Chapter 5: The Dream

Jun 20th, 2014
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  1. I was running, running from something as fast as my two hooves could take me. What was I running from again? I stopped for a second and took a look at my surroundings. A Grassy hill laid behind me, creepy forest ahead, and mountains to my left and right. It seemed the only way forward was through the forest. I looked up, there didn’t seem to be any stars in the sky or a moon, but it was still bright? What is that figure on the hill behind me? Why was it holding a scythe? Wait? Is it Death? The grim reaper? Shit Shit Shit Shit. I kept running forward into the woods increasing my pace, for some reason I wasn’t losing breath, was it due to my pony body? Pony body? That doesn’t make any sense I’m supposed to be human? Right? There was a clearing in front of me. A small pond lied in the middle. I stepped towards the pond and looked down. No reflection. No reflection? Wait a second…
  3. I looked behind me, the figure approaching fast, it ran towards me on two hooves. Except that didn’t any sense either. Think Think, no reflection, death approaching me, no stars, full moon. Wait, the full moon wasn’t there before. I looked behind me. The figure was coming fast. There was nowhere to go. Stop, breathe in Dawn. Dawn? That didn’t sound right, Dawn? My name wasn’t Dawn, it was… Anonymous, and I was human, but now. I looked down and saw myself on two feet, but that wasn’t right. The hooded figure, approached right next to me. A scythe appeared out of thin air and the figure slashed towards me.
  5. What happened next was the strangest feeling, it felt like the my body was literally splitting in two, like a shell was being ripped off of my real body. Real body? Why did I think that? I fell backwards, out of that human shell and hit my head on a rock. “Ow” I said aloud, wait, I didn’t feel anything. Why did I say…
  7. The gears finally began turning. “This is a dream isn’t it,” I said aloud towards the moon.
  9. “Aww, the young filly has finally figured it out” I heard as a four legged figure ascended from the sky.
  11. “Twilight told me that you had the power to enter ponies dreams but I can’t say I ever had the pleasure of experiencing it first hand, Luna”
  13. “Well, you never were a pony before,” Luna said landing next to me.
  16. “So what’s the occasion? What brings you to my dreamscape?” I asked inquisitively.
  18. “I heard from my sister that the magical beast was transformed into a little filly and I had to see for myself”
  20. “Yeah, I’m a little filly, I’ve decided to go with the name Radiant Dawn, or just Dawn. Twilight and I haven’t figured out our cover story
  21. yet.”
  23. “Well, I think the name fits you nicely, so what was that about?” Luna asked pointing towards the Grim Reaper figure that was oddly just
  24. standing there, “Oh, I froze time in your dream,” I looked back at her confused, “It can’t hurt you but I’d hate for it to interrupt our
  25. conversation.”
  27. “Well when did you come in? I just kind of found myself running. You know; dreams.”
  29. “What was this thing that was chasing you, it exists not in the land of Equestria and why does it walk on two feet? Is it human like you once were, Ms. Dawn?”
  31. “Please, Dawn is fine, and we called it the Grim Reaper back on Earth, it was supposed to be a symbol of death”
  33. “Well, Dawn, it makes sense for you to run away from death, many ponies are afraid of death so it shouldn’t be unnatural for you to be running. But what I’ve found is many times when ponies are having nightmares there seems to be some sort of emotional issue with the pony.”
  35. “It’s nothing… I was running and that monster attacked me and all of a sudden I was like this.”
  37. “Seems like the little filly isn’t as adjusted as my sister claims that she is…”
  39. “What do you mean, Luna I’m okay with being a filly, I did magic today, twilight is closer than ever, what problems would I have with this?”
  41. “I don’t know why don’t you tell me?” Luna asked me. Her expression seemed genuine considering she was literally talking down to me.
  43. “Twilight taught me magic today, and I performed really well, and I learned how to perform the basics of manipulation for each of the elementary elements or whatever they were called.”
