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  1. Rage 2 Impressions -
  3. Done with Destiny 2 + Nerfs -
  5. Power of the Cloud? -  -
  7. LionelB Snippet -
  9. (Original Snippet -
  11. - Says Meta can say it better (Meta's own words he's referring to) Right after this Meta explains what he meant (he has just said Meta gets to clarify in case he misunderstood Meta)
  13. - PuertoRock says its apples to oranges bec he wants to compare the two "game divisions" of MS/Sony,  - why does this matter anymore than when right before when I said that the size of MS vs Sony made a difference, so wasn't true then, but is now because it game divisions, yet all of this stuff applies to more than just gaming? He used an example of bec they didn't make TV's whats that have to do with anything? It has to do with the fact obviously MS has more money for R&D or w/e other resources needed to do ANYTHING than Sony can do. It also had literally nothing to do with what we were talking, or about as much as people saying Meta was "hyperfocusing on cloud".
  15. - He said Meta SAID THAT MS/SONY WAS NOT SIMILAR AFTER LISTING A BUNCH OF THINGS THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT META SAID. This is a flat out lie, provide a receipt or proof of where I said this. Please timestamp it like I do. I never said MS/Sony was not similar.
  17. - Lie 2 he again says I said the MS/Sony are not similar when I did not. He has no proof of this BECAUSE I NEVER SAID THIS.
  19. - Hyperfocusing on cloud part? This was whole point of Meta and PuertoRock debate or the topic we had? Luca said this didnt help my argument when this is exactly what we was talking about.
  21. - Meta said "metaphorically" that the size of Sony in relationship to MS meant that Sony functioned as a "de facto" not, literal, division of MS. Because the size of their companies matters as much as size of their gaming divisions.
  23. - Luca warns when I trying to replay im going to go off on a tangent when i havent been able to reply without several cutoffs.
  25. - Meta tries to "quote" him again.
  27. - PuertoRock confirms I am saying that MS/Sony size matters, the same as PS division vs X Box div. (remember above PuertoRock said that "Meta can say it better (Meta's own words)" this is a direct quoted and timestamped above.
  29. - Meta reminds him that PuertoRock has literally asked Meta to paraphrase it.
  31. - PuertoRock then LIES, and says HE didn't ask Meta to paraphrase it or explain what was meant. (See earlier timestamp)
  33. - Luca also says PR didn't tell Meta to paraphrase it or explain what Meta meant in LionelB twitter post that was the inital reason for PuertoRock, Meta, Lionel discussion. (See earlier timestamp)
  35.  - PuertoRock understands Meta means size wise and still only accepts the gaming divisions as a comparison of "size".
  37. - PuertoRock says that X division of PS made more money than the entire X Box division, so again now the "size" of a division, part of a division, or part of a company is relevant because it suits his argument. But not when it suits mine.
  39. -  Meta said that the divisions made "basically" the same amount of money, this is probably this worst statement i made, bec i didn't clarify i was meaning this more in the relationship of value to the overall companies (ie Sony/PS div vs MS/Xbox div)
  41. - SlowMo argued with me yet no one ever pulled up what he actually said.
  43. - timestamp from what SloMo actually said that Meta was quoting
  45. - Meta reminded SloMo i was talking 5 years from now.
  47. - Murk follows up and says 2 will be gens and SloMo says FACTS, FACTS
  49. - Meta repeats back what SloMo said
  51. - SloMo then agrees that he said it would be 2 gens before cloud would replace box
  53. - Everyone claims MS isnt going to dominate next gen, even though Tencent and PS both combined with MS make up a majority of the gaming space. and are now directly partnered and customers of MS.
  55. - Meta reminds panel of 5 year statement in earlier statement, being the time that 5G would be deployed and allow the streaming that SloMo and PuertoRock claim isnt fast enough to support streaming.
  57. - Carlos discusses how Metaphors can cause issues.
  59. - Carlos states cloud computing is not a assured? technology, I think he means established/proven.
  61. - Meta says this is a lie becuase there are several current examples that people use everyday of cloud computing like Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  63. - Carlos states its not an apparent reality now just becuase he doesnt understand the different form of cloud computing people are already using and have been for decades? He states cloud technology is in "Beta" phase.
  65. - Meta quotes another IT professional discussing the partnership announcement. "Sony needed an infrastructure partner to remain competitive as cloud gaming and cloud services start to gain traction," said Piers Harding-Rolls, director and head of games research and lead AR/VR analyst for IHS Markit in a commentary on the Microsoft-Sony deal. "Microsoft has deep expertise in relation to games service deployment in Azure and it is building out its own cloud gaming service in Azure - it is likely this has an impact on Sony's thinking when deciding on a partner."
