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  1. [17:49:05] <@Adenine> You can finally piss standing up again, and it doesn't take you long to get into your proper clothes.
  2. [17:50:08] <@Adenine> And I'm actually going to say
  3. [17:50:21] <@Adenine> You can have caught a ride with the Nateleport train if you wanted.
  4. [17:50:57] <castfromphone_> (Doesn't Adenine have teleport anyway?)
  5. [17:50:59] <Theta_The_Beta> (That doesn't really make sense cause he woulda gone -with- them had he, so he woulda had to be ditched.  Typing anyway)
  6. [17:51:10] <@Adenine> (Oh well)
  7. [17:53:25] <Theta_The_Beta> the immediate since he got left behind, after taking a piss, standing up, he had two things in mind. Option A: Finding a more permanent costume for the T0 persona.  But that's probably left to...a girl to handle, so option B is more desirable at the moment.  Even if Adenine wants to take over some of the administrative stuff, he's probably gonna need help on the road too, so he's gotta talk to some of the other doll
  8. [17:53:25] <Theta_The_Beta> s.
  9. [17:55:10] <Theta_The_Beta> He prepares to go to Black Mage Village first, if only because he'd actually 'promised' to show up there at some point and some of the information those girls have might be helpful!
  10. [17:55:45] <@Adenine> Adenine is scribbling in her notebook when you find her. She looks up.
  11. [17:55:52] <@Adenine> "We ready to go?"
  12. [17:57:15] * Theta_The_Beta stretches. "As I'll ever be.  Chocobos or Teleport?  Up to you really."
  13. [17:58:13] <@Adenine> "Chocobos. I'll show you a little trick." She stands up, stretching.
  14. [17:58:26] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hm?"
  15. [17:58:35] <@Adenine> She flips her notebook shut and puts it away.
  16. [17:58:56] <@Adenine> "I did a bit of hunting at the bazaar and found something handy. You'll see."
  17. [17:59:34] <Theta_The_Beta> "Uh huh."  He nods and follows her to see just what this is all about.
  18. [18:00:03] <@Adenine> You go to the stables and rent a couple of Chocobos. Adenine gets out some sort of potion bottle with a red liquid in it, and a couple of gysahl greens.
  19. [18:00:34] <@Adenine> "They call it an energy drink. Watch this."
  20. [18:00:48] <@Adenine> She soaks the greens in the bottle a moment, and  then feeds them to the chocobos.
  21. [18:01:06] <@Adenine> Used up 2x Spellburst: Sprint consumables.
  22. [18:01:30] * @Adenine then climbs aboard. "Hyah!"
  23. [18:01:49] <@Adenine> The chocobo takes off in a blaze of red afterimages, moving almost double its normal pace.
  24. [18:01:51] <Theta_The_Beta> "What's this do exactly?" He climbs on his.
  25. [18:02:00] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Other than that."
  26. [18:02:23] <@Adenine> Chocobo: "K-KWEH!!"
  27. [18:02:37] <@Adenine> Your chocobo takes off, too, abnormally fast. You have to hang on to your hat so it doesn't fly off.
  28. [18:03:03] <@Adenine> "It's not as fast as teleporting-" she yells over at you. "But doing the old fashioned way more efficiently's a plus, right?"
  29. [18:04:21] * Theta_The_Beta laughs.  "What came first, the Chocobo or the Teleport?  Pretty nifty stuff either way!"
  30. [18:04:24] <@Adenine> "You won't always have a teleporter with you, so you may as well figure out how to use tricks like this!"
  31. [18:04:39] <@Adenine> She grins and hurries her chocobo on.
  32. [18:05:05] <@Adenine> Thanks to the enhanced chocobos, you arrive at Black Mage Village in the span of only minutes.
  33. [18:06:27] <@Adenine> The chocobos wig out a bit as you get off, and run away back towards Madain Sari in zigzags.
  34. [18:06:34] <@Adenine> "...Seems to make them hyper too."
  35. [18:07:23] <Theta_The_Beta> "Sadly don't think that'll make me swim fast enough when the resident ones poofs off.  Anyway..."  he jumps off and doesn't quite pat the bird before it runs off. "Let's see how this goes I guess."
  36. [18:07:39] <Theta_The_Beta> He heads into the village, looking around for the new comers.
  37. [18:09:29] <@Adenine> You find Abigail almost immediately. She's standing in front of a set of wooden stocks that weren't present before. Arwill seems to be locked in them, unable to move his arms or head. He's whining a bit to her.
  38. [18:10:12] <Theta_The_Beta> "..."
  39. [18:10:43] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Don't complain. You groped me. This is a light punishment, all considered."
  40. [18:10:47] * Theta_The_Beta leans back laughing. "Bwhahahahaha.  No surprises there I guess."
  41. [18:10:52] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Arwill had thought he had found the perfect girl for his perverted ways...then he found out she was into bondage)
  42. [18:10:53] <@Adenine> Arwill: "But I triiiipped!"
  43. [18:11:02] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh dammit the explanation coming first ruined it ;_;)
  44. [18:11:16] <@Adenine> Adenine crosses her arms. "Looks like they're getting along."
  45. [18:12:21] <@Adenine> Abigail looks back over at you when she hears the laughing.
  46. [18:13:00] * Theta_The_Beta approaches after getting the laugh out.  "Heya.  You're...Abigail, right?"
  47. [18:13:01] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Hm, you're the one from earlier..." she says to 89, and then looks at you. "...You must be 'the Creata'."
  48. [18:13:23] <@Adenine> Abigail: "That is correct."
  49. [18:13:32] <@Adenine> She crosses her arms, leaning against the stocks.
  50. [18:14:09] * Theta_The_Beta nods.  "That's the nickname I guess you guys got for me.  Never really heard the story behind that.  But yes; I'm Theta."
  51. [18:15:33] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hope you've found the village more tolerable than sleezeball here," he nods to the stockade.  "Did he pull the 'second tail' one on you guys yet?"
  52. [18:16:11] <@Adenine> Abigail: "How lewd. No, he hasn't used that one yet."
  53. [18:16:59] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I'm here to listen to what you have to say, little else. I do intend on returning to Ayane afterward, unless you have a particularly good case."
  54. [18:18:03] <@Adenine> She looks around a moment, but shrugs. "It... is a nice place."
  55. [18:18:59] <@Adenine> Arwill: "Theta! Come on, convince this crazy girl to let me out!"
  56. [18:19:38] <Theta_The_Beta> "Mmmm...I see.  Well, first, I'm sorry this whole thing happened the way it did.  I think I might have more questions for you than you would for me, but...I got some things I would want to share with you."
  57. [18:21:15] <@Adenine> Abigail nods and starts to follow you.
  58. [18:21:39] <Theta_The_Beta> "Aw sod off Arwill you probably deserved it."  He waves him off as he turns back to Abigail, walking around the village a bit aimlessly at first.
