Oran Mini - Timid Girls? NOPE, TIMID MEN

Oct 3rd, 2011
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  1. [13:27:51] <Lorelei> It was fairly early morning on the 8th of Summer, a few hours before noon and the bakery had the a lull while Lynn was 'manning the fort' at the bakery so to speak. Lorelei entered the Daycare cheerfully, a small red egg held in a large pocket of her Apron obviously not intended for it and a Curious looking Mawile following behind her.
  2. [13:36:37] <Lorelei> "Excuse me?" Lorelei called out gently as she glanced about wondering where Joanna had dissapeared to. Grandmama baker had suggested she talk to Joanna about the Strange egg she had found, and for once she had a chance when Joanna wasn't busy.
  3. [13:36:44] * @Joanna yawns, putting her head down, fiddling with some breakfast she made for herself. For some reason, she wasn't hungry today..
  4. [13:37:22] <@Joanna> "Oh!" Joanna looks up and stared at Lorerei. "Ah, Lorerei. How may I help you?"
  5. [13:37:27] <@Joanna> stares*
  6. [13:38:18] <Lorelei> "Hi J... Aunt Joanna" Damn, it was Weiird having family she had never met. But such was the life of a Baker as she walked up to the counter and smiled. "Grandmama told me I should ask you about this egg I found in an Alizarin tree, the only eggs I know anything about are how many you use in cakes and the like. Mind taking a look?"
  7. [13:39:16] * @Joanna stares at the egg... (damn me not having Egg Index) and shrugs. "Hm... it looks like it's going to hatch soon..."
  8. [13:40:26] * Lorelei took the red egg from her Apron and placed it on the counter between them, it was small... and red.... and also small. Lorelei peered at it. "How can you tell that?"
  9. [13:41:14] <@Joanna> "Um... well, if you stare inside..." STARE "You can tell that the Pokemon inside is moving... hm... I think I can hatch it now, if you want."
  10. [13:41:52] <Lorelei> "Ugm yes please, I'll pay of course. I feel like it's my responsibility so I want it to come out safely and healthy"
  11. [13:42:13] * Lorelei watches the egg, STARING at it... and doesn't see a thing past the red shell. Eh, must be one of those things.
  12. [13:42:33] * @Joanna nods. "Ugm" she muttered to herself, and takes out a blanket, wrapping around.
  13. [13:43:11] <Joanna> 1d20+7 Hatch Now!
  14. [13:43:11] <+DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, Hatch Now!: 15 [1d20=8]
  15. [13:43:23] <Joanna> 1d20+7 Hatch Now! last try!
  16. [13:43:24] <+DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, Hatch Now! last try!: 16 [1d20=9]
  17. [13:44:07] <@Paradox> 1d100
  18. [13:44:08] <+DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 92 [1d100=92]
  19. [13:44:16] <Paradox> The blanket catches fire!
  20. [13:44:35] <@Paradox> 1d20
  21. [13:44:36] <+DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  22. [13:44:57] * Lorelei eeks and takes one GIANT step back
  23. [13:45:27] * @Joanna summons Gusher out from outside. "Gusher, put out that fire!"
  24. [13:45:30] <Paradox> The egg pops and BURSTS, spraying cinders everywhere!
  25. [13:45:45] <@Joanna> "...or not."
  26. [13:45:56] <Lorelei> Mai lets loose a loud 'MAW!', not liking fire as she backs up slowly
  27. [13:46:19] <@Joanna> Gusher starts spraying the area down with water anyways~
  28. [13:46:20] * Lorelei has an arm held protectively infront of her face and eyes "W-was that supposed to happen?"
  29. [13:46:35] <@Joanna> "No, it wasn't!"
  30. [13:46:53] <Paradox> As the cloud of smoke and ash drifs away, you see a shiny golden caterpie sleeping in the midst of the ashes~
  31. [13:47:04] <@Joanna> "..."
  32. [13:47:19] <@Joanna> "Okay... a firey Caterpie... ohgodIwantone~"
  33. [13:47:38] <Lorelei> "... it's a bug?"
  34. [13:47:43] * @Joanna 's eyes light up as she STARES at the Caterpie.
  35. [13:48:03] <@Joanna> "Yeah, hold on." Joanna takes out her BIGASS journal and flips the pages to the right one.
