Mar 25th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Full moon rising in the sky
  2. Night pitch black and still
  3. Filled with the howls
  4. While you tried to steal my throne.
  5. Stole what once was mine
  6. Claimed it for yourself
  7. While I was away,
  8. Fooled yourself into believing
  9. I’d let it go without a fight.
  10. Thought you got the best of me
  11. Ran me into the ground
  12. Didn’t think I’d dig myself up
  13. Won’t be ready for me
  14. When I come out to play.
  15. Can’t bring yourself
  16. To look me in the eye
  17. Turn on your heels and run
  18. Teeth like daggers
  19. Nipping at your feet
  20. Hungry for the chase.
  21. Tried to take my place
  22. Believed I’d submit to your command
  23. But I was born a wolf
  24. And you just a sheep
  25. Who doesn’t know their rank.
  26. Done your best to bury me
  27. Tried to tie me to a boulder
  28. And drop me into the sea
  29. But I found my way to shore
  30. To drop this boulder on your head.
  31. Can’t meet my eyes
  32. Without sending shivers
  33. Down your spine
  34. Locking eyes with the wolf
  35. Like a rabbit to the hunter.
  36. Run and hide in fear
  37. You know I’m coming for your blood
  38. You fall to your knees
  39. And pray for mercy
  40. But the wolf inside me won’t rest
  41. Until it feels your jugular
  42. Beneath its razor sharp teeth.
  43. Leave it all behind
  44. You won’t need it where you’re going
  45. Won’t be able to evade me forever
  46. The day will come
  47. When I get bored of the chase
  48. And move in for the kill.
  49. Take your life and flee
  50. You know it will just fuel me
  51. To hunt you down
  52. And show you just how
  53. I became stronger than you.
  54. You’ll get a head start
  55. Better pray I don’t find you
  56. Because if I do
  57. You’ll soon realise
  58. Why they call me the Wolf Reaper.
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