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  1. meanwhile, on /hbg/...
  4. all right girls, 'regular' Succubus Alp here, if it's feels you want, then you can have them
  6. >was regular guy
  7. >OK, newer the most manly one, but still
  8. >turned into an Incubus during middle school after a little "incident" with a Lich classmate living in the same street
  9. >time skip to second year of apprenticeship as magitech mechanic for a big company
  10. >good old Europa with dual education system, so no wasting time in high school and uni getting some useless degree
  11. >anyway, we're a large course with mostly guys and some human and monster girls (a Cyclops and a Dwarf)
  12. >keep hanging out with my 3 buddies, all into dem Zippangese finger paintings
  13. >watch mostly SOL and "cute girls doing cute things" shows
  14. >back home with parents for the weekend and marathon a show full of lesbians
  15. >taking a break and about to fap to some Liliraune porn
  17. >suddenly double over, whole body feels on fire
  18. >not in the painful way though
  19. >even starting to feel kinda good, especially my crotch
  20. >whole body tenses up before becoming completely relaxed
  21. >slowly get up from floor after some time
  22. the fuck was that?
  23. >head, back and ass still feel kinda tingly
  24. >wait, were do those wings come from?
  25. >shit, is that a tail? Horns even?
  26. >now I kinda look like a... No, that doesn't make sense, Incubi don't get physical changes, and I've already been one for years now anyway...
  27. >and in the first place, all monsters are...
  28. Fuck
  29. >crotch check
  30. >error 404: hyper weapon not found
  31. Panic!
  33. >parents were... not happy of course, but kinda OK with it
  34. >they were always neutral towards monster girls and came to terms a long time ago that I'd bring one home one day after I became an Incubus, but turning into one myself was still...
  35. >rest of the weekend was busy learning how to keep my new wings and tail from bumping into everything and doing paperwork for switching dorms
  36. >awkward as fuck on Monday
  37. >the monster girls in class saying that they had a hunch, but didn't expect me to actually Alp doesn't help
  38. >thanks god that it's a busy time at apprenticeship, so everyone gets back to work fast
  39. >at least work feels like usual
  40. >easier actually since I can directly sense the magic now
  41. >have to spend lunch break together with the Dwarf, Cyclops and a Succubus from the 4th year
  42. >they want to show me [the ropes]
  43. If this is gonna be about how to jump dicks, the I swear by the chief god...
  44. >just some basics about magic like polymorph and Succubus charm, so I don't burn trough all my energy on accident
  45. Phew
  46. >and what to expect from my new instincts and how to keep them in check
  47. What do you mean, "feeling your womb throb" isn't just some cheesy line from hentai?
  48. >flustered for the rest of the day
  50. >lunch with friends the next day
  51. >some usual small talk before the "how does it feel like" question
  52. >I already expected that one and manage to dodge it pretty well
  53. >then they remember a conversation we had last week
  54. Sooo, did you have a "test ride" yet?
  55. >Fuck. Not that one.
  56. >the topic then was what we'd do if we turned into a girl for a day
  57. >we all agreed that one of the first things we'd do is to shlick furiously
  58. >they stare at me expectingly
  59. >I go redder than an Ignis from all the blushing
  60. >meekly admit after a while that I only did it once yet yesterday evening
  61. >and it felt GOOD
  62. >something about the way they smell changes
  63. >takes me a moment but then I realize that they've gotten horny
  64. >shit I can somehow even tell that they've started fantasizing about ME
  65. >how it must've looked when I started exploring my new body yesterday
  66. >laying on the bed, panting and moaning in need as my fingers danced deep inside my drooling pussy...
  67. >shit, now I'm getting turned on too
  68. >double shit, when did I start using charm?
  69. >crap, I got to stop this before t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶r̶a̶g̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶e̶r̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶d̶e̶m̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶t̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶p̶o̶n̶s̶i̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ ̶w̶h̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶I̶'̶d̶ ̶g̶l̶a̶d̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶l̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ ̶b̶r̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ ̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶ this gets any more awkward
