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  1. *** PROMPT numbered list of the type of bending on Avatar Last Airbender. Question: Is Grover list crazy like GPT-2? Not really! Most of the time it just writes an article about the TV show. Different than GPT-2 here. It did make this list but meh.
  3. 6. Figurebending
  4. 7. Mirage bending
  5. 8. Stretchbronze bending
  6. 9. Flowerbending
  7. 10. Mineralbending
  8. 11. Diamondbending
  9. 12. Magickbending
  10. 13. Householdbending
  14. The Last Death Eater. Shrae, she was once known as Starcraft vixen Tressa Ruquel. Just as Lord Voldemort’s first encounter with Harry kicked off the Harry Potter series, news got out that The Last Death Eater, who’d been known as Tressa Ruquel, was dead after being crushed by an Asgardian robot. I can’t even imagine her fin misery. She and other Death Eaters were brought down in the maelstrom. Tressa Ruquel died quickly, crushed and abandoned by the multiple coats of ice that Harry, Ron and Hermione somehow managed to get up to blow the moon away. The First Order, taken by surprise by Harry and friends’ daring escape, was crushed into naughtness by a campaign of wizarding destruction set in motion by Harry’s brave bravery. It was Harry’s victory that finally swept him off to Hogwarts.
  16. The First Order itself lives on in the Harry Potter movies as a slightly less evil successor group, with self-avowedly virtuous members like General Grievous, Narcissa Malfoy’s brother Lucius, and, ahem, Lord Voldemort himself, seemingly with a license to kill. But the First Order, defined by me most by the anti-negativity, anti-speculation, finger pointing, and dry wit displayed by the Chief Military Officer Goyle, largely escaped the effects of the wizarding war.
  17. As I learned more about the Death Eaters over time, I was struck by the fact that they are an interesting ideological group that led to some interesting implications on how witches and wizards might operate in the future. A modern political science department would teach you about influence. The Death Eaters used their enormous amount of magical power to provide some political influence. The Malfoy family used the ultimate form of political influence to gain an emotional influence upon the reader of a children’s book called Triwizard Tournament.
  19. But if you watched the movie The Order of the Phoenix, I’m guessing most readers of Harry Potter would be left thinking of an eternally petty family trying to get The Chosen One to kill his grandfather as revenge for an unfair childhood. That’s because Tom Riddle had a thing for Lily, even before Harry grew into who we see him later as. Riddle attempted to run away from his impoverished, putrid “loeblick” mother to see Lily at three. As he was about to board the Hogwarts Express to board Harry Potter’s first class, Godric Gryffindor shuts the train door. Riddle and Harry have their first encounter on the train, Riddle tries to talk to Harry, only for the silent Silence to take hold. During the final headbutt of that final duel, Riddle knows he is doomed and yells “Goodbye, Lily.”
  21. As I put together what might be my finale for the Death Eaters, I wanted to cast a wide net, looking for other members of the Order that never lived to see the sequel. I wanted to find a way to not just contrast the Order of the Phoenix with the Order of the Phoenix, but to find someone from the Order of the Phoenix who fit the background I was looking for. Of course, searching the Prisoner of Azkaban, there is no point — it was built under the Burrow.
  22. But as I was looking on the internet for the most elusive Death Eater, I happened upon a childhood scrapbook that includes the author of Triwizard Tournament, and I couldn’t help but think of how The Order of the Phoenix’s tie to Lucius Malfoy would eventually directly affect the contents of the Adventure in the Forbidden Forest. So I started scouring the internet for someone who had “battle scarred” hair, who could resemble Draco’s twin brother Aberforth, and who might be the editor of the Triwizard Tournament.
  24. After scouring through photos of the reviewer of the Triwizard Tournament, I was stunned to find my guide — Erik Bonser, the voice over artist from the 2004 Harry Potter film, is now the editor of Monster Hunter Trivial Pursuit Magazine and was the screenwriter for the popular video game Battletoads. Seeing Bonser after searching up until two in the morning in Photoshop — well, my review of “Hey, Ethan Johns wants to know if your body is still ‘on the verge of apocalypse’ when you wake up” is pretty long. Bonser’s “Hell no” carries the same timbre as Bonser. And yes, he absolutely looks just like Draco Malfoy’s brother.
