A Nice And Relaxing Shower TG

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  1. It was a very sunny day. Alex has been running around all day outside with his best friend Billy. Alex has always been extremely energetic. All he wanted to do everyday was live it like it was the last. This was sure a redeeming trait of his, but it was also a trait that made others feel uncomfortable. During class, he would always try to be the class clown. He was a funny guy, but most of the time his jokes caused the whole lesson being taught to stop from him jumping on his desk and yelling whatever came to his mind without a second thought for the other people around him.
  3. Billy on the other hand was a more chilled guy. He did have to run around a lot though due to the fact that his best friend was a lose cannon. Billy liked to relax and study in his free time mostly. He was always getting top grades in his grade ranking first place in every subject that he took in each semester. He really enjoyed Alex’s company, but was at the same time annoyed by his strong personality. Even though they were the best of friends, Billy has always wished his friend were a bit more mature. He also wished that his friend were cleaner because Alex liked to take a shower once a week and to go along with his athletic self; he always had this terrible stench around him.
  5. Billy had a plan to make his friend more mature and clean. Billy has always been a genius in science. Creating new theories and even being able to find enough evidence to say that they are correct. He has managed to make potions and had his test subjects to try them on. Not to be worried, since he was a genius, he could tell the gender difference between any organisms that were visible to the naked eye. The subjects he used were flies that he caught. Another good thing about his experiments is that they didn’t cause any catastrophic transformations and no harm to the flies. What he created would never cause harm to a human let alone a little fly.
  7. After hours of putting different chemicals together and failing, he yelled “Eureka! I think I have made the potion I was looking for. Now time to test it.” He started to walk over to the glass box that he had a single male fly in. Through one of the air holes that the fly used, which was to small to escape, he allowed a drop of the strange liquid to go though. He gave the liquid a nice grape smell to it to cause the fly to be attracted. The fly suddenly flew over to the tiny drop of the liquid into the middle. Once the fly touched the liquid, it started to change.
  9. “It works! Now all I need to do is make some last preparations.” He said to himself. He went and got some purple food coloring and gave the potion a beautiful purple color. He then added some other chemicals and materials that wouldn’t interfere with the liquid in a bad ways. The finished result was a purple bar of soap. He then put in through a machine of his and had it carve the word of the soap brand that Alex uses. He then put it in a box for a more convincing effect so that it looked like it hasn’t been opened and was recently bought.
  11. Back to the present, Alex is sitting on a bench that was on the side of the sidewalk that he was running on. Billy was jogging at a normal speed so that when he reached his best friend, he wouldn’t be out of breath when talking to him. “Hey Alex. I bought a new video game, would you like to play it?” He asked. This was of course not true because Billy ultimately despised video games. Luckily for him, due to Alex’s below average I.Q., he never noticed.
  13. Alex asked with curiosity “Really?! What game?!”
  15. “The new Fallout game.”
  17. Alex was then confused. “That game isn’t out yet. Why would you own a copy?”
  19. Billy then replied, “I have my sources.” This was a major bluff, but he knew this was his best chance because all the games that Alex want’s he has except for the ones that have yet to be released.
  21. Alex believed him straight away and said, “You have to let me play it!”
  23. “I was planning on letting you play, but I have one condition.”
  25. “What is it? I will do anything!” He was on his knees in front of Billy begging.
  27. With a slight grin on his face, Billy said, “All you need to do is take a shower with this new soap and thoroughly wash your whole body.”
  29. When Alex heard that, he thought that that was a strange request, but nonetheless accepted it. Feeling bitter about the fact that he needed to take a shower, he pouted and said. “Fine. If I take a shower with your soap, I get to play?”
  31. “Correct. Now lets go to my house to play the game.” He started to walk home with his friend following behind.
  33. Once they got into the house, they both took off their shoes at the door. They both went upstairs while both being filled with excitement. Billy was trying to hold his excitement though while Alex was jumping up and down making the floor tremble a bit.