  70. Stop!
  71. >They snap out of it and I explain that I subconsciously started using charm
  72. >we agree to keep some distance for the rest of the day
  74. The Succubus from 4th year gave me one of those Holstaur milk-shakes with semen later that day
  76. *****************************
  78. >xxxxxx
  79. I wouldn't call almost ruining my friendship with them on accident fun.
  80. But anyway, have a continuation
  83. >Thursday that same week
  84. >on that day we have general education in a different building shared with apprentices of different professions
  85. >newer really interact with them, other than ogling the girls becoming merchants
  86. >also the carpenters and electricians tend to be idiots
  87. >trying to pass lunch break alone and a bit separated from the rest
  88. >small group of guys walk up to me
  89. Well look at this. If that isn't the little fag that got himself Alped
  90. >news like these spread fast I guess
  91. >sigh
  92. Just shut up and leave me alone
  93. Uhhh, what'cha gonna do else? Suck our cocks?
  94. >some more shitty banter from them that I don't remember
  95. >not in the mood for this shit at all, so get up and walk back towards the main bulk of students
  96. >suddenly one of them grabs my tail and yanks it
  97. Ow! What the fuck? Let go you ass!
  98. Come on, go 'kyaa' for me you little fag!
  99. >I snap
  101. >already frustrated enough from Alping, almost ruining my friendship and the "so you're an Alp now" guide I received pretty much just telling me to suck it up and centre my life around dicks now
  102. >and these jerks now were the final straw
  103. >have to went this frustrations somehow, and these idiots make a nice target
  104. >so you want me to accept that I'm a Succubus now? Then I'll show you a Succubus
  105. >pheromones: ON
  106. >suggestive voice: ON
  107. >charming eyes: ON
  108. So you wanna fuck with me? Fine then, line up!
  109. >they do so with cranky movements and glassy eyes, obviously charmed hard
  110. >point at the guy who pulled my tail
  111. You! Step forward, unbuckle your pants and bend over!
  112. >he does so
  113. >pull down his pants and underwear and slap his ass
  114. All right bitch, since you liked my spadetail so much…
  115. >bring the spadetip to my mouth and spit on it
  116. I'm gonna let you have some fun with it
  117. >line up tail with his ass.
  118. Time for some Alp rape!
  119. >start pounding his ass
  120. >hah, he actually starts to moan after a bit
  121. >oh wait, my spit is full of aphrodisiacs, but it still makes it more satisfying for me
  122. >always been a bit more of an S, so start feeling that rush of power
  123. >start to imagine turning those idiots into my obedient harem of cumpumps
  124. >bell rings since lunch brake is over
  125. >wait, what the fuck am I doing here? Shit this is gross!
  126. >pull out tail and hard-stop charm
  127. >they snap out of it after some seconds and scramble in panic
  128. >make a bee line for the nearest toilet myself
  129. >sure, my mana kept it clean, but I still end up 10 minutes late from frantically cleaning my hands and tail over and over again
  131. Newer had to deal with idiots like this during apprenticeship again. OK, there's still some random idiot trying this shit when I'm out in town somewhere, but using light charm to make them imagine getting my spadetail up their ass always sends them running fast
  133. ************************************
  134. OK, now that reminds me of that one time I made a complete fool out of myself in front of my 3 buddies
  137. >fourth and last year of apprenticeship
  138. >long came to terms that I Alped because part of my mind took all the "man, girls have it nice" too serious after watching all these anime
  139. >also that dicks are all nice and shit, but I'm not really attracted to the guy attached to it
  140. >anyway, we're on a winter sports vacation
  141. >in the Alps, so have to endure tons of shitty word jokes
  142. >one evening, most other apprentices are out in town partying
  143. >me and buddies in one of the dorms, watching some cheesy order propaganda movie on a laptop, drinking and sharing relationship stories
  144. >as said, we were weebs but not the awkward kind
  145. >friend A dated an elf ever before, I helped B getting hooked up with a Lamia going for merchant after I Alped, C recently started dating a human girl and I've been enjoying the purest form of love with an Inari
  146. >we're having a blast laughing our asses of to that movie
  147. >first time getting actually drunk, so not handling it well
  148. >stumble to toilet halfway trough movie
  149. >the women's toilet was on the right, wasn't it?
  150. >wrong choice, but both have same layout with stables only
  151. >feel kinda horny suddenly, might as well shlick one out
  152. >end up falling asleep after it
  153. >in the men's toilet
  154. >in an unlocked stable
  155. >spread eagle and reeking of sex
  156. >woke up in own bed after my friends found me there later
  157. >was teased about it till we graduated in summer
  159. Still glad it was them and not one of the teachers, since I would've gotten into trouble else. Also their teasing was better than all those stupid jokes I got from my other classmates since we were in the Alps
  161. ****************************
  163. This is about my first time I actually fucked a guy to feed from him, something that happened about a year after I Alped during my apprenticeship
  164. Of course I already did feed on guys by sucking them off while spadetail fucking myself multiple times before, and me and my Inari gf had one of those Sabbath-brand "life-like texture ;_;"™ mana feeldoes, but by Succubus standards I was actually still a virgin to say
  167. >have to hold a presentation with friend C
  168. >don't see him as as a potential husband because of his girlfriend
  169. >but he's not "marked" because she's human, so so I could still get the urge to feed from him
  170. >not taking any risks, so only work together on it in public spaces or over the internet
  171. >only meet up once at his home once we're done with it to print it out and give it a test run to check the length ect.
