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  1. mimirueToday at 11:09 AM
  2. k i did meet som ppl who the alters messed w/bfor us.
  3. Bone DaddyToday at 11:12 AM
  4. Oh? Did they have a solution?
  5. mimirueToday at 11:17 AM
  6. no bc/they say thet the alters still try w/'em to..but i did find they've thousends of follows not jest 300..+ rember how there split in groupes? theres 7 groupes of 'em + belladonnas only said 3 and us only there's evn more.
  7. Bone DaddyToday at 11:22 AM
  8. That's dire. . .  . . . We've merely crossed a fraction of them.
  9. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 12:25 PM
  10. We got rid of the ones in here though, right? Grim was the last?
  11. Cause Crim said he was the most suspect and stuff.........
  12. mimirueToday at 12:31 PM
  13. lets hope..+ thets awsom hes abel to tell thet. hackers rule.
  14. xd
  15. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 12:32 PM
  16. Yep. The fact he was like "p sure that's the guy" then not even a day later BOOM. XD;;;
  17. I didn't want to be right about those idiots coming here. - .-;;;; And as werid of a feeling I got about Jakeyboi, I had no idea it was that. Grim, yes. But him? siiiiiighs
  18. The sickest feeling I got is when Jakeyboi started pressuring me for info. The Alterers tend to do that. My gut told me not to trust.
  19. mimirueToday at 12:40 PM
  20. ya we new grim was avious, jest thot jakeyboy was a normel pervvy creeper.
  21. xd
  22. Bone DaddyToday at 12:41 PM
  23. I'm sorry, but I still believe they are here.
  24. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 12:41 PM
  25. Oh......okie........
  26. Alpha13Today at 12:41 PM
  27. I think we can weed en out if so
  28. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 12:42 PM
  29. Well I know I have at least one on my fb. v .v;;;; But I really can't tell who.
  30. I'm ready to be permanently done with these douchebags.
  31. mimirueToday at 12:49 PM
  32. i don regrret joinin' evn tho i had to deal w/'em bc/the rest of ya'll're awsom. the most amazin' ppl evr.
  33. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 12:50 PM
  34. I met a lot of my now closest friends because of them. LOL So I agree. But I do want my life back of not having to worry about them all the time.
  35. mimirueToday at 1:01 PM
  36. how's aka today?
  37. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 1:02 PM
  38. I haven't seen him today.
  39. But Thanatos said Blah-sama was still doing crummy.
  40. Can totally understand that feel. T ^T I cry every day for evers for husbando. He was the one who helped me through their crap too.
  41. mimirueToday at 1:05 PM
  42. *hugs you + baramos sama *
  43. Bone DaddyToday at 1:08 PM
  44. It isn't safe to speak here about what they may or may not do. I believe they have eyes here yet.
  45. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 1:09 PM
  46. Deleted it................
  47. I'm just scared.
  48. clings
  49. mimirueToday at 1:14 PM
  50. there i made a groupe messege so we can talk bout 'em were its only us.
  51. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 1:15 PM
  52. I'll get Rissa-chan, Placard, and Icy in there too.
  53. mimirueToday at 1:26 PM
  54. rissa's soo cuute.
  55. xd
  56. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 1:28 PM
  57. Yus. Yus she is. XD When Thanatos calls me the sweetest lamb I'm haven't met my bestie gf. XDDD
  58. mimirueToday at 1:33 PM
  59. she's so shy.
  60. Mordegon's BelladonnaToday at 1:37 PM
  61. She is the shiest person I have ever met. ^^;;;
  62. Alpha13Today at 1:53 PM
  63. huggles
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