  45. “You were able to perform basic telekinesis?”
  47. “Not only that, but I illuminated my horn, repaired a candle and I even figured out how to teleport!”
  49. “That’s very impressive for a filly like yourself!” Luna said praising me, “especially if this was your first day performing magic!”
  51. “Yeah! Ha, I know, I’m pretty excited about learning more” I said, my voice trailing off.
  53. “Dawn, I think you need to work on your dishonesty, why don’t you tell me the truth” Luna lectured me.
  55. “It’s just, if I become this unicorn prodigy…”
  57. “What happens?”
  59. “I’ll become her, Dawn, instead of who I was. I used to be Anonymous remember? I was a human, content with my life, and then now I’m, this... I’m trying to accept who I’ve become; I’m just not ready to give myself up.”
  61. “Anon, Dawn, your secret is safe with me. I’m happy that I was able to help you out, but what if I were to tell you that you don’t need to change at all?”
  63. “What do you mean Luna? I’m clearly a pony, and Twilight told me that there was no way to turn me back.”
  65. “I never said that you weren’t a pony, but you’re still Anon at heart right? Just because you’ve got a new body doesn’t mean you’re not the Anon I met when you first arrived.”
  67. “I guess…”
  69. “Dawn, you’ve learned the basics of magic which is a feat in itself. Maybe instead of you seeing yourself as a new filly who is a ‘prodigy’ see yourself as a human who mastered magic!” Luna said with excitement in her voice.
  71. “I’m still unsure, what if Twilight wants me to go off to Canterlot, just like she did?”
  73. “Just because Twilight was gifted doesn’t necessarily mean you are as well” I looked Luna, with a hurt look in my eyes, “Sorry.”
  75. “You’re right, it’s just…”
  77. “How about this, why don’t I show you some examples of back when you were human to show you that you’re still you?”
  79. “Go ahead, just don’t pry too much if you could.” The scene shifted around us, Luna and I remained standing next to another but we moved past the clearing, through the forest, everything became a blur, I looked to the left and the right, and all I could see were brown splotches. “Luna, what’s happening?”
  81. “Huh, this is odd, for some reason I can’t access any memories of yours before you were a pony.” All of a sudden we appeared back where I started, mountains to my left and right and ahead was the hill that I ran down. Luna began ascending toward the sky, “It also seems like my time here will have to be cut short, perhaps we can meet under better circumstances.”
  83. “Perhaps we can Luna, if I ever find myself in Canterlot I will definitely stop by to say hello”
  85. “And likewise Dawn, if I find myself in Ponyville, I would like to see you in person.” Luna disappeared into the sky and the full moon re-appeared in the sky. With the full moon appearing, dark clouds also began to form up. Odd, normally I would wake up after figuring out I was dreaming. But the clouds kept forming and I was left with nothing but the grass hill to my front. It began raining hard, and I began climbing the hill. Strange, when I hit my head on the rock earlier I didn’t feel anything but this time I started to feel wet, even further so I couldn’t make my way up the hill, every step forward led me two steps back. A few minutes later I was drenched, and sat down at the base.
  87. “Wait a second…” I’m not supposed to feel much of anything in a dream. Unless…
  88. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  90. “Shit!” I opened my eyes to reveal light pouring in from the windows. I looked down and saw a damp puddle formed near my crotch. “Damnit damnit damnit. FUCKING DAMNIT” I shouted. Outside my room I heard hoof steps forming in the hallway. The clopping I heard from the hallway seemed to increase in intensity.
  92. “Dawn! I know we talked about this!” A magical aura appeared on my door. My cheeks turned turned 50 shades of red after realizing what I was going to have to admit.
  94. “Twilight, I’m s sorry I didn’t mean to it just happened, and I got scared and please don’t be mad I just I’m so sorry” I pleaded towards the purple unicorn.
  96. “Oh my” She began blushing as well, “I didn’t realize… oh man, I’m not mad, um, let’s get you out of bed and clean you up.”