  172. >all goes well without any incidents
  173. >feels nice to be able again to just hang out with a guy without things turning awkward
  174. >about to leave when he somehow manages to to stumble over my bag or something
  175. >lands in my arms and sends us both flying to the ground
  176. >hit my head and end up a bit dazed
  177. >he's lying on top of me now, one hand on one of my breasts
  178. Auu. What are you, a harem manga protag or something? Now get off of me!
  179. >He doesn't. Instead he starts to shift around on top of me
  180. Dude what?
  181. >Oh chief god have mercy, I'm accidentally charming him again, don't I?
  182. >I'm not. There's only that passive aura of demonic energy that can't be turned off
  183. >starts to grind against me. Don't even need to use my powers to tell he's getting very horny very fast
  184. >which gets me wet in turn
  185. >feeding mode: ON
  187. >whole body trembles and my pussy aches and throbs in need
  188. >this is bad
  189. >shaking him off of me would normally be no problem, but now I need every ounce of my willpower not to give in to my instincts yelling at me to milk him dry on the spot
  190. >he's starts to unbuckle both his pants and my shorts
  191. Snap out of it!! Think of your girlfriend, I don't wanna fucking NTR her!
  192. >he doesn't stop, and pulls down my shorts and panties, now positively drenched in my nectar
  193. Don't do this man! I won't be able to hold back and drain you dry!
  194. >shit, that only turned him on more
  195. >he starts rubbing his cock against my drooling lower lips, shivering as if trying to suck it in
  196. >can't hold out much longer, I need something inside of me. Right. Now.
  197. Oh sixty Manticores! I'm about to go crazy here, so either fucking get off of me right now, or just jam it in already!
  198. >pulls his dick back, sliding it along my drooling pussy
  199. >quickly aligns the tip and penetrates me to the tilt in a single motion
  200. Oh yesssss~
  201. >the silent war inside my head is silenced at once, all that's left is a hungry succubus driven by her instincts to feed
  202. >it's really unfair how a real dick feels just so much more 'right'
  203. >how you can feel every little vein of it pulsing with his soul energy
  204. >shit, you can even fucking taste that unique meaty taste of cock together with the sweet pre dribbling out of it and mixing with your own lust
  205. >ahh, this is how it's supposed to be, huh
  206. >something's not right yet though
  207. >quickly roll us both over so I'm straddling him and undo the partial polymorph to let out my wings
  208. >now that's better
  209. >lick lips and smile at him
  210. You wanted some Alp rape? Fine, now give me every last drop of your sweet soul energy~
  211. >and then we start fucking
  212. >don't remember many details since I was completely high on pure demonic lust until his dick just couldn't get hard any more and slipped out of my pussy
  213. >can't really tell how long I rode him or how many times both of us came
  214. >all I can say is that every second he was inside me felt like heavens, and every thick rope of semen I milked out of him filled my hungry womb with pure warm bliss
  216. >look down on him and get hit with guilt
  217. >tend to get really rough on men when feeding since they're not husband candidates
  218. >being a bit of a sadist doesn't make it any better
  219. >was rough on him too, and it shows
  220. >he's out cold and drained almost to the limit
  221. >dicks looks kinda red and sore from all the milking
  222. >elbows seem chaffed since we fucked right on the hard floor
  223. >many deep scratches on his side, some of them bleeding
  224. >feel like complete shit now
  225. >pretty much whored myself out a few times back as an incubus, so I know how it feels like to lay there
  226. >abused and drained, only to be thrown away like some used rag
  227. >raped
  228. >even as an Incubus it felt pretty horrible the first few times until the pleasure kinda mindbrakes you into liking it
  229. >as a human it must feel even worse
  230. >have to call his girlfriend
  231. >his parents are pretty anti-monster and barely tolerate him having some monster girl classmates and some Incubi as friends, so they'd go ballistic if they'd find out what I just did and probably send him off to some order bootcamp
  232. >so she'll have to patch him back up, and also need to warn her about all the demonic energy I pumped into him
  233. >nowhere near enough to incubize him, but part of it would still get transferred to her next time they fuck
  234. >you know how human girls have to pay attention to this
  235. >obviously less than happy to hear I drained her friend
  236. >but she's a smart girl and we get along well
  237. >believes me that I didn't want this to happen and doesn't hold it against me
  238. >still have to pay a Mind Flayer to wipe his memories of getting fucked by me
  240. ******************************************
  241. I actually wanted to write about something else, but girls, I need your advice now
