Mythic Creature of the Woods

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  1. >"Everyone got your spells and equipment ready?" Minuette calls out, looking over everyone from her apple crate stand.
  2. >Patting your pouch with a hoof, your spell stones are all ready, and you have your specially made wizard robes and hat on over your favourite sweater.
  3. >It took weeks of spellsetting and preparation for this, but this is going to be the best larp yet.
  4. "Ready" you call back, along with most of the others.
  5. >It sucks Twilight couldn't come, but then she's been too busy being Celestia's special student lately.
  6. >She would have loved this, getting to play her character in real life, but on the other hoof, without being able to powergame like she usually does, maybe not.
  7. >"Equestria to Moondancer, we're heading out," Twinkleshine says, poking your shoulder.
  8. "Oh, right, right, sorry, I got lost in thought."
  9. >"Just don't let it happen in battle," Lemon Hearts says grumpily, her fake platemail jingling, "We lose you, and there goes a lot of our damage."
  10. "I'm not a newbie, Lemon. I know what I'm doing."
  11. >"Girls, girls, calm your teats. Stop arguing like a bunch of bickering colts. We've got to get moving before things get going or we're toast," Minuette says, floating up her mace and book, playing her cleric's role before things have even gotten going.
  12. >Grumbles of acceptance come from Lemon, and both you and Twinkleshine nod before forming up with her.
  13. >White trunks soon surround you in the Whitetail woods, bushes and other undergrowth obscuring everything past a certain distance, adding to the atmosphere.
  14. >For a basement dweller like you, this was your worst Nightmare.
  15. >...
  16. >Okay, maybe it's not as bad as the one with you being fully dressed in front of the entire school being laughed at while having to watch your highschool crush/best friends brother bang that pink alicorn jock.
  17. >But that'll never happen in real life.
  18. >Not one bit of it.
  19. >He's totally just using her for bits while waiting for a real mare like you.
  20. >By Celestia's beard, you're so lonely...
  21. >"Moondancer! Get your horn out of your cunt, it looks like there are goblins up ahead."
  22. >Looking up, you see there are several goblin looking golems up ahead.
  23. >Admittedly they're not that fancy, but it's still cool seeing them, and they're programmed to fight like goblins from O&O.
  24. >"They haven't spotted us yet, Sparkleshine says, edging forward with her bow, "I could probably get a good sneak attack in."
  25. "They've got a shaman," you say, squinting at them, "The one on the back right. I recognize that equipment."
  26. >"Her first, got it."
  27. >Sparkleshine slinks off to the flank, and you dig through your spellstones.
  28. >A couple fireballs, some frost rays and heat bolts, a few utility spells and a bunch of magic missile.
  29. >Not a bad selection for something like this.
  30. >Pulling a pair of Magic Missiles, you cradle them in your hoof like a firm pair of balls that you've totally touched before.
  31. >There's a soft twang, a recorded cry of pain and the fight is on.
  32. >Concentrating on the first stone, you squeeze it to send off the spell, the bolt of magic flying over Lemon's head and into the first oncoming goblin golem.
  33. >It staggers before being shoved aside by Lemon as she goes for the healthy ones, leaving it for Minuette instead.
  34. >Squeezing out the second spell, you move around to be with Sparkleshine as well, trying to get better line of sight.
  35. >While digging for another spell, a loud snap in the distance makes you look around for it’s source, ignoring your bag for a moment..
  36. >Goblins do love ambush tactics, but what you see isn't a goblin.
  37. >Far in the distance, barely visible through the trees is a tall, lean figure, cloak billowing gracefully in a light breeze.
  38. >There's no mistaking it, you've seen every iteration of every O&O book, from DM handbooks to monster manuals.
  39. >That's a human.
  40. >The most ethereal and beautiful of the races, and banned as PC's by almost every DM.
  41. >"Moonie, we've got company!" Sparkleshine says, snapping your attention back to the fight, "Two goblins closing in."
  42. "I got it," you reply with a snap, pulling out a frost ray and blasting them both with it.
  43. >It's damage may not be the best, but it slows them enough for Minuette to catch up and club one down. Sparkle stops the second with a well placed arrow.
  44. >"Well, that wasn't too bad," Minuette says as you all gather, "Not much for loot though."
  45. >"Eh, they're just goblins, we can't expect much. The boss on the other hoof, I heard it's got some sick loot."
  46. "Hey, uh, did any of you hear about there being a human encounter or not?" you ask, looking back out where you saw it before.
  47. >As you'd expect, it's gone, but you're pretty darned sure your eyes didn't deceive you.
  48. >"Pffft, no. There's no way we could afford to get a golem that could hold a candle to one, let alone be fully sex capable."
  49. "It wouldn't NEED to be sex capable," you say, your voice trailing off.
  50. >"Yeah, it would. I mean, come on, we're all friends here, there isn't a single one of us that wouldn't jump even a human golem if we had the chance."
  51. >"No question," Lemon adds, nodding her head, "I'd ride it till I couldn't walk straight."
  52. "What did I see out there then," you mutter, mostly to yourself.
  53. >"A hallucination from one of your erotic, human fantasy stories?" Lemon says with a nudge.
  54. "I don't..." you start, but frankly you can't even finish the sentence.
  55. >You do read erotic human stories, and write them sometimes too.
  56. >You've even shared them with the group, through mail, of course.
  57. >"Come on gals, we need to find the boss first, before the rest do," Minuette says, "We can talk clop later."
  58. >"Yeah! It can't be that hard, the region is only like, five kilometers across."
  59. "Alright, alright, let’s go."
  60. ~~~
  61. >Trees, trees, more trees, another rock that fucks with your compass when too close.
  62. >At this point, you're fairly certain you're in the forest equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle or something.
  63. >No signal for your phone or GPS, your compass locks on to random rocks around the forest, and you didn't recognize any star formations last night.
  64. >You've still got supplies to go, but it's been over a day already, and you haven't encountered any familiar edible plants.
  65. >Or many animals for that matter.
  66. >Aside from the occasional bird calls, it's been almost dead silent the past day.
  67. "I better not be stuck in some stupid horror movie or something," you say with a groan, casting a glance all around.
  68. >No cameras, no monsters, no sudden jump-scare crows.
  69. >Just... nothing.
  70. >Your stomach grumbles, but you have to ration what you have.
  71. >The trees start to thin a little, eventually opening into a little clearing.
  72. >In the middle of it, a strange, almost animal shaped rock formation.
  73. >As you get closer, however, it seems to flicker and change, growing more defined.
  74. >It's form solidifies into a little horse with a large head and goat-like horns, its huge eyes the only defined feature on its slate grey skin
  75. >The creature lowers it’s head, charging you with surprising speed.
  76. >Managing to jump aside, you avoid it's charge, but it turns back at you, a mouth opening with rocky grinding, sharp fangs visible within.
  77. >Wings creak open from it's back, spreading wide as it leaps for your face.
  78. >Raising your arms to block your face, the bite doesn't come.
  79. >Rather, it seems to have stopped, right in front of your hands.
  80. >With far softer creaks, it's wings retract, mouth closing and disappearing into it's smooth, grey surface.
  81. >When you're quite sure it isn't trying to rip out your throat, you lower your arms, looking over at it.
  82. >It's definitely a horse of some kind, though smaller like a pony.
  83. >At the same time, it's got a rather cartoony look to it.
  84. >Big eyes, big head, strange proportions.
  85. >Taking a seat, you lean in for a closer look. It follows you with those large, lifeless eyes.
  86. >Waving your hands at it, it surprises you by waving back with a hoof.
  87. "So, uh, you're not going to attack me?"
  88. >The strange horse just stares back.
  89. "Alright then..."
  90. >Standing back up, you look around, your bearings already gone.
  91. "Well, bye then, I guess, strange little horse."
  92. >Choosing the direction you're kind of sure you were going before, you start walking.
  93. >Behind you, soft creaks come from the horse as it turns to watch you.
  94. >Turning back to look, it's eyes feel like they've changed.
  95. >You're not sure if it's confusion or sadness, but there's some kind of softness to them that wasn't there before.
  96. "What's up? Do you want to come with me?"
  97. >The moment you finish your sentence, the rock pony comes hurtling towards you, skidding to a quick stop at your side.
  98. >Taking a few steps, it follows you, moving at a pace almost identical to yours.
  99. >With a shrug, you get moving again, now joined by the faintly grindy horse thing.
  100. "So uh, do you have a name or something?" you ask, before facepalming.
  101. "Right, you're a rock horse thing, you can't talk. For now, I guess I'll call you Horny, since you have horns and all."
  102. >It's grey eyes look up at you, their surface almost shining in the leaf-filtered light.
  103. >At least it's kind of cute.
  104. >Now if only you could find your way out.
  105. ~~~
  106. >"Where is it!" Minuette exclaims, her mane starting to look like yours on a bad day.
  107. >Okay, like your mane on any day you don't plan on going outside.
  108. >Which is to say an utter mess.
  109. >"Nobody has beaten it, since there were no alerts, and we've been over this entire zone!"
  110. "Calm down, Minuette, yelling isn't going to get us anywhere." you say, pushing up your glasses, "Let's see if we can't find any of the other groups."
  111. >"Yeah, one of them probably found it, or it got stuck somewhere stupid."
  112. >"It better not have gotten stuck, we payed good bits for it."
  113. >With a roll of your eyes and just a little bit of magic, you start tugging her along, the others forming up as you start searching for others.
  114. >Before long, you've found one of the other groups, and it seems they've hit the same point too.
  115. >While comparing notes and experiences, a blue ball shoots up from somewhere else in the forest, exploding in a large blast of sound and colour.
  116. "Did someone find it?"
  117. >All eyes turn to Minuette, but she shakes her head.
  118. >"That's just the rally sign. I think we might be calling it here."
  119. >"I'm fine with that," one of the other mares say, sniffing herself, "I need a shower after this."
  120. >Giving yourself a sniff, you shrug.
  121. >It's not much worse than after one of your usual weekend game binges.
  122. >"Not like a colt's going to pay attention to you even if you do shower," Lemon Hearts says.
  123. "You're no better, Miss Orc Lover."
  124. >"Hey, that was once, and even you have to admit, that picture was hot."
  125. >"Settle down you colts, let's go meet up with the others and finish this all off."
  126. >A rather heated walk later, since somepony decided to bring up Trailblazer versus Third and a half, and the rest of the ponies are in sight.
  127. >"Hey, Minuette, I have uh..." one of the ponies starts, rubbing the back of her head
  128. >"What happened to our Succubus golem?"
  129. >"Apparently it left the zone, though we're not sure how.
  130. >"WHAT?!"
  131. "How? Wasn't this place set up specifically to keep the golems in?"
  132. >"The spell was changed."
  133. >"That's impossible, nobody can change a spell once it's been cast," Minuette says before going quiet for just a moment before turning to you, "Unless..."
  134. "Wait, what are you looking at me for?"
  135. >"You said you saw a human earlier, remember Moondancer? What's the one racial power humans have had since First Edition."
  136. "They can warp magic with their will," your hoof meets your forehead, avoiding your horn, "But that would mean..."
  137. >"...There's a real life human in the forest." Several others finish for you, looking at each other with some excitement.
  138. >"Was it a male or female? No, wait, you can just show us, right?"
  139. >Minuette digs through her pouch, before triumphantly pulling out a memory recorder.
  140. >"I figured if things went well, this would come in handy."
  141. >Taking the machine from her, you stick it on your head.
  142. >Focusing on the memory you want, the machine whirs to life, letting out a faint hum and glow.
  143. >Before long, there's a ding, and you feel a little drained, but otherwise fine.
  144. >"Alright girls, let's get back to the game shop and watch this. If it's real, we might have a real reason to go outside more."
  145. >"I swear to Celestia, if this is just some human porn Moonie," Lemon says, passing you as you give the machine back to Minuette.
  146. >The walk back is slow, especially considering everyone is somewhat tired and a little out of shape.
  149. >Filing into the game shop, the procession heads into the playroom while Minuette starts hooking up the projector.
  150. >"Alright, let's see what Moondancer here saw."
  151. ~~~
  152. >Energy crackles inside the divination sphere, casting sharp light briefly into the darkened room.
  153. >From within the ball, an image starts to form, a tall figure walking through trees.
  154. "Perfect, the Summoning spell was a success. It will only be a matter of time till you're mine."
  155. >Lightning cracks outside as you start to laugh, briefly throwing light into the stonework and countless magical tools of the room.
  156. "Only a matter of time."
  157. ~~~
  158. >The entire room is silent, everyone considering what they just watched.
  159. "See, I told you I saw a human."
  160. >Both the silence and your smugness are palpable, your grin enough to make Lemon Hearts curse under her breath.
  161. >"Not just that, a Male human. There's no way that stature belonged to a female one."
  162. >"I don’t know how I’d handle seeing a female human...”
  163. “Nine plus feet of muscle and terror. Can’t imagine what human males see in them.”
  164. >”They have to be strong to protect the male humans, especially the whimsical ones.”
  165. >”They’re not that whimsical...”
  166. >”Look, Girls, girls, we need to keep our mouths zipped about this,” Minuette says, “We’re the only one that knows, and that means we’ve got the advantage when finding him.”
  167. >”The fame of finding a human...”
  168. >”The things I’d do to be with a human, and now I have a chance!”
