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  1. David Blackley Wow drama. I actually like Anthony, it’s a shame when people fall out. No one really knows what’s going on in other people’s lives and it’s even more difficult when people are separated by thousands of miles.
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  6. Lee Ives
  7. Lee Ives Fair point David.
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  12. Jim BurnActive Now
  13. Jim Burn that is true David but when someone is blatantly rude to my girl in words it doesnt matter what side of the planet it came from
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  17. Steven SwaineActive Now
  18. Steven Swaine That doesn't excuse his language I'm afraid David.
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  22. Jim BurnActive Now
  23. Jim Burn and im not usually one to say this but if he said that to Swee in front of me then it would be a bad day for everyone
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  27. David Blackley
  28. David Blackley I’m not trying to excuse anything guys, clearly I wasn’t part of the conversation and have only a limited idea on what was said. I’m just saying people react differently when there is bad shit happening in their lives and we don’t know if that is the c…See More
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  35. Sean Mann
  36. Sean Mann I think on the hole forums are a negative side to promoting the skill, that’s why everyone ends up sharing class stuff instead of engaging, so lots of work to be done to make it right by all. That said, Jim Burn if someone insults my life partner it’s …See More
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  41. John Hubanks
  42. John Hubanks Sean Mann Couldn’t be said any better. Anyone talks down to my wife, and it’s going to be a bad fucking day for them.
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  47. Sean Mann
  48. Sean Mann John Hubanks a men to that brother🙏🏻
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  55. Alan Orr
  56. Alan Orr I get on well with Anthony. It’s a shame people cant talk things over and find middle ground.
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  61. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  62. Shannon J. Moore Wow....all of this goes completely CONTRARY to my experience with SIfu Iglesias over the last 15-20 years. And I'm not just referring to his interactions with me ,but with hundreds of other folks involved in WC forums and disscussions on the net from m…See More
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  68. John Hubanks
  69. John Hubanks Shannon J. Moore I don’t care if you knew him all your life. I can give many instances where he was out of line with me. I know if we were standing face to face he wouldn’t take the same tone as on the net. Arrogance doesn’t get respect. If his p…See More
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  74. Swee Ling Khow
  75. Swee Ling Khow If people keep saying that “oooh things like this shouldn’t be debated in public”. Why not? If I disagree with a persons opinion why can’t I say that here? In fact what’s the point of a forum if I cant question someone? Anthony deleted the thread and said fuck you when I told him in private that I thought he was wrong. So who broke down the communication there?
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  80. John Hubanks
  81. John Hubanks Swee Ling Khow I had the same exact experience with him.
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  86. John Hubanks
  87. John Hubanks Swee Ling Khow He put up a video from YouTube of a guy showing a Dim Mak technique and was making fun of him like what he was teaching was bullshit. When I questioned him about what he meant. He said he was a fake. I told him it was a real and effec…See More
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  91. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  92. Shannon J. Moore Swee Ling Khow ...hi nice to meet you.
  93. Regarding your post..Of course you can question someone....and there is nothing wrong with aggreeing and disagreeing on posts in public as long as the "tone" remains civil. Moderators of the same forum dont have…See More
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  97. Dean Marshall
  98. Dean Marshall Sifu Shannon he was nothing but rude and disrespectful to me and many others on many different occasions. He acted as if he was above everyone on this forum. His behavior is unfiting for anyone who studies the martial arts. I find him disgraceful and it saddens me to think that a man with a behavior like his is actually being trained by any martial artist. He has no respect for anyone.
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  103. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  104. Shannon J. Moore Dean Marshall ...WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ABOUT HIS CHARACTER THAT IS NOT TRUE (Not yelling at you Dean with caps, just emphasizeing.. )
  105. ..and does not jive with my experience with him and the majority of folks in his forums for the last 10-15 years. I am …See More
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  109. Swee Ling Khow
  110. Swee Ling Khow no and if someone does tell me to F off I have no inclination to want to speak to them either. Plus he’s happy enough to talk about me to Jim but not me directly.
  111. Yes I agree the point admins is to stop a forum going down the pan and ensure that tone of a convo is friendly enough.
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  115. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  116. Shannon J. Moore John Hubanks...I dont know you eithier from Adam but it looks like your poppin off at me now... doing eactly what you said about he was doing....did I address you the way you are addressing me...I get your in your feelings right now, shall I do the same?
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  120. Steven SwaineActive Now
  121. Steven Swaine Shannon he was constantly calling people out telling people to put up or shut up its rude prove yourself with a video the guy was impossible to talk to and people who replied to him were belittled and if he didn't like your response he deleted it he wa…See More
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  125. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  126. Shannon J. Moore Swee Ling Khow I saw the text ....and I get why you feel the way you do...I also had an opportunity to find out what was going on and what led to his bad choice of words. Your right he owes you an apology....would you accept it if he called you directly . Im not speaking for him...just curious.
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  130. Dean Marshall
  131. Dean Marshall Sifu Shannon, I understand your point based on your experience with him and while he does outrank me I have zero respect for him. I treat it the same way I treat it in the military I respect the postion but I do not respect the person. Until he appolag…See More
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  135. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  136. Shannon J. Moore Steven Swaine thanks for explaining your concerns in a civil manner ...I get it.. Respect is a two way street....I am so frustrated with our WC community and our politics and communication. I hope it gets better. There are bigger issues out there to face. Thank you for the tone of your response
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  141. Steven SwaineActive Now
  142. Steven Swaine Shannon as you just said you have seen the message and agree Anthony was wrong and that he owes an apology what is there to defend.
  143. Me personally would tell him to stick his apology where the sun don't shine why. ....cause when he demanded to admin not…See More
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  147. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  148. Shannon J. Moore Dean Marshall Thank you know my intentions are in the right place . I respesct your veiwpoint
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  153. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  154. Shannon J. Moore Steven Swaine who was that? The guy who made the attempt to publicly apologize but got shot down?
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  158. John Hubanks
  159. John Hubanks Shannon J. Moore I haven’t addressed you in any manner. I’m only speaking from my experience with Anthony, and it wasn’t good on many occasions. I don’t hate the man. He needs to remember all people are his equal, and have their own opinions also. …See More
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  163. Dean Marshall
  164. Dean Marshall That was Andy Ridley
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  168. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  169. Shannon J. Moore John Hubanks thanks John I appreciate that. Sifu Anthony knows how I feel about respect. Respect is about showing the proper "consideration" for a person, place or thing that holds some value to us. Human life and dignity is #1... Irreggardles, of our …See More
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  174. Shannon J. MooreActive Now
  175. Shannon J. Moore Dean Marshall thank Dean
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  181. Will Brookings
  182. Will Brookings Well he did seem rather over sensitive about the video I shared of Ben Cohen handling boxing with WC. Didn't seem to budge from his "that guy knows nothing about boxing" attitude even when shown the evidence that Ben is an ex kick boxing champ and boxing coach with 15 years of boxing experience 🤷🏼‍♂️
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  187. Will Brookings
  188. Will Brookings He may be going through shit, stress does bad things to people and FB amplifies beef
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  193. Ernie Williamson
  194. Ernie Williamson he's contracted napoleons syndrome 😂
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  200. Franck Vandenberghe
  201. Franck Vandenberghe
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  207. Danny Chu Burn
  208. Danny Chu Burn replied
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  213. Jim BurnActive Now
  214. Jim Burn listen im not here to put anyone down including Anthony. just saying i dont want that shit brought to my table when i dont have napkins 🤣🤣🤣🤣....or wet wipes :)
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