  244. >fast forward to a few days ago
  245. >apprenticeship long done and working as a magitech mechanic now
  246. >still enjoying purest form of love with my Inari gf
  247. >that I used to be a guy rarely gets brought up any more, me and most others came to see me just as succubus long time ago
  248. >get a letter from the town's volunteer fire-fighters, they're inviting all new residents and everyone of my year for an info evening looking for new recruits
  249. Eh, why not
  250. >get to talk to old classmates from elementary school again, also the Undine they have is really cute
  251. >turns out one of my best friends from elementary is there, sadly grew apart from going to different middle schools
  252. >he's wearing an uniform for paladin trainees
  253. Crap
  254. >still walk over to say hi after all these years
  255. >exchange a few friendly words, but he keeps looking at me with this mix of pity and disgust
  256. >he leaves shortly after that since he doesn't have time to join until paladin training is finished
  257. >I end up joining
  258. >go to a bar for a drink with some of the fire-fighters and other new recruits
  259. >old soon to be paladin friend happens to take a drink there too
  260. >flips his shit when he hears that I joined
  261. >how could they allow a filthy demon like me to join
  262. >how I must be planning to corrupt the undine to have her taint the whole town
  263. >how the old me died years ago and how I'm just wearing a twisted travesty of his face as a mask
  264. >and so on, he does the whole program
  265. >he gets kicked out by the barkeeper
  266. >I don't think I've ever felt so embarrassed before in my life
  268. So, what should I do now? On one hand I long stopped caring about fanatics wanting to smite my cute ass, but on the other hand it really hurts to since he was such a good friend of me, and I want to show him how I'm still the same old me deep down even if I'm a monstergirl now
  270. *************
  272. So I finally got around to deal with my old soon to be paladin friend. I thought long and hard about what to do, since I was afraid that invading one of his dreams with a figurative Alptraum might backfire horribly, but the only other advice I ever got was to just flat out rape him. And that would only prove his point, right?
  275. >spend a few days practising how to enter and manipulate the dream realm
  276. >inma means dream demon, so this is actually a forte of us Succubi, but we barely ever use it any more these day
  277. >had to find some pretty old books to get advice
  278. >still sure he'll put up some barriers during sleep, so expect that I'm gonna need the help of a Nightmare
  279. >go on some recon to check on what barriers there will be before contacting a Nightmare
  280. >surprised to find nothing
  281. >just a basic field hiding his presence in the dream realm
  282. >this might keep one save from a Nightmare randomly passing by at best
  283. >not gonna need any help then, so might as well get over with it and do it now
  284. >carefully enter his dream
  285. >dream appears to be set in an abbey of his paladin order, so better sync my appearance to it
  286. >look like a human girl in full ceremonial plate armour now
  287. Ohhh, shiny~
  288. >and oh so heretical
  290. >seems like he's in the main nave (?), so enter it from the rear
  291. >ah he's dreaming about having an audience with his abbot, getting rewarded for his excellent deeds in the war against the evil monstergirl menace and stuff
  292. >ambitious, aren't we?
  293. >he's kneeling and looking down, so hasn't noticed me yet
  294. >might as well have some fun now
  295. >slightly manipulate his dream so that none of the figures in it will bother me
  296. >walk up besides the abbot's seat, slowly clapping
  297. Congratulations brave hero! But for such a powerful paladin, you sure suck at protecting your dreams
  298. >sit on the abbots armrest for some extra heresy
  299. >he looks up bewildered and it takes him a moment to recognize me
  300. You!? How? How dare you vile demon to profane these sacred halls! Begone!
  301. >I just chuckle and quickly walk trough a door in the rear, seemingly leading to the abbots office
  302. >he storms after me furiously, but his anger quickly turns into worry and fear over nobody else reacting to me
  304. >change my appearance back to my actual self, and shift armour into casual clothes
  305. >wait for him in the office leaning against the desk
  306. >barges in after a second, sword drawn and pointing at me, demanding an explanation
  307. >can feel his dream shifting into a nightmare about his order being infiltrated and corrupted by demons from inside
  308. >oops, maybe I overdid it just a little bit
  309. Relax man, we're inside your dream, so there's no evil conspiracy against your order and stuff! (at least that I know of)
  310. Hah, as if I'd ever listen to the tempt...
  311. Yeah yeah, I know, I'm an evil demon and stuff. Try using that light switch next to you, or try to read in your holy scriptures that I'm sure you're carrying with you all the time.