  169. >”I know what I’d do if I had a human,” Twinkleshine whispers to you with a wiggle of her eyebrows.
  170. “Keep your clit in, we’re trying to be professional here.”
  171. >”I’m just saying what most of us are thinking.”
  172. >”Am I right girls?” she asks, turning to the group, “We’d all ride a human if we had the chance, right?”
  173. >Murmurs come from many, before one of the braver ones say, “Yes. Yes I would. Though I’ll admit I would take just about any dick at this point...”
  174. >Silence takes over, everyone a little humbled by the statement.
  175. >You’re not really any different.
  176. >A hoof raps sharply on a table before Lemon Hearts says, "We now have another problem. The human is in the woods, and I don't know about you, but the amount of stuff I know about camping is only what we use in O&O."
  177. >Your eyes meet several others followed by a unanimous sigh.
  178. >With a clop of her hooves, Minuette grabs everypony's attention.
  179. >"Alright, so here's how we'll do this. Moonie, Twinkleshine and I will spend time in the library studying this, the rest of you, shop around for basic things, like saddlebags and tents and stuff."
  180. >"We'll buy it all when we're ready, and we'll catch this human."
  181. >Hoofbumps all around, you gather your things and prepare to head to the Library.
  182. ~~~
  183. >The forest is far less quiet, now that you have a stone pony with you.
  184. >Mainly from her constant soft grinding noise.
  185. >Are they going to eventually wear away?
  186. >How do they even move.
  187. >A sigh escapes you, leading to something rubbing your leg.
  188. >Looking down, Horny is rubbing the side of their face on you while looking up with those large eyes.
  189. "I'm fine, Horny," you say, reaching a hand down to pat their cold, stone head, "I'm just thinking too much, I guess."
  190. >They rub their head against you, surprisingly smooth considering they're made of stone.
  191. >Hunger strikes again, the growls startling your stone faced companion.
  192. >Their mouth creaks open aggressively, until they determine you were the source of the sound.
  193. >You're not sure how, but you're you're pretty darned sure Horny just rolled their eyes at you.
  194. "Hey, if I could find a rabbit or some berries to eat, I'd be happy, but there's literally nothing out here."
  195. >Wings erupt from Horny's back, stretching to a massive length with a creaking groan before they scatter leaves with a single powerful flap.
  196. >Flapping more, Horny jumps up and takes off into the trees with surprising speed considering their weight.
  197. >At least, you think they’d weigh a lot.
  198. >Are they going out to get food for you?
  199. >Do they even know what food is?
  200. "Ugh, too many questions, not enough fucks to give right now," you say to yourself, sitting down.
  201. >All around you, the trees seem a little heavier, more weathered than before.
  202. >The only thing you can think of is that you're now in an older part of the forest—a part that's mostly untouched.
  203. >Overhead, the foliage is thick and you can barely make out the sun's position, making the time something close to dinner.
  204. >Your watch does work, but according to it, it's nine-forty two in the morning.
  205. >And it seems to not quite match day by day either, like the days are shorter.
  206. >Still, your stomach agrees with your assessment of it being dinner time, growling again.
  207. >Slipping off your bag, you pull out the essentials.
  208. >Flint and steel, your portable stove grate, a pan, and your folding shovel.
  209. >Ten minutes of hungry, sweaty work later and you have a fire pit dug and loaded with wood.
  210. >Another five and you have your tent pitched.
  211. >Searching for dried soup, there's a thud in the distance followed by the sound of parting plants and grinding rock.
  212. >Moments later, Horny walks into camp, a rabbit trapped in their jaws, and their butt moving in a way you could only call sashaying.
  213. >She pretty much strutted in here like she owns the place, and if she's going to keep bringing in food, she can act that way.
  214. >At least, you're pretty sure they were designed to be a she, from the way they move.
  215. >Unsheathing your knife, you reach out for the rabbit, only for Horny to close her mouth.
  216. >You affix her with a frown, but some odd sounds later, she opens her mouth, the edible parts of the rabbit held out for you.
  217. >The head, fur, organs and blood are all gone, just the meat remains.
  218. >Well, magic is almost assuredly a thing, wherever you are.
  219. >That or insane levels of technology.
  220. >Either way, you don't care, you have meat.
  221. >Taking the rabbit corpse, you lay it on the grill while you kneel down to light it.
  222. >Once you've got it burning, you sit down again, reaching over and rubbing Horny's head.
  223. "Good job, thank you."
  224. >Her mouth curves into a smile briefly, and she sits next to you, resting her head on your leg.
  225. >It's surprisingly light, though at this point, not much is surprising.
  226. >With one hand, you idly rub her head, and with the other, you poke and turn the rabbit as it cooks.
  227. >Despite her granite features, you're actually amused by how expressive her ears are.
  228. >They pivot occasionally, and twitch out of the way whenever you grab at them.
  229. >Soft as you'd expect of a stone horse, they're still rather fragile looking, and quick to move.
  230. >After an effective grab, she looks up at you, catching your eyes before rolling hers.
  231. "Really? You're rolling your eyes at me? For what?"
  232. >She rolls her eyes again, before resting her head back down, twitching an ear at you.
  233. >Your dinner spits and crackles over the open fire, its gamey smell wafting to you.
  234. >Several days of mild hunger have definitely whet your appetite, and even this unseasoned rabbit is smelling good.
  235. >Drinking a mouthful from your water flask, the lukewarm fluid goes down less than pleasantly.
  236. >But it's all you have till you find another water source.
  237. >Horny leans over to look at it briefly, before returning her head to your lap.
  238. >She's a lot like a dog, actually.
  239. >A cuddly dog with rabbit skinning and processing capabilities.
  240. >She doesn't seem to need food either, so she's probably the best possible partner to find out here in ass fuck nowhere.
  241. >Carving off a leg, you start on dinner.
  242. >Just like it smelt, it tastes gamey and is a little tough, but the entire rabbit is just enough to save your rations for now.
  243. >With not much else to do with the day, you scout around a little, before settling down in your sleeping bag.
  244. >Horny lays down in front of your tent, though you doubt she sleeps.
  245. >Hopefully tomorrow you get somewhere.
  246. ~~~
  247. >You're not sure if you've ever been more out of place in your life.
  248. >Skinny, thin tufted nerdy you in a store filled with macho mares hefting around axes, saws and crossbows.
  249. >Your friends may be at your side, but that doesn't help much.
  250. >The only thing pushing you forward is the thought of your end goal.
  251. >The ultimate goal of all nerds.
  252. >Having a fantasy erotic human colt BF.
  253. >And the first step to that now is to get everything you'll need for camping to go find him.
  254. >"Okay girls, we need tents, axes, dried food, sleeping bags, med-kits, fire starters, water packs..." Twinkleshine starts, unfurling a massive list.
  255. >Rolling your eyes, you look around the store.
  256. "I'll find the food," you say, floating over a shopping basket from the stack.
  257. >"Make sure it's enough. We'll need a lot."
  258. >Marching over to the food aisle, you start scanning down the available stuff.
  259. >Fruitcake, Nutcake, Dried Fruits, Tactical Canned Cupcakes: Pinkie Pie approved, Instant bread: Just add water.
  260. >Your stomach curls in on itself, the shock of all this healthy, long lasting, quick to prepare food is miles from your normal Ramen, Horse Doritos and Canterlot Dew diet, making you question if it's worth it.
  261. "It's for human dick, it's worth it," you say under your breath.
  262. >Setting the basket down, you start putting in Canned Cupcakes, a dozen at a time.
  263. >Since there are twelve of you, after all.
  264. >You're full up after three dozen, and there's no way it's going to last the group any amount of time.
  265. >Looking to the other foods, you run across the price of the cupcakes, and you feel something else curl up.
  266. "Okay, maybe less cupcakes is a good thing," you say, swiftly floating most of them back to the shelf.
  267. >The fruit and nut cakes are far more reasonably priced, so you start loading them in.
  268. >Heavy too.
  269. >Basket full, you head for the front, horn sputtering as it attempts to keep the forty plus pounds of dense foodstuffs in the air.
  270. >"Hey, you alright there, small stuff?" a mare in uniform asks, walking up to you, "That's a lot of food for just one mare."
  271. "Yeah, I'm fine. A bunch of my friends and I are going camping for a bit, so we're here for supplies."
  272. >"You know, if you're not going to be out there for too long, you can just bring normal foods. This stuff is more for real long term stuff, like leaving it in a cabin for months or years type stuff."
  273. "Oh..."
  274. >"Not that it doesn't hurt having some of these, since they're high in nutrients and don't require any special preparation."
  275. "So, uh, what do you recommend then?"
  276. >"Well, skinned fruits like apples and oranges usually last long enough, and dried pastas are always good. Mostly just carbs, but make sure you have protein too, usually nuts and beans."
  277. >Looking you over, the mare adds, "And by the looks of you, you'd keel over from a few hours without food."
  278. "Hey, I'm totally fine and normal," tugging at the hem of your sweater to cover your shame.
  279. >"I'm just saying," the mare says, stepping back, "Camping burns more energy than normal day to day living, so you need to either eat more or have energy to spare, and you don't look like you have any."
  280. >A crash followed by cursing sounds from further back in the shop, drawing both of your attention.
  281. >"Sounds like I'm needed elsewhere," the mare says, walking towards the source of the cursing, "Just keep my advice in mind and you should be fine."
  282. >Finally reaching the register, you heft the basket up onto the counter with your magic before letting it stop and rest.
  283. >If you have to haul this all the way out to the forest, you're not sure you're going to make it.
  284. >And this is only part of the food.
  285. >What have you gotten yourself into...
  286. >"Your total is seventy-two bits," the cashier says, and your bitpurse quivers inside your bag.
  287. >Digging it out you count out the coin before putting your far too light purse back.
  288. >'This will all be worth it when you have the human' you mentally repeat to yourself, grabbing the now bagged foodstuffs in your magic.
  289. >Outside, you set the bags down and wait on a bench nearby, like a mare waiting for her coltfriend to finish shopping.
  290. >Except you don't have a coltfriend to wait for, just a bunch of nerdy mares like you.
  291. >Heck, you're not even done your shopping, but can't finish till they're done, since there's no way you can carry all this and the additional food you need to get.
  292. >At least you'll still be able to buy and bring ramen for the trip.
  293. >You probably couldn't survive a week without your Leek and Lemongrass neighpon noodles.
  294. >And who knows how long it will take to hunt and catch a human.
  295. >They usually have good Agility, so their sneak is often pretty good.
  296. >Not as good as their Charm score though...
  297. >Broke ass seduction rolls with no penalty to racial differences.
  298. >Wait, you have your players hoofbook with you, you should study while you sit here.
  299. >You may know it cover to cover, but it never hurts to be freshly prepared.
  300. >Plus, those illustrations of humans are so well done.
  301. >Biting your lip briefly, you skim through the dog eared and worn pages till you get to the right chapter.
  302. >Yes, this might soon be yours.
  303. >Unf~
  304. ~~~
  305. >Deep crimson tablecloth, check.
  306. >Lightly scented candles for ambiance, check.
  307. >Delicious feast laid out, check.
  308. >Hot human colt to share it with... not check.
  309. >No, he's still out in your forest, lost.
  310. >He hasn't gotten out, and that's good, but your guidance spell isn't exactly working like you planned.
  311. >At the very least, he's headed in the right direction now, but there's been so much magical interference around him lately.
  312. >It's almost as if he's got some sort of persistent spell around him that's NOT your guidance spell.
  313. >At this rate, you'll have to go out there and get him yourself.
  314. >Glancing out the window, the slowly setting sun paints the sky a beautiful orange.
  315. >You also feel an uncomfortable shiver run slowly down your spine, dragging your fluffy tail down tight to your back leg.
  316. >Hmnn, you can wait a few days, he'll arrive in his own time.
  317. >Coltish whimsy and all that.
  318. >Can't rush it or he'll be sour not sweet.
  319. >And sour colts don't do anal.
  320. ~~~
  321. >Everypony's bit purses were now almost as light as when O&O 5 was released, but you now had  everything needed for about three weeks in the woods.
  322. >Thankfully it's summer so you all have time for this too.
  323. >So now everyone's loaded to the brim with food, supplies, O&O books, miniatures, several folding tables and two wagons loaded with water barrels.
  324. >Hopefully it's enough, since none of you have gone out into forests to find human males before.
  325. >Heck, nopony has ever done this before, not with a real human out there at least.
  326. >Doing an excited little tiptoe dance on your hooves, you look at the others around you.
  327. >You're all excited, but there's a certain nervous tension too.
  328. >"So, is everypony ready?" Minuette asks, moving up to the front of the group, "Nopony has to go to the bathroom before we go?"
  329. >"We're good, we've been good for about half an hour already," Lemon says, "Let's get going."
  330. >"Alright alright, just making sure. It's going to be a long trip since we can't take the train with all this stuff."
  332. >With some creaks, the wagons start moving, and twelve nerds line up to travel.
  333. >You're pretty sure most of your mothers are shedding tears of joy that their little girls are doing something marely for once.
  334. >Maybe once you find the human colt you won't be teased at Hearthswarming by your family.
  335. >No longer will you be little nerdy Moondancer, kissless beta virgin.
  336. >No, you'll be Moondancer, happy wife of an exotic colt and somepony who does marely things.