  98. “Twilight, I’m so sorry, I just it started raining and I couldn’t wake up and I just please I..”
  100. Twilight cut me off, “Just relax, and get out of bed. It happens to even the best of fillies. And don’t forget, you might not realize it, but you’re a filly now.”
  102. “I’m just so embarrassed I’m trying my hardest to adjust, I swear it won’t happen again!” I pleaded, waterworks pouring from my eyes. I felt magic surrounding my body and pulling me out of my bed.
  104. “Let’s get you washed up, I’ll take care of these later,” Twilight said, “I’ll make breakfast while you bathe it’ll make you feel better okay Dawn?”
  106. “Okay” I sniffled back.
  107. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  109. I entered our bathroom still a little damp near my rear. That along with the remaining pressure in my groin reminded me of the mistake I had just made. But, I had to accept it for what it was, a simple mistake. I looked towards the bathtub, deciding I didn’t want to strain myself, I moved towards the knobs, and decided to move them with my hooves. The hot water began pouring out of the drain, feel of the water along my hooves reminded me of the growing pressure in my crotch and as much as I didn’t want to accept it, I was going to need to go to the bathroom properly. Plugging in the tub, I made my way towards the porcelain throne that I was going to need to accept. How did ponies use these things? Clearly they were able to understand hygiene and develop these things, so why was it so hard for me to accept that I would have to use one too?
  111. The strange thing about pony toilets were that they were almost exactly similar to a human’s but their bowl was curvier and deeper which seemed to be more adjusted to a pony’s physique. The attachment between the tank and bowl was also adjusted to accommodate pony tails. I quickly became acquainted with the toilet as I plopped my flank on the porcelain throne. I went to work releasing whatever pressure remained in my bladder.
  113. After I finished my business, I turned off the water in the tub and got ready to step into the water. The first hoof hit the warm water of the bathtub, I instantly began to relax. The second hoof, and then I plopped into the bathtub. I accidentally flipped over and landed onto my back, “Ow.” The pain settled quickly as I closed my eyes and relaxed, just concentrating on the warm water covering my body. However, I knew I had business to do and days to begin, so I grabbed Twilight’s shampoo and began lathering my upper body. Squeezing the soap into my front hooves, I lathered it on myself, kneading it my front legs, and chest. While I was massaging myself, I slowly made my way to my lower torso lathering myself with soap the entire way down, when all of a sudden I reached two mounds and, “mmm,” I moaned, that felt nice, I didn’t think that a batch could make me feel this good but, I soaped up and rubbed down there again, “oh wow.” I kept rubbing down at my crotch when I opened my eyes, and looked down, “oh no nono,” I just realized what I was doing. I never really god a look at my new lady-bits from this angle, but I noticed my two small little teats staring at me, along with what little I could see of my new vagina. Disgusted of what I had just done, I decided to hurry up and lather up my lower legs, and pulled the plug from the drain.
  115. Stepping out of the tub, I grabbed one of the towels to begin drying off. I realized it was going to be difficult to access my back, so I decided to use magic on this one. I focused on the air around the towel, remembering my lessons from yesterday, “move the air around the towel not the towel itself.” The towel began lifting in the air and collapsed, “come on Dawn, you can do this, focus on the air around the towel and not the towel itself.” The towel lifted back into the air, and collapsed again. Maybe I didn’t have enough magic to lift the towel? I remembered the sparking sensation in my horn, “Activate my spark, siphon the magic, and focus on the air,” The towel lifted into the air, and I moved it onto my back, “Come on! I did it right,”
  117. “Twilight!” I shouted downstairs, as I made my way down, towel still laying on my back. “Twilight! I need help drying myself off! I can’t seem to figure out how I’m supposed to dry myself off! My magic isn’t working!”
  119. I made my way into the kitchen and there I saw four ponies sitting at the table.
  121. “Oh my gosh! You weren’t kidding you do have a younger sister!”
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