  312. And why should I do that?
  314. >sigh and rub the bridge of my nose
  315. Because those are easy ways to find out if you're dreaming! Didn't they teach you that stuff yet?
  316. >hesitates for a moment, but then reaches for the light switch
  317. >flips it a few times, with nothing happening of course
  318. >takes out the scriptures from his belt and starts flipping trough it
  319. What is this gibberish?
  320. >start feeling alarmed as his dream becomes lucid, with my instincts telling me I should leave his dream right now
  321. >now comes the difficult part
  322. So you invaded my dream then. But now tell me again, what's the meaning of this?
  323. >obviously to talk about what happened at the bar the other day, since I'd hate to have an old friendship end like this
  324. >asks me why in his dream then
  325. That's easy: now that the dream went lucid I can no longer control or manipulate it. That also means I'm unable to use any form of charm. All I want to do is have you reflect on what you said with my honest words
  327. >give him a brief explanation that I was bound to Alp ever since elementary school and how only my attraction to girls kept me male
  328. >at least until I got a bit too much into yuri
  329. >so deep down I'm still the same as I was back then
  330. >obviously doesn't believe me an tells me how any shred of humanity I might've had was long corrupted by my demonic instincts
  331. >tell him that's not true, since being a monster is kinda like being slightly drunk. All those concepts like modesty, chastity are still there, but we just don't see any reason to follow them any more
  332. >also tell him that it only takes a little bit of willpower to follow them again, but he and all the other dogmatists in the order newer give us any reason to
  333. >he crosses his arms and looks at me defiantly
  334. Sure thing. As if
  335. >moving from simple order propaganda, now that's a step forward
  337. I was really hurt when you accused my of trying to corrupt the town all of a sudden. I'm not even the first monstergirl joining the fire-fighters, so what about them?
  338. >some of the local Holstaurs already joined a while ago
  339. My point is this, thanks to such attitude any of us will at some point ask herself: ''Why do I even bother with human values when all I get for is shit anyway? It would be so easy to just follow my instincts and life in bliss instead.''
  340. >he seems to think for a moment
  341. That's a nice story and all, but you are still bound to fall, since all of you monsters are guided by your instincts, given by the demon lord
  342. >hah, I was hoping for this
  343. Well, then I'll tell you that all men are also bound to lose against our pussies, as your chief god made monster stronger than men
  344. Bullshit. We men take our destiny in our own hands!
  345. >got 'cha now
  346. See? For you it's normal to try to resist divine laws, even as a member of the order, but I somehow can't? I'm technically still half human after all!
  347. >he shakes his head, but I can tell that it got him thinking now
  348. >this'll have to do
  349. >don't want to go full inception on him and risk him getting branded as heretic
  350. >that would be the worst-case scenario
  351. >turn to leave his dream
  352. So all I wanted to say is, please consider my own point of view in this whole situation next time. Oh and give me a call once you get a decoration for real, I'll send you my congratulations then
  355. And then I left his dream. Do you girls think I did well? Should I've told him anything else or in a different way? I'm still afraid this backfired and I'm now on some silly order watchlist...
  357. ************
  359. Might as well tell you now about me feeding for the first time, which s actually what I wanted to write down first the other time
  363. >2 weeks or so after I Alp'd
  364. >get dragged into the local community centre for single monstergirls
  365. >pretty fancy name for what's effectively a brothel in the back
  366. >used to whore myself out there a bunch of times back as an Incubus
  367. >so not very eager to visit this place again and have a bad feeling about this
  368. >greeted by a Succubus I've known for some time now
  369. >short blonde hair, gives of that punky vibe and with an attitude
  370. >we share tastes in music and the same crude sense of humour, so been buddies for a few years now
  371. >chat for a bit about how I've been dealing with turning into a Succubus myself so far
  372. >then asks me if I did feed already
  373. >no, been using those mana pods and stuff to keep my new urges at bay
  374. That's not good. You're a growing Succubus now, and these pots are kinda like junkfood. So you need to feed on fresh soul energy a few times to make sure you stay healthy!
  375. >get dragged into one of the back rooms before I can protest
  376. But I arranged for something that should make this easier for you
  377. >an Arachne walks in, carrying something cocooned with silk over her shoulders
  378. >can smell that there's a guy inside
  379. >places the completely wrapped up guy on the bed
  380. >wait, he's not completely wrapped up, his dick is pointing out and at half mast
  381. >can already tell were this is going, and I'm not happy with it
  382. >Arachne ruffles my hair before leaving again
  383. Don't worry, this guy's a complete masochist and into this stuff, so have fun sweety~
  384. >yuck
  385. >Succubus friend wraps an arm around my shoulder (mostly to keep me from running away)
  386. You know that even with these pods you'll have to feed on fresh mana a few times to keep your instincts in check?
  387. >I know that she's right, but still...