  337. >Though you'll still do your nerd stuff.
  338. >There's no way you could live without your O&O.
  339. >Before long, your group is most of the way down the mountain’s long road, and it's time to switch wagon pullers.
  340. >Getting hooked in, you're next to Minuette for this stretch.
  341. >Pushing against the weight makes you almost immediately regret the action.
  342. "Holy hay is this heavy!" you exclaim, straining to get it going.
  343. >"Do you even lift, girl?" Lemon Heart says, flexing her lackluster figure in front of you.
  344. "Shut up, you haven't had to pull this yet."
  345. >"Lemon, stop being a bother and get ready to get going again. Moondance, on the count of three. One, Two, Three!"
  346. >With a creak and a groan the wagon starts rolling as you and Minuette push.
  347. >Its not as bad once you get it rolling, and once you start down the slope, it gets even easier.
  348. >After a while, you're practically walking with it, just acting as a brake as it slowly rolls down.
  349. >Next to you, Minutette asks, "Hey, so, do you think the human has a class? Like singer or archer?"
  350. "That's a good question," you say, stopping to think until the wagon nudges you forward, "Well, if he's straight out of a book like one of those, uh, stories, he probably does."
  351. "On the other hoof, if he's from another world or just out of hiding, he might just be a normal human."
  352. >"Yeah, I guess. I'd still love to have a human singing my praise though."
  353. "No question with those seductive, human voices."
  354. >"Will they be? Has there ever been a canon human voice?"
  355. "Shhhh, don't ruin this," you say while covering her mouth with magic, "Humans sound fantastic, why else would they have a charm score that high?"
  356. >"Giant dicks?" Twinkleshine suggests while wiggling her eyebrows at you.
  357. >"I wouldn't say no to that," Minuette says.
  358. "Hey, O&O have never confirmed Charisma ties to penis size."
  359. >"They're also about twice the size of ponies, so..."
  360. ~~~
  361. >After a breakfast of an energy bar and berries brought by Horny, you've packed up everything and are ready to go.
  362. >Water is starting to be a problem as your containers barely have enough for today.
  363. "Horny, while you were out hunting, did you happen to see a river nearby?"
  364. >She looks at you briefly before nodding and starting off in a direction.
  365. >You follow through the woods, the trees starting to look like they have faces like really old cartoons.
  366. >It's rather neat, though it only re-affirms you're in some crazy strange land with moving rock horses.
  367. >Well, one moving rock horse, but there's probably more.
  368. >Still no signs of other life aside from the rabbit she brought back and birdsong in the distance though.
  369. >Looking back down at your companion, she's got that same, swaying walk from before, head turned to peek back at you.
  370. >You could almost swear the motion of her hips got just a little bigger when she turned back to looking ahead.
  371. >Up ahead the treeline breaks and for a moment, you feel hope that you found a way out.
  372. >It's rather short lived but not for a bad reason.
  373. >As you get closer you can see it’s just a wide berth to the river..
  374. >Both this side and the far side have a good twenty or so feet between the treeline and the edge of the river.
  375. >The water's cool and clear as can be.
  376. >And best of all, it's flowing, meaning it's far safer than stagnant water.
  377. >Filling one of your canteens, you drink some of the water you already have, leaving the new stuff to be boiled later.
  378. >Ready to get moving again, you notice Horny is looking rather pleased with herself.
  379. >She did find you this water, so you indulge her pride by giving her head a rub as you get to your feet.
  380. >Now comes the question of following the stream or going with your gut.
  381. >The water's not too deep, looking to be about waist height in the middle.
  382. >And on the other side the trees are more spaced apart, which is usually a good sign.
  383. >Right?
  384. "Horny, we're going across," you say to her, getting a nod in return.
  385. >Wings sprout from her again, and she flies over the creek without issue.
  386. >Your trip across is far less pleasant, your shorts picking up as much water as they can while clinging to you.
  387. >Horny watches your progress with, well, a stone-faced look.
  388. >Her mouth appears briefly, almost rippling across her face.
  389. >Once across you stop to squeeze the excess water from your shorts.
  390. >Soggy underwear is never pleasant.
  391. >Her eyes don't leave you till you start walking.
  392. >Back into the angry looking trees, you find yourself fascinated by how man-made it looks.
  393. >It's completely all natural though, at least as far as you can tell.
  394. >Aside from the trees, everything else looks normal.
  395. >Nothing you'd off-hand recognize, but nothing that strikes you as odd.
  396. >Not until you run across a rather beautiful blue flower.
  397. >A lot of them, actually.
  398. >Within the thick confines of the trees, a small field of these flowers has grown.
  399. >The air above them sparkles with pollen wherever the sun gets through the canopy.
  400. >Nothing seems off about them, however so you pluck one from the ground.
  401. >It's fragrance is rather weak, but with little difficulty you manage to stick it on Horny's head.
  402. >Held in place by her horn, it brings a little colour to your drab companion which gives you a smile.
  403. >It seems she has no intention of removing it either, as the stone of her head shifts ever so slightly to engulf most of the stem.
  404. "We're still not sure if we're closer to being out, but I guess we now know we're not going in a circle," you say with a shrug.
  405. >All you get from Horny is a roll of her eyes followed by a brief look around.
  406. >Rustling in the underbrush draws out Horny's mouth and wings.
  407. >What pops out you only have a moment to look at before Horny's attacking it, and frankly you're not sure what it is anyways.
  408. >Her instincts are as good as any as you've never seen a chicken lizard before.
  409. >And judging by how she went straight for the head, it might have actually been something dangerous.
  410. "If that's edible, I guess we have dinner now, partner."
  411. >Grinding and stretching, she swallows the thing whole, nodding.
  412. "Hey, save some for me."
  413. >Even with the lack of expression her face can manage, you still get a solid deadpan look from her.
  414. >You can't resist the chuckle that rises from you, so you reach down to rub her head as well.
  415. "Good job Horny, thanks."
  416. >She puffs her chest out and gives a happy wiggle before the two of you get going again.
  417. ~~~
  418. "How do other ponies do this..." you say with a gasp, letting your legs give out finally.
  419. >"Don't ask me," Lemon replies while pouring water over her face.
  420. >"We're all just out of shape," somepony else says with a groan.
  421. >"Don't rest too long, we still have to set up for the night," Minuette says, "And we're going deeper tomorrow."
  422. "Ugh, can't we just stay camped here?"
  423. >"We could, but we can only search so far in a day, so the closer to the middle we are, the easier we'll be able to find him."
  424. >Grumbles come from everypony gathered, and before long, the tents are starting to go up.
  425. >Key word starting.
  426. >With all of zero experience between all of you, it's taking what's probably far too long to decipher the instructions and put them into action.
  427. >But eventually, the tents go up right, and everyone gets ready for food.
  428. >Nothing but fruitcake today, since nopony has the energy to cook.
  429. >Does anypony here even really know how to cook?
  430. >More than just quick cook noodles that is.
  431. >In fact, the more you think about it the less ready for this you feel.
  432. >Even when you find the human, can you interact with him?
  433. >Would you have the teats to talk to him?
  434. >You have a few days to prepare at the very least.
  435. >And what better way than to study.
  436. >Starting from first edition O&O.
  437. >Admittedly they were only a brief mention in the Bestiary, but the small sketch and stats were more than enough to light the fire in players everywhere.
  438. >And create annoyances for GM's everywhere.
  439. >At first everypony wanted to play the race.
  440. >Followed by GM's realizing that both male and female humans are broken in their own ways and banning them.
  441. >Given both have the ability to warp magic, and add on the bulky nature of females, they made broken warriors and berserkers and other front liners.
  442. >The males on the other hoof are loaded with as much sexual tension as an incubus and looks to match.
  443. >High natural charm, no penalties for cross species seduction, even extending to magical constructs.
  444. >Sure, it was intended to turn animal companions and golems and stuff against the players, but it quickly got out of hoof.
  445. >They basically became walking sluts, and their stats supported it.
  446. >While not a PC race in second edition from the start, they got added in an expanded races book, much to GM's displeasure.
  447. >The canon race was just as broken as the homebrewed versions from 1st, and they were banned by GM's across the board.
  448. >Females were basically immune to all caster classes, and males, well...
  449. >A few lucky rolls and a campaign turns from a dozen plus session epic to an hour of ERP.
  450. >Having faced this once yourself, you understand full well how much you have to stress not letting in human PC's.
  451. >Third and a half and fourth edition both moved humans back into the bestiary, to mixed opinions.
  452. >In 5th, the most recent version, well, an attempt has been made to balance them.
  453. >Their magic warping was limited to spells with a duration, though their seduction skill was left untouched.
  454. >And of course, males lost a lot of the racial bonus stats they got, much to the displeasure of stallionists, since the females kept their racial bonus stats intact.
  455. >Mare, was that a surprise when you went to the Sorcerers of the Peak main shop after fifth came out and found a stallionist rally outside.
  456. >You never expected that so many colts played O&O, let alone cared enough to get the new book when it came out.
  457. >Needless to say you didn't have the teats to try talking to any of them, let alone go past them to look at new models.
  459. >Letting out a sigh, you look over past your book at the tent wall.
  460. >Near said wall is Lemon Heart, fast asleep and snoring lightly.
  461. >You're tired as well, but studying is more important than excess sleep right now.
  462. >And nothing perks you up like high quality human art and lore.
  463. >Meaning your secretly favourite module, Lost Valley of the Humans.
  464. >Sure, it might have been a little pandery but it's unquestionably the biggest canon source of human lore from O&O.
  465. >And really, what honest mare wouldn't want to go rescue a captured human prince.
  466. > many players immediately wanting to roll seduction, even when they're a low charm berserker with all the language skills of a rock.
  467. >The tent flap rustles open and Minuette sticks her head in, startling you and making you drop the module.
  468. >"Hey, make sure you turn in soon, you'll need your rest for tomorrow."
  469. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll go to sleep soon. I'm just brushing up on my human lore."
  470. >Her look is a little skeptical, but she ducks out and you hear her trot to the other tents.
  471. "Just another ten minutes and I'll go to sleep," you say to yourself, floating back up your module.
  472. ~~~
  473. >Glaring at your scrying crystal, you angrily rub your mane in frustration.
  474. >This stupid, cute human stallion just wandered into a patch of Poison Joke, meaning your job is going to be even harder.
  475. >Now the spells you set on him will get all messed up, and you'll need to set new ones.
  476. >At least you don't have to be worried about being interrupted out here.
  477. >The old wards were still in place to keep nature out.
  478. >The other issue is that you’re running low on time.
  479. >Soon enough you'll have to leave for supplies and to handle... some things coming up.
  480. >You're still hoping to have your human husbando brought in and seduced before then, but his whimsical wanderings are making his progress here slow.
  481. >At his current rate, you're rather glad he found that golem, since it's bringing him food.
  482. >Males might be good cooks, but you need a mare to harvest and gather stuff.
  483. >Something you're totally skilled at, just like adventuring in the woods and fighting monsters.
  484. >You just, uh, need to stay here to maintain power to the guidance spell and barrier keeping him in.
  485. >The things a mare has to do to get a stallion.
  486. ~~~
  487. >"I told you to sleep Moonie," Minuette says while giving you a sharp glare.
  488. >Too tired to argue, you just yawn and slowly eat your breakfast.
  489. >An apple and some hastily made pan toast.
  490. >Too crispy on one side, not crispy enough on the other, but you can't complain.
  491. >If you had gotten up earlier, you could have eaten with everypony else.
  492. >But now you have to eat while walking.
  493. >Thank Celestia you're a unicorn, or this would be a lot harder.
  494. >You're so magically skilled you can float food on one side and have your books up to read on the other without mixing them up.
  495. >Yep, you've never almost bitten your O&O manual.
  496. >Nope, not you.
  497. >Rubbing your eyes, the sky seems to be getting brighter while you feel a strange vibration in your horn.
  498. >Opening your mouth to mention it, everything goes white suddenly.
  499. ~~~
  500. >Magic circle, check.
  501. >Mana infused candles burning softly, check.
  502. >Leyline spell tap started, check.
  503. >Everything's ready to recast your spells to get your human husbando back on track to the castle and keep him in the woods.
  504. >First, reforming the barrier, or rather, fixing its targets.
  505. >It went from keeping in and averting humans to working on hares.
  506. >Thankfully your rapidly decaying Guidance spell kept him inside the woods.
  507. >Who knows what would have happened if he wandered into some backwater town near the woods.
  508. >Getting picked up by an earth pony, made into some dirt farmer's housecolt.
  509. >Clapping your cheeks, you focus back on the task at hand.
  510. >Getting distracted will get you nowhere.
  511. >Channeling magic from the leyline, you recreate the original barrier spell in your mind before sending it off to the existing shield.
  512. >A faint wobble of magic passes over everything as the spell gets re-written.
  513. >Now for the hard part.
  514. >Slowly, layer upon layer, you build the guidance spell to be subtle, resistant to manipulation and focused on affecting humans.
  515. >Since you can't attach it to the summoning spell, you have to go wide with targeting and hope for the best.
  516. >It should only affect humans, though even if it does affect something else the wards should keep them away.
  517. >Theoretical magic like this is a shot in the dark, but at least you have an idea where your target is, so to speak.
