The Peacebreaker's arrival (The early draft)

Mar 28th, 2015
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  1. The Opeator's had a not a clue at all.
  3. No idea that this easy going mission to find a server, take it to HQ and see what's on it would suddenly become their own undoing.
  5. Dazed and confused, they were all taken from their crashed Black Hawk, which had been heavily modified to be turned into a stealth helicopter that resembled the MH-X Stealth Hawk which was famous for being exposed during the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound, to the insides of the Devetashka Cave in Bulgaria. If the cave looks familiar, then it is the same cave that scenes for The Expendables 2 were shot. The cave itself was a relatively open one, where the height between the ground and the top roof were some 50-60 meters, and there were some big holes where the sun penetrates from the top of the cave. All of them were dragged to one of the big half moon circles, lined up either side and staring at each other. One of the soldiers for Project THOR walked in between the girls, eventually stopping on Valmet. She crouches so that she is staring into Valmet's face.
  7. "While I don't agree with the villains motives, I will agree on the fact that whatever doesn't kill you..." The woman said with an American accent, pausing momentarily to her pull her black balaclava off of her face. Valmet looks like she just saw a ghost, as the American woman opens her arms out. The woman in the balaclava turns out to be none other than the former CIA Paramilitary Operator known as Hex. "...Simply makes you stranger." Hex says, finishing her sentence and smiling at Valmet's horror.
  9. "Not that you'd ever understand such a thing of what I've just said..." the American woman says, as she put her FN SCAR-L by her side and slowly peeled off her tactical jacket which came with a hoodie and was coloured in the way that'd be very fimilar to the very latest of camo in the Russian Armed Forces, and came eye-to-eye with Valmet.
  11. "Hex... Knock that shit off." another woman said, clearly annoyed by the fact that Hex was attempting to seduce one of their enemies. Hex appeared dissapointed as she wanted to taunt one of the toughest soldier in Jormungand's Foot Army, lick her face a little, hell, even spit in her general direction, but she relunctantly did what she was told, and donned on her tactical jacket again, remembering to grab her SCAR-L. Now as to what Hex actually outfitted with, she customized it with an Aimpoint M2 Red Dot Sight on the top of the pictanny railing. A vertical foregrip was fitted on the bottom pictanny rail. To complete the look, the magazine was not an FN Herstal standard, but rather a Magpul Gen M3 PMAG.
  13. "Don't think I'm done with you yet...." she seems to say as she makes way for the second masked female. Another girl wearing black balaclava and wearing the same tactical jacket and hoodie as Hex. Except this one's weapon was different. Her, along with three others, were armed with the very latest Izhmash AK-12, outfitted with a weaponlight foregrip, a red dot sight which looked almost exactly like the Aimpoint Comp M4 Red Dot Sight and an adjustable buttstock. In a move similar to Hex, the others pulled their black balaclava's off, giving The Operator's their first ever look at their enemy, aside from Clover and Ravager, who're already wearing their own masks.
  15. "Jormungand's foot soldier's, huh? Well, let's see how strong you all really are..." Alphard says. "Clover, Bring Canaan upto me, and use the knife on her." Alphard orders, which true to her word, the Irish woman brings her up to the ex-leader of Snake and whips out a knife which looks similar to Yoko: It was her Becker BK3 Tac Tool knife. As Clover begins slowly running the knife widthways, Canaan was doing her damndest best to not scream like a wounded wolf in front of Alphard. And as the mastermind stared at the Chinese mercenary, she wanted Canaan to be reminded of just how hard she was pushed during the Shinjuku and Shanghai terrorists attacks. As soon as she finishes, the pain Canaan feels must have felt like being stung by a Brazilian Wandering Spider."D-don't fuck with me!" Canaan manages to eek out, before being kicked to the ground by Hex. Her and Clover then drag Canaan next to Yoko, Meiling and Ibara. "Stop talking." Hex coldly says to Canaan, as she and Clover make way for Alphard. "You should not speak." Alphard says.
  17. The next few seconds take forever, the silence becoming downright deafening, before yet another woman began to speak up. This one had an Irish accent, presumably late 20's, and once upon a time was mentored by the infamous English heister, Hoxton. "Alright laddies, just stay calm, we just wanna get to know you all, and then we'll be on our way." Clover says, pointing her L85A2 in a sort of mock "we come in peace" way, and walking in between the captured soldiers, walking back to Alphard and the others. Valmet silently took note of the fact that Clover was using a modern L85A2 that had been modified enough to look like it came from the British Army, complete with an ELCAN Specter 2 Scope, a PEQ Battery Box on the side of the pictanny rail and a flash light placed just infront of the vertical bipod grip. "Bring me the knife." The mastermind asked of the Irish woman, which she gladly brings over to her. As Alphard slowly unsheathed Yoko's knife, she takes a look at the logo. It had the Operator's logo on the grip of the Redhead's knife. "I'll give you credit..." Alphard says, pausing to grip the back of the knife with her hands in a clawing motion, aiming said knife to the ground. "I like your symbol." she says, finishing her sentence. She goes on to add:
  18. "We are known by many names... Project THOR, Snake Skin, Queens of the Damned, but we mainly go by the name of The Peacebreakers.".