  388. So you can either get it over with it now and stay in control, or you wait until you get famished and let your instincts take over
  389. >don't like it, but she's got a point there
  390. >I'd rather not end up raping some random guy after getting famished
  391. >but this still feels incredibly gross and gay
  392. Hey, remember that you're a girl now, so doing this isn't g...
  393. Finnish that sentence and I shove my spadetail so deep into your ass that you can lick on its tip
  394. >she just grins and gets comfortable on a recliner opposite the bed
  395. >now how am I gonna do this?
  397. >at least I don't have to actually fuck him, so a handjob should be enough
  398. >the thought of having to touch some o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ guys dick is still disgusting
  399. >come on m̶a̶n̶ girl, you can do this, just think you're fapping
  400. >this gives me an idea
  401. >climb onto the bed
  402. >ahh~ his cock really does smell tasty~
  403. Stay on target...
  404. >straddle the cocoon, facing the 'upper' side of the dick
  405. >cocoon writes under me and dick goes from half to full mast
  406. >oh right, I just sat right on the guy's stomach. But he really is a total M
  407. Sorry man
  408. >slide my crotch next to the dick
  409. >good, with a bit of imagination it does look like the dick is attached to me
  410. >slowly wrap a hand around it
  411. >strange, I'm sure that my own dick used to be bigger than this one, but why does it feel so much larger and hotter now?
  412. >m must be because my hands are more dainty now I guess...
  413. >start jerking off
  414. >as hoped, it does feel just like fapping in this position. Except for the lack of 'feedback'
  415. >but I can feel his lust, so with a bit of concentration...
  416. >when I touched my dick like 'this', it felt 'this' way
  417. >and the pleasure I sense from him is like 'this'
  418. >so when I touch it like 'that' then, which felt like 'that', I should sense it like 'that'...
  419. >takes a few moments but then I manage to interpret the perceived pleasure in a way that lets me "feel" the dick
  420. Ohh, proxy fapping! Clever~
  421. >ignore her comment, now that there's proper "feedback" again, this feels exactly like fapping used to
  423. >well, except for my breasts aching to get touched
  424. >or that wet itching from my crotch...
  425. >but at least this nagging feeling of doing something gay is gone now, so I can just get over with this now
  426. (realize later that this was big mistake, since I allowed my thoughts to get overwhelmed by lust that way)
  427. >can't ignore that itch in my crotch any more
  428. >slightly slide away from the dick and start rubbing my needy pussy with my other hand
  429. >fuck this feels good, getting pleasure from both my slit and "my" dick
  430. >so absorbed in pseudo-double-masturbation that I almost miss driving "my" cock over the edge
  431. >have to use both hands to catch all the spunk
  432. >then a number of things happen in a split second
  433. >first I'm reminded of all those badly prepared spontaneous fapping sessions
  434. >and then I can both smell and feel the fresh soul energy in it
  435. >bring up my hands automatically and start licking it up
  436. Oh yes~
  437. Oh~
  438. Fuck~
  439. Yesss~
  440. >shit, it really is so much better fresh
  441. >this otherworldly sweetness so much more rich in taste
  442. >the warmth of it
  443. >the syrupy texture making it cling to my throat, so I can saviour every second of it running down into my stomach
  444. >let out a content sigh as my stomach starts to fully absorb the energy, making me both feel so incredibly alive and making me shiver with a light orgasm
  445. Haa~
  446. >...
  447. More...
  448. I want more
  449. I NEED more!
  451. >grab the half limp dick and tease the sensitive glans, quickly bringing it back to full attention
  452. >cocoon guy writes under me, the stimulation being rather painful so short after cuming
  453. >I used to hate that, but he's just some masochist cumpump, so why should I care?
  454. >still switch to more gentle stroking, but can't really stay focused on it
  455. >that burning itch in my crotch becomes stronger again as my slit calls back for attention
  456. >but just kneading my lips outside isn't enough to scratch that itch, I need something 'inside'
  457. >cant really do that in this position though
  458. >slide down further till I'm effectively 69ing the cocoon and raise my hips up, giving her clear view of my drooling sex
  459. >massage and spread my puffy lower lips before sticking 2 fingers into my aching slit
  460. >ahh, that's better
  461. >don't really have to move my fingers at all, those strange internal muscles seem to do all the work
  462. >as if on autopilot, they suck in my fingers deeper, trying to bring them to all the right spots
  463. >with that being taken care of, attention goes back to cock I'm jerking off
  464. >realize my face is kinda close to it in this position, but get hit by this strong craving for it again before I can react
  465. >h̶m̶m̶m̶,̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶s̶m̶e̶l̶l̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶c̶r̶e̶d̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶s̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶j̶u̶i̶c̶y̶~̶
  466. >quickly shake these thoughts away
  467. >focus on mirror image of my friend to avoid getting mesmerised again
  468. >she's eagerly masturbating and putting up a nice show for me
  469. >doesn't surprise me, for us Succubi, watching others enjoy sex is just as satisfying as to engage in it ourselves
  470. >kinda want to repay that favour now by putting up a bit of a show myself
  471. >my thoughts become more and more clouded by pure lust and start to drift into dangerous directions
  472. >recall all those times I got a blowjob and how eager they were to suck on my dick
  473. >so maybe it really is as tasty as it smells now?