  59. [18:21:46] <@Adenine> Arwill: "Theta! Theeetaaa! ...shiiit. ...hey, wassup, baby?" he asks Adenine as she passes by. She calmly sprays him as she goes.
  60. [18:22:35] <@Adenine> You leave behind the village idiot and his screams for the moment, wandering about the village.
  61. [18:22:54] <Theta_The_Beta> "I'm guessing by now you've either figured out or Mikoto told you the story behind that graveyard at her house."
  62. [18:25:41] <Theta_The_Beta> "Correct me if that's wrong, though."
  63. [18:26:50] <@Adenine> Abigail: "..."
  64. [18:27:02] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Speak." she says, simply.
  65. [18:27:24] * Theta_The_Beta looks over her to try to guage if she's confused or just not liking this subject.
  66. [18:27:47] <@Adenine> She's just calmly looking at you.
  67. [18:28:32] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I have my suspicions, but I want to hear this from you."
  68. [18:29:30] <Theta_The_Beta> "Well, first.  I gott admit I'm curious.  Why do you guys think I...designed you the way I did?  I sorta got this mental image that a few of you imagine I'm just as pervy as Arwill and that's the end of it." He laughs lightly.
  69. [18:29:38] <@Adenine> Adenine is following closely, checking to make sure no one else is listening in.
  70. [18:30:43] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Tina seems to think something along those lines. My guess is that you intended for us to repopulate the genome race."
  71. [18:32:11] <Theta_The_Beta> He laughs, shaking his head.  "Oh man.  That never even crossed my mind.  I was born the same way you guys were, basically.  Hell I just thought that's how it -worked- up until a few weeks ago.  When mommy and daddy love each other very much they make a machine and..." he shakes his head.  "Lemee say this first."
  72. [18:32:56] <@Adenine> She sits down on a stump and listens.
  73. [18:33:58] <@Adenine> She snorts at your comment, though.
  74. [18:34:03] <Theta_The_Beta> "I don't got all the answers.  You guys matured way, way quicker than I did.  Took me ten years to get to this point.  Lot of you guys surpassed that in a matter of weeks.  And I got no idea what Ayane has told you guys, or what it was like to come about in an enviornment like that.  I don't even understand why you were born with the personalities you were.  I think you've seen how a few of the Genomes here are, like the guy
  75. [18:34:03] <Theta_The_Beta> who works the stables yeah?  We were all like that."
  76. [18:34:32] <Theta_The_Beta> "But...I can tell you my end of how you came to be, I guess.  And what I'm trying to do."
  77. [18:35:55] <@Adenine> Abigail looks over at Adenine, who nods at her.
  78. [18:37:02] * Theta_The_Beta is curious what's that about, and waits a bit before continuing.
  79. [18:37:31] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Go on."
  80. [18:37:59] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I'll tell you what I can, in exchange."
  81. [18:40:16] <Theta_The_Beta> He takes a deep breath.  "I have spent the last couple of years helping a few others in the village research a topic related to you guys.  Something very personal to me cause it claimed my friends who helped me when I first got here.  Hell, the guys who gave me my -name-."
  82. [18:41:36] <Theta_The_Beta> "And a few months ago, I had a theory.  One that I studied for a bit and had a bit of data to back up, but I did something very naive in presenting it - I didn't know any better, and Mikoto flung me half way across the world to help force me to grow and understand just what was silly about it."
  83. [18:42:43] <Theta_The_Beta> "Probably not even a day later, Ayane took my work, and put it to action, creating you guys.'s where I have to apologize.  She knowingly brought you all into this world knowing you have a sickness."
  84. [18:43:03] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I don't feel ill."
  85. [18:43:17] <Theta_The_Beta> "It's not that sorta illness.  How do I explain"
  86. [18:43:34] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Okay, did Ayane or Mikoto ever tell you what -we- are?  The genomes?"
  87. [18:44:47] <@Adenine> Abigail: "She said they were the same as us, except with a tail. That we were one people, separated by time and senseless wars. But she never went any further into detail than that. Hm..."
  88. [18:45:07] <Theta_The_Beta> "This is a long story, I'll try to keep it short and you can ask me to elaborate in a bit, alright?"
  89. [18:45:13] <@Adenine> She nods.
  90. [18:46:16] <Theta_The_Beta> "We weren't from this world, but another.  We were made to assimilate into this world slowly, sneaking in the souls of a world that had passed on.  A member of our race, Kuja, was designed to accelerate this process.  He was a really powerful guy and I'm sure you've heard Ayane fawn over him, but our creator put a fail safe on him."
  91. [18:47:23] <Theta_The_Beta> "His life span was limited.  He was gonna die way before his time and there was nothing he could do about it.  And while inacting his plans here on Gaia, he tried to make more of us, creating the first of you guys.  And...not knowing his condition, he made them the same way he was."
  92. [18:47:47] <Theta_The_Beta> "And then killed the guy who knew how to fix it."
  93. [18:49:04] <Theta_The_Beta> "We've been trying to change that, but we didn't have a solution yet.  She...didn't seem to care.  I'm sorry.  At the moment most of you won't make it through the year.  I'm scrambling to fix this, and think I might know how, but I need help."
  94. [18:49:32] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...Is this true?" she sits there a moment, looking over at T-89.
  95. [18:49:41] <Theta_The_Beta> "That graveyard is the first of your kind.  Vivi included."
  96. [18:50:07] <@Adenine> "You can trust Theta at his word."
  97. [18:50:34] <@Adenine> She seems to shrug this news off, not showing much outward emotion.
  98. [18:50:40] <Theta_The_Beta> "They...escaped Kuja, built this town, and welcomed us here with open arms.  Much as we have you guys.  I'm just trying to ensure this doesn't repeat itself cause of her sick fascination with reinacting Kuja's life or something."
  99. [18:50:42] <@Adenine> Though you notice her take a sewing kit out of her things.
  100. [18:50:59] <@Adenine> She takes a blank, cloth doll and begins work on it.
  101. [18:51:26] * Theta_The_Beta gives her a bit trying to think on how to ask things from here.
  102. [18:51:53] <@Adenine> She starts by giving the doll a little monkey's tail, then works on short, blonde hair.
  103. [18:52:14] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...What do you need to know?" she asks.
  104. [18:52:58] <Aori_Radidjiu> (>Theta voodoo doll)
  105. [18:53:04] <@Adenine> (Nope)
  106. [18:53:16] <@Adenine> (Theta has long hair)
  107. [18:53:19] <castfromhp> (it's Arwill)
  108. [18:53:24] <@Adenine> (It's Ayane)
  109. [18:53:25] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Ooooooh)
  110. [18:53:31] <castfromhp> (oh)
  111. [18:54:13] <Theta_The_Beta> "I honestly think most my questions might seem sorta stupid given the gravity of what I just told ya, but...well, it might better help approaching this with the rest of you."
  112. [18:54:33] <@Adenine> She listens. Ayane begins writing in her notebook again.
