their limits.
  37. >And speaking of limits, you've about reached yours, your manhood twitching within her to fill that empty womb of hers with white.
  38. >With one final thrust you pierce her deepest parts, sending Dante rigid as an ocean of pleasure cascades over her, a long shriek echoing before she collapses on you, chest to chest as she pants.
  39. >You can't help but smile and give her hair a pat as she snuggles into your chest, still in her demonic form and that cocky grin replaced with a warm, tender one.
  40. >"My, my, sister," you hear the sensual voice of Vergil whisper, a blue clawed hand pulling the red demon from your chest and laying her on the bed, much to the pleasure drunk demons whining "trying to cheat with your Devil Trigger like that, I think I may need to even the scoreboard."
  41. >Vergil's form is nearly identical to her sisters, the major differences being the blue skin and the curving ram horns instead of the pointed ridge.
  42. >Her expression is still that cool, emotionless look she always wears but you can almost swear that it looks a bit warmer, and that a purple blush is hanging there as she puts her sister chest down on the bed.
  43. >Dante can't even manage a rebuttal as her blue skinned sister lays atop her back, pinning her down.
  44. >"W-well Anon?" Vergil asks, a small stutter coming out as she realizes what she's about to ask "Are you ready for...what would my sister call it...the bonus round?"
  45. >Your heart catches in your through as you see the plump, gropeable blue behind of Vergil's demonic form atop the slightly larger, crimson bubble but of her sister, their leaking womanhoods exposed to you.
  46. >It's with a grin that you plunge into them, doing your best to fill the insatiable demons with your lust and love, their cries and gasps intermingling from your attention until you are unable to tell their voices apart.
  47. >Blue, red, blue, red, your pattern goes, your front pressing against their soft bottoms as you grasp their hips, using the wide, childbearing flanks as handholds to force yourself in them harder and faster than ever while their wings flap with each insertion, a visible tell of their excitement.
  48. >It's a sensual melee of passion that only ends with the two girls shrieking in joy as you plunge between their mounds one last time.
  49. >As you collapse on the bed, the two separate so that one can rest on each side of you, hugging and snuggling against you as your exhausted body finally gives out and sends you to the land of slumber.
  50. <---------->
  51. >It's six months down the line since that fateful night and life in the household has been fairly..interesting to say the least.
  52. >The two girls are almost polar opposites from each other, Dante being a loud, confident, girl who isn't afraid to get a little physical, in both meanings of the word.
  53. >She's just as quick to throw a punch as she is to plant a kiss on your lips.
  54. >Vergil on the other hand is calm, cool and collected, an almost perpetually quiet girl who doesn't bat an eye at anything, although that doesn't mean she can't hold her own.
  55. >You've seen her throw down with an ornery biker twice her size without taking a single hit, although her sister said that she "could've done it better than her."
  56. >Even the way they hang around you is different, Dante always draped across you or leaning on you while Virgil is always sitting at your side, usually with one hand your yours, or having you lay your head in her lap.
  57. >Although the latter action has become a little more awkward as of late due for a very special reason.
  58. >"Twins, seriously?" Dante complained as she sat on your couch, clad in a pair of khaki shorts and a red tank top that ill fitted the little baby bump poking between the top and her pants "What are the chances?"
  59. >"Quite high actually," the equally pregnant Virgil commented as she flipped through a book on raising children, clad in a sundress that was more appropriate for her pregnancy. "We were twins so its only appropriate that we both have higher chance of having them."
  60. >Dante merely groaned and pouted at her belly, thinking deeply about...something. You were taking a nap in the bedroom leaving the two girls to themselves.
  61. >A dicey proposition in the past but now? You really didn't need to worry walking in on the two duking it out in the living room.
  62. >Again....
  63. >"Hey Sis," the brash, younger twin asked in a meek tone, her normal, boisterous tone absent "do you think we' know."
  64. >"Please finish your sentences," the eldest sibling replied, turning another page in her book "otherwise I won't know what you mean."
  65. >Dante let a small snarl of annoyance as she quickly returned to her normal, brash attitude.
  66. >"You know damn well what I mean," she shot back, pointing a finger at her sisters pregnant stomach "do you think either of us are going to make good parents? I mean, I've hunt demons for a living and you"
  67. >The book snapped shut and Vergil gave her sister a sharp look, displeased at her sister's accusation
  68. >"Responsible? Serious? Able to go three seconds without cursing?" she asked, her icy gaze locked with Dante's
  69. >"Stick in the mud, serious, and boooooring." the younger sister replied in a tone that was less than generous "Any kid of yours is gonna be a part of the no fun brigade"
  70. >Vergil was LIVID at that insinuation, fingers tightening on the book in her anger.
  71. >"Well, at least mine won't be party animals, I bet your children will practically live in detention." she calmly told her younger twin, hiding her anger between an expressionless mask
  72. >"Please! I'll be twice the mother you are!" Dante retorted, standing up as swiftly as she could
  73. >"Do go on!" Vergil fired back, standing up as well and going nose to nose with her sister "I bet you haven't even read up on taking care of your children!"