  518. >Giving your newly crafted spell one more looking over in your head, you tap into the leyline again and cast it.
  519. >To great effect.
  520. >Way too great.
  521. >Should the sky be lighting up white like that?
  522. >Before your eyes start burning you look away and start blowing out the candles since you don't need them now.
  523. >The light overhead fades quickly as the spell finds it's target, leaving you to hope nopony unnecessary saw that.
  524. >Or at least, nopony who could know what that was, which is thankfully unlikely.
  525. >Down here, there's maybe one unicorn for every two or three hundred earth ponies, and most of them are hardly magic educated.
  526. >Any closer to Canterlot and you'd have dozens of skilled guards coming down within the hour after noticing that.
  527. >Especially with the history here.
  528. >Moving aside some history and spell books, you set up for a scrying spell to check on your future husbando.
  529. ~~~
  530. >A strange vanilla taste lingers on your tongue as you rub your eyes from the sudden blinding light.
  531. >Blurry shapes slowly come into focus and the first thing you can see is Horny's face.
  532. >You'd assume it's showing concern, but it's hard to tell.
  533. >Blinking away the last of it, you give her head a rub.
  534. "I'm alright, I think," you say while licking your lips, "Whatever that was didn't hurt me, aside from being bright."
  535. >She presses her head into your hand, but you notice something's off.
  536. >Her mane and tail seem to have picked up a tiny bit of colour, both now having a slight bluish tinge to them.
  537. >A bit like the flower, actually.
  538. "Hey, Horny, did you pick up a little colour?" you ask, blinking a bit more just to make sure it isn't you.
  539. >She looks herself over, doing a little spin like a dog before looking back at you with wide eyes.
  540. "You think the light did it? Do I look any different?"
  541. >Her head tilts left and right as she looks you over before she shakes it side to side.
  542. "Hmn... Either way, I think we should probably set up camp for now. We have no idea what all that was, and if something does change, I'd rather be prepared.
  543. >She nods in agreement, before wandering around the area.
  544. >Setting your bag down, you begin detaching your tent and campfire materials when you find yourself looking off into the distance, a faint tugging in your gut.
  545. >You're not sure why at first, but when the first edges of dark clouds roll into view, you equate it to experience and instinct.
  546. >That's an equally good reason to set up camp, alongside the sky turning white and everything tasting vanilla.
  547. ~~~
  548. >Your book tumbles to the ground as you lose control of your magic, blinded by the light above.
  549. >"What the FUCK was that?!" Twinkleshine exclaims, rubbing her eyes.
  550. "I... I have something I need to check out," your mouth says, a strong tugging in your gut pushing your body forward.
  551. >"Hey, Moonie, your book!"
  552. >You pay them no heed, though not of your own volition.
  553. >Whatever this is, you can't resist it.
  554. >Through the woods you travel, your stamina feeling almost limitless as you run, ignoring the branches and thorns that snag your sweater and coat.
  555. >Even when rain starts to fall, your body refuses to slow down or stop, passing through a field of flowers deep in the woods.
  556. >You're finally granted a reprieve when a loud clap of thunder makes you jump and gives you back some control of your body.
  557. >Your sore, soggy and now tired body.
  558. >A fat, wet drop lands on the back of your neck and makes you jump, shivering with chills.
  559. "Minuette?" You try to call out, but your tongue feels fat in your mouth, and all you can make is a mumbly groan.
  560. >The more you look the more the forest around you changes, faces sprouting from trees, mouths open to grab and eat you.
  561. >Lightning crashes down behind you, spurring you forward in panic.
  562. >Branches creak as they reach towards you, their wood fanged owners leaning in to swallow you whole.
  563. >Every fiber of your being screams you shouldn't be here, but you have no idea where to go.
  564. >So you run.
  565. >And run.
  566. >It takes everything you have to keep moving, but a glimmer of hope appears when you find something out of place in the forest.
  567. >Nestled in a dense cluster of trees is a small fire, fighting against the falling rain.
  568. >You'd cry out but your mouth doesn't seem capable of it right now.
  569. >As you get closer, you spot a tent right behind the fire, and you feel your heart soar.
  570. >You made it back to your group!
  571. >Skirting the slowly dying flames, you fumble with the entrance zipper before heading in.
  572. ~~~
  573. >After having used what time you had before the storm to cook the chicken lizard, you pitched your tent and settled in.
  574. >Horny, on the other hand, decided to sit down in front of your tent, even as the rain started coming down.
  575. "It'll be fine, Horny, come in and stay dry," you say, patting your lap.
  576. >She looks back at you, before looking around the outside, ears turning like radar dishes, and steps into the tent.
  577. >Leaning over her you zip the tent shut.
  578. >While you sit back down, she gives a little wiggle and shake, the water droplets scattering from her body.
  579. >With you settled again, she tugs your bed roll in front of you before laying on it, resting her head in your lap.
  580. >Her nose rests against your chest, ears still actively listening to everything around.
  581. >Those cute pony ears.
  582. >Heck, everything about her is cute, aside from when she gets aggressive.
  583. >She's just a cuddly little guard dog pony.
  584. >You're not sure how or even if you can get home, but if you can, you're going to bring her with you.
  585. >As you rest your hand on her head, she shoots upright, ears trained on the entry flap.
  586. >Mouth and teeth form as she spins to face the now unzipping entrance.
  587. >What noses it's way in only mildly surprises you, another little pony like Horny, but with some differences.
  588. >This one seems to be made of flesh and fur, with a soggy red and purple mane draped over a purple sweater and with glasses perched on their muzzle.
  589. >Okay, maybe this pony is more than a bit different compared to Horny.
  590. >Grabbing Horny, you hold her back from attacking this new one.
  591. "Come in," you say while beckoning in the little off-white pony in a sweater.
  592. >They stand there in the entryway, stepping nervously till a sudden crack of thunder jolts them inside.
  593. >Closing the door again, you find Horny has decided to slide herself between your legs, claiming the spot as her own in front of the new pony.
  594. >With a closer look, this new pony is in pretty rough shape.
  595. >Their sweater has taken a beating, numerous holes and stray threads marring its surface.
  596. >Their hide isn't much better as you can see they're covered in numerous scratches
  597. >Nothing life threatening, thankfully, but nothing serious enough for you to really do anything about.
  598. >What's more serious is them being soaking wet.
  599. >Slipping out from behind Horny who gives you a stone faced look, you beckon the pony over as you dig in your bag.
  600. ~~~
  601. >Oh dear Celestia what do you do now...
  602. >You found the human, and he's everything you imagined.
  603. >As gorgeous as the art, dressed up completely and even kind to boot.
  604. >And you're just standing here, soaking wet, staring at him like a school filly in front of her crush.
  605. >He's even waving you over, but you can't find the teats to move.
  606. >This is almost exactly like that one fanfiction, Daring Do and the Eternal Woods, where Daring finds herself deep in human woods, and finds a human during a storm.
  607. >Well, except you're no Daring Do, and this human has WAY more clothes than the one described in the story.
  608. >Unf~
  609. >Sure, you wear a sweater, but everypony knows sweaters are for keeping warm, and not for seducing.
  610. >Y-your sweater that's now in tatters...
  611. >You can't hold back a sniffle at the fate of your favourite sweater, which suddenly starts getting tugged on.
  612. >Looking up, you're almost nose to nose with the human as he gently coaxes your sweater off you.
  613. >Come on girl, you can mare up and do it.
  614. >One of your hooves is gently raised and worked through the sleeve while all willpower you had vanishes in a puff of mental steam.
  615. >He's holding your hoof, sort of.
  616. >How can your not yet husbando be this lewd?
  617. >Your other hoof is guided out before your vision is obscured as he pulls your sweater off.
  618. >A hoof moves to cover your lackluster figure and tuft, but it seems he isn't even looking at you anymore.
  619. >The succubus golem on the other hoof has yet to stop glaring at you.
  620. >Given her programing, she's actually rather calm.
  621. >He must have worked his magic on her.
  622. >Human suddenly fills your vision as he leans in with cloth in hand.
  623. >Is he redressing you to suit his lust?
  624. >Because you are A-OK with losing your V-card right now.
  625. >But this isn't the case, as you feel him slowly rubbing you dry with the cloth.
  626. >His touch is gentle, almost fatherly as he dries you off.
  627. >In a moment of un-marely weakness, you step forward a little, pressing your face against his chest as he cares for you, rain sliding down your cheeks.
  628. >"There there,” he says softly, "It's alright. The storm can't get you in here."
  629. >A mare like you isn't scared of a little storm like this.
  630. >A loud crack of thunder is quick to prove you wrong, making you jump.
  631. >Instinct drives you closer to the human, but a cold wing starts pushing you away.
  632. >The golem has closed in and is trying to separate you from the future father of your foals.
  633. >They're separated from you by the human, however, as he says, "Hey now, Horny, be nice. This poor little pony got lost in the storm."
  634. >You can't contain an amused knicker, earning a stare from Horny.
  635. >He actually named her Horny.
  636. >She probably tries to rut him all the time, but with no mare bits, she doesn't stand a chance.
  637. >Not like you with your superior pony pussy.
  638. >You feel yourself being pulled, the human sitting down proper and moving you to one of his sides.
  639. >Sure, Horny winds up on the other side, but you're with him, and that's what's important.
  640. >You're already one step ahead of the other mares trying to woo him, meaning you're gonna get to take his V card while dumping your own.
  641. >Now how do you advance?
  642. >You can't talk, so there go all your totally not cheesy lines.
  643. >Looking up to distract yourself from your thoughts, you see the human handling your sweater.
  644. >And at least one of it's new holes has been fixed.
  645. >He'll be the perfect housecolt for you, since he can sew, he can probably cook, and if fanfiction is anything to go by, he's perfect in bed.
  646. >Once you hook him, you'll have something to show off.
  647. >Something to prove you're a mare.
  648. >Letting out a content sigh, you lean against him as exhaustion sets in from all your running.
  649. >Just a little nap will do you some good...
  650. ~~~
  651. >Soft snoring on your side let's you know the poor tired pony has fallen asleep, exhausted after whatever ordeal it went through.
  652. >From the state of their sweater, they must have been in a real panic.
  653. >Though why they have a sweater in the first place, you don't know.
  654. >You're not particularly interested in finding out why either.
  655. >So you'll just fix it, give it back to them, and hopefully send them on their way when the storm passes.
  656. >Now all you have to do is trust this strange little horse to not kill you overnight.
  657. >If they're anything like Horny was initially, you wouldn't put it past them.
  658. >Even now you have no idea why your little stone companion stopped attacking, but you're not going to look a gift pony in the mouth.
  659. >Rubbing said companion's head gets her to look up at you briefly before going back to glaring at the new pony.
  660. >These adorable little ponies are probably the perfect predator for humans.
  661. >Disarmingly cute until they attack.
  662. >After finishing the last of the holes, you take a moment to look over your work before draping it over the sleeping little pony.
  663. >You didn't notice it earlier, but they have a little unicorn horn coming out of the center of their forehead, unlike Horny's goat or demon-like ones.
  664. >Can they grow wings like Horny too?
  665. >Letting out a sigh, you realize you're thinking too much again.
  666. >Unless this little pony can show you the way out of this forest, they're not much use to you.
  667. >Soft growls come from the fleshy pony's stomach, another reason you likely can't keep them with you.
  668. >Food is already tight, and limited by what Horny can bring, though they can probably munch on grass and plants.
  669. >Water is tighter, since you can only carry so much.
  670. >Plus, Horny doesn't like them, so that probably means something.
  671. >There are still good signs though, since this pony has a sweater and glasses, there must be intelligent civilization somewhere nearby.
  672. >It could even be one of ponies, but that's unlikely since they have no precise control to make fine things like the glasses.
  673. >Carefully removing the pony's glasses, you set them aside as you arrange them better for rest in the confines of the tent.
  674. >With the rain still coming down hard outside, you dig out your book.
  675. >After you lay out there's not a lot of room left in the little two man tent.
  676. >Still, your stony companion lays right up next to your chest, observing you read.
  677. >Evening starts to roll around before the pony wakes, the rain still coming down quite heavily.
  678. >After some awkward fumbling with their glasses, they get them back on their face before their stomach lets out a grumble.
  679. >They turn to you with the largest, most doe eyed look you've ever gotten, silently pleading for you to fix the problem.
  680. >Cursing silently to yourself, you pull over your bag and dig out one of your last nutrient bars.
  681. >Once you get it unwrapped, you hold it out for the hungry horse.
  682. >They're rather cute as they struggle to eat it, the bar tumbling to the ground after their first bite.
  683. >Between their hooves and mouth, they're eventually able to get it all down and for the time being, it seems to be enough.
  684. "Better?"
  685. >They nod before noticing their now repaired sweater next to them.
  686. >Eyes go wide and little tears form before they start nosing their way inside it.
  687. >It's an arduous and quite frankly adorable effort for them to get it back on.
  688. >Partway through they roll over, wiggling their hooves in the air to get them into the sleeves.
  689. >... And that's a vagina.
  690. >Not a human one, but that means this little pony is a mare.
  691. >Now that you think of it, you never did check to see if Horny was packing a lower horn or not.
  692. >You're angles bad so you can't tell at a glance, but she does notice you looking.
  693. >Either she's reading your mind or your intentions are just way too obvious, but whichever it is, she turns a little and lifts her springy, stone tail.