  113. [18:54:34] <@Adenine> er
  114. [18:54:37] <@Adenine> *Adenine begins
  115. [18:55:03] <@Adenine> (In before treeories about Ayane being Adenine)
  116. [18:55:18] <Giantree> (already wrote them all)
  117. [18:56:14] <Theta_The_Beta> "I guess...first off...I'm sorta confused how you guys knew about me?  I mean, most them call me 'the creata' but I...didn't really have as much a hand in your birth as I wish I could have."
  118. [18:57:25] <@Adenine> Abigail: "It's hard to explain. Some of us came into the world knowing your name. Some of us were told about you by Ayane. The whole 'creata' thing picked up after a botched mission in Lindblum or something."
  119. [18:58:12] <@Adenine> She adds teddy-bear panties to the doll, then begins working on a miniskirt and t-shirt
  120. [18:58:20] <Theta_The_Beta> "Why would she mention me, though?  Or...what DID she tell you?"
  121. [19:01:29] <Adenine> Abigail: "She said she 'borrowed' your research to create us. That you were a brilliant mind that was squandering his talents, as well as naive."
  122. [19:01:29] * Theta_The_Beta has absolutely no context what this thing is even if he knows -who- it's a doll of.  "Well borrowed is an understatement and I can't help but wonder what the hell she thinks I was 'squandering', but the naive part is fair enough."
  123. [19:01:30] <Theta_The_Beta> "Did you...ever happen to witness how others of your kind were born?"
  124. [19:01:25] <Theta_The_Beta> "You guys are...really different from the first, Kuja's.  I haven't a clue why though."
  125. [19:01:26] <@Adenine> She sets down the doll. "Something she revealed recently is why we start with a preset personality. She literally draws power from a story to give us a place to start. Apparently because we're born with personality, we develop individuality faster."
  126. [19:01:36] <@Adenine> "It's... some sort of play?"
  127. [19:03:07] * Theta_The_Beta sighs, looking down and covering his face. "Don't hate me, okay?  This is probably part of the naive part.  My theory was based on a very well documented observation that females live longer than males in many races, such as humans.  I figured the same might be true for you guys, but that it wouldn't fix everything.  My...example, was modeled off a character from a play, yes."
  128. [19:03:40] <@Adenine> Abigail sniks.
  129. [19:03:54] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I don't hate you, Theta. I just... I don't know."
  130. [19:03:54] <Theta_The_Beta> "I was a bit too divorced from reality to realize it was a play about a harlot.  I'm sorry.  I got no idea why she became attatched to that."
  131. [19:04:18] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I want some answers myself, now."
  132. [19:04:34] * Theta_The_Beta nods.
  133. [19:04:39] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...I guess this makes something make a little more sense now."
  134. [19:05:04] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Last time she was at the Palace, she told all of us that she was going to throw a new year's party for us so big that it'd be visible in Alexandria."
  135. [19:05:16] <@Adenine> Abigail: "She said she wanted us to have the time of our lives, a moment we'd always remember."
  136. [19:06:10] <@Adenine> Abigail: "If... we're only going to live a year..."
  137. [19:06:30] <@Adenine> Abigail: "She's feeling guilty, isn't she."
  138. [19:07:47] <Theta_The_Beta> "I will be honest, I hate her guts and what she does disgusts me.  But I -do- believe she cares for you all too.  Just...maybe not as much as her master plan.  That or maybe she may be realizing what she's done?  I don't know.  I haven't really had the chance to confront her over it."
  139. [19:08:30] <Theta_The_Beta> "But yes, she's researching festivities at the moment.  She's probably feeling guilty, yes."
  140. [19:11:26] <@Adenine> Abigail frowns down at the doll and begins jabbing needles into it.
  141. [19:11:37] * Theta_The_Beta head tilts.
  142. [19:11:52] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...she could have told us."
  143. [19:12:03] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Why doesn't she trust us? Is she afraid?"
  144. [19:13:26] <Theta_The_Beta> "I wish I could answer that, I really do.  But I don't know what she's planning or why she did this.  I'm just doing what I can to fix it before it's too late.  T0's been the more active one on my behalf."
  145. [19:13:42] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Thank her for me, will you?"
  146. [19:13:49] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...and thank you, too."
  147. [19:13:49] * Theta_The_Beta nods.
  148. [19:15:44] <Theta_The_Beta> "I can't make promises, but I have a very good idea what the problem is with you guys.  Adenine's been helping me get things moving, but we got a bit of infrastructure to establish first..."
  149. [19:16:30] <@Adenine> "...I came into this world knowing your name." she adds, hesitant. "...There was something like a voice. No... a feeling? Telling me this person, Theta, would be our savior. ...All this time I believed that of Ayane instead."
  150. [19:16:44] <Theta_The_Beta> "In the mean time all I can really offer you guys is a home and shelter, though.  I don't really got the resources she does."
  151. [19:17:19] <@Adenine> She nods.
  152. [19:17:29] <@Adenine> *Abigail
  153. [19:17:52] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...I'm glad for that then, because I certainly can't call that place home now."
  154. [19:17:52] <Theta_The_Beta> He laughs.  "Wonder who that voice is.  Probably the same one Walt heard I bet, hrm."
  155. [19:18:07] <@Adenine> She quirks an eyebrow.
  156. [19:18:47] * Lianhua is now known as Miyuki
  157. [19:19:15] <Theta_The_Beta> "Walt.  He was one of the Black Waltz.  Kuja's...elite you could say.  At the time of his death he heard a voice and found himself alive again.  And I think I -know- why.  Curious to least hear what it's looking more and more likely what plagues you guys is?"
  158. [19:19:31] <@Adenine> She nods, leaning in.
  159. [19:20:28] <Theta_The_Beta> "Lemee tell you the fucked up way this world works.  I don't really like it, but it's the way things are.  All things come from the Crystal.  People are born from it, and when they die their spirits return, and their accomplishments in life manifest into new souls that are born again."
  160. [19:21:48] <Theta_The_Beta> "You guys, for whatever reason, are outside this loop.  The planet sees you as alien, probably because you were born without its assistance.  It doesn't recognize you as a living thing, and therefor doesn't help you, and may be actively trying to kill you.  I just...gotta figure out how to fix that I think."
  161. [19:23:53] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Where do our spirits come from, then?"
  162. [19:26:40] <Theta_The_Beta> "You, me, we were both born the same way.  Elemental spirits coalesced and given form.  Probably while practically all of us know at least a little magic.  I'm...not really sure exactly where something goes wrong with that quite yet."
  163. [19:28:23] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Ayane said something about changing the way the world works, too..."
  164. [19:29:00] <@Adenine> She frowns, trying to remember.
  165. [19:29:50] <Theta_The_Beta> "Like I said, don't got all the answers, and I could use help.  But that's up to you guys.  You got a lot to adapt to and come to terms with without me being a harbinger of terrible news, eh?  If you want, I can arrange to have you guys stay in Treno with the others, or stay here as well.  Beyond that?  The world is yours."