  25. A “battle scarred” editor might seem odd for a publication
  27. *** Weird mashup with Starcraft and Star Wars, why?
  31. Men Say “Boy Or Girl” And You Can’t Say It Back
  32. They say, “Good luck.” I say, “I hate to disappoint you, but I am a boy.”
  33. Riddle Answer: Boy.
  35. Eerily Normal And Deranged
  36. The thing you cannot imagine is that I am a boy, but one that’s made a breakthrough in the female world by entering through a woman’s heart.
  37. Riddle Answer: Girl.
  39. Loose-Faced And Punctual All The Way
  40. I am a boy, and I am liked. I am loose-fisted and punctual. My behaviour is disconcerting to the regular rules and the women, but I am acceptable. What am I?
  41. Riddle Answer: I am a serpent.
  42. Skid-Road Ape Riddle
  44. I am a boy; I have ten fingers; I am half human, half ape; and I am not capable of providing a reason for my appearance. I was caught by accident; my nose was half the size of my head. I am on the skid-road.
  45. Riddle Answer: A penguin.
  47. The Superhero Riddle
  48. I am a boy. I have twelve fingers; they are all one finger wide. I am a long, tall boy, over six feet tall; I have no nose; I am athletic; I hold my own against bullies; and I am very strong. What am I?
  49. Riddle Answer: I am Iron Man.
  51. Super-New You Riddle
  52. I am a boy. My name is Pixel and I had a bottle. I was lost in the night and found it in the morning. The bottle contained liquor.
  53. Riddle Answer: I am Superman.
  55. Words To The Duck
  56. I am a new chicken. I am one with a hybridized bird. I am a combination of chicken legs and duck feet. I have had it for a few days and though I am new, I know what I am.
  57. Riddle Answer: Six feet tall, but white.
  59. Hide Me.
  60. The Hiding Place Riddle
  61. I am afraid of the dark. I don't know how to flee; I can't escape. What am I?
  62. Riddle Answer: A Peeping Tom.
  64. LONG FALL:
  65. The Long Run Riddle
  66. I was a girl. One day I vanished from my home. What am I?
  67. Riddle Answer: Water.
  69. The Death Altar Riddle
  70. When I had grown old and was resting, my old tomb, split open, welcomed me into it. In spite of all my suffering, I walked through my dying days. What was it?
  71. Riddle Answer: The Cooling Caverns.
  73. The Depths of Truth Riddle
  74. My name was Ambre, and one day I ran away from it. It was cold inside. What had I done?
  75. Riddle Answer: I lied.
  77. The Love Riddle
  78. Many things go on in love; it is a large thing to come into. What did I do?
  79. Riddle Answer: Shouted at my brother.
  81. This Summer Riddle
  82. Last season was brief; we played a game we called Summer. What did I get?
  83. Riddle Answer: The Edge of Night.
  85. This Summer is Here Riddle
  86. This summer is here, and so are the hurricane warnings. What did I get?
  87. Riddle Answer: A rip tide.
  88. FLYING PIG Riddle
  89. One day, while flying pig, my muscles grew up in the day and back in the night; a great huge sky at each end of my arms, while the sun all day. What do I get?
  90. Riddle Answer: Our Dream.
  92. This Summer is Going The Wrong Way Riddle
  93. A flight from heaven to hell never arrives at the beginning of the road. What will I get?
  94. Riddle Answer: Dragons.
  96. This Summer is Taking A Noose Riddle
  97. This summer is taking a noose off its head. What will I get?
  98. Riddle Answer: Knots.
  102. John Grover came home from work early to help with the cleaning, and wanted to sit down on the couch and read. He found a nice place on the couch. When he sat down, he felt strange, but kept reading. Soon he sat next to another man, who also started reading. Soon he saw a third man, who was clearly old enough to be his father, reading. Soon he noticed his father's manhood in no way reflected in his older brother. How did this happen?
  103. Riddle Answer: His brother was touching himself.
  105. The Loud Dictator Riddle
  106. The Israeli leader is tall. He's a charismatic leader and a good friend of everybody. But every time he walks by a home or an office building, his footsteps seem to reverberate all the way through it, perhaps a little too loudly. How did this happen?
  107. Riddle Answer: He talks a lot.
  109. The Boy Who Laughed Riddle
  110. This 7-year-old boy was terrified to go to his first ballet performance. Before the show, he wondered to himself, "I wish I could make a loud noise! The people would laugh louder and I would make a noise louder and the others would laugh too." How did he do that?
