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Sep 11th, 2019
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  1. Welcome to Royal Destiny!
  3. We are a family that is continuously growing! We are excited to have you!
  5. Please make sure to read our rules, commands, and channel information.
  7. Don't forget to visit our website,, for details on all of our clans, an application to join us, alliance news, guides, our blog, and more!
  9. Join our Steam Group for updates on upcoming game releases, new events, and our chatroom where you can socialize with your RD buddies!
  11. We encourage you to talk with other clan-mates, ask or provide help, and enjoy your experience with us.
  13. To apply for a clan, PM @Kon with <<apply.
  15. Royal Destiny Community Charter:!Ap_-ENfCX4GygzcvkwN2TgG1wc-G
  17. Channel Info (doc):
  22. 1. Put your IGN as your discord name:
  23. • This is to make it easy to locate you in-game. You can have your IGN in your discord name or nickname, in brackets, parentheses, hyphenated, etc, as long as it's visible. You can set your nickname unique to this server by right clicking on your name and clicking change nickname.
  24. Note: Do not have any material that is offensive and/or violates the rules as your discord ID, server nickname or avatar.
  26. 2. No Spam:
  27. • Self explanatory, please refrain from posting the same or things of similar context repeatedly. This includes images, emotes, text, as well as repeatedly pinging and messaging any member, be it staff or not. Please wait for the staff member to get back to you.
  29. 3. No Harassment:
  30. • Do not start arguments, flame, insult, be racist or attack people using any means. Banter is acceptable but please be careful and make sure the other person is on board. If you do find yourself in an overly heated discussion, either desist or take it to DM’s. This includes arguing with staff members in open chats.
  32. 4. No NSFW content:
  33. • Content restrictions: No nudity or cropped porn gifs, no taboo sexual content, no gore or pornography. No racist content or content that targets people of a particular nationality. Don’t post LGBTQ memes. Do not stream (from any platform) such content on the server.
  35. 5. No Doxxing:
  36. • Do not, under any circumstances, stalk or publish private or identifiable information of any member of the community, regardless of context.
  38. 6. No Begging:
  39. • Begging for free items is prohibited. Please be mindful of what you are looking for and present an item in return to trade instead of begging.
  41. 7. Banned
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