  166. [19:30:34] <@Adenine> Abigail: "...I'd like to at least see the others."
  167. [19:32:18] <@Adenine> Adenine: "So, boss, who else?" she asks.
  168. [19:34:00] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hm.  I'd offer the same to all of you but sounds like Tina's more likely to kick me in the crotch at the moment than stop and listen why I'm inviting her to my home," he laughs.  "Might be worth asking though."
  169. [19:34:56] <@Adenine> Adenine: "I can offer teleports back and forth if we happen to part ways."
  170. [19:35:35] <@Adenine> 1d2 by the way, where is Prickles?
  171. [19:35:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Adenine, by the way, where is Prickles?: 1 [1d2=1]
  172. [19:35:42] <@Adenine> 1d2 with Nat and the gang?
  173. [19:35:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Adenine, with Nat and the gang?: 1 [1d2=1]
  174. [19:35:45] <@Adenine> Okay then
  175. [19:36:09] <Theta_The_Beta> "What just take Abigail and me back for now then?  I've been meaning to ask one of the others to help me with more hands on stuff so you could tackle the bits you find more interesting."
  176. [19:36:17] <@Adenine> She nods.
  177. [19:36:17] <Giantree> (Holy crap that means Nat was spilling his secrets while he was right there watching)
  178. [19:36:35] <Theta_The_Beta> (good going jackasscat)
  179. [19:36:40] <Giantree> (Meow!)
  180. [19:36:47] <Theta_The_Beta> (THIS IS WHY IN A ROOM WITH YOU AND HITLER)
  181. [19:36:49] <Theta_The_Beta> (-YOU- GET SHOT)
  182. [19:36:56] <Giantree> (MEOW)
  183. [19:38:32] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Alright, let's go..."
  184. [19:38:57] <@Adenine> Adenine snrks at some joke only she gets as she calls up the teleport circle.
  185. [19:39:01] <@Adenine> VWOOP
  186. [19:39:16] <@Adenine> Arwill: "...Theeeeta? Cygnuuuus? Maaaayor?" ;-;
  187. [19:39:37] <@Adenine> MEANWHILE IN TRENO
  188. [19:40:24] <@Adenine> You land in front of the King-Theta estate. Theta-King. Something.
  189. [19:40:59] * Theta_The_Beta takes out his sketchbook and flips to a chart, putting a tally mark on something.  "Annnd here we are!"
  190. [19:41:02] <@Adenine> Savannah is out in the dirt, planting stalks of black sunflowers.
  191. [19:41:26] <@Adenine> Garland is chasing down field mice nearby.
  192. [19:42:07] <@Adenine> You see someone helping her with the work, but they're obscured by the row already planted. 404 seems to be out in the river, fishing in the canal and being disappointed. :C
  193. [19:42:37] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Holy hell, why did it get dark so fast?"
  194. [19:42:47] <@Adenine> T-89: "Welcome to Treno."
  195. [19:43:24] * Theta_The_Beta waves "Hi Savannah!  404!"
  196. [19:43:32] <Theta_The_Beta> "Yeah it's...just always dark here."
  197. [19:44:12] <@Adenine> 404 waves from the boat but she's too far out to respond. Savannah waves. "Hi, poppa!"
  198. [19:44:27] <@Adenine> ...Myrina pokes her head out from behind the sunflowers. "That's your dad?"
  199. [19:44:33] <@Adenine> Savannah: "Mhm!"
  200. [19:44:41] <Aori_Radidjiu> (oh boy here we go)
  201. [19:44:43] <Theta_The_Beta> "..."
  202. [19:45:01] <@Adenine> Adenine: "..."
  203. [19:45:14] <Theta_The_Beta> "A visitor?  Don't believe we've met have we?" He tries to bluff this at least a -bit-.
  204. [19:46:15] <@Adenine> Myrina steps out to meet you. "Um... no, don't think so!" she offers her hand. "...Lieutenant Myrina of Alexandria. ...u-um. Don't mind me, I'm not here on military business, it's just..."
  205. [19:46:20] <@Adenine> Savannah hurries over. "She got lost!"
  206. [19:47:10] <@Adenine> Savannah: "Apparently she was going to see that Blade guy! But none of us remembered how to get to his house. So she's hanging out here, is that okay, Poppa?"
  207. [19:47:41] <Aori_Radidjiu> (god fuck every time I read "Poppa" my heart wants to explode)
  208. [19:48:07] * Theta_The_Beta shakes her hand.  "I'm Theta.  Lost, eh?  I can see that.  Got lost here my first time around too.  Oh lord, him.  Uh, sure.  I'll drag him by later." He looks to Abigail.  "This is Savannah, might have known her by T111, 404's over there as I said..."
  209. [19:48:48] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I was around the middle of the production line, myself."
  210. [19:49:39] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Doon't think I knew 404."
  211. [19:49:56] <Theta_The_Beta> "Did that effect who you knew?  Vivian was 23, and Luna was 999...I imagine they are around."  He gives her a quick tour of the house.
  212. [19:50:01] <@Adenine> Savannah: "Hi!"
  213. [19:50:56] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Well, the ones near our own numbers were the first to be in our proximity... so I guess we're kind of closer. ...999's here? I don't envy her."
  214. [19:51:37] <Theta_The_Beta> "Why's that exactly? I heard Milly was 'special' but..."
  215. [19:52:45] <@Adenine> Abigail: "I heard 999's ability to cast magic wasn't so great, and then next one off the line is Ayane's favorite and a prodigy blue mage? Yeaaah... That had to have been a blow to her."
  216. [19:53:07] <@Adenine> As you're going through the house, you find Vivian having tea with Luna.
  217. [19:54:35] <@Adenine> The two look over, and Luna seems to be a bit surprised.
  218. [19:55:20] <@Adenine> Luna: "Oh... a visitor? Aren't you... 666?"
  219. [19:55:48] <Giantree> (Now we're up to... maybe two affirmed treeories all game!)
  220. [19:56:09] <@Adenine> (Thought about having Abigail go "Why does everyone think that")
  221. [19:56:13] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hey Vivian, Luna.  Oh, is that your number?  This is Abigail.  There's a few more of you guys now, offered to show her around.  Imagine you'll meet the rest before or at new years."
  222. [19:56:24] <castfromhp> ( /me buys Tree a )
  223. [19:56:32] <Giantree> (I DESERVE THIS)
  224. [19:57:04] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Guilty. And T-23, I'm honored." she bows a bit.
  225. [19:57:15] <@Adenine> Vivian: "O-oh... um..." she doesn't know quite how to take that.
  226. [19:57:55] <@Adenine> Abigail: "She was one of the first of us to start developing her individualism, I think?" she explains to Theta.
  227. [19:59:16] <@Adenine> Abigail: "As I understand it, she was also one of Ayane's favorites... at least until she decided not to come back from Lindblum. ...probably better that way in the end."