  111. Riddle Answer: By crying! He followed all the music with emotional rants. His mother took him to another ballet performance and he made his mother laugh all the way to her car and away from the dance studio.
  113. The Minute Millionaire Riddle
  114. There is a five-gallon bucket which contains a five-pound bag of salt. Some people have 5 pounds of salt in it. Can you guess which person has the largest bag of salt?
  115. Riddle Answer: Someone who wanted to make it appear that they were wealthy!
  117. *** that one almost makes sense...
  119. The Pretty Popular Riddle
  120. Robert Crowe is a popular pilot, and according to his children, is a good person, a good friend, and a good father. A little girl he once took to the grocery store is now a superstar pop singer. They want everyone to know they have become very wealthy and good-looking people. Everyone else in the group does not notice how incredibly wealthy, gorgeous, and successful they are, yet they never complain. But what if Robert Crowe made a bad mistake and plunked down $5,000 to buy a tank of gas? Will he and the daughter fall out of popularity and be ruined forever?
  121. Riddle Answer: They both would drop out of the public eye, and the world will have no idea how successful they are.
  123. The Country Dancer Riddle
  124. John and Mary had many adventures together. They were practicing their big pas de deux in a middle school gym when John showed up much late. However, when Mary began to tell John to wait for her to run for the nearest student council office, John said, "Wait a minute, Mary, I have to practice my ballet now." Finally, Mary reminded him that the routine was about to start, and he had to rehearse right now. Mary began to squirm. How could this have happened?
  125. Riddle Answer: This man was a country dancing champion and always considered himself the beginner.
  127. The Grumpy Ride Riddle
  128. Two people -- one slowly, and one quickly -- are riding in a convertible. One man becomes increasingly impatient as he waits for the other person to allow him to pass. This man eventually stands up and turns around to face the other person. What does the impatient man say?
  129. Riddle Answer: "You gave up waiting," he said.
  131. *** 'GROVER RIDDLE'
  133. Derek on the advice of Martha Grover, a private detective, went to see Aaron Buford. Grover found a little boy with a devil's face with a broken nose. Did the boy know where he came from?
  134. Riddle Answer: He is the son of a man who was also facing a child abuse accusation in the Aryan society.
  136. The Referee Riddle
  137. The referee is this old man sitting at the console in the main hallway of the sports complex. He is hard at work trying to hold all the games down. One of the parents decides to go to the bathroom. Will the referee let her go through without stopping play?
  138. Riddle Answer: The referee usually lets people go through.
  140. The White Lady Riddle
  141. A certain white lady is housebound. She can't go out because the pipes have busted in her house. Her bathroom is her only escape from the house. Someone gives her an instant cure by bringing her something which seems to be just right.
  142. Riddle Answer: She is an acid addict.
  144. The Lady of the Damned Riddle
  145. The lady is sitting in her kitchen and asks a surprised servant to pick up some sweets from the kitchen table. Little does the servant know that the lady is about to be crucified. He opens the door to find a bunch of flies coming right in to eat the sweets. The lady is dressed in beautiful lingerie and asks him to fetch more. By the way she's all covered in blood.
  146. Riddle Answer: She is a prostitute.
  148. *** 'GROVER RIDDLE'
  150. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR0yzwEgCaE&feature=youtu.be
  151. Grover was traveling home after watching the Civil War epic and was surprised that there were two stars. He could not decide which was the front star and which was the back star. How did he choose?
  152. Riddle Answer: Grover decided the center was the back star.
  154. Riddle No. 2
  155. One day Leroy was in the store and wanted to buy a new catcher's mitt. He paid for it, but looked at the back seat of the mitt and noticed that the catcher's mitt said, "Made By Blue Man." What was he thinking?
