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  1. How to win in solo queue
  3. 0. Misc
  4. - good computer
  5. - low ping / good internet
  7. 1. Mechanics
  8. - last hitting
  9. - skillshots
  10. - juking (knowing enemy cooldowns)
  11. - *positioning (knowing enemy threats and how your champion interacts with theirs, follow up, intiating)
  12. - kiting (moving in between auto attacks)
  13. - map awareness (knowing 3 min jungle ganks, looking at the mini map, pressing tab for items)
  14. - trading (need to be aware of cooldowns, knowing when to all in, when to poke, when to retreat)
  15. - peeling (peel if your carries outdmg their carries)
  16. - item usage
  17. - map pinging (when to gank, when to back, calling MIA)
  18. - timers (timing dragon/baron/buffs/summoners)
  20. 2. Teamwork/Synergy
  21. - *communication (cd's, grouping, objectives, splitting, TELL YOUR TEAM WHAT YOU NEED, HOW TO WIN)
  22. instead of "yo come gank my lane" after dying -- be like " i need pressure early on to play aggro "
  23. -morale (stay positive)
  24. -chaining cc
  25. -grouping for objectives
  26. -rotations (knowing when to cover a lane)
  27. -team composition (how does your team work together? cait/nidalee (group 5 and siege) trynd (waveclear mid 4, trynd split, deep wards)
  28. -shot calling (keeping your team focused on your win conditions with pings or words, who to focus, when to do dragon, when to group)
  31. 3. Conditioning
  32. - Attitude (staying positive to yourself and your teammates: saying 'GJ' to your team)
  33. - Physical aptitude (working out, do you even lift?, sleeping, eating properly, jerking off Kappa)
  34. - Mental fortitude (not tilting to ragers and trolls)
  36. 4. Strategy
  37. - *win conditions (how you should win with your 5 champions vs their 5 champions, dominate lane?, scale for lategame?, group and poke?, splitpush?, out teamfight for dragons?)
  38. - level 1 invades (just invade red vs blue start jungler, or late invade 1:53 at a buff)
  39. - team compositions (meta champs, counterpicks, knowing your teams weakness and picking accordingly or just picking a neutral champion early)
  40. - skill synergy (caitlyn e-q, gragas/yasuo, amumu/mf)
  41. - minion wave control (knowing how to position the wave)
  42. - lane swaps (if you're losing or one of your laners are losing, just offer to swap | you're top lane lee, and lane opponent builds FULL armor, ask for a swap)
  43. - runes/masteries/itembuilds (meta?)
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