  228. [19:59:33] <@Adenine> T-89: "Hey, girls." she waves at Vivian and Luna, sitting down.
  229. [20:00:09] <@Adenine> Luna: "Well, welcome to the house! If you need anything, let us know! And hey, Adenine. Don't worry, everything's been going great."
  230. [20:00:22] <@Adenine> Vivian slides a cup of tea over to Adenine.
  231. [20:00:48] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hmmm.  I got that impression but didn't know it was that big a deal on the other end I guess.  Huh."
  232. [20:01:07] <@Adenine> T-89: "It had better be. I trust I can leave the house for a few days without having to babysit you." she teases Luna.
  233. [20:02:22] <@Adenine> Luna: "Peh!" she sticks her tongue out at Adenine.
  234. [20:03:43] <@Adenine> Vivian: "Are you planning to do something at New Years?"
  235. [20:03:50] * Theta_The_Beta chuckles.  "Actually meaning to ask you guys if any one else would be up for traveling.  Adenine's helping me with some business but could use some more hands on stuff too.  No rush though, hmm..."
  236. [20:04:15] <@Adenine> Luna: "Ooh... hm... actually I've been kinda busy. I think I might be wrapped up for a bit..."
  237. [20:04:39] <@Adenine> Vivian: "W-well... I'm free, and I think Savannah might be as well, but I don't want to speak for her."
  238. [20:04:57] <@Adenine> T-89: "You could always go back and pick up Ambrosia." she says to Theta.
  239. [20:05:06] <Theta_The_Beta> "New years?  I think I at least wanna have all of you here or in black mage village for something.  I don't...really got any large plans, just wanna catch up with how all of you are doing while I'm away I guess."
  240. [20:05:27] <@Adenine> Vivian nods.
  241. [20:06:17] <Theta_The_Beta> "I gotta figure out what she wants to do too.  She seems pretty content being Mikoto's helper at the moment though.  I'll keep that in mind, Vivian.  What have you been up to, Luna?"
  242. [20:06:31] <Theta_The_Beta> "I heard something about the Rooks from Adenine, it related to that?"
  243. [20:06:50] <@Adenine> Luna and Vivian exchange looks.
  244. [20:07:01] <@Adenine> T-89 sips her tea. "It's a secret." she says with a knowing smile.
  245. [20:07:19] <@Adenine> Luna: "Aw, come on. We can tell Theta."
  246. [20:07:41] <Theta_The_Beta> "Huh?"
  247. [20:08:56] <@Adenine> Adenine shrugs and Luna looks over.
  248. [20:09:15] <@Adenine> Luna: "The Rooks have asked us all to help with preparations for this year's new year's event!"
  249. [20:09:47] <@Adenine> Luna: "My part's kind of involved, but the others can probably slip away if it's just one..."
  250. [20:10:08] <Theta_The_Beta> "Ooooooh..."
  251. [20:10:32] <@Adenine> Vivian: "They're paying us rather well, too."
  252. [20:11:23] <@Adenine> Savannah calls out from downstairs. "Looooooneeeeeeey! Did you eat the last of the maaangooo?"
  253. [20:11:42] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Aha.  Figure I should meet the neighbors eventually mself.  That makes things tricky huh." He tries to mask being a bit sad his plans would be tricky, but can't really be upset about it.
  254. [20:12:14] <@Adenine> Vivian: "Well... um... if you had something in mind I'm willing to drop the project..."
  255. [20:12:46] <Theta_The_Beta> "You kidding me?  I can't ask you guys to do that.  This is your thing.  I should plan around it."
  256. [20:13:20] <@Adenine> Luna calls back down. "I gave the other half to the kid from second street!"
  257. [20:13:21] <Theta_The_Beta> "I shoulda mentioned it sooner if I really had something in mind.  Don't worry about it."
  258. [20:13:26] <@Adenine> Savannah: "Awww...."
  259. [20:13:35] <@Adenine> Luna: "You sure?"
  260. [20:14:52] <@Adenine> T-89: "There's probably plenty of time to actually celebrate once everything's in place, I don't doubt we can attend here and black mage village, too."
  261. [20:15:04] <@Adenine> Savannah: "Wah! That's amazing!"
  262. [20:15:19] <@Adenine> There's a loud popping noise coming from downstairs.
  263. [20:15:24] * Theta_The_Beta nods.  "Don't drop your stuff cause of me, yeah.  We'll figure it out."
  264. [20:15:49] <Theta_The_Beta> "Heck could be a good chance to bring the others -here- to show them plenty of you guys are getting along just fine on your own too, right Abigai- the heck was that."
  265. [20:16:49] <@Adenine> Abigail: "Sure, I suppose."
  266. [20:17:08] <@Adenine> Vivian gets up. "I... think we should go to see." she reaches up to adjust her hat, but she isn't wearing one. Whoops.
  267. [20:17:29] * Theta_The_Beta chuckles and tosses her his before heading downstairs.
  268. [20:17:36] <Theta_The_Beta> "Did Garland knock over that mirror already? Maaaan."
  269. [20:17:39] <@Adenine> The lot of you get up to investigate the mysterious popping sound.
  270. [20:18:07] <@Adenine> Savannah is standing next to Myrina, who is holding a sealed kettle over one of her hands, where a flame is coming out of her fingertips.
  271. [20:18:48] <@Adenine> Myrina lifts the lid to show off fluffy white popcorn. "Heat and pressure. Pop! Just like that."
  272. [20:18:59] <@Adenine> Myrina: "All you need is a bunch of corn seeds."
  273. [20:19:14] <@Adenine> Myrina: "(And some salt and butter too.)"
  274. [20:19:33] <@Adenine> Savannah: "That seems really easy..."
  275. [20:19:47] <@Adenine> Theta, you've -probably- heard of popcorn before.
  276. [20:19:54] <@Adenine> But it's probably no surprise Savannah hasn't.
  277. [20:20:17] <Theta_The_Beta> "Oh.  Popcorn." He had it in Lindblum!
  278. [20:20:25] <@Adenine> Savannah reaches for a handful and munchmunchmunch. She waves at you as you come down the stairs. "Hi, poffa!"
  279. [20:21:24] <@Adenine> Savannah: "It's good, too.. hey, I bet that would sell at the festival! Even people here should be able to afford something that cheap to make, huh?"
  280. [20:21:54] <@Adenine> Vivian: "Savannah, Theta was thinking about asking one of us to come with him when he leaves, what do you think?"
  281. [20:22:32] <@Adenine> Savannah looks over. "Oh! I'd love to get to spend time with you!" she says to Theta, though she looks at Myrina. "I hope everything goes well with Mr. Blade."
  282. [20:22:51] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hahahaha...."
  283. [20:22:59] <Theta_The_Beta> "Sorry he's.  Well you'll see when you meet him."
  284. [20:23:47] <@Adenine> Myrina: "Well, his sister seemed to speak pretty highly of him... I took some time off to try and train myself to control my anger better. I'm just... Kind of an angry person sometimes." :<
  285. [20:24:23] <Theta_The_Beta> "Thanks you two.  I'll probably be around town a bit so will ask one of you later."
