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  1. It must be said again and again - you change junkies are insane to push plague immigration
  3. It's time to attack the plague immigration scam.
  4. Anything which serves to make Australia more
  5. attractive for asylum-seekers has to be avoided,
  6. given the acknowledged fact that the
  7. asylum-process is widely abused as a plague
  8. immigration stratagem. The property market Ponzi
  9. scheme and the plague immigration that drives it,
  10. are fundamentally incompatible with the interests
  11. of ordinary working people. The unaffordable
  12. housing system just creates an unsustainable and
  13. growing debt burden. Mass immigration and
  14. multiculturalism are globalist policies designed
  15. to overwhelm and fracture the native-born and gain
  16. complete control of what people do and think. It
  17. isn't an accident; wake up before you have no
  18. culture, no nation, and no future.
  20. The over-population elephant in the plague immigration room has farted
  22. The top priority must be to preserve the
  23. biosphere, upon which people are entirely
  24. dependent. The stakes have become phenomenally
  25. high: affluence, equity, democracy, and survival
  26. are all in jeopardy. Why inflict pointless
  27. suffering upon each other? Increasingly, Aussies
  28. are stunned and angered at the brazen way their
  29. quisling "leaders" squandered Australia's future.
  30. The revolving door between government and
  31. globalist billionaires has never spun so fast, and
  32. never more profitably for them. Our political
  33. quislings are in thrall to a Jewish billionaire
  34. elite, who have their own ideas about what
  35. Australia must become - a multicultural and
  36. totalitarian third world "Stack and Pack" slum
  37. that "reconciles" itself to stone-age Asian
  38. culture.
  40. Australia's huge foreign debt is doubling every eight years
  42. Australia's plague immigration zombie trance,
  43. really delivers the goodies to the enemies of the
  44. nation, while it encourages further environmental
  45. degradation and resource depletion. Globalist
  46. sadism expresses itself in national
  47. deconstruction. According to globalist quislings,
  48. the multicultural transformation of Sweden and the
  49. rest of white Europe is necessary - but necessary
  50. to whom? To Europeans, or to globalist
  51. (Jewish-Zionist-Stalinist) supremacists and
  52. genocidal fanatics? Globalism (Stalinism and
  53. piracy capitalism) is a threat to all that lives.
  54. It is only through individual and collective
  55. non-cooperation (disobedience) and direct action
  56. that total disaster can be prevented and a
  57. sustainable future possibly evolve.
  59. The monstrous globalist lie that Australia needs plague immigration
  61. It is an irony of terminal growth-mania, that
  62. governments are inducing people to compact their
  63. garbage waste so that ever more people can also be
  64. compacted into urban feedlots just like their own
  65. garbage. Curiously, population growth in Australia
  66. is taken as "a given" by the globalist
  67. politicians. Any policy measure, any forecasting
  68. about the future, any public debate simply accepts
  69. that it will continue to grow like a cancerous
  70. tumour. The deindustrialization of Australia
  71. ensures that the rights Australians take for
  72. granted are being removed at a frenzied rate. How
  73. can people from overseas get housing and plum jobs
  74. while Aussies go homeless? Another fine globalist
  75. project.
  77. Imposing mass immigration is a profound treason, because it is a form of conquest
  79. Our worthless politicians tell us that they won't
  80. deliver good government, but they will spend our
  81. money on fireworks, sports spectaculars, and
  82. imported scab labour. The little Aussie suckers
  83. never get tired of being ashamed of themselves. No
  84. price is too high to pay to aid the colonization
  85. of Australia by third world inimical cultures.
  86. Australians who have suffered from the resulting
  87. gang-rapes and violent crimes are merely the cost
  88. of doing business in a multicultural state.
  89. Multicultural mass media muppets absolutely
  90. flooded Australia with a tsunami of gibbering
  91. globalist bullshit, and the endless reforms,
  92. liberalizations and privatizations amount to
  93. nothing more noble than national prostitution or
  94. cock-sucking.