  694. >The space between her thighs is featureless, but well formed.
  695. >Horny looks back over at you, her eyes half closed with a thin line of mouth forming a smile, probably.
  696. >It's hard to tell on a stone golem horse.
  697. "There's nothing there," you say to her, and that smile quickly turns into a definite frown.
  698. >Both you and the now sweatered other pony get treated to several minutes of Horny walking in a circle, stretching and contorting, trying to see her own crotch.
  699. >Or in this case, lack thereof.
  700. >Her eyes go wide as she confirms your statement and she rushes to your lap, front hooves on your chest as she looks up at you with a puppy dog eyed, lip quivering pout.
  701. "It's alright, Horny," you say while hugging the sad golem pony, "I'm sure everything can get fixed eventually, including whatever should be down there."
  702. >A choked gurgling noise comes from next to you, the clothed pony covering what could be laughter.
  703. >Or their actually choking, but judging by Horny's reaction of puffing up in front of them, that's probably not the case.
  704. "Calm down, Horny, no need to get your panties in a twist."
  705. >Both of them turn to you, red filling the cheeks of the real mare.
  706. "What?"
  707. >After giving you a moment's more stare, Horny gives a silent huff, complete with lower lip.
  708. "What?"
  709. >Turning around, Horny walks to the tent entrance, opening it after a brief struggle with the zipper.
  710. >She looks around through the rain before closing it back up and returning to your side.
  711. >It's starting to get dark out, and with nothing to light the tent, you use what time you have left to get set up for bed.
  712. >You've only got your one sleeping bag, but Horny doesn't seem to need anything, and the pony has her sweater so you're not too concerned.
  713. >Like the past few nights, it gets dark rather fast, as though the sun sets at an accelerated speed.
  714. >The storm outside doesn't help much either.
  715. >While you worm into your sleeping bag, you see the pony lay down and curl up, a bit like a dog.
  716. >Your sleeping bag is invaded suddenly as Horny worms her way in, snuggling up to your side.
  717. >It's a bit of a tight fit, but she gets her head out, resting on your shoulder and looking over at the clothed pony.
  718. >A brief flicker of a long, forked tongue sticking out of Horny gives you a little chuckle at her protectiveness.
  719. >Giving her head a rub, you snuggle back and settle for sleep.
  720. ~~~
  721. >Curse this forsaken forest, how are you supposed to get your husbando when wild storms come in with no pegasi to direct them?
  722. >Stupid Father Nature blue-beaning you.
  723. >At least the storm will delay him and slow him down so you can finish your business in Canterlot.
  724. >And that's exactly where you are right now, resting after your massive teleportation spell.
  725. >It's good to be home, even without your new husbando.
  726. >You'll need to visit your teacher tomorrow, and by the end of that, you should have recovered enough mana to teleport again.
  727. >He should be getting to the castle by then, meaning you can sweep him off his feet with your mighty magical prowess.
  728. >Colts love a unicorn with powerful magic.
  729. >And a big tuft, which you're working on.
  730. >There's a couple hair growing spells you've been looking at, that with a little work should let you enhance your assets.
  731. >Do humans like big chest tufts?
  732. >You don't remember off hoof if it was ever mentioned if they did or not.
  733. "...Fuck" you curse, looking around.
  734. >You forgot your O&O books out at the castle with your spellbooks.
  735. >Oh well, there's probably something else you can read up on instead.
  736. >Grabbing a book, you settle down for some reading before bed.
  737. ~~~
  738. >Snuggling against your perfectly cool pillow, you fight your bodies urge to stay asleep, even as light starts to seep into the tent.
  739. >It's too comfortable, accentuated by the faint sounds of nature in the background.
  740. >Your stomach growls, helping fight the return of sleep.
  741. >A faintly sweet scent fills your nose as you clutch the pillow.
  742. >It's not very pillowy surface—not squishing like it should.
  743. >It's actually rather hard.
  744. >Cracking your eyes open, you find yourself staring into the back of a mess of greyish-blue hair.
  745. >Right, Horny climbed into your sleeping bag with you.
  746. >You give her an appreciative hug.
  747. >She's a surprisingly good snuggle buddy.
  748. >Despite being made of stone and magic.
  749. >Or Nanobots.
  750. >It's entirely possible you stumbled across some hidden military testing ground, and you're a guinea pig for these things.
  751. "Morning, Horny," you say, wiggling out of the sleeping bag.
  752. >She crawls out after you, her mouth appearing briefly with a silent yawn.
  753. >Across the small tent, the other pony is giving Horny a rather unhappy look but they're not doing anything.
  754. "Horny, mind rustling up some breakfast for me?" you ask, and while she gives the other pony a long hard stare, she nods.
  755. >She exits the tent and takes off into the air, leaving you alone with the little unicorn.
  756. >Packing up your sleeping bag and book, you shoo her from the tent before starting to disassemble it.
  757. >You've done it so many times it's almost automatic, going down in a matter of minutes.
  758. "Now, for you..." you say, turning to the pony who has been watching you intently this entire time.
  759. >Kneeling down, you cautiously reach out and pet her head.
  760. "I know you got lost in the storm, but you're gonna have to find your way home."
  761. >She shakes her head, a strange glow starting to come from her horn.
  762. "Please, just go back to your family and friends where you belong. I can't bring you with me."
  763. >The glow fades and her eyes go wide before she blinks a few times and walks off.
  764. "Well, that was easier than expected."
  765. >But them leaving leaves you with your own issue.
  766. >What way to go now?
  767. >A sudden, strong tug in your gut almost bodily pulls you in a direction similar to the way the pony left, fading to a light nudging after a moment.
  768. >Dread tickles the back of your neck at this strange sensation, but it seems harmless, and may even be helpful.
  769. >First though, you need to wait for Horny to return.
  770. ~~~
  771. >With sharp, cat-like eyes, you watch and wait.
  772. >Your power grows swiftly, planets aligning like leylines.
  773. >Soon, very soon, you'll be able to return and claim all you desire as yours.
  774. >Wicked fangs glint in silvery light as your lips crack a smile.
  775. "Soon, sister."
  776. ~~~
  777. >Notebooks, check.
  778. >Quills, check.
  779. >Ink, check.
  780. >Study material, check.
  781. >Spare notebooks, check.
  782. >Mana storage crystals to help your teleportation, check.
  783. >List of things you need for your visit with your teacher, check.
  784. >Letting out a nervous breath, you give your mane a quick tidy in the mirror before putting on your saddlebags and heading out.
  785. >You may be a mare, but it's always good to look good for the princess.
  786. >"Hey, Twilight, wait, where are you going?" you hear your little assistant call out as you head out.
  787. "I'm off to see the princess," you say, as he runs up to you, a scroll held in his claw.
  788. >"Well read this first, it's from her."
  789. >Floating the scroll over from him, you unfurl it and start to read.
  790. >'To my Dearest Student, Twilight Sparkle.'
  791. >'You must be quite engrossed in your studies, it feels like it's been weeks since you last wrote me a letter or visited.'
  792. >'Thusly, I feel like you deserve a break, and so I would like you to help with preparations for this years Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville.'
  793. >'A chariot will be waiting to take you there, and there is an attached list of ponies to check up on.'
  794. >'I have also arranged for you to be able to stay the night in the local library, which I'm sure will have something interesting for you to read, should you become bored.'
  795. >'And while you're there, please try to make some friends.'
  796. >'Your Teacher, Princess Celestia.'
  797. >Holding back a frown, you stop to think.
  798. >Ponyville is on the edge of the Everfree, and not unreasonably far from the Castle of the two sisters.
  799. >It's much closer than Canterlot, so you can return to the castle sooner and with less magic spent.
  800. >Judging by the list, it shouldn't take more than a few hours, flight time included to go there and check on everything, leaving you a little time to check out their library.
  801. >A smile creeps up on you and you turn to your assistant.
  802. "Spike, it looks like we're heading to Ponyville to help prepare for festivities."
  803. >"Really! I bet the festivals going to be all sorts of fun, and there'll be great food and..."
  804. "Calm down, Spike," you say while patting his head, "We'll need to pack some basics for an overnight stay quickly, there's a chariot waiting for us already."
  805. >"Can do," he says with a salute before hurrying back into your room.
  806. >In just a few minutes, your number one assistant returns with saddlebags for you and a backpack for himself.
  807. "Ready?"
  808. >"Yep. I'm glad I get to come with you this time."
  809. "I'm sorry I've been gone for so long," you say, giving his cheek a nuzzle, "My studies have really been eating time, but they should be done soon."
  810. >Grabbing your saddlebags from him, the two of you set off for the chariot, and then Ponyville.
  811. ~~~
  812. >Breakfast, once Horny returns, is a simple fare of your last energy bar and some rather generic berries she brought back.
  813. >It's just like what you see in cartoons, round, red and a bit larger than a cherry.
  814. >You couldn't quite pin down the flavour, but it's just further proof you have no idea where you are.
  815. >The tugging in your gut is still there, though significantly fainter.
  816. >Following it's guidance, you and Horny set off once again, looking for a way out.
  817. >Only an hour or so in, however, it suddenly lurches, pulling you in a completely new direction.
  818. >The position of the sun confirms you haven't turned around, so maybe something else has happened.
  819. >With a sigh, you turn around to follow the new direction, Horny giving you an unamused look but following anyways.
  820. ~~~
  821. >"Moonie, there you are!" Minuette exclaims, "Where have you been? We've been worried ever since the storm rolled in."
  822. >Trying to answer, all you're able to do is make sloppy raspberry noises.
  823. >"Oh, girl, what did you get into out there? Come on, we've got breakfast being made, and hopefully we can fix you up."
  824. >You nod, your stomach letting out a grumble of agreement.
  825. >Back at camp, everypony rushes up to you, barraging you with questions till Minuette nudges them back.
  826. >"Give her some space, girls, and someone grab the medical book. Looks like miss wanderer caught something out here."
  827. >"Actually, if you could all stop what you're doing, we have some questions for you all," a powerful feminine voice calls out as several dozen hooded ponies step out of the forest.
  828. >Spears and staffs are brandished at your group, and with no defence of your own, everyone sits down in defeat.
  829. >"Good, now, we're the Royal Archmages and Advanced Magical Research Guild, and yesterday, we picked up massive anomalous spell from the Everfree Forest. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"
  830. >"You mean the flash yesterday? That's when Moondancer ran off."
  831. >"Which of you is that? We need to know everything that happened at that time."
  832. >Raising a hoof, you're gestured over by several ponies with scrolls out.
  833. >Minuette grabs your shoulder though, saying, "She got affected by something out in the forest though, and can't talk."
  834. >"Nothing we can't handle," the Archmage says, gesturing to a white robe pony.
  835. >Magic is built up, before you feel a powerful spell course over you, easing the fatness in your mouth.
  836. "Ahh, can I talk now? Great. Minuette, I need that memory recorder. You will not believe the shit I saw."
  837. >All eyes immediately lock on you, and Minuette says, "Did you see him again?"
  838. "Better."
  839. >"Him?" The Archmage asks, turning from you to Minuette.
  840. >Minuette looks from the Archmage to you to the rest of your group, but all you can do is shrug.
  841. >"This does not leave our groups here, but we have proof there is a human male wandering around the woods here."
  842. >Silence falls over the group, not a mare saying a word.
  843. >Even nature itself has gone quiet.
  844. >Eventually, the head Archmage asks, "You're talking about an O&O human, right? Not some other thing called a human?"
  845. "You guys play O&O?"
  846. >"More than that. We're in charge of making most of the spells and balancing them."
  847. >"So YOU'RE the ones to blame for third edition being Caster or Bust!" Lemon shouts, starting to move before being halted by a spear.
  848. >"Hey, those spells were fine except Sorcerers of the Peak added the Advanced Reagent Bypass skill which gets around some of the rare materials required."
  849. >"And you didn't tell them about this? We had to stick to 2nd for months before we could homerule some balanced spell changes."
  850. >"We tried, but..."
  851. >"LADIES," Minuette exclaims, grabbing everypony's attention, "What's past is past. Right now, we have to figure out how to find the human."
  852. "Right, him!" you exclaim, "Get me the memory recorder, and get a projector set up."
  853. >The guards spring to stop your friends, but the head mage gestures them aside.
  854. >"Her memories may contain an important clue. Let them work."
  855. >Thirty minutes of hard work and some... creative attachments later, and the screen is set up along with enough space and seating for everypony.
  856. >And now, you're center stage.
  857. ~~~
  858. >Your fangs gleam in the moonlight as your power reaches its peak.
  859. >Finally, time for your return.
  860. >All around you, magic courses as you create the most powerful teleportation spell ever to be witnessed by ponykind.
  861. >And they will witness you, now in the peak of the day, when most ponies would be at court, appeasing and appealing to your sister.
  862. >Casting one final glance at your bleak, grey surroundings you let the spell activate.
  863. >Space is ripped asunder as you force yourself to the planet, your destination, the castle.
  864. >The stone beneath your hooves cracks with the force of your entrance, the air now around you ripe with the smell of ozone as your spell finishes.
  865. >The light and smoke surrounding you clear, letting you see...
  866. >Nothing.
  867. >The throne room is devoid of life and in serious disrepair.