  286. [20:24:32] <Theta_The_Beta> "Well...I'm not gonna deny he's strong...he's just..."
  287. [20:24:38] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Sorta funny and hard to take seriously."
  288. [20:25:10] <@Adenine> Myrina: "Ugh... hope I know what I'm doing..."
  289. [20:25:46] <Theta_The_Beta> "I could go try to find him.  You're not going to find their house without knowing how to.  And...uh...what's up with 404? She depressed or just no fish?"
  290. [20:26:32] <@Adenine> T-89: "I don't think there -are- fish in the canal. If there were the poor would have snapped them up. All she's probably getting is garbage."
  291. [20:26:44] <@Adenine> T-89: "But there's something to be said about her trying to go out and do something on her own."
  292. [20:29:19] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hmm... I'll keep that in mind, thanks."
  293. [20:29:55] <@Adenine> Okay, where you going, who you taking?
  294. [20:30:05] <Theta_The_Beta> (This would be about the time he'd go snag blade I think but I feel sorta guilty making you play ALL DAAAAY and I gotta get dinner myself so maybe pause here or something least for a break?)
  295. [20:30:13] <@Adenine> Yeah, we'll pause.
  297. [20:54:39] <@Forafa> Myrina follows you out presumably since you're heading to the Renegade house, and I think you're saying goodbye to the others for now? 404 is hanging out in her canoe, casting her rod again and again.
  298. [20:55:30] <Theta_The_Beta> Yup!  Theta says goodbye to the others and that he'll be back before too long, but he calls over to 404. "Hey! 404!  Wanna take a break from that and go for a walk?"
  299. [20:58:16] <@Forafa> "Okay~" she calls over and begins chanting a spell.
  300. [20:58:21] <@Forafa> ....
  301. [20:58:29] <@Forafa> "Escape!"
  302. [20:58:35] <@Forafa> She reappears on the shoreline, the canoe drifting free in the lake now.
  303. [20:58:38] <@Forafa> She puts her hands behind her back as she looks at you, curious.
  304. [20:58:42] <@Forafa> Myrina sort of timids and waves.
  305. [20:58:58] <Theta_The_Beta> "Come along.  I'm showing Myrina here to someone's house but wanted to talk with you."
  306. [20:59:15] <Theta_The_Beta> "See how you're doing and such.  I don't think I got much a chance to talk with you alone yet."
  307. [20:59:21] <@Forafa> "Gotcha!"
  308. [21:00:02] <@Forafa> She hums as you start to walk along.
  309. [21:00:51] <Theta_The_Beta> "How has life been here so far?  Are you happy? Seemed a bit sad on that boat earlier..."
  310. [21:04:09] <@Forafa> "I just wanted to get a fish." :<
  311. [21:05:42] <Theta_The_Beta> "I don't think you're gonna have much luck with that here.  Do you like fishing?  Or...just wanted to do something?"
  312. [21:05:47] <@Forafa> "But other than that, life's been great! Seen lots of cute guys... someone asked me if I was married~ Adenine says skills pay bills, so I've been looking into going to school. But there don't seem to be any here..."
  313. [21:06:12] <@Forafa> "Um... well, I don't know if I do! I've done a bunch of it now and haven't had much luck, so maybe I'm just not good at it?"
  314. [21:07:25] <@Forafa> "ooh, if I'm not good at something, should I hate it?"
  315. [21:08:57] <Theta_The_Beta> "Married? Bit soon for that eh?  Probably just haven't done with the fishing cause there aren't many fish here. schools here eh.   Do you think you'd want to live some place where there is one?"
  316. [21:09:08] <Theta_The_Beta> "Or...maybe I could try to find you a tutor?"
  317. [21:12:56] <@Forafa> "Vivian said that's what the rich people here do... but we're not very rich, are we?"
  318. [21:13:14] <@Forafa> "I want to go to school, but I don't want to leave everyone either..." :<
  319. [21:13:42] <@Forafa> "Wish I could just be as smart and cool as Adenine, or as pretty as Savannah..."
  320. [21:14:01] <@Forafa> "Oh! I'm good at volleyball. Do you think I could join a volleyball team? Kyaaaa~"
  321. [21:14:59] <Theta_The_Beta> "Mmmm...Don't beat yourself up about it.  I'm sure you'll find something you're good at.  I'll look into the teacher thing for you alright?"  
  322. [21:15:01] <@Forafa> "(And I dunno, none of us are very old but we're physically pretty mature, what do you think?)"
  323. [21:15:12] <@Forafa> Myrina raises an eyebrow at 'none of us are very old'.
  324. [21:15:19] <@Forafa> "Okay~"
  325. [21:16:44] <Theta_The_Beta> "(You hit your growth spurts just that early.") he teases back before looking to Myrina.  "Sorry.  Just hard to keep tabs on how everyone's doing when you're not around much."
  326. [21:18:48] <@Forafa> "Uu..."
  327. [21:19:03] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Uh-huh... So are they all your kids? You don't look very old... Adopted or something?"
  328. [21:20:27] <Theta_The_Beta> "It's...sorta complicated.  Adopted wouldn't really fit right either cause not all of them -see- me that way, just Savannah really..."
  329. [21:21:44] <Theta_The_Beta> "Sorry.  Don't really got a good way to describe it.  We were sorta brought together by circumstance."
  330. [21:21:55] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Ah-hah..." She hangs back a bit to let you talk to her more, then.
  331. [21:22:17] <@Forafa> "...Do you think I'm annoying?" she asks, suddenly.
  332. [21:22:22] <@Forafa> 404, that is.
  333. [21:22:53] <Theta_The_Beta> "Huh?  No.  I don't.  Did someone say that?"
  334. [21:23:08] <@Forafa> She nods. "..I don't know if they really meant it or not..."
  335. [21:23:46] <Theta_The_Beta> "Do you mind if I ask who?"
  336. [21:24:27] <@Forafa> She considers a moment, then shakes her head. "Don't wanna tell. It's okay, I can deal with it... and I don't want you being mad at them."
  337. [21:24:42] <@Forafa> "She probably didn't -really- mean it..."
  338. [21:25:16] <Theta_The_Beta> "...I think I know why she might have said that.  I imagine she'll apologize eventually."
  339. [21:25:50] <@Forafa> She nods, walking along.
  340. [21:26:08] <@Forafa> You end up at Renegade's doorstep before long.
  341. [21:26:22] <Theta_The_Beta> "You're just having a hard time adjusting.  It's alright, it was slow for me too."
  342. [21:26:32] <Theta_The_Beta> "Ah, here we are." He knocks.
  343. [21:27:00] <@Forafa> ....
  344. [21:27:05] <@Forafa> Creaaaaaaak.
  345. [21:27:28] <@Forafa> A walking suit of armor with black hair hanging down answers the door.
