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Aug 26th, 2010
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  1. * Added options to delete tracks from library and drive
  2. * Implemented reading/writing images into m4a files
  3. * Library search covers scan now into audio files too
  4. * Added Jump to Next and Previous albums in playlist
  5. * Added Album Artist list box to the library tab
  6. * Improved library browse speed and memory usage
  7. * Added Now Playing searchs to the shoutcast radios
  8. * Added in Radio tab the now playing and stream format info
  9. * Added in Radio tab the option to reorder columns
  10. * Added option in preferences library tab to add playlists when doing a library scanning
  11. * Added Thailand translation. Thanks to mr_hangman
  12. * Added Norwegian translation. Thanks to jente_14
  13. * Added icelandic translation. Thanks to Hreinsi
  14. * Added text search in album browser
  15. * Added support for
  16. * Added Enqueue as Next option so the selection is added as the next track to be played.
  17. * Implemented crossfading between tracks
  18. * Read composer, comments from ape and m4a files added
  19. * Added Lyric support to Ape files
  20. * Added French translation thanks to Frombenny <>
  21. * Now playlist are created for found playlist doing a library scan
  22. * Added option to show full screen and to hide status bar
  23. * Implemented live search. Now Enter sends current filtered results to playlist
  24. * Added a composer listbox to the library tab
  25. * You can enable to delete the recordings not bigger than a certain amount
  26. of time in preferences
  27. * Added a button to record from streams. Need to enable it from Preferences
  28. * If no lyric is found after showing the error that was not found restore
  29. the previous lyric text
  30. * Added option to align text in lyrics
  31. * Fixed mpris Pause/Play interface
  32. * Added as lyrics search engine
  33. * Added a playcount listbox to filter in library tab
  34. * Added a rating listbox to filter in library tab
  35. * Added a year listbox to filter in library tab
  36. * Added File Browser. You can navigate throught your files and play them
  37. directly from guayadeque.
  38. * Now the lyrics can be saved to a directory you can configure from preferences -> lyrics
  39. * Changed the close buttons of the panes
  40. * Added search text for player playlist
  41. * Now allow to load from command line directories.
  42. * Now when loading the library if title is empty will be used the filename.
  43. If album is empty will be used the dir name.
  44. If Genre or Artist is empty 'Unknown' will be used.
  45. * Fixed Playlists. Now dynamic playlists are loaded more quickly.
  46. * Added in Preferences -> Playback the option to add in random mode albums
  47. instead of tracks.
  48. * Added two buttons in preferences to order the cover words
  49. * The covers are now saved with the first word to detect covers
  50. * Added in panel the posibility to search for tracks in library
  51. * The splash shows the revision number
  52. * Double click over the track title selects the track
  53. * Updated the no cover image. Thanks mrmotinjo
  54. * Fix parsing podcasts that contains comments before the channel tag
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