General Action Logs | AoT:U | Trainee Camp Forest Outpost

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  1. General Action Logs | AoT:U | Trainee Camp Forest Outpost
  3. [02:54:47] intokiyo said: im good enough in the dark
  4. [02:54:52] intokiyo said: imagine in the light
  5. [02:55:13] intokiyo said: can i have lantern
  6. [02:55:29] doge572sgrandson said: yes
  7. [02:55:33] doge572sgrandson dropped 1 lantern
  8. [02:57:47] intokiyo said:  bruh my screen went all white
  9. [02:57:57] intokiyo said: i cant see because the stupid laptop is messing up
  10. [03:00:53] intokiyo spawned a horse
  11. [03:01:41] intokiyo said: IF THAT WASNT PRACTICE I WOULDVE DIED LOL
  12. [03:01:45] intokiyo said: i ran out of gas
  13. [03:02:07] doge572sgrandson said: GAMER CORNER
  14. [03:02:25] doge572sgrandson said: this obby has no reason to exist
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