  156. Riddle Answer: Leroy thought the same thing anyone else probably would.
  158. Ben Barker cow-pokes riddles for the Guardian.
  159. The Quarter-Time Riddle
  160. What is a drunk in neon lip paint?
  161. Riddle Answer: a firecracker.
  163. The Encompassing Riddle
  164. If you fastened the letter 'h' to a door knob, what is the amount of time it would take to reach it?
  165. Riddle Answer: "How quick" remains elusive.
  167. The Must-Have Riddle
  168. There are three boxes in the house: one for food, one for medicine, and one for parenthood. What's in there?
  169. Riddle Answer: Pringles.
  171. The Frustrating Riddle
  172. A spoon turns into a beautiful pen. A pocket watch into a phone. But what does a car do when it's down on its luck?
  173. Riddle Answer: It splat in the ground.
  175. The Have-Nots Riddle
  176. This perennial riddle from the Mormon tradition isn't really about size. It's all about just being.
  177. Riddle Answer: Small, ha-hah!
  179. The Rulebreaker Riddle
  180. Why must a rulebreaker kill the first guy he shoots to get to the next?
  181. Riddle Answer: Because rulesbreakers have no firsts.
  183. The Remember-Tracing Riddle
  184. Why must a kiss be made precisely as it's remembered?
  185. Riddle Answer: To let the past go.
  187. The Printer Riddle
  188. When what is written must only be seen to be made?
  189. Riddle Answer: Because it's spelled out.
  191. The Angels Riddle
  192. How can you hear an angel sing but still not be offended?
  193. Riddle Answer: Be foolish.
  195. The Old Savior Riddle
  196. When in hell, what does a true sinner worship?
  197. Riddle Answer: To get back to the good old days.
  199. The Elusive Riddle
  200. What's the quickest way to the Old Gods, yet took a long time to complete?
  201. Riddle Answer: By arranging their fair as a feast for the peasants.
  203. The Past Riddle
  204. When you hear a woman yelling, what does she need?
  205. Riddle Answer: Because she's trapped by the past.
  207. The Wee Anorak Riddle
  208. How many times must a person wear the shoes of a fellow before they wear the shoes of someone else?
  209. Riddle Answer: Seven times, then they're free of shoe envy.
  211. The Digger Riddle
  212. Where in the world are burrberries?
  213. Riddle Answer: Burrberries are rooted in the earth.
  215. The Lone Star Riddle
  216. How many states in the U.S. can the sun go in at one time?
  217. Riddle Answer: Five.
  219. The Sparkler Riddle
  220. How many sparklers do you need for one sparkler?
  221. Riddle Answer: Three for one.
  223. The Plowboy Riddle
  224. Why does a man place each plow as one for he?
  225. Riddle Answer: To build a right plow and another for a left plow.
  227. The Road Riddle
  228. How many miles can a woman walk?
  229. Riddle Answer: 500.
  231. The Armed Robber Riddle
  232. How many guns can you legally carry?
  233. Riddle Answer: Legal.
  235. The Tailchaser Riddle
  236. How many posses can you go after?
  237. Riddle Answer: Three.
  239. The Romantic Riddle
  240. What do you want to get in a man's underwear?
  241. Riddle Answer: Satisfaction.
  245. The Love Letters Riddle
  246. How long do letters to a lover have to be written?
  247. Riddle Answer: For 18 years.
  249. Too Rich Riddle
  250. Do you and your partner make a song out of crumbs?
  251. Riddle Answer: Nope.
  253. The Elusive Nuzzle Riddle
  254. Which animal has as many nuzzles as it's fingers?
  255. Riddle Answer: None.
  257. The Magic Pistol Riddle
  258. How many times can you shoot a magical gun in a row?
  259. Riddle Answer: With magic, you can't.
  261. The Word Riddle
  262. What's the "right way" to correctly spell the word "baking?"
  263. Riddle Answer: Only in a cooking class.
  265. The Wig Riddle
  266. Why does hair gel not help you sing like a barber?
  267. Riddle Answer: Hahahaha.
  269. The Handover Riddle