  96. A history of globalist white ants
  98. If politicians (either Labor or Liberal) were
  99. forced to reveal their real estate portfolios, you
  100. would see why the corrupt negative gearing rort on
  101. investment properties continues. The foxes are
  102. guarding the henhouse. Aussie schoolchildren are
  103. taught to "give up" their cultural identity. Since
  104. it is unlikely that it will be required that
  105. aliens do the same under multiculturalism, this
  106. amounts to unilaterally disarming Aussie children.
  107. Multiculturalism is a shining light to guide the
  108. hapless lemmings over the steep economic and
  109. social cliffs of globalism. Plutocratic global
  110. fascism will always portray itself as the saviour,
  111. yet it is simply a great new "free market"
  112. oppression.
  114. Australia's "GDP per head" levels fell and keep falling, despite globalist "reforms" and bulk immigration
  116. A lot of unearned money can be picked up by
  117. sabotaging Aussies. The plague immigration Ponzi
  118. scheme is a classic example of this principle. As
  119. a result, public wealth has shifted to the
  120. blood-stained hands of globalist gangster
  121. parasites. The great wheel of national retribution
  122. is turning. When the treason trials begin, will
  123. the growth-mad multiculturalist politicians and
  124. media drones still be so keen to demonize the
  125. critics of toxic immigration? Four weird misfits
  126. on crack riding coloured war beasts will soon
  127. scream across the landscape, spreading War,
  128. Famine, Pestilence and Death. That scenario is
  129. what globalist politicians are working for.
  130. Aussies tormented forever in globalist Hell.
  132. Remember that we're fighting for our country - which is something our elected quislings never do
  134. Plague immigration has created the cargo-cult of
  135. the real estate Ponzi-scheme Tooth Fairy. The
  136. resulting debt-bubble and imploding economy should
  137. encourage some sober and remorseful reflection on
  138. the true state of affairs. Politicians send double
  139. messages about what they expect from the sheeple.
  140. In a strange tangle of post-industrial bullshit,
  141. they want the citizens to spend big and somehow be
  142. frugal, to save for the future yet borrow to
  143. support consumption. Multiculturalism is where
  144. lost souls, gangsters and hopeless dimwits
  145. congregate. It makes them feel safer, but
  146. unleashes savage mayhem within our society. Sadly,
  147. there are more people than ever that are losing
  148. their wits, and losing everything.
  150. As Australia becomes a nation of impoverished, indebted and unemployed renters
  152. Much of the problem facing citizens in having
  153. their voices heard, is the mass media machine,
  154. which serves as a disinformation agency for
  155. globalist change agents who have organized the
  156. mass immigration takeover of Australia. Dragging
  157. elderly out of their housing to make way for the
  158. population squeeze is promoted by predatory
  159. government departments, fake charities and scungy
  160. NGOs, all empowered by the chaos of population
  161. growth to cause misery for the elderly. It is
  162. worth noting that the government efficiently claws
  163. back a sizeable part of welfare payments through
  164. the GST - just another globalist tax that allows
  165. them to reduce the real cost of pensions, while
  166. funding tax relief for property speculators.
  168. No matter what they say, the well-bribed quislings are quite simply unwilling to stem the flow of plague immigration
  170. Ask the new multicultural Aussies to defend their
  171. national heritage, and you will discover they have
  172. the backbones of jellyfish. Decades of globalist
  173. mind warping destroyed them with infantile
  174. cargo-cults, primitive dogmas and similar
  175. ratbaggeries. We are seeing national mechanisms
  176. that once fostered social cohesion replaced by
  177. forces that divide. Individualism and
  178. fragmentation have been made sacred by growth-mad
  179. politicians and globalist media drones grovelling
  180. to messianic mass immigration. Bloated globalist
  181. hypocrites are the very diseases they lecture us
  182. about. They aid the malignant spread in Australia
  183. of every exotic pathogenic disease they can force
  184. on to us. We don't need their plague immigration
  185. or infantile multicultural drivel.
