Seo types out his ass for almostanhour and says nothing new

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  1. Nex: lacks consistency in general but mostly of his movement, tldr he dies way too much in every fight to various mechanics, he has always been surprisingly good at addle/apoc timings, moving them and doing them consistenly, his dps is a bit eh sometimes too but part of that is perma weakness so it hard to tell sometimes, also embolden sucks for me so idk abt timings. Poor communication.
  3. Sessa: he seems generally good on mechanics apart form those landslides apparently, but he massively underuses his tools all the time again across many fights, ogcds etc, and doesnt seem to optimize this much over time. He also doesnt seem to be proactive about learning, mapping, and particualry comapping, fights/ communicating in general
  4. Tali: actually shows strong improvement from kill to kill efficiency wise heavy on gcds in prog but certainly improved over our o12s kills etc, more proactive abt mapping but still not rly enough, definitely an issue of not thoroughly mapping things ahead of time (mainly just in uwu cos length), maybe slightly shy abt communicating stuf? (idk abt that one tbh, usually if its important she speaks up), also underuses her toolkit, but not to the same extent
  5. They do both cover for their underusing ogcd heals/the tools in general, but ofc that costs gcds, which costs damage, and the lack of mapping costs time and pull counts.
  7. Kyte: for sure understands his class to a most acceptable level, hes generally consistent, but he tiiiiiiilllllttttttsss (mostly from his own errors), and becomes somewhat less consistent with his stuff then, hes strong on reacting to others errors to find solutions midpull which is a useful thing, acceptable at remembering to check that litany+voice are aligned in fights
  8. Me:idkhowtodothisformyselfwtf, i think my biggest current problem is focussing on rapidly mapping my own gcds/ogcds upon reaching new parts of a fight, i panic slightly too much and focus on what others are doing often. I also get lightly exasperated after 1.5/2 hrs and get super distracted leading to errors. I also still want to get better at making pull to pull changes consistently.
  9. Amerio: hes french :OMEGALUL~2:  , hes generally very good tbh, certainly better than me most of the time and his tanking style/approach is similar to my own which helps a lot. He fucking mumbles tho, and its not his accent or his english, he just doesnt speak clearly/loudlt sometimes and im like "dude wtf" occaisionally at moderately important moments. Sometimes slow to make pull to pull cd changes, but defintiely no more than I am.
  11. Mel: very strong, highly consistent, maybe if i had to, because of that he lacks adaptability somewhat? also often quite doesntsaymuchy, kind of a morale thing, maybe seems like hes not as engaged and having fun ;w;
  12. OValiantRaidLeader: pleasedontstabmeoto mechanically consistent vast majority of the time, big strong independent mnk, comfi brotherhoods, often only talks during raid time to tell ppl to shutup or focus ;w; oto hates both us and the game ;w; good at raid leady stuff, not too negative towards group despite internal raging fedupness.
  13. bad at explaining difference between chest and coffer  >:(  
  15. Group: Certainly comfortably consistent on progging savage at a casually comfi pace. But anything much faster/harder than that would require a stepping up of generally: the consistency. The comp/ stronger players allow for good flexibility so some issues that other groups might have (eg proper on point buff stacking etc) dont impact us so much.
  16. And specific to UwU at this point: getting everyone to the same or at least higher than current level of fight knowledge, so when we see something like "aoe with triangular safe spot" people standin the fucking triangle not in *literally an aoe*. The actual issues of some people playing their class poorly/ approaching it suboptimally doesnt impact as much as just "doing mechanics right" would just because, eg  other dps cover for low dps/ the odd death that doesnt lead to a wipe; strong mitigation and gcd heal covers for inefficient healing; etc.
  18. tl;dr everyone pretty much has the skills they need, just. don't. stand. in. the. bad.(and focus on consistency)
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