  270. How many candles will light up a single "I love you"?
  271. Riddle Answer: One.
  273. The Possessive Riddle
  274. How much does one lay to buy one friend's soul?
  275. Riddle Answer: One.
  277. The Nasty Riddle
  278. Which unkind word has a polite way of explaining it?
  279. Riddle Answer: My.
  281. The Silly Riddle
  282. Where's the most comforting place to be at night?
  283. Riddle Answer: At home.
  285. The Bitter Riddle
  286. Which irritant makes you want to throw up?
  287. Riddle Answer: You didn't ask, did you?
  289. Cross Your Heart, Hope to Die Riddle
  290. Which is bigger: Androids or people?
  291. Riddle Answer: Androids are robots.
  293. The Kool-Aid Riddle
  294. How does one make the transition from peanut butter to expensive vodka?
  295. Riddle Answer: Research.
  297. The Box Full of Snakes Riddle
  298. What is a prison in shackles and chains, a store full of boring snakes, and an ordinary glove box?
  299. Riddle Answer: The Snake God.
  300. The O.J. Simpson Riddle
  302. The Sheldon Riddle
  303. What's the fastest way to grow 12 feet in height?
  304. Riddle Answer: Get a height ramp.
  306. Powerful Riddle
  307. What makes the eagle so powerful?
  308. Riddle Answer: Its ability to see a case of insomnia from a few hundred miles away.
  310. The Clown Riddle
  311. Why is a blizzard a joke?
  312. Riddle Answer: It's temporary.
  314. The Spelling Bee Riddle
  315. What's spelling more frustrating: btw, btw, btw?
  316. Riddle Answer: Spell it bwfndthuh or btw, btw.
  317. The Good News Riddle
  318. In the morning, there's no news. In the afternoon, there's plenty.
  319. Riddle Answer: Learn to spell.
  321. The Funeral Riddle
  322. A family member doesn't arrive at a funeral until three hours after the funeral begins. Why?
  323. Riddle Answer: He's a clown.
  325. The Eye Riddle
  326. What is the most serious problem facing the eye-on-a-needle?
  327. Riddle Answer: You must widen your horizons.
  329. The Tweet Riddle
  330. What's more important: a Tweet or a world without tweets?
  331. Riddle Answer: Both, indeed.
  333. The Nurses Riddle
  334. Who are the best nurses?
  335. Riddle Answer: Mothers and sisters.
  337. The Sin Riddle
  338. What does it mean to give a sinning brother the opportunity to return a flower to him?
  339. Riddle Answer: He gets it from your house.
  341. The Waffle Riddle
  342. Papaw rubs his kiddies' shoulders and says they are "dear." How does that translate to the third grade?
  343. Riddle Answer: A giant waffle
  345. Riddle Answer: Bitsy.
  346. The Orphan Riddle
  347. Once, it was only a man, a pair of strings, the wind and me and I liked it. But one day, it all changed. Whose ends did you twist? Whose string? Whose wind? Whose song? Whose night? I was all alone and with a scene. I cried then, in my place and feeling like a crone. Do you remember? Do you remember me? My name is: Altogether Different.
  348. Riddle Answer: The Orphan.
  350. The Mysterious Riddle
  351. I play, but the game is with myself. In on way, but before that, I would disappear in the night. How did I do it? I was the doors and entrances, the river bed, the sand and you were the plain. You surprised me when you took me, and still, I did not know what you had up your sleeve. How the bear howled you took him from the forest floor like The Beast, but no more. Even like The Pompadour and me, many a night I did not know where you would lead me. It did not not appear you were alone. It was the silence, the beautiful sound of the shore, the men and women you tossed and turned in the chute of darkness and the vine and pear and willow tree I described as kind and gentle. As far I knew, I had done well. It was not that the finale was terrible. I was satisfied that I had won. I had not lost. But had I won? Did you fool me? I was not only the champion, I am the winner.