  474. >arousal and sheer curiosity win this time
  475. >close eyes and give it a tentative lick to clean up some of the pre
  476. >the second my tongue meets penis is... eye opening, as the rich bouquet of tastes reaches my mouth
  477. >oh my Demon Lord, this is incredible!
  478. >such unique rich meaty taste with just the right hint of saltiness!
  479. >immediately wrap my lips around it to get as much of that marvellous taste as possible
  480. >so good~
  482. >feel so incredibly silly now
  483. >why did I ever bother about some silly concept like straight or gay if cock just tastes 'THIS' fucking good?
  484. >let out a content sigh as I start to bob my head up and down
  485. >notice after a minute or so of felating how this itching in my pussy keeps getting stronger
  486. >fingers just can't seem to reach deep enough, even with those strange internal muscles working hard to pull them closer to those sweet spots
  487. >let cock pop out of mouth and rest it against my cheek to catch my breath
  488. Fingers... not enough...
  489. I need something... longer... and thicker inside of me...
  490. >suddenly recall my spadetail and focus my gaze on it
  491. >so far it just drew circles into the air or wrapped itself sensually around one of my legs
  492. >maybe I could...? No, that tip is way to wide to fit...
  493. >as if on command, the spade-tip pulls itself together instinctively, now looking more... phallic
  494. >lick my lips in anticipation
  495. >it's still pretty thick, so there's no way it could fit into my tight pussy
  496. >friend must've sensed my intention
  497. Don't worry, you're a Succubus! You could take something twice as thick without any problems! Oh and here, let me help you a bit
  498. >the reflection on the mirror closest to me shifts
  499. >it now shows a close up of my rear
  500. >gulp hard, from this angle I could clearly see myself getting penetrated
  501. >and all the lust running down my tights, to probably form a veritable puddle beneath
  502. >if I didn't already spend so much time between the legs of Succubi back as an Incubus, I'd feel ashamed now of seeing how wet I am
  503. >my heart starts to race as I bend my spadetail around, pressing the tip against my slit
  504. >i is it really gonna fit?
  505. >but I really want to know what it'll feel like
  506. >line tail up against my entrance and bite my lower lip in anticipation
  507. >let out a deep moan as I feel my sensitive flesh being spread apart as my tail slowly starts to enter
  508. So this... is what it feels to be penetrated...
  509. >suddenly something feels wrong, causing me to clamp up my pussy and preventing my tail from penetrating any further
  510. >notice some lingering fear in the back of my mind getting louder
  511. >as if I'm about to cross some line and lose something important...
  512. >I'm just gonna masturbate with my own tail, that doesn't mean I'm turning into some hungry slut begging for cock, right...?
  513. >a also I... my body IS female now, so being penetrated is simply...
  514. >try to relax my pussy to fully let my tail slide in
  515. >slowly but steadily it pushes its way in, spreading my folds apart
  517. >ahhhn, this feels incred...
  518. >tail suddenly hits some obstacle, sending a flash of pain trough me
  519. >ouch, wait, don't tell me... is that... my hymen?
  520. >discomfort fades as quickly as it came, as the obstacle easily gives way to my tail
  521. >or rather 'was' my hymen then
  522. >can barely finish that thought before tail slides all the way in, making me cry out in pleasure
  523. You just came from being penetrated by your own spadetail, didn't you? I knew you'd make a fine Succubus
  524. >can only shudder and pant as strong and alien sensation wash over me as I try to give a weak nod to my friend
  525. >first it feels like being split apart, as my tail seems to impale me all the way until hitting the back of my throat
  526. >gets quickly replaced by the most wonderful feeling of being filled
  527. >slowly start to wriggle my spadetail around, teasing my sensitive folds on all sides all the way till my deepest part
  528. >tail feels both somewhat nostalgic, like my dick used to except much more sensitive, but on the same time unfamiliar as I can move it just like a finger
  529. >but much more intense and dominating is the feeling of being fucked, making my pussy spasm
  530. >quickly figure out how to fully control the internal muscles, allowing me to squeeze down on my tail as if I was holding it in my hand
  531. >set both my tail and inner muscles into a steady rhythm
  532. >tail alternates between pistoning and wriggling motions while my pussy squeezes down on all the extra sensitive spots of my tail in milking motions
  533. >this is just incredible, jerking off my tail or even just masturbating using my fingers already felt just as good as most of the sex I had as a guy
  534. >but this now feels much better than even the best sex I had as a guy combined