  36. [13:48:06] * Lorelei tilts her head glancing at the Caterpie in pure confusion as Mai mutters about Fire types in Mawile ways, mainly a glare
  37. [13:48:09] <Paradox> The caterpie yawns, and stares up at Lorelei.
  38. [13:48:23] <Paradox> < Momma? >
  39. [13:48:25] <Lorelei> "Good morning?" She says cheerfully though in obvious confusion
  40. [13:49:58] <@Joanna> "...I have no idea about this bug... you guys bond or something... watch the daycare for me, will ya?"
  41. [13:50:17] * Lorelei gathers her courage and steps forward, gently stroking its head "I didn't know caterpies came in red?" as an offhand comment to Joanna
  42. [13:50:45] <@Joanna> "I didn't know either."
  43. [13:51:04] <Paradox> ( It's gold )
  44. [13:51:09] <Lorelei> ~Gold
  45. [13:51:10] <@Joanna> "Mom! Mrs. Fyron! Will you come here, please?"
  46. [13:51:16] <Lorelei> "Or caught fire..... isn't fire bad for bugs?"
  47. [13:51:34] <Paradox> The caterpie wriggles, and crawls up Lorelei's arm~
  48. [13:51:37] <Lorelei> (Paradox, <Momma?> was that in english or pokemon talk or ohblargh?)
  49. [13:51:47] <Paradox> ( that was aura )
  50. [13:51:52] * Lorelei giggles softly as it tickles but doesn't mind, letting it crawl up to its arm
  51. [13:51:54] <Paradox> ( so language is irrelevant )
  52. [13:52:23] <Paradox> Mrs. Fyron steps into the room, looking quite confused. "Joanna? What's wrong?"
  53. [13:52:47] <Lorelei> ( Ahhh so i understood that; I have a talking bug... weird )
  54. [13:52:56] * @Joanna points at the golden bug. "Look, look! How..."
  55. [13:53:31] * Lorelei lightly pets the Caterpies head with the arm he? shes? not climbing on
  56. [13:54:30] <Paradox> "Uh. Wow. It's gold."
  57. [13:55:05] <Paradox> She looks around at all the ashes and cinders and singed carpeting. "And what happened in here?"
  58. [13:55:20] <Lorelei> "Also; it's egg blew up" she said still in a bit of disbelief to Mrs. Fyron as an explanation
  59. [13:55:35] <Paradox> "Oh. That's not normal."
  60. [13:57:56] <Joanna> "It's not..."
  61. [13:58:21] <Paradox> (you can apply nat edge to it btw, but not the hatcher features since caterpie doesn't learn egg moves)
  62. [13:58:35] <Joanna> ( Okay~ )
  63. [13:59:32] * Joanna walks up to the Caterpie and stares at it... " know, I always wanted to get tile floors..."
  64. [14:00:08] * Lorelei looks at the Caterpie and then at Joanna and hmms "So ugm... is it a boy or a girl?". Lorelei is not well taught on bugs
  65. [14:00:08] <Joanna> "Ah, Lorerei! Can you stick around for a moment?"
  66. [14:00:56] <Lorelei> "Sure Aunt Joanna."
  67. [14:00:58] * Joanna runs off to the bedrooms... and enters her room. Which is also Tom's room. "Tom, Tom, your niece is here. Are you going to say hi?"
  68. [14:02:11] <Paradox> Tom peeks from behind his desk. "Uh. I .. I saw that picture of her once. T-that's plenty right? Say hi to her for me..."
  69. [14:03:21] <Joanna> "Oh, Tom~ AH." Joanna runs back over to Lorerei. "Lorerei, Lorerei, follow me!"
  70. [14:03:39] <Lorelei> "O..kay... "
  71. [14:03:47] * Lorelei follows with the golden caterpie hanging on her left shoulder
  72. [14:04:04] * Joanna drags Lorelei up to her bedroom. "Tom, Tom! Look at her! She's all grown up now!"
  73. [14:04:28] <Lorelei> "Ugm; Hi uncle!" She says, still a bit weirded out in general about the golden bug.
  74. [14:06:12] <Paradox> Uncle Tom looks gaunt and a bit dissheveled. Not /dirty/ - in fact he seems meticulously clean. The entire room does. But the distinct impression you get from him is ... RUMPLED. Like laundry that's fresh out of the dryer, but got thrown in a basket without being folded properly.
