One Clammy Summer Day

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  1. One clammy summer day a man walked off the beaten path and into the shade of the trees, seeking to escape the heat. He was around the lower ranges of middle age and had sufficient experience of the world to know that there would be thunder before long, with the weather like this. Not a cloud in the sky all morning, the Sun beaming down without mercy, bugs chirping and crows lying low on the ground and breathing heavily to cool themselves off… this was a time to seek a pond and take a dip.
  2. The man sighed with relief when the foliage covered him from the scorch and paused for a moment to take off his shoes, socks and overshirt, all of which he bundled up to carry more easily. His feet were blistered and sore, and walking barefoot allowed him the opportunity to let them breathe a little. This wasn’t a place he was familiar with, but he knew that a pond would present itself sooner or later, and he wasn’t too worried.
  4. Ah, there it was! It had only taken a small while of walking uphill to discover it. The pond wasn’t small, either, but large enough that he would swim from one end to the other with no less than eight strokes. That was good enough for him.
  5. He dropped his bundle and backpack on the ground and surveyed the area. There were some reeds here, and the water wasn’t entirely clear. Some algae were growing here, making it look a little greenish. But it wasn’t anything dangerous, so who cares?
  6. With no further hesitation he undid his belt and let his sword and scabbard fall on the ground while he removed his undershirt. It had stuck to his body from all the sweat and he’d need to put it up to dry somewhere… or preferably wash it first. But first things first, he needed a swim. The man wasted no effort in putting his trousers or undergarments in any order on the ground, as soon as he was nude he waded into the water, which was shin-deep from the very edge, and it took but a single step to be submerged up to his thighs. That’s when he was interrupted.
  7. ‘Skinny-dipping, huh?’ rang the voice of a woman, followed by a croaky giggle.
  8. The man, unfazed, turned to the reeds, where the head and shoulders of a woman had emerged. Not a human as he was, but an amphibious woman, a frog of some kind, with green skin, buggy eyes and a tongue of a considerable length. Her hair was a blackish green mat, pressed tightly against her head, as she’d been submerged right up till now. There was a darkening around her cheeks, and her eyes were set on a particular part of his anatomy. The man was still unfazed. The creature was harmless.
  9. ‘You too?’ asked he, by way of making conversation.
  10. She giggled at this.
  11. ‘Wanna see?’
  12. The man considered this. He was obviously encroaching on her territory, and it would be only proper if he compensated her in some manner. The way she stared at his genitalia made it obvious that the frog woman was looking for a rump, and he wasn’t opposed to the idea.
  13. ‘Mhm’ he admitted, taking another step into the pond, getting in deep enough to have his genitalia under the surface. The water was so warm he barely noticed it.
  15. The frog grinned when he seemed willing and slid with ease to within a couple feet of him. Without a word she stood up herself, revealing her to be tall enough to reach his shoulders. Emerging from the water she revealed a pair of firm breasts that glistened not with water, but with… slime? No. Mucus. He recognized her species now. A Mucus Toad was a good find.
  16. Her lips parted as she eyed up his toned body and eyed up his scars, old and new. She seemed to think he was a good find, as well. Opening her mouth like that was a sign of arousal that had nothing to do with her breathing, these frog types breathed through their skin, mucus or not.
  17. She reached to touch his chest. Her fingers looked silly with those big round tips, and the webbing between her fingers flapped a little when she moved, making wet noises. He was reacting already, just as she was.
  18. ‘Mmmhm’ she showed her approval, reaching up to his face for a kiss. He lowered his head to return it, and her greedy, ravenous tongue soon found its way everywhere inside his mouth. He couldn’t compete with that, but he wouldn’t let her take the lead that easily.
  19. The man reached for the Mucus Toad’s behind, finding her round, firm buttocks, and grabbing on to it with both hands, lifting her up in the air so she didn’t need to reach so much to kiss him. She took this in stride, wrapping her legs around his torso and her arms around the back of his head. He was strong enough to support her weight, but she had no intention to stay up in the air and despite the cooling effect of the mucus touching his skin, the man yearned for the water. He bent his knees and leaned back, letting the Toad get on top while he dived beneath the surface, showing her he was confident in his ability to compete with her.
  20. The Mucus Toad seemed pleased that he was issuing a challenge and let go of him, pushing away and escaping from him underwater. So she wanted him to give chase?