  74. >Before the situation could escalate any farther, the door to the room opened up you poked your head out, slightly tired and grumpy looking. Asking the two girls what they were arguing about.
  75. >"Nothing Anon," Verigil answered first, her voice losing its edge"Just discussing parenting with my dear sister here."
  76. >"More like talking about how great a mom I'll be," the younger twin muttered under her breath, quickly covering it up by saying that "Yeah, nothing to worry about Anon."
  77. >You were going to let it end there though, you knew all too well that things would quickly escalate from there. As such it was best to get them somewhere you could watch them lest you wake up with a few more bullet holes and slash marks in the walls.
  78. >With a grumpy wave you bid the two to come in to the bedroom, taking a nap with you.
  79. >The two exchanged a look, eyes narrowing briefly before they followed, Vergil hugging your left arm while Dante grabbed your hand in hers, almost pulling you to the bedroom.
  80. >Whatever, at least you could get a nap in.
  81. >..."Move over.."...."No you!"
  82. >In the darkness of sleep you felt something warm and soft teasing your member. Along with two very familiar voices.
  83. >Two very familiar voices who were arguing.
  84. >"Hey! You're on my side! Get back on your end!'...."Excuse me? It's you who's getting on my side!"
  85. >Eyes opening you were greeted by the sight of the twins or, to be more precise, their rears. Their bottoms swaying as the two quietly bickered over who was on whose side of your dick.
  86. >"I thought I told you that I was on the left," a stern looking Vergil giving her sister an angry look "you are supposed to be on the right!"
  87. >"I am on the right!" Dante growled back, giving your rod another lick, "it's you who can't figure out what side your on. For someone who think she's going to be a better Mom than me, you're really shitty at figuring out what belongs to who."
  88. >"Why you litt-" was all the eldest sister could manage before you decided to put an end to things, yanking down the two girl's panties, red for Dante and Blue for Virgil, and jamming two fingers into each of their awaiting openings and drawing a small "eep!" from each, causing the two girls to look over their shoulder at you in surprise.
  89. >"A-anon!" Vergil stammered in shock, her cheeks pinkening while Dante let out a little "H-hey"
  90. >You raised an eyebrow, asking them just exactly what they were doing, giving your fingers a little wiggle to urge them on.
  91. >"W-well, sister and I were having a little discussion about who was going to be a better wife," the eldest twin stammered out, her eyes avoiding yours in her embarrassment.
  92. >"A-and I told her that I was better in bed and she wanted to prove me wrong." Dante finished, letting the end hang in the air.
  93. >So, the were arguing about who could give you better oral? Well, may as well let them continue.
  94. >The suggestion seemed to surprise them, their eyes widening before you gave another wiggle that sent shivers down them.
  95. >"I-if you want Anon," Vergil commented before going back to work, giving you shaft a long, wet lick
  96. >"Yeah, su- HEY!" Was Dante's response, her expression a little angry at her sister's head start, starting at your pole's head and working down
  97. >The twins tongues danced all along your rod, their breaths tickling your shaft as they worked. They were so focused on their work that they almost failed to notice as you began to work your fingers in and out of their secret place.
  98. >Their womanhoods were a little wet when you started, their anticipation from earlier having gotten the "preparations" ready for entrance.
  99. >The bedroom was soon filled with wet, erotic sounds as the squelching of your fingers entering and exiting mixed with the slurping sounds they made with each, long lick.
  100. >All around were flushed faces and thumping hearts as everyone became ready for the inevitable release.
  101. >You held on as much as you could but the sight of the two girls working you, the sound of their eager teasing, and the feeling of their velvet tongues against you proved to be too much, only your gasped warning letting the girls know what you were about to do.
  102. >At first you thought that the two girls were pulling away in fear of being stained white but it was for another reason entirely.
  103. >Darting forward, carefully so they didn't bump heads, the girls lips sealed against the tip of your rod, Vergil on the left and Dante on the right.
  104. >Your eruption fired a pulse of white that splattered into their mouths, the imperfect seal causing a little of the liquid white to splash against their faces.
  105. >You weren't the only who had reached their limit though, for as soon as your essence entered their lips, they too began to feel the cascade of pleasure, their intimate places clamping down on your fingers in a vice like grip.
  106. >As you fought to control the hammering of your heart, you could only watch as the two pulled away from your member as swallowed the pearly white they'd gotten from you.
  107. >Even now though, you could tell that they weren't going to let it end there, the twins briefly exchanging gazes before reality rippled and roiled and their devil triggers activated, a ram horned, blue skinned Vergil to your left and a crimson skinned, glowing Dante to your right.
  108. >In retrospect, you should have figured that it would end this way, the twins erratic hormones having made them quite "amorous" in the past couple months, turning Dante even more aggressive than normal, namely because she'd drag you off to a bedroom or secluded area for some hanky panky, and even making the quiet Vergil a little bit more lewd than normal, she'd sit in your lap more often then not and wiggle her hips and rear against you or press that impressive bust of hers against your back or arm while wearing her usual, blank expression.
  109. >"Now Remember sister," the pregnant, blue hybrid said to her equally pregnant, red skinned sibling "we don't want to be too rough lest we hurt Anon or the children."