  868. >It's not unused, however, but it looks like the current owner is certainly not your sister.
  869. >Stacks of thick tomes sit on many dusty surfaces, and below you the floor is poorly maintained aside from a rather large spell circle.
  870. >Vengeance set aside for a moment, you stop to examine the spellcraft laid out for you.
  871. >It's quite impressive at a glance, and the more you look, the more interested you are in meeting the creator.
  872. >Far from something you'd create, this circle can store magical energy, allowing even an average unicorn to cast an alicorn level spell after enough time.
  873. >It's end result is actually similar to what you used to teleport here, but...
  874. >Quite frankly, you must be quite out of touch, there's a lot of unusual language involved.
  875. >Turning to the tomes around, you float one over in your magic.
  876. >The craftsmareship of the book is incredibly high, the letters so uniform you doubt it was hoof-written.
  877. >So much must have changed in your time gone, perhaps it would be best to study here a while.
  878. >Perhaps you will meet this mysterious spellcrafter and make an ally against Celestia.
  879. >And if they don't agree, Domination is always a good alternative.
  880. ~~~
  881. >With the movie done, the atmosphere around camp has changed dramatically.
  882. >No longer are the Archmages cold and business-like.
  883. >Everypony is practically bouncing with excitement like little fillies.
  884. >And for good reason.
  885. >Not only have you confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans exist, but you have also confirmed they are lewd as fuck.
  886. >This is every nerd mares dream, no matter how old they are.
  887. >And you got to experience it first hoof.
  888. "Yeah, his hands were pretty soft, but still had a little roughness to them. Best hoof holding I've ever had."
  889. >"That's not saying much," Lemon heart calls out, getting a chorus of "Oooooooooh"'s.
  890. "Says the one who's only held her dad's hoof," you retort, the crowd turning back on her.
  891. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some things to write down," you say, turning to go back to your tent.
  892. >Inside the tent, you let out a quiet squee, letting the days excitement flow through you.
  893. >You got to meet the human in person, got to hold his hand, and totally impressed the Archmages of Canterlot.
  894. >Once you're out of school and have a Human Husbando, you'll be right in line to get in with the Archmages, hopefully.
  895. >Then you can rub it all in your moms face.
  896. >Sure, you're gonna be sharing the human, but still.
  897. >Nothing wrong with splitting a little dick, or hopefully Big dick, between friends.
  898. >And honestly, what stallion wouldn't want a reverse harem of intelligent mares.
  899. Pulling out your notebook, you begin writing down everything, since it'll be perfect for an O&O campaign.
  900. ~~~
  901. >The walk with Horny has been rather quiet, but around you, you've noticed positive changes.
  902. >The trees are thinner, smaller, younger, meaning you're closer to the edge.
  903. "Hey Horny, do you think you could fly up and lead us out? I think we're close to the edge of the forest."
  904. >Her wings unfurl from her back, flakes of stone scattering into the underbrush.
  905. "And thanks, for staying with me and not eating my face."
  906. >She flaps up to level with you, before suddenly closing with your face, her nose meeting yours briefly.
  907. >Pulling back, she turns tail and takes off into the skies above you, looking around.
  908. >Watching her fly just shows you how strange this place is.
  909. >Like Bees, there's no way her wings should be able to support her.
  910. >And still, the horse golem flies anyways, not caring what humans think is impossible.
  911. >And within a moment, she has started flying in a direction, the same way your gut was leading.
  912. >An eye on the skies and one on the ground, you make as quick of progress as you can.
  913. >Before long, you can see the border of the forest and the tugging in your gut suddenly reverses direction.
  914. >But you're not gonna follow it, not this close to freedom.
  915. >Even the strange force that rises up to resist you can't hold you back.
  916. >You're getting out of this forest with your little Horny friend, and nothing is going to stop you.
  917. >The force stopping you suddenly ceases to be, and stumbling a little, you break through the edge of the treeline, free at last.
  918. ~~~
  919. >After a little too long of chatting with your teacher in the dawn of the Summer Sun Celebration, you finally have a chance to get away and go back to your husband hunting.
  920. >The library was almost useless, most of the books being common things you could find in any library.
  921. >All the good books must have been moved to the Canterlot Library when the old castle was abandoned.
  922. >So, aside from some time with your teacher and Spike, it was an utter waste of time.
  923. >The hay-burgers were good though, thick and dripping with sauce, just how you like them.
  924. >And how you like your colts.
  925. >Snickering to yourself, you gather the power for a teleportation spell to the castle.
  926. >With the Mana crystals you prepared in advance, you have no issue ripping yourself through space to reach the castle.
  927. >And on the other side, you totally stick the landing, not stumbling and almost face planting on the other side where nopony can see.
  928. >"Oh, you've returned, and in rather impressive fashion."
  929. >Holding back what would have been a totally marely squeak, you look over at the imposing black figure occupying one of your cushions.
  930. >Deep blue almost black fur covers the alicorn, striking teal eyes staring into your soul from beneath her blue armor.
  931. >"Now, who are you, and why have you taken up residence in my old home?"
  932. "Me, I'm uh, Twilight Sparkle, and I don't actually live here, I was just staying for a bit because the leylines are strong here, and it's safer to cast high level magics far from civilisation."
  933. >"I see. I am Nightmare Moon, ex-regent of this castle, and to be frank, I am rather impressed with your skills and potential."
  934. >"To bring an extra-dimensional being into this world, as well as confine and track it, if my spellreading is correct, on your own is well worth the attention of one such as myself."
  935. >"As such, I wish to offer you a deal. You become my apprentice, and together, we shall claim and share this "Human"."
  936. >"With my aid, your magic could rival an Alicorn's such as myself, and you will have your own fiefdom within my kingdom."
  937. "You really think I could rival an Alicorn?"
  938. >"Unquestionably. You are the most skilled unicorn I have seen in millenia."
  939. >Holding back another squeal and hoof tapping dance, you instead brush aside your mane, smiling.
  940. "We shouldn't waste time then, Master, the poor human has been out in the forest for days now, though with a golem companion to aid him."
  941. >"I assume you have a way to track him?"
  942. "Of course, unless there's been some interference."
  943. >"Oh? Interference?"
  944. "Of course," you say, going straight into lecture mode, "Due to human's natural ability to warp magic they input their will too. Significant outside stimulus can cause spells on them to change."
  945. "Even when I first summoned him, my tracking spell lasted about a day and a half before he encountered the golem, warped it to his will, and ruined my spells."
  946. "I have re-cast it since then, but haven't had a chance to check in a day or two."
  947. >Stepping into the marked circle, you close your eyes and draw up mana.
  948. >Your vision flares white, and you look around, where the human should be.
  949. >Instead there's nothing, just a bunch of blue flowers.
  950. >Staring closer, you see a trail in them, fresh in the mud.
  951. >A hoof trail, one you didn't leave, and by the stride, one your new master didn't leave either.
  952. "Strange..."
  953. >"Has something happened?"
  954. "It looks like there's somepony else in the woods here, they may have found him."
  955. >"Find their location, and we will reclaim what should be ours."
  956. "Right away."
  957. >Staring back through your spell, you search along the storm made trail, before you hit a sudden mental wall.
  958. "Ouch..."
  959. >"Is there an issue, Twilight?"
  960. "I hit a barrier spell, I can't scry any further."
  961. >"Allow me to look."
  962. >Your projected vision suddenly shakes as Nightmare Moon's massive magical power pulls her senses next to yours.
  963. >It's strangely cool but powerful, like the tip of an iceberg.
  964. >As if you're only seeing a fraction of their power.
  965. >She must be able to rival your teacher in power, but...
  966. >There weren't any other alicorns that powerful, right?
  967. >A story you once read flickers at the edge of your thoughts, but you can't grasp it.
  968. >Suddenly, you're pulled back to reality by Nightmare, blinking to re-adjust your vision.
  969. >"It seems a large force of skilled unicorns are there, and have erected spell wards to keep us from what belongs to us."
  970. "The human?"
  971. >"Of course. You summoned him, so by summoner's right, he is yours, till you no longer desire him."
  972. "I've never heard of that right."
  973. >"It's an ancient law," Nightmare says, rising to her hooves and stretching, "though I suppose summoning and Neighcromancy have fallen out of favour over the centuries."
  974. >"I don't suppose you have any skill in Neighcromancy?" she asks, looking over her shoulder at you as she walks to a door.
  975. "That's an evil magic, nopony uses it," you state, following her swiftly.
  976. >"That's not right, my dear," she says with shake of her head, "Magic is just a tool, it's up to the user to determine if it's used for good or evil."
  977. >"And for our purposes, it's a perfect tool for recovering our male."
  978. "But couldn't they hurt those ponies? I don't want to be mean..."
  979. >"Like I said, my apprentice Twilight, it's all about how you use it."
  980. >Entering the garden, you watch as Nightmare's horn glows, drawing in Arcane power before it shoots into the ground.
  981. >Skeletal ponies soon claw their way from the earth, aged bones forming up.
  982. >"My minions, go into the forest, find the unicorns there, and reclaim our human from them without causing serious harm to them."
  983. >As one, the skeletal minions raise one hoof to their chest in salute, before marching off through the crumbling remains of the castle.
  984. "So they're not going to hurt them?"
  985. >"They might, but mainly in self defence. Due to their orders, they will not cause any serious harm to them though."
  986. >Letting out a nervous sigh, you feel a wing drape over you, warm and comforting.
  987. >"Do not worry. At worst, those ponies will suffer some bruises or scrapes. Nothing that couldn't happen during a normal day of labour."
  988. "I know, but still..."
  989. >"Would you rather your effort went to waste as these other mares steal away your human?"
  990. "No, but..."
  991. >"Relax then, my dear apprentice," she says, gently pulling you against her side, "Allow my minions to do their work, and before long, we will be basking in the human's attentions."
  992. >"On the topic of the human, I was reading through your materials here, and I had some questions you should be able to answer."
  993. "I'll do my best to answer them," you reply eagerly, starting back inside, your new master behind you.
  994. >"So, I gather from the books it's a game of some sort, but..."
  995. ~~~
  996. "Freedom!" you cry out, running into the field and dropping your pack. "FREEDOM!"
  997. >Your eye in the sky traveling companion comes down to land by your pack, giving you the most unamused stare ever.
  998. "Don't you give me sass, Horny. You have no idea how much it sucks not having a proper bed or toilet for over a week."
  999. >Her eyes roll, and you let out a huff.
  1000. >Marching right over, you reach around her belly and pick her up.
  1001. >She's shockingly light and noodly, dangling over your arms like a cat and only weighing about as much as a kid.
  1002. >Sticking her under one arm, she dangles there, not resisting while you hoist up your pack on the other shoulder.
  1003. "Now we've got to find a way back to my house, or at least civilisation."
  1004. >Under your arm, you feel Horny tangibly heats up at your statement.
  1005. >Looking down, she's developed a reddish tinge to her face, blushing like a real person.
  1006. >Lifting her to eye level, she's pointedly refusing to look you in the eye, her stony gaze focused on some object in the distance.
  1007. >And she is clearly blushing, her stony features a pinkish-red hue.
  1008. "You're blushing? Are you really that easily flustered at the thought of me taking you home?"
  1009. >The redness intensifies, and she tries to look further away, making you grin.
  1010. "So if I told you I plan on sharing my bed with you and cuddling you every night?"
  1011. >Her face starts heating so much you could swear there's a little steam coming out of her ears, and her cheeks are probably a few degrees from melting.
  1012. "You are definitely designed to be as adorable as possible," you say, rubbing your nose against hers.
  1013. >Fixing you with a glare, her cheeks inflate and she starts emitting a low grumbly whine.
  1014. "You're not helping prove me wrong," you say with a growing smile.
  1015. >Her eyes suddenly go wide, and she wiggles from your grasp, jumping to the ground behind you.
  1016. >Turning to her, you see a small flock of winged horses flying in, all white and covered in gold armor.
  1017. >Behind them is a larger one, easily twice as big and wearing a crown.
  1018. >Horny's wings sprout, spreading wide as she takes up a defensive stance between you and them.
  1019. >"Halt, in the name of her royal majesty, Princess Celestia!" one of the little gold armored ponies says, brandishing a small spear at you.
  1020. >You don't need to be told twice.
  1021. >In fact, you weren't expecting to be told the first time.
  1022. >Raising your hands in what you hope they accept as a sign of peace, you see Horny backing closer to you, trying to put as much of her in front of you as she can.
  1023. >Standing tall, the crown wearing pony looks in yours and Horny's direction before saying, "Please stand down., I, Princess Celestia of Equestria mean you no harm."
  1024. "I, uh. My name is Anon, and I mean you no harm either," you reply, lowering your hands slowly.
  1025. "My defensive companion here is Horny," you add, gesturing to the pony in question.
  1026. >This earns some snickering from the guards, to which you and Horny reply with a rather pointed stare.
  1027. >"Professionalism, please," Princess Celestia says to her guards, "We are here to search for the source of the magical disturbance."
  1028. "Magic? You mean like..."
  1029. >Putting a hand to your head, you let out a sigh.
  1030. "You know what, I'm not going to bother. At this point, I just want to get somewhere I can get a shower and sleep in a proper bed."
  1031. >"Shieldheart, Silver Lance, please escort these two back to Ponyville and keep an eye on them. We may need to ask some questions later."