  187. Soon you will have to plead with the invading alien hordes to let you survive
  189. Today's socialist politicians, reared on radical
  190. globalism, filled with self-loathing for their own
  191. country, eager to celebrate any culture but their
  192. own, use mass immigration and multiculturalism as
  193. weapons against a nation they despise. Australia's
  194. interest lies in importing fewer people from the
  195. third world, while the third world's interest lies
  196. in exporting more. Aussies must not be confused
  197. about this. The desperate forces that wrecked the
  198. third world must stop at our borders. Banks
  199. protect the most precious religious institution of
  200. all, and that is the real estate price pyramid
  201. racket and associated Ponzi schemes. A total or
  202. relative monopoly on a valuable site guarantees
  203. elevation to parasite landlord status.
  205. Your street, your suburb and your community are to be bulldozed and covered with Asian-style "Stack and Pack" slums
  207. One of the main reasons for pushing plague
  208. immigration, is unearned profit from real estate
  209. Ponzi schemes. This is a sacred and corrupt
  210. institution in Australia. As gay multicultural
  211. indoctrination grinds you down, others rake in the
  212. money. The waves of plague immigration and third
  213. world chaos sweep across the developed world. We
  214. are witnessing the deliberate destruction of the
  215. Anglophone and Western heritage aided by local
  216. quisling politicians and globalist media drones.
  217. When was the last time Australia didn't have a
  218. horrible little globalist turd as Prime Minister?
  219. Just like our topsoil has blown or washed away,
  220. plague immigration removed affordable housing, a
  221. good quality of life and our jobs.
  223. Multicultural maggots in your meal
  225. Globalism aims to replace traditional cultural
  226. values with (extrinsic) market value, thereby
  227. creating a global consumerist monoculture. It is
  228. ironic that multiculturalism provides a dirty
  229. smokescreen for this rapacious culture-stripping
  230. process. Australians usually re-elect the
  231. governments that plunge them into catastrophic
  232. debt. This is a masochistic phenomenon, and
  233. reveals a general morbid faith in the Ponzi-scheme
  234. Tooth Fairy. Our quisling politicians are hard at
  235. their dirty work, hoping that the catastrophe they
  236. are building for us will be too large to fix by
  237. the time we awaken in alarm and notice what they
  238. have done to us. Then come the treason trials and
  239. the hangings.
  241. How Australia's (and Canada's) quisling elite betrays the citizens
  243. The immigrationists want a new, easy to manipulate
  244. globalist Australia. They wish to undermine and
  245. ultimately destroy any sense of nation, and
  246. replace it with a heightened sense of diversity,
  247. fracturing the nation into contending ethnic
  248. minorities. Stop pretending, and reconsider
  249. multiculturalism and plague immigration. The lying
  250. chaos merchants pushing these ideas are animated
  251. by insane hatred. They blame whites and Anglos for
  252. all the world's ills. In their resentful minds
  253. it's payback time. Sadly, the present dominant
  254. culture will become a minority and be marginalized
  255. by the cultures of those now entering. This
  256. population growth, like herpes, is easily acquired
  257. but very hard to lose.
  259. Crafty slime-bags are part of the plague immigration pathology
  261. Do Aussies wish to be called subversive for
  262. opposing plague immigration? Can they accept a
  263. rapidly falling quality of life? How long will
  264. they believe a corrupt definition of prosperity?
  265. Is it acceptable for Australia to be a colony of
  266. Asia? Aussies wandered into the labyrinth of
  267. plague immigration propaganda. In that dark
  268. underworld, ever-thirsty real estate vampires hang
  269. like bloated spiders or putrid stink-fruits in
  270. sticky Ponzi scheme webs. Liquefaction, digestion,
  271. defecation. There are demons among us: Globalist
  272. billionaires, bloodsucker landlords, property
  273. developers, land price speculators, greed-crazed
  274. politicians and many others. Mass immigration
  275. policy is a scam, and not all those coming here
  276. bring sanity.
