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  1. # To the best of your recollection, describe your previous Albion guild history. Include the names and times you were in each guild and why you left.
  2. #### I came to the game invited by RL friends. As per usual we formed our own guild, which I was co-leader of and paid for inclusively because of the fact I am more prone to dedicate hours and be overall the rich one out of the bunch. Within a month, we started at roughly free to play launch to note, we understood that due to the nature of the game and the fact my squad of 5 mates were not as keen to play the game that the guild management would crumble and sought a different guild already functional larger guild to unlock "content". So we did by joining the present Weeb Warehouse. Nevertheless, after bringing all my RL buddies plus a few online new mates that I met in Albion online (to note also we accounted and still do account for 50% of the guild as a whole) and started having fun. Mostly benefiting from the TBI umbrella since it became apparent from early stages that the guild was compromised of 2 squads. The NA GM and his RL friends and my own squad. Fast forward a month give or take couple days and that same NA squad has been 2-4 weeks offline and even some of my 'squad members' have done the same and moved on to WoW classic or other projects.
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