  346. [21:27:36] <@Forafa> Alexis: "Hello." she says quietly.
  347. [21:27:51] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hey Alexis.  Blade feeling better?"
  348. [21:28:13] <Theta_The_Beta> "This here's Myrina.  Lenore was trying to introduce her to him I think."
  349. [21:28:15] <@Forafa> Alexis: "Kind of... his wounds are healed up, but..."
  350. [21:28:23] <@Forafa> Alexis: "Oh, I see." she looks over at Myrina.
  351. [21:28:32] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Uh, yeah, I'm one of Lenore's friends!"
  352. [21:28:46] <@Forafa> Alexis: "Well, go on ahead." she moves to let you in.
  353. [21:29:06] * Theta_The_Beta nods and walks inside.
  354. [21:30:44] <@Forafa> Heading to Blade's room, he seems to have recovered all of his equipment and is sans bandages. He's doing a number of pushups with some sort of weighted jacket on.
  355. [21:31:10] <Theta_The_Beta> "...Man you do -not- waste time do you."
  356. [21:32:00] <@Forafa> Blade: "I hate being idle." he stands up, taking off the jacket and looking between you three. "Theta, wasn't it? You're Lenore's friend. ...Thanks for looking after her."
  357. [21:32:10] <@Forafa> He actually seems to be a bit troubled.
  358. [21:32:36] <Theta_The_Beta> "Pft."
  359. [21:32:53] <Theta_The_Beta> "Man I'm just like the cheerleader.  Those three are super human or something."
  360. [21:32:54] <@Forafa> He looks between Myrina and 404... ...resting his gaze on 404 a moment.
  361. [21:33:00] <@Forafa> Blade: "Like the hair color."
  362. [21:33:31] <@Forafa> He looks at you. "The moment you sell yourself short is the moment you resign yourself to inferiority."
  363. [21:33:38] <@Forafa> *Lena
  364. [21:33:41] <Theta_The_Beta> "I think Lenore dyed it for her?  Forafa, Myrina, this is Blade."
  365. [21:34:01] <Theta_The_Beta> "Uh huh.  I'm sure."
  366. [21:34:28] <@Forafa> That's probably the first time she's been called Forafa IC, it's cute~
  367. [21:34:33] <@Forafa> "Oh... hi!"
  368. [21:34:53] <@Forafa> Myrina nods. "Hi..."
  369. [21:35:29] <Theta_The_Beta> "Myrina was at my place - got lost looking for you.  Lenore suggested she look for you for something or another?"
  370. [21:35:54] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Yeah... she said to come look for you to help train me and help control my rage..."
  371. [21:36:44] <@Forafa> Blade: "Forget it. I don't have time to waste training you." he says, shrugging and going to get a book off of his shelf.
  372. [21:37:02] <@Forafa> Myrina: "W-what? But I'm a friend of hers! She said that if I told you I was her friend, you'd do it!"
  373. [21:37:18] <Theta_The_Beta> "Ouch."
  374. [21:37:19] <@Forafa> Blade: "I already said no. Fuck off."
  375. [21:37:27] <@Forafa> Myrina: "W...w..."
  376. [21:37:55] <@Forafa> Myrina: "You bastard! I came all this way from Madain Sari to..." she's got tears running out of her eyes, and they're staring to steam as he hair flares up a little.
  377. [21:38:25] <@Forafa> She suddenly lunges for Blade, but he looks up, steps to the side, kicks her leg and flips her over his knee onto the ground.
  378. [21:38:45] <@Forafa> Blade: "Lesson one. You react too strongly to insults. We will start with meditation as soon as my guests leave."
  379. [21:39:06] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Ugh..."
  380. [21:39:13] <Theta_The_Beta> "Oh you clever bastard."
  381. [21:39:20] <Theta_The_Beta> "Damn you're better than your dad at that."
  382. [21:40:32] <@Forafa> Blade laughs a bit. "Thanks."
  383. [21:40:42] <@Forafa> Blade: "...I'd hope so, anyway."
  384. [21:41:01] <@Forafa> 404 is just watching Myrina lay on the ground with a :O face.
  385. [21:41:35] <@Forafa> Blade: "Actually, when she came by, she tried to get me and dad to make up. ...she doesn't realize I can't just turn my back on what I've spent six years of my life working towards, though."
  386. [21:43:57] <Theta_The_Beta> "I'll admit I don't like him either cause he trolled the living hell out of me, but I sorta get an idea how he feels sometimes and why he's probably like that." He shrugs.  
  387. [21:45:00] <Theta_The_Beta> "And you're acting like you wasted all that time even after aquiring something like that crazy ass sword of yours or something."
  388. [21:46:06] <@Forafa> Blade: "It's just..."
  389. [21:47:15] <@Forafa> Blade: "I've spent six years honing my skills, searching for powerful relics across Gaia, abandoning everything else in pursuit of one thing, ending the life of a selfish and uncaring immortal who has spent far too much time in this land. If I just go with what Lena asked and... forgive him, what have I been doing with myself? What do I do with my power from here on out?"
  390. [21:47:49] <@Forafa> Blade: "I feel like I've steeped myself too far into the darkness to turn back now."
  391. [21:49:38] <Theta_The_Beta> "Jeez, you need a girl friend more than I do. ever think of this from his angle?"
  392. [21:49:48] <Theta_The_Beta> "And this isn't entirely relevant, but the last time I heard of a guy killing his immortal dad, it sorta destroyed my homeworld.  Just sayin'."
  393. [21:51:06] <@Forafa> He looks up, just giving you a look.
  394. [21:51:18] <@Forafa> 404 retreats behind you as he does.
  395. [21:51:47] <Theta_The_Beta> "What?"
  396. [21:52:16] <@Forafa> Blade: "Why is everyone suddenly on my case about finding a relationship?"
  397. [21:52:49] <@Forafa> Blade: "It's bad enough mother thinks Alexis and I are fornicating whenever she's not looking..."
  398. [21:53:24] <Theta_The_Beta> "To be fair your mom is sorta weird about that."
  399. [21:53:27] <@Forafa> Blade: "...but on your other point, what do you mean?"
  400. [21:54:10] <Theta_The_Beta> "(What the heck is up with you two then anyway?  Hetero life partners?)"
  401. [21:54:45] <@Forafa> Blade: "Uh, kinda."
  402. [21:55:33] <@Forafa> Blade: "..." he squints a bit at 404 hiding behind you and she retreats around to Theta's other side, peeking over his shoulder.
  403. [21:56:14] <Theta_The_Beta> "Oh, right.  Well...think about it.  You know for certain you'll outlive your entire family.  What do you do?  Life with the grief of having to bury all of them until someone DOES strike you down?  I...can see why he sorta keeps you at arms length.  Not that it's right but hell he probably -hopes- you kill him so he doesn't gotta live with that."
  404. [21:56:32] <Theta_The_Beta> "Or I could be totally wrong and he's just a jerkass.  I dunno.  I sorta think it's more than that though."