  1032. >Two of the ponies salute, before gesturing for you and Horny to follow.
  1033. >It's not long before civilization is in sight.
  1034. >Small, horse civilization, but civilization nonetheless.
  1035. >Oh you are going to shower the shit out of yourself.
  1036. ~~~
  1037. >Alarms go off, and you jump from your tent in a panic.
  1038. "What's going on? What's with the alarm?"
  1039. >"Get your spells ready, we got hostiles incoming," one of the archmages shouts at you as wards and walls are set up.
  1040. "Hostiles? Who's attacking us?"
  1041. >"Skeletons. If you've got offensive spells, get to the front line, or else just prepare any defensive ones you have and stand by.
  1042. "Skeletons? Like, actual Neighcromantic raised dead, wandering the planet?"
  1043. >"Yes, now quit gabbing like a colt and get ready, they'll be here any moment."
  1044. >Running through the spells you know, you let out a sigh.
  1045. >You really have no good offensive spells.
  1046. >You barely have any useful defensive spells.
  1047. >This is what you get for mostly learning everyday utility stuff and theoretical high level spell modifications.
  1048. >You can make a rope or other floppy thing move around how you want, but that's not going to be very useful.
  1049. >Some autonomous telekinesis could do things around camp, but that's more for being lazy.
  1050. >Digging through the group supplies, you pull out the medical kit and set about building a mini care center.
  1051. >Mostly you just clear off a table and set up some stools and cushions.
  1052. >...Too bad you don't have a nurse cap to look professional.
  1053. >Minuette pulls over a second table near yours, setting up some food and condiments.
  1054. "So... You no good in combat either?"
  1055. >"Not really, but they're all gonna get hungry fighting, so the least I can do is prep lunch."
  1056. "Yeah, I figured I could help bandage up people who got hurt, since it's probably gonna happen."
  1057. >In the not too far distance, the sounds of spells firing off starts, marking the beginning of battle.
  1058. >In camp, however, there is little sound, just the crackling of the fire as Minuette starts cooking.
  1059. >Minutes tick by, and you start to feel concerned.
  1060. >Based on the time scales of O&O, most fights usually last only a minute or two.
  1061. >Sure this is real life, but a fictional game wouldn't lie to you about this, right?
  1062. >And what about the human?
  1063. >Did the skeletons get to him?
  1064. >Did he accidently send the skeletons after you?
  1065. >Did he unlock Horny's powers and then she sent them to get rid of you?
  1066. >Oh Celestia are you gonna die without ever seeing a real human dick?
  1067. >At least you got your hoof held by him...
  1068. >Lemonheart suddenly walks into view with a bit of a limp, a string of mild curses coming from her.
  1069. "Over here Lemonheart, what happened?"
  1070. >"Fatherfucking little bone shit got a lucky hit in. It's nothing bad, but it could use a bandage."
  1071. >Making her way over to you, she sits down on one of the cushions, a nasty looking U shaped bruise facing you.
  1072. >Tutting like a disappointed father, you rifle through the medical kit, looking for a cold compress and bandages.
  1073. "You really shouldn't let your colt hit you like this, you know," you say teasingly while prepping the compress, "Now hold still, this is going to be rather chilly."
  1074. >"Oh stuff it Moondancer, you're not my Daaaaaa," she says before inhaling sharply as the compress meets her thigh.
  1075. >Holding the compress in place with your hooves, you start wrapping around her leg with bandages using your magic.
  1076. "It's not too tight, I hope?" you ask as you tuck in the end of the bandage.
  1077. >"No, but it's still fucking cold."
  1078. "Oh you'll be fine, now get back out there and kick more skeleton ass."
  1079. >Grumbling, and with a much less pronounced limp, she heads off back to the battle line.
  1080. >As she walks out of sight, you realize something.
  1081. "I never asked how the battle was going..." you say, introducing your hoof to your forehead.
  1082. >"Celestia damn it Moonie," Minuette says.
  1083. ~~~
  1084. >Crossing one foreleg over the other, you watch your new Apprentice as she pulls up images and excerpts from a dozen or more books as she explains the details of humans.
  1085. >She is very knowledgeable, and quite eager to teach you all she knows.
  1086. >And humans, such a... fascinating race.
  1087. >A rather sexually dimorphic race, the females being dominant, alpha creatures down to the bone, and the males...
  1088. >A thousand years on the moon may have lowered your standards in a mate, but humans surpass the bar by kilometers.
  1089. >Charismatic, seductive and built to please.
  1090. >Everything a mare could want and more.
  1091. >No concrete details on their genitals, though they are mentioned to have normal breeding methods, but no Heat or Rut cycles.
  1092. >Both males and females have nipples, and with magic, Males can get the ability to feed their young.
  1093. >Perfect for letting their mate go off and do things...
  1094. >Like Conquer Equestria.
  1095. >Not like you have a foal, but...
  1096. "A question, Twilight. Is there any information on their ability to crossbreed?"
  1097. >"You mean with other species? Well, it's said they share a strong genetic similarity to minotaurs, so crossbreeding with them typically works. Aside from that, there's not really much to go on."
  1098. "So, this human wouldn't be able to sire with us?"
  1099. >"I... uh..." Twilight stutters, looking to the ground, "Well, I mean, we can try, and we have magic, so..."
  1100. >You feel a smile forming, lined by sharp teeth.
  1101. "Have you never considered motherhood? Near every mare wants to carry on her family name and have a filly to match her own greatness."
  1102. >"I have, but I'm still so young, and there's proper steps you have to go through before you should have a foal, like a stable job, a house, be married to the stallion..."
  1103. >Listening to her prattle off about "the proper order", your magic feels a sudden drop in the number of skeletons you are maintaining.
  1104. >Your smile slowly droops into a frown, something that goes unnoticed by your apprentice as she pulls up a time graph about the best times to try for a foal.
  1105. >It seems the opposition is stronger than you expected.
  1106. >Staring off into the distance, you squeeze a little more magic into the skeletons, buffing their capabilities.
  1107. >When you turn back to your still talking apprentice, you find yourself staring at some very detailed anatomical pictures of mare parts and penises inside them.
  1108. >"And from diagram C here, we can see that, given a bipedal stance, despite not theoretically having a large penis, they can penetrate more than deep enough to ensure the semen will meet and pass the cervix."
  1109. "Interesting. Does this account for full grown Alicorn anatomy?"
  1110. >"It doesn't, but..." she says, pulling a ruler, quill and protractor from somewhere before measuring you up, "Mhmm, carry the one..."
  1111. >A new pony butt is drawn up on the paper, shockingly size accurate.
  1112. >"Assume relative scale, and done," she says, putting the last dot of your cutie mark on.
  1113. >Stepping back, she admires her drawing with pride, while you feel slightly violated.
  1114. >It's not like she touched your parts or even looked at them, but it feels like you have a nice clear view under your tail, looking at the drawing.
  1115. >You may have to address her potential homosexuality later, though given her interest in the human stallion, perhaps she isn't.
  1116. >Is there a title for one who is attracted to both sides?
  1117. >Hmn, a problem for another time.
  1118. >"So, as you can see, size shouldn't be too much of an issue, and based on average pony tightness, both you and him should still experience near optimal pleasure through vaginal sex, and optimal through anal sex. Assuming proper preparations of course."
  1119. "Good to know," you say, trying not to show any concern as another skeleton falls.
  1120. >Silence reigns for a moment as Twilight tidies her papers, before standing nearby, shifting on her hooves awkwardly.
  1121. >"So, uh, how long is it going to take the skeletons to get him here?"
  1122. "They may not be able to handle it, I'm afraid," you say letting your displeasure show, "It seems our opposition in this is stronger than your average ponies, or more well prepared."
  1123. >"Does this mean we have to attack them?"
  1124. "Potentially, but we should wait till we can confirm more once the skeletons are done. Never attack the innocent, but never forget any who wronged you."
  1125. >"So we can forgive them if they return him to us?"
  1126. "It all depends, my dear Apprentice. Few things in life are black and white."
  1127. >She looks at you, somewhat unsure before trying to settle down on an aged and threadbare carpet.
  1128. ~~~
  1129. >At first glance, the town you approach shatters your hopes of a shower, until you take a closer look.
  1130. >While many of the houses are smaller thatch roofed buildings, there's still several more modern ones.
  1131. >And thank whatever deity rules this land of tiny ponies, you're being led to a large modern looking one.
  1132. >Should probably thank Celestia too, since she's covering this, hopefully.
  1133. >Did she say she was...?
  1134. >And your money probably doesn't work here.
  1135. >A mild dread sets in at the prospect of not being able to have a shower and having to keep camping.
  1136. >The guards form up, one in front and one behind as the four of you enter the town proper.
  1137. >"Hey! You're a human, right!" a girly voice calls out to you, an itty bitty pink pony running up to you with a grey one following her.
  1138. "I am, but..." you start, before one of the guards cuts in front of the little pony.
  1139. >"Please keep away from him, we are under orders to keep an eye on them to ensure they are not a threat to ponykind."
  1140. >"You can stay and watch," the little pony retorts, "I just want to talk with him for a bit."
  1141. >"Are you sure this is a good idea, Diamond?" the grey pony asks, "If he's with the guards, doesn't that mean he's bad?"
  1142. >"Maybe, but how often are we going to get the chance to talk to a real live human. Besides, you know most of them are somewhere on the side of good."
  1143. >Letting out a sigh, the little grey pony pushes her glasses up and gives what you assume is a shrug.
  1144. >"Mrs. guards, could we all go to my houses garden? It's got seats so we don't have to stand around in the middle of the road to talk," Diamond asks.
  1145. >Some brief back and forth between the guards later and the six of you now are following the joyous little filly down the streets.
  1146. >And before you know it, she's led you to a huge house with a fenced off wall around it.
  1147. >"Come on in, the patio is out back, I'll get the maids to bring us drinks and snacks, and make sure you don't step on any of Daddy's flowers."
  1148. >With that, Diamond runs in the front door, leaving her friend to guide you around to the back.
  1149. >Around back, the entire yard feels the size of a soccer pitch, filled with flower beds, a large paved area and a gazebo.
  1150. >And it's this gazebo that the little filly leads you to.
  1151. >Taking a seat on one cushioned bench, Horny immediately clambers up into your lap.
  1152. >The two guards look away awkwardly standing at the entrance of the gazeebo while the guide filly hops up on one of the other benches.
  1153. >"Oh, and by the way, my name is Silver Spoon, nice to meet you."
  1154. "Mine's Anon, and my rocky friend here is Horny"
  1155. >The little filly turns almost as pink as her friend now coming from the house.
  1156. >"Snacks will be out soon," the pink one says, "So, mister human, I guess you being here means humans are real?"
  1157. "I suppose I do," you say, rubbing your head, "But at the same time, I'm not from here, I don't think."
  1158. >"Well of course not, everypony knows that humans don't live in Equestria."
  1159. "I mean a bit further than that. I don't think this is my world or even universe anymore."
  1160. >"Really? So then how'd you get here? Did somehuman change a teleportation spell wrong?"
  1161. "Humans don't have magic, not in my world, at least."
  1162. >The filly's face scrunches up, and she looks at you closely.
  1163. >"You're really sure? There's never been any strange, magical thing that happened to you that changed to how you wanted it?"
  1164. >Pausing to think, your mind immediately jumps to when you met your companion.
  1165. >At first, she was going to bite your face off, but just by holding up your hands and not wanting to be hurt, she stopped.
  1166. >She even decided to help protect you.
  1167. >And you're fairly certain she's a magic golem or something similar at this point.
  1168. >There was the barrier trying to get out too, or at least, you assume it was some kind of barrier.
  1169. >Did your desire to leave change the forest break the barrier?
  1170. >Was that the magic the Princess horse picked up?
  1171. >Are you going to be sent to jail for breaking something important like that...
  1172. >"..ster Human? Are you in there?" you hear, snapping you out of your thoughts.
  1173. "Huh? Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking."
  1174. >"What about?"
  1175. "Well, Horny here," you say, rubbing the head of the pony in your lap, "I'm guessing I accidently changed her and made her my friend."
  1176. >"Really? How did you change Horny?"
  1177. "I'm not entirely sure, but when I first met her, she tried to attack me, but then stopped when I tried to defend myself."
  1178. >In your lap, the rock pony turns around, and baps your nose gently with a hoof, her eyes meeting yours.
  1179. >Shaking her head she sets her hooves on your shoulder and leans up to rub her nose against yours.
  1180. >A stray cough from one of the guards turns to a noisy clatter as they suddenly stand at attention.
  1181. >Not a minute later, and Princess Celestia comes down for a graceful landing in the yard.
  1182. >Both the fillies and the guards bow, and you would too, but Horny is adamant about staying in your lap.
  1183. >"Welcome to my family's humble home, Princess," Little Pink says, "How can I help you?"
  1184. >"Thank you for your warm welcome, my little pony, I simply have things I must discuss with Anon here."
  1185. >From behind the princess, there's a startled clatter as a pony in a little butler outfit comes out, a tray of cups and cakes floating in a glowing field.
  1186. >"P..pardon me, Princess, I was not informed the young Mistresses guests included you. I shall prepare suitable snacks, if you give me the time."
  1187. >"What you have will be fine good sir," she replies, walking slowly into the gazebo before settling on a cushioned bench, "I will not be here long."
