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  1. [22:03] <Kt> Possible responses:
  2. [22:03] <Kt> A) This is why you'll always have to pay for sex
  3. [22:03] <Kt> B) Maybe someday you can graduate to two-player games
  4. [22:03] <Savant> wtf that is not sexy
  5. [22:03] <Kt> C) SHUNNNNNNNNNNN
  6. [22:03] <Kt> Well played, though.
  7. [22:04] <Savant> the only way I can see him making the connection he did is if he is five years old and anything having to do with genetalia makes him giggle and feel funny.
  8. [22:04] <Kt> Ahahahah
  9. [22:04] <Kt> I know how sex works! The man pees inside the lady!
  10. [22:05] <Savant> WOLFMAN HAS NARDS
  11. [22:05] <Kt> ahahahhaha
  12. [22:07] <Kt> Frankly, Dennis could amend "And whenever I have a problem I just cry" to most of his statements.
  13. [22:07] <Kt> Fuck, I may just start doing that to his statements mentally anyway.
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