  75. [14:06:47] <Joanna> "Tom! Go look at her and say hi..."
  76. [14:07:17] <Paradox> He backs away from the door as it opens to let you through, and looks straight at you without saying a word for nearly a minute before finally speaking. "You ... Yes, yes, very big ... all grown up .. uhm ... you just got into town right?"
  77. [14:07:24] <Paradox> (roll wis, both of you)
  78. [14:07:45] <Joanna> 1d20+5 WIS!
  79. [14:07:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, WIS!: 16 [1d20=11]
  80. [14:07:47] <Lorelei> 1d20+5 NOT A DERP, Wis Check
  81. [14:07:48] <+DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, NOT A DERP, Wis Check: 7 [1d20=2]
  82. [14:08:10] <Lorelei> ( ~kind~ of a derp )
  83. [14:09:17] <Joanna> "Of course she is... why wouldn't she be?"
  84. [14:10:35] <Lorelei> "Yup! I'm here to help out around the bakery" Not very tactful; but honest
  85. [14:11:09] <Paradox> "Oh, that's ... that's good..."
  86. [14:11:16] <Paradox> He looks a bit guilty when you mention the bakery.
  87. [14:12:16] * Joanna tugs at Lorerei. "Hey, hey... can you leave us two alone? I have to pay Ms. Fyron, anyways, so just give the money to her."
  88. [14:13:02] <Lorelei> "Ugm, okay. Thanks for the help Aunt Joanna. Take care Uncle Tom!"
  89. [14:13:21] * Lorelei wanders back downstairs humming cheerfully as she gets out her money to pay poor old Ms Fyron
  90. [14:13:48] * Joanna shuts the door behind Lorerei... "Tom... can you at least tell me what happened?"
  91. [14:14:04] <Joanna> "I'm worried for you, you know?"
  92. [14:15:42] <Paradox> "I've told you ... I ... THEY could hurt you if I told you, I can't tell you ... and if you're not safe, then .... I uh ... I'm sorry. Nice girl, Lorelei. Good for the bakery. Yeah."
  93. [14:16:45] * Joanna comes up and hugs Tom. "If I'm not safe if you told me... nonsense. I'm always safe, as long as you're around with me."
  94. [14:19:24] <Paradox> He laughs. "Oh, that's .. that's nice dear ... Uhm. But it's not like that, you just don't UNDERSTAND and I can't tell you and and ... please, just trust me, it's better this way. And please tell everyone to stay away from that MOUNTAIN, that's where THEY are I just KNOW it."
  95. [14:20:25] <Joanna> "You mean Mt. Iris?"
  96. [14:21:50] <Paradox> "What? Hah, no, then ... then this house wouldn't be safe, we're practically on Mt. Iris... I mean the OTHER one. DON'T SAY ITS NAME."
  97. [14:23:11] * Joanna frowns. "Oh, the one with the hot springs... if I remember correctly, the girls came out perfectly fine... at least, I THINK that's the gossip around here...
  98. [14:24:32] <Paradox> "Hah, maybe they think that now, but they've been compromised ... how do you think Old Joe ... what happened to him ..."
  99. [14:24:46] <Paradox> He closes his eyes and shakes his head violently, as if trying to shake off the memories.
  100. [14:25:16] <Joanna> "What happened to-" Joanna looks at Tom and stops. "...some day you're going to have to tell me..."
  101. [14:26:58] <Paradox> "He didn't ... he didn't just have a heart attack, that's what THEY want you to think. HE knew the truth, t-t-that's why he drank so much, and that's why THEY had to get rid of him ... because he told me, and .. and ... "
  102. [14:27:12] <Paradox> He walks over to the bed and sits down, clutching at his head.
  103. [14:27:41] <Paradox> "You don't ... you don't have to stay with me you know, I know I'm no good like this, I'll tell mom to let you keep the daycare and everything, I just..."
  104. [14:28:07] * Joanna sits down next to him on the bed. "But... they haven't gotten you yet, right? That's w- ...of course not. I'll never leave you. No matter what."
  105. [14:28:22] <Joanna> "We promised that to each other, remember?"
  106. [14:29:23] <Paradox> He takes your hand in his, and looks down at your hands sadly. "...Yeah."
  107. [14:29:29] <Paradox> </scene>
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