  110. >"Don't worry about it sis," Dante said with a cocksure grin on her face "I won't do anything too crazy."
  111. >You should have know better than to believe her for as soon as she finished, the red skinned demon scooped you up off of the bed and pinned you too the wall, much her burgeoning baby bump pressed against you along with her respectable bosom.
  112. >"You know, I bet you've never done it like this before have you Anon?" the red skinned devil asked you, "I think it's time for me to fuck you up and down these walls till you can't walk."
  113. >"S-sister what are you?!" was all Vergil could say before Dante mounted you, sliding your hard rod between her lower lips while her large leathery wings flapped occasionally, keeping her airborne and you pinned against the wall.
  114. >Safely of course.
  115. >The aerial intercourse was a new experience for you, the girl's hips rocking into you as she performed some odd form of airborne cowgirl position.
  116. >Instead of simply bucking against him and smashing their hips together, the crimson skinned demon was trying a new technique. She was moving at a slow, liquid pace, a sensual dance while her lips locked against you.
  117. >She writhed against you like a snake, hips dancing and holding you while the pair of you hung weightless in mid air.
  118. >All the while Vergil watched you from the ground, a look of shock and outrage on her face as you were, quite literally, humped up the wall by Dante.
  119. >"You call this safe?" the demon asked as she took off into the air as well, getting alongside you and pulling the pair of you from the wall so that you instead tumbled through the air, the blue skinned girl at your back while her red skinned sibling, now having a more solid "surface" to rest you upon, rode you harder, going full cowgirl while Vergil tried to keep the pair of you from tumbling out of control.
  120. >"Hey, we haven't crashed yet!" the now ecstatic youngest twin called as she crashed down atop you with such force that you all bobbed and dipped in the air, the feeling of weightlessness and danger exciting your more than any other position you'd all tried. "And if you want to have a go, you'll need to pick up the slack there Sis."
  121. >The laugh that followed only seemed to irritate the blue skinned older sister further, giving a low growl but bearing with it as her sister rode herself ragged.
  122. >Still, Vergil kept flying, her wings flapping to keep you as level as she could, although you soon felt the nibbling teeth on your ear.
  123. >The closer she got to the end, the faster Dante bounced, her bosom bouncing and wings flapping erratically as she began to lose control.
  124. >You couldn't hold back much longer either, that welling pressure within you reaching its bursting point, and passing that point as Dante screamed "Jackpot!" as loud as she could, her wings stopping their flapping and causing you all to crash to the bed, or you would have had Vergil not been keeping a close watch on you two and flapped twice as hard so that your landing was slow and gentle, as opposed to fast and rough.
  125. >"Honestly," the blue demonkin muttered as the gasping, panting Dante lay on the bed, her glowing orange eyes glazed over as she tried to collect herself "I can never figure out what's going through her head."
  126. >You give a small laugh at that, tapping the ear she'd nibbled and mention that she didn't seem to mind it too much, the insinuation causing her to gain that purple blush you are familiar with.
  127. >She tried to vehemently deny it of course, stammering and stuttering, but you told her that she could try it out if she wished.
  128. >Her response was a small nod, although she consciously avoided looking at her sister as if trying to deny that she was "giving in".
  129. >Taking your hand, she slowly lifted you up into the air, inserting you into her and engaging in slowly, loving cuddle sex as you two spun though the air, her legs and arms wrapped around you as she slowly caressed you with her insides, a soft, gentle touch much opposed to the rougher, harder riding that had left you ragged.
  130. >Instead, Vergil was content to simply snuggle up to you, drinking in your presence, your scent, your touch. This act wasn't merely there for mundane pleasure, it was an act of love, an embrace that allowed her to get as close as she could.
  131. >Her great, soft pillows were squished between the two of you and your hands kneaded her plush bottom, although it was a bit smaller than her sisters.
  132. >Your tongues danced and her breath increased as her insides massaged you, moving in ways you wouldn't have thought possible.
  133. >But your greatest focus was her plump lips and tasting her as she moaned and squeaked back into you, every squeeze, every grasp, every touch eliciting another noise from her.
  134. >The climactic end did not come with an earth rattling shriek or a soul searing scream, instead it was with a gentle, yet firm, grasp and a pleased moan echoing down your throat from her.
  135. >Her body rocked and convulsed by the electric joy that coursed through her but she managed to maintain enough control so that your landing on the bed was gentle, setting the pair of you down on the bed, fatigue crashing down on you.
  136. >Despite how tired she was, Vergil did not let go, pulling herself as tight against you as ever, curling up against your front and resting one of your hands against her belly.
  137. >"I love you Anon," she yawned, her body still in it's blue, demonic form "I'll promise to be a wonderful white for you.."
  138. >And you told her that you loved her back, just as a familiar presence made itself known on you back.
  139. >"Geez, all this sappy shit is putting me to sleep...." the rougher voice of Dante growled, one wing draping across your back as she nuzzled into your neck "But...well....I love you too Anon, and you can bet that I'll be the best damn wife AND mother you can find...."
  140. >And with one last peck on your cheek, she too drifted off to sleep, just like her twin, both of them in love, both of them pregnant, and both of them yours.
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