  535. Ahhh, this isn't fair, how am I supposed not to get completely addicted to this?
  536. >this is absolute bliss, and I'm only doing some basic stuff without the aide of pleasure runes or demon realm herbs...
  537. >finally realize that lust didn't cloud my thinking, but instead cleared it
  538. >all those doubts and fears are gone now, letting my thoughts flow clear like hedonistic poetry
  539. >this is what I always wanted to happen
  541. >part of the reasons why I Alped is that I became jealous of girls and the pleasure they can obtain
  542. >but now this devilish pleasure is mine too
  543. >eagerly go back to sucking the cock as well, effectively spit roasting myself
  544. >smile to myself as I take full note of everything happening now
  545. >this nostalgic feeling of fucking something coming from my spadetail
  546. >this new and incredible feeling of being fucked
  547. >the delicious cock in my mouth
  548. >watching my Succubus friend slick furiously
  549. >all of it leading to a rapid crescendo on this monstrous symphony of lust
  550. >I cum first and hard
  551. >head snaps back up as I arch my back and let out a high pitched scream of pleasure
  552. >cumpump under me cums next
  553. >sends a thick rope of hot semen across my face and chest
  554. Ah~ no~
  555. >quickly wrap my lips around the dick and let it fill my mouth with rope after rope of wonderful syrupy cum before slowly gulping it down
  556. >feel the waves of another orgasm wash over me
  557. >let spadetail slide out of my womanhood and sit up, body still trembling from the afterglow
  558. >lick up some of the semen around my mouth
  559. >just sit there, eyes unfocused and let out a content coo
  560. >friend walks up to me and helps me back up
  561. And? You look like you enjoyed it, so how did your first time feeding feel~?
  562. ... wow. Just wow
  564. >just smiles at me and starts cleaning off the remaining cum on my chest with her fingers, and the cum on my face with little kisses
  565. >licks up the gathered semen on her finger and leans in for a kiss
  566. >my lips eagerly part and our tongues meet, playing with the semen as we pass it back and forth between us
  567. >wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me closer, our breast now pressing against each other in symmetrical docking
  568. >our spadetails also join, sensually coiling around with the sensitive tips, still slick with our lust, rubbing against each other
  569. >her free hands moves to my pussy, caressing my lower lips before sliding 2 fingers inside me
  570. >I eagerly mirror that gesture on her
  571. >joined like this we quickly reach another wonderful orgasm
  572. >physically I feel so incredibly alive and brimming with energy now
  573. >but mentally I'm tired out now
  574. >let her swallow the remaining cum before resting my head against her shoulder
  575. You look really satisfied now
  576. >just nod and smile at her
  577. I guess Alping wasn't so bad after all...
  578. >stay like this for a bit while she gently pats my head
  579. >always used to do this after we fucked back when I was still a guy
  580. >but now it feels like I'm more... connected to her
  581. All right, now take a shower and get yourself dressed again, I'll clean up here meanwhile
  582. >head to showers down the hall, walking naked (of course) and with a slight strut in my steps
  583. >get some encouraging nods and thumbs-ups from the other monstergirls I pass
  584. >also a fistbump from an Ogre
  585. >start taking a refreshing cool shower to get rid of mental fatigue
  586. >also makes me star thinking clear again
  587. ...
  588. >now fully realize what I just did over the last hour or so
  589. Ewwwww
  590. >get hit by a severe case of post-fapping, or in this case post-feeding guilt
  591. >frantically scrub myself clean multiple times
  592. >slump down hugging my knees, trying to just forget h̶o̶w̶ ̶I̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶s̶u̶c̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶u̶y̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶,̶ ̶h̶a̶d̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶ ̶s̶p̶l̶u̶r̶t̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶d̶i̶d̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶c̶u̶m̶ ̶s̶w̶a̶p̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ all this gay shit
  593. W well, at least the symmetrical docking was nice
  594. >and I only need to repeat this a few more times before the Demon Lord can go fuck herself
  595. >spend another 5 minutes repeatedly brushing my teeth till me breath smells normal again
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