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  1. The Contextual Existance
  2. Name derived from the first thought i had when i found myself here, it rings in my head like a bell
  6. OBJECTS SO FAR (in chronologial order):
  7. -SUN (a light emitting triangle about 13,000 feet in the air, always follows you)
  8. -Chair (made with fake white leather, very cubic and modern)
  9. -Table (mahogany, has a wobble to it after having a sandwich on it for fourteen years)
  10. -Tea Set (with no teabags, yet is able to fill itself anytime someone wants tea)
  11. -Season One of Friends on VHS (extremely bad quality, presumably from heavy usage, as stated by the owner)
  12. -Notepad (when it was given, it only had a few notes and a doodle of a cow, now full of equations and measurements from calculation of the distance of the SUN)
  13. -Pencil (broken, chewed with a heavly used eraser)
  14. -Sandwich (eaten after sitting on the table for fourteen years, apparently was heavy enough to distort the wood in the legs of the table causing it to develop a wobble)
  15. -Book (red, empty inside, strange symbol on the front cover)
  16. -Nothing (left by Mike, first one without an object, so, in a sense, by bringing nothing, mike brought something)
  17. -Smart Phone (always charged, has a connection to the internet but it seems like it can only receive information, not send it. cracked screen.)
  18. -Word Processor (only turns on half the time, seems to have unlimited storage. This document was moved from the Smart Phone to this machine for ease of use)
  19. -TV (Portable, black and white. Battery powered despite the fact there are no batteries in it. I can only pick up one channel, it's a triangle. who would've thought.)
  22. TIME PASSED IN TCE: 34 years (presumably)
  27. VISITORS SO FAR (in chronological order):
  28. -Tsaire, me. Wouldn't call myself a visitor considering the fact this place only started to exist when i wound up here. (SUN)
  29. -James, was sitting at his chair. Seems to have been thinking about his childhood dog before he wound up here (Chair)
  30. -Katelyn, woodworking. cut her finger and was going to get a bandaid. (Table)
  31. -Brandon, brewing. was making him and his grandmother tea but tripped and fell. (Tea Set)
  32. -Thomas, yard sale. was looking in a box of VHS Tapes when he remembered about the time he and his friend had a movie night (FRIENDS on VHS)
  33. -Mr. Leyart, teaching a class. giving a presentation to his language arts class. (Notepad)
  34. -????, student. Didn't catch her name but she seemed to be late to class when she ran into her crush and then appeared here. (Pencil)
  35. -Chad, purchasing food. He was at a fast food place ordering a sub when a robbery started, apparently he was shot in the thigh. (Sandwich)
  36. -????, No one came. (Book)
  37. -Mike, falling and bleeding out. No memory of what events occured before he arrived. The first visitor to not have an object. (Nothing)
  38. -Tyler, student. fell over when someone ran into him causing him to drop his phone and wound up here. (Smart Phone)
  39. -Arther, writer. passed out while typing a story, he's very old, probably the oldest visitor yet. the story's saved on the machine he left, locked behind a password. (Word Processor)
  40. -Micheal, hobbyist. Was repairing TV's when he got shocked from a component inside (TV)
  43. NOTES:
  44. Other than the visitors there's nothing to do here.
  45. Aside from the objects they bring, the only thing is the sun, or what appears to be a sun, which is always above us
  46. I've played around with the objects and the sun isn't infinitly far away, otherwise objects that are higher than ones closer to the ground wouldn't have a bigger shadow.
  47. using the notepad and pencil to do the math it's only 13,000 feet away
  48. kinda far
  49. but not forever far
  50. what if it's a door?
  51. Objects may be related to memories, as mike had no memory before ending up here, he had no object.
  52. What on earth is this machine? I thought it was a Word processor at first, and i'm not wrong for assuming that as it has the casing of one, but it's been heavly modified. There's tons of circuitry from toys and gadgets in here
  53. There's an audio chip, analog circuitry for producing songs, and speakers and a mic. You can record audio!
  54. So i tried recording my own voice and uh, well, it's very robotic. it's not that great at recording any other sound aside from voices so maybe that's not an audio chip
  55. Also now that i think about it, that document that's saved on here could be an archive of all the previous files, including voice and songs
  56. if only i knew the password
  57. I remember looking at the solar eclipse as a child, we made a makeshift viewer with a cardboard box and tinfoil, essentually we made a pinhole camera and were able to see the moon pass over the sun
  58. I've decided to try that out with the SUN here and, well, it's not a sun
  59. it's not a door
  60. it's not even a circle
  61. it's a triangle
  62. a giant. white, triangle is floating 13,000 feet above me
  63. why? why a triangle? it's always pointing towards me too, i move around the table whilst focusing the beam to get a clear image an it still points at me
  64. although i guess one could say it's pointing down, since it's hard to convey down on a plane parallel with the ground
  65. i swear i've seen a white triangle before
  66. This TV is odd, it seems like the triangle on it that switches between black and white depending on if there's a guest here
  67. also the only channel is that triangle, no audio.
  68. shame, really. was hoping to watch something for once
  71. -Tyler and ????
  72. I asked Tyler if he knew who ran into him but he said that he ended up here before he could make out their face
  73. He didn't seem to mind leaving his phone here, probably because i have no form of entertainment other than a few VHS tapee's i'm unable to watch
  74. I also asked him about Chad, since chad had the most eventful invitation here it's likely he was on the news, and he had stated that Chad's incident happened one week ago from when he arived
  75. This brings up some oddness
  76. If Tyler and ???? are related then that means the passage of time in TCE and the Real world do not align correctly, if they even align at all.
  77. -I will start asking visitors what date it was before they arrived to compile a more accurate list of events
  81. there are some odd phenonmenon here
  82. Visitors are unable to perceive objects left by previous visitors until i mention them, they can even look straight at them and not notice
  83. (I'm assuming that the sun is my object since it has these properties and it, as well as everything else AKA this infinite plane of white, appeared the same time as me)
  84. I'm unable to preceive Visitor's objects until they tell me about what they were last doing, objects tend to relate to that.
  85. Pain does not exist here, as evident by Mike and Chad bleeding out but not being affected by said injuries.
  86. Blood vaporises after time, otherwise Chad's blood would still be here, in, what would be, the sandwich.
  87. I can't remember what i was doing before i ended up here, it's been so long.
  88. I've yet to have a repeat visitor but that doesn't mean it's out of the realm of possibility
  89. I'd love to have a TV, and a VCR, so i can watch friends
  90. I've theorized that the Book might not be empty, it's just that i can't perceive the words in it until the owner tells me what they are.
  91. the symbol on the front looks like a wierd N with a tiny 0 by it
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