  21. He surfaced briefly to compensate for the lack of breath her long kiss had left him with, and then dove again.
  23. The water wasn’t clear beneath the surface either, and although the bottom of the pond wasn’t muddy, their horseplay had already lifted up small columns of… whatever it was, making the bottom of the pond look like it was smoking. The reeds growing in one corner offered a natural hiding place for the Toad, and that’s where he went. Clumsily he tried to move past the reeds and found himself wondering how a girl the size of a human could so easily disappear in a pond so small. Then he felt her yank his ankle, and he tried to turn around quickly to catch her. She was too fast, and was gone before he could even catch a glimpse. It was time to breath again, but before that, he’d emerge from the reeds.
  24. Gasping for air, the man wondered if she’d make him play this game for long.
  25. ‘Gotcha!’ she yelled, her hands and legs grasping his torso once more, now from behind. Guess that answered that.
  26. ‘Mhm’ he answered, trying to plant a kiss on her, but she pulled her head away and dragged him along, letting go with her legs to kick herself along more quickly. He offered no resistance, thinking they were finally getting started, as she pulled him past the reeds once more.
  27. On the other side was a sort of… bed. It was made of moss and old reeds, but it was clearly a bed, built on the shore and surrounded by shrubbery on all sides on land and the reeds on the side of the pond, making it quite well hidden. He certainly hadn’t noticed it before.
  28. They fell on to it and she climbed on top of him, letting him soak in the full view of her body. She had quite an athletic build. Clearly this Toad worked hard, and swimming in this little pond wasn’t enough to put together that kind of muscle. That wasn’t really any of his business though. He ran his hands along her hips and felt up her breasts, making her sigh a little, and excrete slime. Mucus, that is. It just… appeared. It didn’t ooze out of her in the kind of quantities that made it clear where the, what’s the word for it, pores? Where the pores were, yeah. His hands were covered in it.
  29. ‘Uhh…’ he began, not certain if this was really supposed to happen. She pressed a finger on his lips and smiled. Guess it was fine… oh!
  31. The Toad lowered her body and her mucus-covered breasts on him, grasping his wrists firmly and pressing his hands over his head. Having secured him in place, she began to move, slowly and with great force, rubbing her breasts on his chest, spreading the icky stuff all over his body, secreting more from… somewhere, getting more and more slippery, letting her move faster and smoother, and somehow the sensations he felt grew stronger… huh. He’d heard that a Mucus Toad’s mucus could do things to a man, good things. This must’ve been what they’d meant.
  32. She decided she’d done enough lubricating and let go of his hands, winking at him as she practically jumped to turn around to face away from him, letting her tight rump slide along his slippery chest all the way to his face, as she lowered her breasts down to his semi-erect member. A little slither later her tongue was wrapped around it and moving up and down, up and down, side to side, vibrating and writhing… as soon as he was fully erect she let go and brought her breasts down on his cock, enveloping it in their firm, smooth, slippery embrace. The mucus made his most sensitive part even more sensitive, and an involuntary groan escaped his lips as she squeezed down on her breasts and began to move, shutting his mind from practically every other part except his dick for a brief moment. This was amazing… something fell on his face. Something wet and icky.
  33. She’d changed up her position a little, and as a result her rear and crotch were right above his face. The mucus had covered up this part as well, and from the slit between her chiselled thighs fell droplets of mucus mixed in with her love juices. Opening his eyes he was treated to a very lewd sight indeed.
  34. There were many wet noises now. The loudest was of course from her breasts pumping at his cock, but some also emanated from her crotch and ass. The thrusts she made with body as she moved her breasts caused her back to arch, and as it did, her buttcheeks tightened and loosened, causing the mucus formed up in the crack to be squeezed out. He couldn’t take this anymore. His hands were free, so he reached for her hips and caressed her, placing his hands once again on her tight cheeks, then gently directed her rear downwards so he got her honeypot in the correct position for him to lick it.
  35. It turned out that the mucus affected his tongue, as well. He ejaculated after a few licks, his brain overloaded with what his senses informed it of.
  37. ‘No fair!’ she rebuked him, sitting down on his face and making him reflect on his actions with no light or air to speak of, while he licked away apologetically. A light tap on her ass got her to lift it up, after which she repositioned herself so he could lick while still breathing. With no further discussion she grasped his still erect and overly sensitive member and wrapped her tongue around it once more, tightening much more than the first time, slithering and vibrating more than the first time. He cried out a little at the beginning, being still in his refractory period, but he wasn’t yet so old as to give up this quickly, mucus or no mucus.
  38. This wasn’t going his way at all, he thought to himself. He wanted to just ram it in her and get her into a more submissive state, or at least get her off her game. If they stayed like this, he’d end up drained, and he had to cover a lot more ground today. Steeling his nerves, he decided to wrestle his way on top of her.