  405. [21:56:58] <@Forafa> Blade: "You really think it's that simple, huh?" the question is genuine rather than sarcastic, and he sits on the bed.
  406. [21:59:18] <Theta_The_Beta> "It's a fear I understand at least.  Heck Lenore broke up with me because I was sorta acting too much like h-" crap.
  407. [21:59:55] <@Forafa> "..." he narrows his eyes.
  408. [22:00:24] <Theta_The_Beta> "..."
  409. [22:00:41] <@Forafa> He gets up for a moment, circles you, causing 404 to circle around opposite, studies you, then sits back on the bed.
  410. [22:01:25] <Theta_The_Beta> "I know what you're thinkin'.  I think.  Funny thing is that was sorta the issue.  Nothing happened.  I'm far to damn busy."
  411. [22:01:55] <@Forafa> Blade: "As long as you didn't break her heart."
  412. [22:02:12] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hah."
  413. [22:03:20] <@Forafa> Blade: "..Well, better luck with your next girlfriend, I guess."
  414. [22:04:23] <Theta_The_Beta> "Remember, she kicked ME to the curb.  Anyway reason I brought that up is you seem to have WAAAAY too much time on your hands and no idea how to spend it...other...than...aquiring more artifacts of power.  Or something.  Just a thought?"
  415. [22:04:54] <@Forafa> Blade: "I used to be much more of a hardass about this sort of thing... about protecting Lena, about ending my father's life... but when Lena looked into my eyes earlier today, and told me that she'd put me back in bandages if I raised a finger against our father, I could tell she meant it. ...And that made me think, a lot."
  416. [22:04:59] <@Forafa> Blade grumbles a bit.
  417. [22:06:02] <@Forafa> Blade: "Who would I even date? Nowadays girls are either scared of me like she is or just want me for my body."
  418. [22:06:13] <@Forafa> 404: "....." Bluuush.
  419. [22:06:50] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hahahahaha, oh jeez."
  420. [22:07:03] <Theta_The_Beta> "Man do you and Alexis just like, avoid all other travelers?"
  421. [22:07:22] <@Forafa> Blade: "??? Uhh, maybe."
  422. [22:07:30] <Theta_The_Beta> "Hey, Myrina, how many guys did you see on the way here from Madian Sari as oppose to girls?"
  423. [22:08:00] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Just... an airship pilot." she groans.
  424. [22:08:39] <Theta_The_Beta> "There are.  So many single girls out adventuring right now.  It's almost silly."
  425. [22:09:09] <Theta_The_Beta> "It's like, you, me, and Vivi's kids."
  426. [22:09:21] <@Forafa> Blade: "So what are you suggesting man, we go fishing for ladies together or something?"
  427. [22:09:21] <Theta_The_Beta> "And Siegfried.  But he doesn't really count."
  428. [22:09:33] <@Forafa> 404: "I like fishing..." she mumbles quietly.
  429. [22:10:22] <@Forafa> Blade: "You met Siegfried?"
  430. [22:11:18] <Theta_The_Beta> "I'm sorta in a weird position and could tell you more about it later, but I cound introduce you to a -lot- of girls.  And yeah we fought along side one another like...two days ago.  Ultros.  Ick."
  431. [22:12:13] <@Forafa> Blade: "I learned basic spellcasting from my father. Siegfried is the one that taught me how to use a sword, though I didn't really stick around for his advanced lessons. The guy that showed up to the Gauntlet battles a bit back was a complete imposter."
  432. [22:12:39] * Theta_The_Beta shrugs. "Wasn't there.  Can't say."
  433. [22:12:59] <Theta_The_Beta> "He sure kicked the crap out of Ultros though."
  434. [22:13:03] <@Forafa> Blade shakes his head. "Some guy claiming to be Siegfried, but he was defeated in one blow by that Dragon Knight."
  435. [22:14:51] <@Forafa> Blade: "He's talented, that's for sure, but I think I'm surpassed him in recent years. ...that may partially be thanks to Catastrophe."
  436. [22:15:50] <@Forafa> 404 whispers something in your ear.
  437. [22:17:42] * Theta_The_Beta looks down to her and hrrrms with a slight smirk.  
  438. [22:19:18] * Theta_The_Beta sticks her in front of him.  "You know Lenore, right Forafa?  She dyed your hair right?  This is Blade, her big brother."
  439. [22:19:47] <@Forafa> "Eep! Hi again."
  440. [22:19:56] <@Forafa> She's turned a scarlet shade.
  441. [22:20:19] <Theta_The_Beta> "Forafa here is...I guess the best way to put it a cousin of mine.  She heard you mention fishing and is too shy to ask you if you know any good fishing spots, and if you'd give her pointers."
  442. [22:21:08] <@Forafa> Blade hrrms on that, getting the implication. "Sure I can."
  443. [22:22:47] <Theta_The_Beta> "Mhm.  We live down by the king estate, smaller house on the water.  Sure you could find it.  Anyway, held up Myrina here long enough.  G'luck with stuff."
  444. [22:23:45] <@Forafa> 404: "I-I'll look forward to seeing you!" She slips behind Theta agin.
  445. [22:23:46] <@Forafa> *again
  446. [22:23:57] <@Forafa> Myrina: "Why is there pain."
  447. [22:24:03] <@Forafa> Myrina: ;-;
  448. [22:24:24] <@Forafa> Blade: "Thanks, you too."
  449. [22:25:01] <@Forafa> Blade: "Alright, get up, you. You have a long way to go before you're in shape, but we're going to hit the ground running."
  450. [22:25:55] <@Forafa> He drags Myrina to her feet, then starts rummaging around his room for bandages and such, before beginning to blindfold her.
  451. [22:25:59] * Theta_The_Beta nods and makes his leave.  Once outside he looks to 404.  "Well if things go well -you- get to brag you got a boyfriend to the others, eh?"
  452. [22:26:28] <@Forafa> "You... you think so? He -is- cute... a bit scary too, b-but I don't... really mind that."
  453. [22:26:40] <@Forafa> "He seems nice, too..."
  454. [22:27:31] <Theta_The_Beta> "Guess you could ask Lenore more about him.  I don't know him any better than you do really." he laughs.
  455. [22:27:59] <@Forafa> "I'll try to..." she nods.
  456. [22:28:58] <Theta_The_Beta> (That's all I really got in mind at the moment, thanks Kain!)
  457. [22:30:00] <@Forafa> Sure thing.
  458. [22:30:03] <@Forafa> Decided on who you're taking?
  459. [22:31:38] <Theta_The_Beta> well, considering it's gonna be like...
  460. [22:32:05] <Theta_The_Beta> nearly 10 days before I can act on that, I was thinking just asking Savannah when it came up.
  461. [22:32:15] <@Forafa> Sounds good~
  462. [22:32:27] <@Forafa> We can maybe mini more sometime
  463. [22:32:30] <@Forafa> </session>
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