  35. “So all I need to do is take a shower, right?” Alex was confirming.
  37. “Yes” Billy said as he pulled out a mini box with a bar of shiny purple soap inside. “Just remember you need to use this soap and thoroughly wash your whole body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. I will inspect you so you might want to do it all on your first try.” He reached his hand out with the soap to hand to Alex.
  39. “I get it! I get it!” Alex yelled. He wiped the soap and ran into the washroom. He locked the door so that his friend wouldn’t come in and ask if he was washing himself. Before he got undressed, he looked around the washroom to see if there was a towel he can use afterwards. While looking, he spotted a bathrobe hanging against the wall with a hanger. Upon inspection, he noticed there was a golden ornament attached to it that gave off a beautiful shine. He decided to use this for after he took his shower.
  41. He started to strip starting with his t-shirt. It was a dark shade of black and was extremely dirty from all the mud that he tripped on earlier. He then took of his socks. They were originally white, but were turning green from never liking to change out of them. He then took off his blue jeans. They were severely torn everywhere. His boxer’s were the worst. They smelled so bad that it was indescribable.
  43. He then heard from outside the bathroom a voice coming from Billy. “Hey! Throw your clothes out here! I will get them cleaned for you!”
  45. Alex yelled “Thanks!” He took his clothes and inched open the door so that he wouldn’t be seen. He then gave his clothes to Billy and locked the door again. He looked at the box with the bar of soap and walked over to it. Once he approached it, he tore it open. Upon taking out the soap, he said to him, “When did this company make soap like this? Whatever, it smell’s great!”
  47. He approached the shower and slid open the glass door. He took a step in then closed the door behind him. He looked at the knob on the wall that turns on the shower. Even though it was a hot day, he loved his showers to be hot so he turned it al the way around passing the cold option. The shower instantly turned on and the water at first was freezing cold. “Ah!” he yelped quietly as the water slower went from freezing to hot.
  49. He made sure his whole body was wet. Once that was done, he put the soap in the water and rubbed it to let it become slippery and a bit bubbly. He then grabbed a shower sponge and started to mix the bubbles from the soap with it. Once he was done mixing them, he put down the soap on the side and got started washing himself.
  51. He began with his face. He slowly scrubbed his face to prevent the soap from getting in his eyes. As he slowly washed his face, what he didn’t notice was that it was changing at the same time. First his face rounded a bit and softens while eliminating any blemishes he had. Once he had delicate skin on his face, his nose began to shrink and become cute. Next his lips plumped up and they become kissable. He then to his misfortune, got soap in his eyes. As he rubbed them, they became bigger and more innocent and cute. The pupils then changed from brown to a bright blue color. His eyelashes grew longer while turning into a dark purple color.
  53. When he was done getting the soap out of his eyes, he took the sponge and started scrubbing his hair. Just like his eyelashes, his hair, which was, originally brown started to become purple and grow longer. The shade of purple his hair was different then the shade of purple his eyelashes were though due to the fact his hair was a brighter purple. As he hair slowed down when passing his shoulders, they ends took on a light blue color matching her beautiful eyes. He quickly threw his hair behind him failing to notice that it was longer and a different color.
  55. He started to scrub al around his neck. In the process, his Adam’s apple started to shrink. It got smaller and smaller until his neck was a straight line. His neck started to get thinner and more delicate.
  57. As the changes were continuing, he started to go slower. His mind started to relax as he was maturing. His I.Q. was also rising to match that of Billy’s which was 200 making Alex a genius himself.
  59. He started to scrub his right arm. As he rubbed the sponge on his arm slowly, he started to lose hair and thin. At the same time, his right and shrunk while becoming delicate. His fingers got thinner and a bit longer as his nails got longer and smoother. He then went on to do the same on his left arm. Once done, he had small and smooth arms.
