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  1. Dear Ms. Lenzo:
  3. Thank you for sharing your views with me. I always appreciate hearing from Ohioans, and one of my most important jobs is listening to the people I serve. The best ideas don’t come out of Washington – they come from conversations around our state with people like you.
  5. Please know that I have passed your thoughts onto the legislative staff in my office. As the Senate considers any relevant legislation or proposals, I will keep your views in mind. In addition, if you are having an issue dealing with a federal agency, my office may be able to assist. Please call us immediately at 1-888-896-6446 or email casework@brown.senate.gov.
  7. I have one test for all my work in the Senate: is it good for the people of Ohio? And I’ll work with anyone, of any political party or no party at all, to make progress on the issues that matter to Ohioans.
  9. That work is informed by the values I learned growing up in Mansfield, Ohio. Both my parents – he a doctor, she a teacher; he a conservative, she a liberal; he a Republican, she a Democrat; he a Northerner, she a Southerner – taught me that the role of government is to help the little guy. The big guys can take of themselves.
  11. That’s why I’ll always look out for Ohio workers, and protect our main streets from Wall Street greed. I have a plan to bring down health care costs, particularly prescription drug prices. I’ll always stand up for those who have worked their entire lives, and who should not see the retirement security they’ve earned privatized and handed over to Wall Street. And I will continue to defend the rights of all Americans, no matter their zip code or the color of their skin or who they love.
  12. I know that wages and benefits have declined or stagnated for American workers for decades. People earn less, people can’t save for retirement, and people feel less stable – all while working harder and producing more than ever before. Simply put, hard work isn’t paying off the way it should. We need to be a country that respects work and the workers who do it. I put out a plan to restore the value of work and I encourage you to take a look at it on the homepage of my website: www.brown.senate.gov .
  13. I am inspired every day by the great work so many are doing in the Buckeye State. You can learn more about my work and the work of other Ohioans on my website at www.brown.senate.gov .
  15. If my office may be of further assistance, please call on us at 1-888-896-6446. Thank you again for being in touch with me and making your voice heard.
  17.                                                             Sincerely,
  19.                                                             Sherrod Brown
  20.                                                             United States Senator
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