  1188. >The platter is brought forward and set on the central coffee table of the gazeebo, before he bows and retreats inside, saying "If there is anything more you need, feel free to ask."
  1189. >Looking over at you, and the stone cuddle pony on you, Celestia covers a chuckle with a hoof, saying "I do hope I'm not interrupting anything."
  1190. >"I was just asking Mister Human about if he has human magic warping powers," Pink filly says.
  1191. >"Magic warping powers?" Celestia asks, "Please, elaborate, miss..."
  1192. >"Diamond Tiara, your Majesty," Diamond replies, "And according to the Ogres and Oubliettes handbooks and bestiaries, the core racial feature Humans have is the ability to warp magic that isn't instantaneous."
  1193. >"For example, they can make telekinesis suddenly go off in a strange direction, or change the shape of a shield spell."
  1194. >"Even a grand scale one?" Celestia asks nonchalantly.
  1195. >"If their desire or willpower is strong enough, yes."
  1196. "So wait, you mean that force trying to keep me in the forest was a shield spell?"
  1197. >"From what remained of it, I can say yes," Celestia replies, "And I assume the magic I felt was your desire to get past the shield breaking it."
  1198. "I guess so. I didn't even know I could do anything like that before just now."
  1199. >"Really now," Celestia muses, bringing a gold clad hoof to her chin, "Out of curiosity, what drove you through the shield?"
  1200. "Well, I was really tired of being stuck in the forest, and wanted to get back to where I could have a shower and sleep in a comfy bed again."
  1201. >The three adult ponies all chuckle, Celestia raising her hoof a little in a failed attempt to hide hers.
  1202. "What's so funny?" you ask, looking at them.
  1203. >In your lap, Horny rolls her eyes.
  1204. >"Nothing of any importance, Anon, and due to the circumstances, I believe I can arrange for a place for you to stay for the duration."
  1205. "That would be very helpful, Princess, thank you. I had the feeling what money I have on me wouldn't be accepted in this alien land."
  1206. >"Then I shall give you a small stipend for a short while as well, enough to get by for a month or two as you acclimate to this new land."
  1207. >With some effort, you lift Horny off your lap, before bowing to the Princess.
  1208. "This is more than I would have asked for, and I graciously accept your kindness and generosity."
  1209. >Looking back up, Horny immediately moves to get back on your lap, reminding you of your promise to her.
  1210. "Though I do have a rather odd request, if you will allow it."
  1211. >After a nod from Celestia, you continue.
  1212. "During our travels, we found out Horny is lacking... parts that she should have, and so I was wondering if you knew of a stone shaping spell or something similar to fix this."
  1213. >"Parts? She seems fine to me," Diamond says, looking the rock pony in question over.
  1214. >"I do know a spell or two that would work," Celestia says, "But as Diamond Tiara said, she seems quite whole."
  1215. "She's missing, uh... How do I say this..."
  1216. >Rolling her eyes, your lap pony stands and lifts her tail at the others.
  1217. >"Ahh..."
  1218. >"Yes, I can see how she'd miss that."
  1219. >One of the guards snickers before getting a sharp look from Horny.
  1220. >"I suppose we should head somewhere more private, then?" Celestia suggests, and you nod in reply.
  1221. >"You can use one of the rooms here," Diamond Tiara chimes in, "And after we can talk more about you, Anon. Silver, you want to help me get my books? I've got the whole collection, so there's a lot."
  1222. >"Sure, but do you really need them all?" Silver Spoon says, rising and following Diamond to the door.
  1223. >"This way, Princess, Anon, Horny," Diamond calls, "Don't get left behind like a slowpone."
  1224. "Coming" you say, lifting Horny into your arms as you stand and hurrying after the filly.
  1225. >Celestia follows behind with more measured steps, leaving the guards to look around unsuredly.
  1226. >"At ease, guards, we will return shortly," Celestia says, following you who's following the fillies.
  1227. >You're led to a guest bedroom, before the fillies run off to another.
  1228. "So... how do we do this?"
  1229. ~~~
  1230. >Everypony is battered and bruised and magically exhausted, coming back from the front line, leaving all the work on you and Minuette.
  1231. >Food, bandages and high hoofs are spread all around as ponies get to relax and get a warm lunch in them.
  1232. >You feel a little left out, but if everypony was on the front lines, everypony would be stuck cooking and bandaging themselves up.
  1233. >It's not the mareliest of jobs, but somepony has to do it.
  1234. >And before long, everypony is gathered around the tables and fire, eating lunch.
  1235. >Clearing her throat the Archmage says, "It seems like there is another force wanting to keep us from the human."
  1236. >"And given their use of Neighcromancy, we can assume their ill intentions."
  1237. >"We are on the back hoof here, since they can just create more undead and send them against us, time and again."
  1238. >"So our only option is to fight back, and take the fight to them."
  1239. >Looking at others, some nod in agreement, while others are unsure like you.
  1240. >"Based on our knowledge of the area, it's likely there's only one place they could be set up."
  1241. >"The castle of the two sisters, Equestrias old capital."
  1242. >Something inside you soars, brining a smile to your face.
  1243. >An ancient castle, Neighcromancers, a trapped not exactly prince, it's everything a nerd like you wants in a O&O campaign.
  1244. >Except this is real, and there's real rewards.
  1245. >And real danger...
  1246. >This thought sends a cold shiver down your back, amplified by the knowledge of this last fight.
  1247. >Mostly that you're no good in combat.
  1248. >You're more of a Non-combat NPC rather than an adventurer.
  1249. >Around you, the others look like mighty heroes in comparison, loading their staves, spears and cool mage cloaks.
  1250. >Looking down at your hooves, you feel a little inferior.
  1251. >All you have is your sweater and glasses.
  1252. >You really are a nerd.
  1253. >But...
  1254. >This is for a human, saving him from the clutches of evil.
  1255. >Even if all you can do is patch up the heros, that's what you're going to do.
  1256. >It's not like they'll refuse letting you into the human herd, you're the one who first found him.
  1257. >Without you, they'd have no clue he was out here.
  1258. >Without you, he'd be trapped in the clutches of the evil Neighcromancer.
  1259. >He is in their clutches right now anyways, but that's beside the point.
  1260. >Because now, he has hope.
  1261. ~~~
  1262. >Staring at the situation at hand, you are at a complete loss.
  1263. >Princess Celestia cast her spell, turning Horny's hard, stone skin soft and mushy.
  1264. >Almost like a stuffed animal, she bent easily under your touch.
  1265. >With some guidance from Celestia, you got a grasp of how to manipulate the magic, practicing with something harmless first, shaping a "Cutie Mark" on Horny's flank.
  1266. >You're not sure what they're for, but Horny seemed happy with the demon-horned Heart you carved on her.
  1267. >But as the main event came around, you realized something very important.
  1268. >You have no idea what horse vagina and anus look like.
  1269. >This wasn't a huge issue, as you have a horse here to explain.
  1270. >At least, that's what you expected.
  1271. >Instead, you got a full view of royal parts, and permission to "poke around and make sure you get everything right."
  1272. >And this is where you've found yourself faltering.
  1273. >On one hand, green light to touch a vagina all you want, and it's for the greater good to fix your little rock horse.
  1274. >On the other hand, it's a princess of a foreign land, and you have no clue if doing anything will get you horse married or something.
  1275. >Would getting horse married to a princess be a bad thing?
  1276. >Looking back over her shoulder, Princess Celestia turns to you and asks, "Is everything alright?"
  1277. "Yes, I'm just, uh, mentally preparing."
  1278. >A small grin graces her lips, before she says, "Don't worry, I don't bite."
  1279. >There's a huff from Horny as well as she fixes you with a one eyed stare while tapping a hoof on the floor.
  1280. "Fine, fine, I'll get started."
  1281. >From the top down, you shape out the round and puffy pony butthole, and the thick lipped vagina.
  1282. >Gently squeezing, you check the firmness of both compared to Celestia, who's breathing has picked up a little, though she's doing her best to remain motionless.
  1283. >You can't really blame her, it must be strange to have someone poking your tender bits, but not in a sexual way.
  1284. >At least not yet.
  1285. >Her lower lips suddenly part, a pink nub of flesh the size of your thumb tip poking out briefly along with a small leak of female juices.
  1286. >Your hand retracts instantly, startled by the sudden and strange reaction.
  1287. >"S-sorry," Celestia say, covering her face with her wings, "It's just, uh..."
  1288. "That's normal I take it?" you ask, and she nods, still unable to meet your gaze.
  1289. >"It's just been a while since I have, well..."
  1290. "Don't worry Princess, I don't think I could resist getting hard if I was in a similar situation."
  1291. >A garbled noise escapes her before she coughs a bit to clear her throat.
  1292. >"Anyways, please, continue."
  1293. "Right, sorry."
  1294. >Spreading her vagina, you do the same to Horny to start work on the inside.
  1295. >Inside is similar to what you'd expect and remember from porn, though the position of the clitoris is internal rather than external.
  1296. >Not that it makes much difference, as it's still just as sensitive or moreso, as Celestia lets out a choked gasp as you feel around it.
  1297. >A soft rumble comes from Horny as well, growing in intensity as you make sure you have her little button in the right spot and shape.
  1298. >Opening Celestia's pink depths a little wider you kneel down to get a good look straight in to make sure horses don't have some weird thing deep in there that you'd miss.
  1299. >Compared to the slate grey depths of Horny, Celestia seems so much more inviting, your pants tent attesting to that.
  1300. >Just by touch though, Horny is equally as soft and giving, with similar natural contractions too.
  1301. >No moisture though, something Celestia is starting to leak quite rapidly.
  1302. >Staring at them like this, a strange thought hits you.
  1303. "Celestia, I can change Horny's stone body like flesh with this spell, right? Why can't I just change the spell to turn her into flesh?"
  1304. >As soon as you say this, there's a ripple on Horny, starting from your right hand with its fingers in her vagina.
  1305. >Releasing Celestia, you turn to Horny, focusing on changing her, turning her rock body into one of flesh, bone and organs.
  1306. >"Are you sure you want to do this, Anon? This could go wrong," Celestia warns, turning around on shaky hooves.
  1307. >Your answer is not forthcoming, your mind focused on changing the spell to change this pony.
  1308. >To change your pony.
  1309. >To change your friend.
  1310. >The grey slowly fades, changing to white, then an almost silverish colour that gleams in the light.
  1311. >Her mane's blue grows deeper, the grey fading from her form.
  1312. >Mighty bat-like wings grow from her back, taking on the same soft silver colour as her coat, flapping slowly in the air.
  1313. >Mane and tail crack and split, turning from a textured mass into a mass of hairs.
  1314. >Before long, the surface changes stop, but you can still feel the spell working, changing Horny to her very core.
  1315. >A thin fog starts to settle on your mind, exhaustion starting to creep up your body, extremities starting to go numb.
  1316. >Pressure builds in the back of your skull, grey creeping in on the edges of your vision.
  1317. >But with a sudden pop, it all fades, the spell ending, leaving you to fall back on your ass, panting like you just ran a marathon.
  1318. >Your lap is almost immediately filled by pony, Horny pushing her face into your chest.
  1319. >"Silly colt," she murmurs, her voice sweet and smooth as syrup, "Pushing yourself for this."
  1320. >Looking down, you're greeted by soft pink eyes with clear heart shaped irises gazing deeply into yours.
  1321. "You're welcome," you reply, putting a hand on her head, scratching between her ears.
  1322. >Letting out a small cough, Celestia says, "I think we should head back to the garden, I believe our hostess won't want to be kept waiting."
  1323. >Body heavy and legs weak, you struggle to stand, before being helped by a strange glow from Celestia.
  1324. >Magic, probably.
  1325. >With some support from Celestia, despite Horny's grumbles, you make your way back out of the house.
  1326. >Both the fillies are back out back, a large stack of books now taking up part of the coffee table in the gazebo, both guards snapping to attention as Celestia appears.
  1327. >"Is everything well, Princess?" one asks, quickly wiping some errant crumbs off her face.
  1328. >"We are all well, my little ponies," she replies, "He simply spent more effort than expected helping his friend, and is a little unsteady because of that."
  1329. >Getting led to a bench, you lay down on the cushion across it, Horny gently floating down onto your chest once you're settled.
  1330. >"Wow, Did Mister human change the stone shaping spell into stone to flesh?" Diamond asks, almost bouncing in her seat.
  1331. "Yes. Way more draining than I thought." you say, raising a hand briefly before letting it fall.
  1332. >"Amazing! That's way more than they can do in the books."
  1333. >Unseen to you, Celestia raises an eyebrow before asking, "Which books, might I ask. If there is to be a human walking among my ponies, I would like to know all I can about them."
  1334. >"The entire Ogres and Oubliettes series," Diamond replies, pointing to the stack on the table, "All of them have some mention of humans and their culture or abilities."
  1335. >Pages turn and flutter, books are passed around, and the other ponies discuss, well, you.
  1336. >Even Horny looks into the books, spinning around on your chest so she can rest them on your thighs to read.
  1337. >This means you get a horse butt in your face, but you've spent the last while staring at and making said horse butt, and truth be told, your eyes are much more interested in the inside of your eyelids right now.
  1338. >Far more... interested...
  1339. ~~~
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