  67. -  Meta says Sony had to chose one of big three, and choose MS due to their experience with gaming. He remind panel of Tencent (see earlier Timestamp), PS, MS combined size in market. This is game developer just like PS as well.
  69. - Yes/No is customer in control. Claims this "Aint a court of law." So answering a yes/no question during a debate means you in court? Odd.
  71. -  No answer to yes/no question. States Meta is not a prosecutor, boy that interregation seat hot.
  73. - Meta bring up PuertoRock discussing how he didnt like PSNOW, and how he wanted PS to invest resources into, then quoted him: (See PuertoRock Close Caption Timestamp)
  75. - PuertoRock Timestamp where PuertoRock states according to the Close Caption: "as I said from start I'd rather have Sony invested into more servers (cloud) for the actual PSN (cloud) network (cloud) and make that better, provide dedicated service for games or multiplayers (cloud) across the board, then PSNow(cloud)" He even says he doesn't think PS NOW is a good service. HE LITERALLY SAID HE RATHER HAVE SONY INVEST IN the NETWORK AND Muliplayer, etc,  the exact features he goes on to describe are cloud features, and doesnt even realize they are the SAME THING.
  77. - Meta repeats what PuertoRock said about "I'd rather have Sony invested into more servers (cloud) for the actual PSN (cloud) network (cloud) and make that better, provide dedicated service for games or multiplayer (cloud) across the board, then PSNow(cloud)"
  79. - Again. PuertoRock discusses PSNow and the "cloud" that PS uses as two diff things when PSNOW is part of the Playstation cloud ie PSN/PSNOW/PS+. PuertoRock also says that they would/should offered dedicated service BECAUSE of Azure, you know, cloud services and features.
  81. a chatter even reminds PR of my point from previous timestamp:
  82. 44:44
  83. Jd Gamer​Puerto Rock tencent which is actually the largest publisher in video games and is based in China does really well in China and the US and everywhere else and they make more money than Sony or MS
  85. - Meta explains why the parts that PuertoRock was describing are different parts of the "cloud" and they he didnt understand that he didnt understand how to apply the terms he was using, thereby demonstrating he does not understand the concepts and why he was contradicting himself. That the things he was discussing were all part of the "cloud".
  87. - PuertoRock realizes he is lost and didnt understand that he was using terms in way that showed he did not even understand what the "cloud" is. "I don't even know what the hell he did", "I have no idea what he accomplished (PuertoRock is now confused again about what is going on).
  89. - Meta reminds PuertoRock to go back and listen to his own worlds and how he was describing the cloud (mistakenly thinking he is describing something different)
  91. - PuertoRock offers to repeat what he said "live". (Actual Timestamp and quote above) he then again (according to Close Caption says "I would rather have them invest in PSN network (cloud), that way we could get better multiplayer (cloud) by getting dedicated servers (cloud).
  93. - Meta reminds PuertoRock that things he is describing are parts of the cloud, and what make up a "cloud" to begin with.
  95. - PuertoRocks states he is not arguing if it is the "cloud" or not.
  97. - PuertoRock states he never argued how its done. Not sure that this means?
  99. - PuertoRock realizes he has lost the debate to Meta and states "I destroyed you for no reason". PuertoRock realizes at this point he has got in over his head debating Meta when he is not as knowledgable as Meta in It.
  101. - PuertoRock falsely claims Meta has motives to "give him an L at any cost" instead of addressing the fact that he has been wrong basically about everything entire discussion and contradicted himself and committed several logical fallacies. Both about what I said, what he said, etc. Even lying in the process (see above timestamps)
  103. - PuertoRock says Meta is "making shit up" No example of how Meta is "making shit up.
  105. - Meta reminds PuertoRock he is now lying.
  107. - Bandwagonning
  109. - Im told a logical fallacy that what is right and wrong is decided by the "people in the chat" which has nothing to do with what I and PuertoRock are talking about or what got said. This is a logical fallacy and is Bandwagonning to support your argument as Meta pointed out. Told that facts/lies, etc don't matter only chat devices and what most people agree is right is right.
  111. - Meta reminds that Facts are not based on popular opinion.
  113. - Allday thinks RoundTable Podcast was the source of discussion when it was my original podcast that PuertoRock had shared that Lionel was talking about not RoundTable.
  115. - Meta reminds AllDay that the conversation that Lionel was quoting was from Meta's first Scumcast episode, not RoundTable.
  117. - Meta reminds the panel that they can rewind and listen to disprove Meta's statements.
  119. - Meta states arguing facts is a waste of time.
  121. - Movies/Comics
  123. Added reference's
  124. - Misinfo #1 (this is referring PuertoRock video, this is a heading from video) topic Intro
  126. - Misinformation 1 PuertoRock video timestamp
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