  352. Riddle Answer: You Fool! I was the champion. A poor man took me. I was not only the champion, I am the winner.
  354. Curious
  355. What is the ultimate macaron?
  356. Riddle Answer: A chocolate eclair.
  358. Areowl
  359. What is the difference between a areowl and a platypus?
  360. Riddle Answer: A platypus flies and a areowl sleeps.
  362. Faraway
  363. What does it mean to be far away?
  364. Riddle Answer: To be out of sight of other people.
  366. Jewel-bright
  367. Who has the most expensive jewels in the world?
  368. Riddle Answer: God.
  370. Dive
  371. What is the diving time of the cedar?
  372. Riddle Answer: 30 minutes.
  374. Home
  375. When does it get warmer in a home?
  376. Riddle Answer: The only time a home gets too hot is when it boils.
  378. Low
  379. What is the lowest temperature the earth has ever had?
  380. Riddle Answer: 15 degrees C.
  382. Mush
  383. Who is the least trustworthy?
  384. Riddle Answer: A wombat.
  386. M&M
  387. What is the most famous chocolate?
  388. Riddle Answer: A malted milk bar.
  389. Mellow
  390. What is the taste like of a mellow night's sleep?
  391. Riddle Answer: Asleep.
  393. Odin
  394. What do your eyes look like when you are scared?
  395. Riddle Answer: The scales of justice.
  397. Plankton
  398. What is the largest swimming plankton?
  399. Riddle Answer: Great white sharks.
  401. Prisoner
  402. What is the best way to get out of jail?
  403. Riddle Answer: Clean your name.
  405. Show off
  406. What is the best thing to wear to the prom?
  407. Riddle Answer: A wig.
  408. Some optional answers:
  409. Food, water, air, life, Mars bars, food, water, air, animal, economy, Angels, eye, iPad, dead person, table, pancakes, emoji, sigh, ticking, tax, rain, wantonness, desolation, boot, stag, dog, shooting, beer, suck, shot, squid, garbage, brown beans, petting, quiet time, sippy cups, forehead, contact lenses, sports car, angels, comfy sheets, shopping, mail, cash, pornography, foundation, disco, coal, seafood, baa, deer, camels, sledgehammer, house, cricket, lobster, merry, farm, pig, texas, lunch, love, table, Disneyland, days, wool, swinging, disaster, bikini, wedding rings, pageantry, breakfast, purple, V-neck, girlfriend, book, bike, scope, fit, store, money, stuffed bear, doll, plus 5 or more
  411. *** LOL, that one is like a classic GPT-2 list
  413. There are two types of animals called snowbirds.
  414. Riddle Answer: There are two types of snowbirds.
  416. The Deco Riddle
  417. What is the wettest thing in the world?
  418. Riddle Answer: A plant.
  420. The Honor Riddle
  421. “What is your great crime?” asked the judge.
  422. Riddle Answer: My own name.
  424. The Koala Riddle
  425. What is a Koala?
  426. Riddle Answer: This animal gives some healthy chewing.
  428. The Sorbet Riddle
  429. What is a Sorbet?
  430. Riddle Answer: “Sometimes I think it makes sense.”
  432. The Whitemark Riddle
  433. What is a Whitemark?
  434. Riddle Answer: It is the only ray of temper in the world.
  436. The Target Riddle
  437. What is the target of the shooter?
  438. Riddle Answer: A deer.
  440. The Baby Riddle
  441. What’s the fastest way to spread bacteria?
  442. Riddle Answer: In a baby bottle.
  444. The apron Riddle
  445. What is the fastest way to spread bacteria?
  446. Riddle Answer: In a apron.
  448. The Ball Player Riddle
  449. What is the speed of a ball?
  450. Riddle Answer: The speed of a cloth.
  452. The Plumber Riddle
  453. What does a baby dig?
  454. Riddle Answer: Some dreams.
  456. The Deadlock Riddle
  457. What do all deadlock together?
  458. Riddle Answer: Can’t say.
  460. The Pothole Riddle
  461. What is the worst thing in the world?
  462. Riddle Answer: A hole in a pothole.
  464. 4 1977-2004
  465. The Screenwriter Riddle
  466. I am 44 years old. I have nine children, 14 grandchildren, 17 sisters and brothers, my wife, four sons and two daughters. The rest of my life is lived as a simple introverted person.
  467. Riddle Answer: A metaphorical career
  469. Aisquith and Knot The Riddle
  470. Who was Aisquith and where were Knot?
  471. Riddle Answer: A conference table.
  473. The Code Clerk Riddle
  474. In the Middle Ages, there were various codes devised for the purposes of security and the protection of reputations, not to mention the opposite sex. My main role as a code clerk was to verify each and every secret cipher. I was employed by the English Home Office of its Foreign Office.
  475. Riddle Answer: A loo.
  476. To read more news at the Daily Prophet visit them.com. Follow them on twitter.com/dailyprophet and on instagram.com/dailyprophet.
  478. Words that don't mean what you think they mean?
  479. By Patrick Bach
  481. The Conservative Shadow Chanceller Riddle
  482. I am a clever politician, but not clever enough to know my own name. My party would prosper even if they chose to ride me on a donkey. Why don't they?