  39. The greatest flaw in this plan, of course, was the mucus. He couldn’t get a good grasp on her, no matter where he put his hands they just slid off. She let out an amused sound, as best articulated as any could be with her tongue wrapped around him, and to drive home the point of his helplessness she brought down her head and took his cock inside her mouth, here she added suction to the stimulus she was causing, and it didn’t take long for him to ejaculate a second time. His groan was loud when it happened and his breathing was getting rapid. He realized he hadn’t caused her a single orgasm yet, and he had usually been of the disposition that a man should give a woman three orgasms to every one he himself got. This wasn’t a gentlemanly thing at all.
  41. She got off of him and began to trace her finger along the inside of his thigh.
  42. ‘Need help?’ she asked.
  43. ‘Help?’ he asked, feeling offended.
  44. ‘Mhm’ she looked at his cock, which was starting to look a little flaccid. ‘A little “pick-me-up”’
  45. He eyed her up. The Toad didn’t have anything on her that looked like a potion or an herb. What was her game?
  46. She bent over and turned her back to him. It was also covered in mucus, like the rest of her seemed to be, but there was a sort of bluish tint to this bit, getting bluer by the minute.
  47. ‘Lick it’ she said.
  48. ‘Lick it?’
  49. ‘Yeah’
  50. ‘Your back?’
  51. ‘Yeah’
  52. Alrighty then. He got up and took her by the shoulders as he leaned down to lick her back. There was a sort of taste here, not like the taste of sweat or the taste of love juices, but a taste more like… like something sharp. Like lemon, but with sugar that didn’t make less bitter, but still sweet, somehow.
  53. He licked away at her back like a dog.
  54. ‘N-not so much!’ she protested, shuddering a little. Was this an erogenous zone for her? Maybe. Just to be sure, he moved one hand to a breast and another to her crotch, fingering her while licking her back. It wasn’t until he began to feel light-headed that he realized that he was, in fact, licking a toad.
  56. Poison or not, whatever he’d gotten from her back had done the trick and made him quite hard again. He was downright bursting with lust, and the only thing to do now was open up her slit and slip in… wait. She’d been in control all this time, and if he put it in her vagina, wouldn’t that be just what she wanted?
  57. Yes. He was still being played. The poison – or whatever the blue mucus had been – had opened his eyes. He’d put it in the other hole!
  58. Luckily the mucus was there to act as lube, and he slipped in easily.
  59. ‘H-hey! Not there!’ she protested, but he gave a hard slap to her ass and picked up a decent pace. Her moaning got loud very quickly, with her attacking her backside with his cock and her front with his hand, and he used one hand to turn her head so he could kiss her some more, feeling like he could compete with her tongue now. Maybe he was a little off his rocker from the blue stuff, but he was feeling quite potent, and the wet noises he made going in and out of her ass encourages him. Her muscles relaxed in some parts, mainly her limbs, while contracting in others, like her belly and buttocks. He came inside and sighed loudly, taking a few more licks off of her back, just in case, and then smoothly slipping out, checking if he was still clean – he was, there was nothing but the familiar mucus on him – and slipped in her pussy now, feeling like he could give her the nine orgasms he owed her… maybe more.
  60. After squealing helplessly for a bit she decided to give him a run for his money, and so the Mucus Toad put one arm around his neck to steady herself and took advantage of all that lubrication, sliding effortlessly around so she was now facing him. Her buggy eyes and dopey face were darkened with a blush and she was quite obviously enjoying herself immensely, but she wasn’t yet willing to let him win. She once more locked her legs around his torso and her arms around his neck, pulling his face to her chest where he buried himself in her slippery breasts while pounding into her, her shoulders and head now the only part touching the ground. With the fury of a berserker he pounded into her, getting her to squeal and moan and croak until she informed him of her climax, begging him to take it easier for a bit, which he did, so she could switch position, and with her resting on her back again he lifted her hips off the ground and felt one with the universe as he mashed away, black dots at the edge of his vision as he breathed heavily, and then he saw all those pretty colours and her skin began to glow, and he just had to lick away at her, so delicious she looked!
  62. He woke up with a buzz in his head, not for a moment remembering where he was and why he was naked, but it all came back to him. His head hurt. And his back hurt. He wasn’t quite as young as he used to be…
  63. With a groan he got up and looked around. No Mucus Toad. With a bigger groan he stood up and struggled through the bushes, feeling thirsty. He found the spot where he’d left his clothes, and found… nothing but his gourd and a note. He opened the gourd, took a sip to deal with his thirst as he read the note.
  65. “Don’t go anywhere, will be back with friends”
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