  278. The insectoidals breed and multiply like cockroaches while I prepare the insecticide
  280. So bad are the levels of unemployment that plague
  281. immigration and imported scab labour policies
  282. generate, that our quisling leaders fraudulently
  283. inverted the definition of unemployment to conceal
  284. the truly scandalous facts. The bipartisan
  285. political cabal that intimidates the public on
  286. orders from globalists, has a high degree of
  287. confidence that once Australia converts to the
  288. third world paradigm, it will be too late for
  289. Aussies to fight for what they lost. I'd like to
  290. see a statement on exactly how all this
  291. immigration is supposedly benefiting existing
  292. Australians. Nowhere do growthists actually
  293. outline the specific benefits of mass immigration
  294. to Australia's host population. I want to see
  295. numbers.
  297. Multiculturalism paves the way to mass drooling conformism and collectivist idiocy
  299. Multiculturalists with their condescending
  300. attitudes, tell "morally-deficient" citizens what
  301. is good for them - plague immigration - imported
  302. scab labour, which by pure coincidence is also
  303. good for gangster capitalists and real estate
  304. racketeers. You cannot lift yourself up by your
  305. own bootlaces. The ugly scam of importing more
  306. scab labour to "build houses" for themselves and
  307. others, guarantees an eternal housing shortage
  308. pyramid scheme. What pathetic fools Aussies can
  309. be. The cross-party pandering to plague
  310. immigrationist and multicultural sentiment is
  311. revolting. Knee-jerk opposition by ideologues
  312. shows how people fail to grasp that cutting plague
  313. immigration can be a positive action for our
  314. nation.
  316. Destroy the multicultural trojan Horse, or submit to fraud, conquest and slavery
  318. This is how plague immigration works: When
  319. Australians refuse poverty wages, the employer can
  320. undercut them by paying immigrants poverty wages
  321. instead. They can justify this by slandering the
  322. Australian working class if they murmur about
  323. this. There are certain tame economists who spin
  324. the line that plague immigration is a uniform good
  325. and all we need to do is import ever-increasing
  326. amounts of scab labour and she'll be right. I
  327. don't subscribe to that disingenuous Ponzi scheme
  328. fairy tale. Globalist bullshit cannot sustain
  329. nations or give people real reasons to live. When
  330. the mighty multicultural edifice built on a
  331. foundation of gibbering madness and infantile
  332. illusions comes crashing down, all of Australia
  333. will lie in ruins.
  335. Ethnic groups influence immigration policy purely to serve their own interests
  337. Rental income is unearned income, it does not come
  338. from personal exertion, it is not a "business".
  339. For a long time tax losses from rental were
  340. quarantined to stop speculation being rampant -
  341. until politicians became full partners in the
  342. Ponzi scheme. Plague immigration and
  343. multiculturalism create a rock-solid foundation
  344. for ethnic crime. Imported scab labour accelerates
  345. national destruction by cheaply building third
  346. world cesspits in every city as it displaces local
  347. labour. Most Jews support mass immigration (but
  348. not in Israel). Jews are prominent in the
  349. multicultural fraud, while much Jewish discourse
  350. on "racism" and of the sacred "Other" is a barrier
  351. meant to surround Jews with a smokescreen of
  352. cultural diversity.
  354. Opposing false ideals and misplaced sentiment
  356. When politicians and media drones mention mass
  357. immigration, it is the sacred real estate Ponzi
  358. schemes, unearned profits and property
  359. racketeering that is on their tiny minds. They
  360. don't care that it blights our future and dooms
  361. our country. There are some 800 million people
  362. currently suffering from hunger and malnutrition.
  363. Few experts believe that the current global
  364. population is sustainable, never mind the
  365. population that is expected to exist by 2050. Our
  366. quisling political parties ultimately serve the
  367. interests of wealthy globalist racketeers, who
  368. very significantly own the mass media, operating
  369. as homicidal "Yellow Australia" policy stooges. So
  370. perhaps it's time the victims respond in kind.