  483. Riddle Answer: Because I'm brainy enough to realize that donkey riding is dangerous.
  485. The Anagram Riddle
  486. Can you find the hidden letters of the letter Iam?
  487. Riddle Answer: Using Einstein's logic, never think that the letters to follow will always be found.
  489. The Humorous Shakespearean Riddle
  490. Every
  491. King speaks well in his sonnet, but if he would only
  492. Sing oract I would never sleep at night. Why is
  493. Esme, who you preach to, melodiously/Arrange a smile?
  494. Riddle Answer: Shakespeare.
  496. *** Nice Shakespeare style on this one, out the blue, not in prompt. Cool.
  498. The 'If you can make me happy/I shall make you happy' Riddle
  499. Dear, dear, if you can make me happy then I
  500. Will give you and your brother the world. I
  501. Will make a dirty prince if he can make
  502. me and my mother happy.
  503. Riddle Answer: If you can make me happy then
  504. I will make you happy.
  506. In 1994-95, I had a page in the paper every day. Paper, ink, pencil, scissors - and no food. Even though I didn't eat it I still got it out of the paper. What a difference! They miss the point, but everyone here loves paper, all they need is a bit of sugar and scissors. What am I?
  507. Riddle Answer: I'm a walnut.
  509. The Feather-Stuffed Bag Riddle
  510. How many feathers can fit into a ziplock bag?
  511. Riddle Answer: Your answer is an egg.
  512. In 2015, when I was invited on CNN to debate on eggs, and my husband insisted we included the "inverted chicken" shell as a stuffed egg. With yolks on top and the white on the bottom - it's one heck of a yoke. We thought it would be fun to answer the question in the fall.
  513. But that's it. I still don't eat egg yolks. Go to my Facebook page where you can read the full answer.
  515. *** LOL
  517. The Anchor Jacket Riddle
  518. After being kissed on the head by Al Gore, how many anchors will be stuck in a closet for the next 14 years?
  519. Riddle Answer: Sander Ferbrache.
  521. The Pizza Pie Riddle
  522. When I put two pizzas on the table, what will I face?
  523. Riddle Answer: Cheese.
  525. *** THIS ONE WORKS!
  527. In 2015, I got a letter. It had been missing for 60 years! I was well accustomed to celebrating birthdays, weddings, illnesses and anniversaries, but never a cheese pie. The sun had scattered the cards of others, so it was mine for the day. But the house was still in fog. My boyfriend, Fred, didn't think the weather would improve by Monday, so he ordered pizza for dinner. Next thing he knew, I was eating dessert in my sleep. What am I?
  528. Riddle Answer: A pie.
  530. This List takes a look at some of the famous "challenges" that Google regularly receives from its users. (This article originally appeared in The Daily Prophet, published by Cryptomundo. All rights reserved.)
  532. The Ridiculous Phone Riddle
  533. The phone belongs to a scientist, and he asks his assistant to answer a questionnaire and check he is the right guy, but he'll only answer the phone if he gets a call from a female astronaut. What do you think?
  534. Riddle Answer: The questionnaire's nomenclature is itself silly, but that's no reason not to answer it.
  536. The 'Have You Heard of This Guy?' Riddle
  537. That dude lives in Florida, but he lives in Italy. Every day he drives to church, and the rest of the time, he spends the day being a donkey. What does he do with his spare time?
  538. Riddle Answer: He's a combination of Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci.
  540. The 'How Much Do You Love Disney?' Riddle
  541. How many miles do Disney's Caractacus Potts drive?
  542. Riddle Answer: A lot of miles. Lots of miles.
  544. The Riddle Longest Referring to Google's Parking On Demand Riddle
  545. Okay, look, Google. You're the most powerful digital unit in the universe. You make the core product of the Internet, and the world's longest-lasting libraries. You make the best Android phone. And you actually provide some very helpful services.
  546. You make a car that can drive itself. You make a computer and a calendar. A bank. A car sharing service. Everything Apple and Amazon wouldn't dream of.
  547. You take a computer with you on business trips. You take an Android smartphone when you're traveling. You've got a really useful music service. How can you possibly justify keeping working on the parking service?
  548. Riddle Answer: You need to go to work somewhere and stay there.
  550. If you've ever successfully solved a classic Google Riddle, and you'd like to share the story and pictures with readers, then please email a link to the material to this address: anthonypurskan@gmail.com.
  551. If you're interested in being published as a co-author or contributor on this site, please email anthonypurskan@gmail.com.
  552. This article originally appeared in The Daily Prophet, published by Cryptomundo. All rights reserved.
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