  61. He now tried to reach for his back. Once he got started on scrubbing his back, which was a challenge for him now that he had smaller arms, he started to shrink. What first happened was his shoulders became smaller and crashed in on himself making him have a smaller frame.  His back arched backwards giving him a nice curve. As he continued, his whole body started to shrink. He watched as he was slowly falling to the ground, but not for long. He went from 6 ft. to 5’5 ft. “I must be getting dizzy from the heat.” He said to himself with a much more cuter and feminine voice. He then started to scrub his waist causing all the hair on his body to vanish into thin air. His waist began to cave in making his stomach go from having lean muscle to a smooth and slim shape.
  63. He started to wash his manhood. In the process of washing it, he noticed it start to shrink. He said, “I know what’s happening here. Well if I can’t be a guy, than I might as well be a girl.” With his new intelligence, he found it oddly easy to accept this. It was probably due to the fact that since he was really smart, that he wanted to research the difference in feelings between the male and female bodies. He continued to wash his manhood until there was nothing there. All of a sudden, a hole opened up making him, or should we say, her moan “AH! Wow, the pleasures of the female body are much better than the pleasures of a male body.”
  65. She started to scrub around where her butt is. In the process, her hips started to get wider giving her the start of an hourglass figure. They make a weird cracking noise, but nonetheless mad her look sexy. Her ass started to inflate. It grew giving her a sexy bubbly ass that would make all the guys around her drool. “I can assume with 100% certainty that this soap is the cause of all this.” She said with a smile on her face.
  67. She moved down to her feet and worked upwards from there. While scrubbing her right foot, it slowly shrunk until it was small and cute. Being bit off balance she quickly went to her left foot and scrubbed it causing it to shrink too. With both feet being small and delicate, she moved up to her legs. When scrubbing them, she coordinated between legs so that she wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of being off balance again. As she did this, both legs became slim and delicate. They both even stretched out a bit giving her about an inch of height she lost moments ago.
  69. With her nice legs and feet completed, she went upwards more to her thighs. When scrubbing them, they began to balloon out. She started to feel aroused at the feeling of her body changing as she closed her eyes and continued. Once she was done with her new sexy thighs, she was excited for the last transformation sequence.
  71. She went up to her flat and smooth chest and slowly scrubbed it. As she did this, her nipples started to become sensitive. She was trying to suppress her moans, but couldn’t hold it back any longer. “AH!” She continued to scrub and moan at the same time as her nipples stated to grow larger and even more sensitive. Under her nipples started to now grow tiny lumps. At first they were tiny, but the more she scrubbed them, the more they grew. They grew at a slow pace and since she wanted her breasts to be big, so she needed to continually pleasure herself until she was happy. For a good five minutes, she scrubbed her breasts until they reached a D-cup size. “These are perfect!” she said with a wide smile on her face while putting her right arm under her breasts to make them rise up.
  73. She lowered the sponge on to the ground and turned the knob on the shower off. Instantly the water stopped sprinkling down. She went to open the glass door to get out. Once out, she grabbed the bathrobe on the hanger and threw it on. She tied the rope that was attached to it around her waist and headed for the door. Before opening the door, she stopped and said, “Wait, since I’m a girl now, I need a new name. I guess Alexandra would work. Perhaps it’s the closest to my original name that I can think of at the moment.”
  75. Alexandra opened the door and walked to Billy’s room while drying her hair with a towel she found outside of the door to the bathroom. She continued to Billy’s room and opened the door. “Hey Bill.” She said with a cute voice.
  77. He turned around while saying, “How was the… shower…?” he said with wide eyes at his new best friend. Sure he new what his friend was supposed to turn into due to the soap, but he wasn’t expected her to be this hot.
  79. “It was great! Thanks for asking!” She said extremely pleased. A slight blush went across her face as she went to his bed and lied down. “How about we test out this new body to see if anymore of your theories will be true.” Alexandra said with a more seductive voice.
  81. “Um… Sure.” Billy said hesitantly as he slowly walked over to hi bed with a beautiful girl lying on it.
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