  372. Be very suspicious about the "universal benefits" claimed for the plague immigration invasion
  374. By betraying the Australian working class and the
  375. poor, our elected globalist stooges have shown the
  376. style we can expect from them in the future.
  377. National viability is to be always sacrificed to
  378. the "level playing field" of plague immigration.
  379. The perpetual housing shortage debt-bubble
  380. darkness needs the light of a royal commission
  381. shone on the whole plague immigration Ponzi
  382. scheme. But our quisling leaders and globalist
  383. media drones will fight against it tooth and nail.
  384. Hey buddy, you want to buy some recycled globalist
  385. bullshit? How about getting gang raped by plague
  386. immigration? What about some cheap ethnic
  387. gangsterism? Thrown in for free is homelessness,
  388. drudgery, poverty, low wages and sweatshops.
  390. Only when the best land and resources in Australia are funneled into the hands of billionaires
  392. It once seemed a positive sign to have a new Prime
  393. Minister like Julia Gillard starting to talk the
  394. talk about ending plague immigration, but
  395. unfortunately she would never actually walk the
  396. walk. Corruption rules our pollies. It's time for
  397. a major re-think of Australia's plague immigration
  398. and border destruction policies. Perhaps we need
  399. mandatory execution for traitors and enemy agents
  400. who organize invasion and overthrow through sneaky
  401. gradualism or radical influx. We now have a
  402. situation where the major political parties
  403. conspire to turn our cities and suburbs into
  404. Asian-style "Stack and Pack" slums that only a
  405. blood-sucking parasite landlord could love. This
  406. shows how far this country has deteriorated.
  408. After the plague immigration sewer burst, Australian lives were flooded with imported human waste
  410. Population growth drives property Ponzi schemes,
  411. and cramming in the surplus third world flesh from
  412. third world pestholes can keep the pyramid schemes
  413. going a little longer, but when the crunch comes
  414. it will be so much worse. Greedy people want
  415. plague immigration to inflate their house prices,
  416. and they don't care if others are rendered
  417. homeless. People who own multiple houses while
  418. others are bled dry by overpriced rental should
  419. have a good hard look at themselves. Most wealth
  420. generated in Australia flies into the grasp of the
  421. super-greedy. When housing is unaffordable, it is
  422. party-time for plague landlords, property pimps,
  423. developers, bankers and various scum of the earth
  424. parasites who now own Australia.
  426. The ethnic "community leaders" and our political quislings must be held responsible for this awful state of affairs
  428. The disgusting revelation that globalist quisling
  429. governments virtually launched direct plague
  430. immigration attacks to crush and dilute their own
  431. citizens, seemed to cause not a single word of
  432. protest from political leaders or mass media
  433. drones. According to globalist politicians and
  434. media drones, one who opposes toxic immigration,
  435. is a loser who can't take competition, a racist
  436. who hates brown people, an alien-hating xenophobe,
  437. a fascist who craves death camps, or all of the
  438. above. I have a biased view about plague
  439. immigration because I'm an Australian. I have a
  440. strange attachment to much of my national culture
  441. and the natural environment, and a deep aversion
  442. to its plague immigration destruction for
  443. globalist profit.
  445. Why do Aussies import diseases like TB, HIV, hepatitis and leprosy?
  447. Enthusiasm for brute-force immigration and
  448. multiculturalism is a truly virulent form of
  449. madness. It is the incarnation of an inhuman,
  450. malevolent, predatory, rapacious energy that only
  451. cares about feeding its own insatiable narcissism.
  452. Locust-like breeding, and the economic growth plan
  453. to use up everything that seems useful, as fast as
  454. possible, define the style of subhuman idiocy.
  455. Ideologies of systemic greed crap-out when
  456. dividends diminish to less than zero. Too many
  457. people and not enough houses, jobs and
  458. infrastructure? Self evident solution: Drop plague
  459. immigration dead in its own stupid tracks. Rid
  460. ourselves real estate Ponzi schemes, and demented
  461. and hubristic property pimp lunatics as well.
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