  20. "Now in case you wonder where the server is, don't worry, it belongs to us now." Ravager says, showing the fact that the Dalliances of Death have indeed covered their tracks really rather well by already procuring the server once the Stealth Hawk had already gone down. "Does it?" Revy asks. "Yes, Revy, just like your lives." Ravager responds. "So why don't fucking kill them already?!" Liang Qi says, pointing her H&K USP .45 very clearly at Canaan. "Because Liang, the truth is that I have no desire to kill them all just yet. It would give us no desire, no satisfaction." Alphard calmly responds to Liang's question. "Agreed. We should however, give them a reason to fear to us." Chinatsu says. The Peacebreakers could all only smirk. Hex though, she not only had a smirk, but she had an full-blown evil smile on her face, almost like she was about to reenact a scene from the 1981 slasher film "My Bloody Valentine".
  22. "With goddamn pleasure." the American woman said, before immediately grabbing Valmet out of the half moon circle into her own private space. Hex got ontop of the helpless Finnish soldier, pulled out a brass knuckle, and proceeded to fit it around her right hand. And with it, she pulls the back of Valmet's head with her hand and begins raining thunderous blows over her head, continuing over her with enough blows that her head starts bleeding. Meanwhile, Clover draws out her Shillelagh club, and proceeds to hit Revy's abdomen with an almighty wallop. Unlike Canaan, Revy genuinely feels the pain that shoots through her belly. Before Revy could speak and unleash a barrage of swear words, the relentless Irish woman follows up with one more hit across her abdomen, and one last one across her head. Revy can't run her hands over her head, but she's pretty sure she felt blood pouring out of one of her body parts. While other's took turn torturing Jormungand's Foot Soldiers, Hex seemed to be enjoying it more than even Laing Qi, who was currently roughening up the teams medic, presumably so that they can decide on who should take the drug fittingly named "The Mayan".
  24. "Valmet... I can only wish that Koko was in place of you, just so I can hear her beg for you as I smash her fucking teeth and watch the life drain out of her! For my fucking country! Which I bled for!" Hex angrily says, who's so very badly wanted to do this for so very long, that if she were allowed to do this for any longer, she ran the risk of outright executing her Hotline Miami style. Infact, she's only holding back very slightly because The Peacebreakers need to keep them alive for their big plan. Eventually, a little while later, they were roughened up enough that they could all be grouped up, 4 on either side of the circle. "Alright Chinatsu, got the fittingly named Mayan drug?" Alphard asked of the girl with a menacing spider sense. "That I indeed do, master! Now, who should have the honor of tasting it?" Chinatsu asks her master. "How about using it on their medic over there?" Alphard says, referring to Ibara. Naturally, Chinatsu's only too damn happy to oblige, as she forced their medic's mouth wide open and forced her to drink the Mayan drug, even as Ibara attempts to struggle. Now, as to how these drugs actually work: While The Mayan doesn't look like much, the reality is that it's a psychoactive drug made purely from the South American rainforests. They used these natural drugs to make people go hysterical and to force people to cough up vital information. Think of The Scarecrow's Fear Gas, but in the real world.
  27. "Hey Hex... I've got one curious question for you." Revy manages to eek out, even as she slowly bleeds from her head from the attack earlier. Hex turns to Revy, noticing the fact that she asked something.
  29. "Well, the buck stops here, so fire away." Hex responds.
  31. How do you suppose it feels to be siding with an actual terrorist? And you're spose to be loyal to your flag?!" Revy angrily asks the ex-WW Platoon trooper, the tone becoming more violent as it went along.
  33. "Fuckin' Scooby Doo's less confusin' than you, you prick!" the ultra-violent Chinese American woman finished,yelling at the top of her lungs. "What?" Hex asked, thinking that she misheard Revy.
  35. "You heard, you Americunt!", Revy responded, shouting just as loudly as before. As soon as the ex-CIA woman finished digesting Revy's words, she quietly put on her brass knuckles, dragged Revy away from the captured Operator's, even as she was kicking and screaming with whatever energy she could muster, even managing to nearly get away, before Hex eventually takes her down via a Ko-soto-gake throw and immediately getting ontop of Revy incase she tried to do anything stupid.
  37. "You're talking quite alot of shit even though you're tied up, which is good for you, discount Scrappy Doo. Now, heed these words: Shut. The fuck. UP!" Hex says, the tone of it just as violent as Revy's was, as she began beating her to another bloody pulp with the assistance of her brass knuckles. Eventually, she gets dragged back to the circle with her other team mates.
  39. "Now then Ibara... You, and your psychotic little friends want our blood. We want info on a boat that's got Koko's weapons and other goods. So start talking." Chinatsu says to Ibara, readying another cup of the Mayan just incase she refused to cooperate.
  41. "Not on my life." Ibara very clearly answers, refusing to give the girl with a dangerous Spider sense what she wants.
  43. "Damnit, why don't we just kill them all and get it over and out with?!" Liang angrily says again, very nervously aiming her USP at Ibara before the Sniper Wolf pulls Liang out of the way.
  45. Hey! What's up with the sudden itchy trigger finger, huh?" Wolf questions, demanding an answer from the suicidal Luitenant. She responds with multiple repeatings of the word "sorry", as she slowly regains sight of her objective, kerbing her killing tendencies for the time being.
  47. "Now then, Ibara, I'm gonna ask again... Where is Koko's boat?" Chinatsu asks once more.
  49. "Read... My...Damn...Lips. No!" Ibara says, trying to emphasize her words and not crack under this intense pressure where the Queens of the Damned played Russian Roulette with their lives. Naturally, the loser of the game would have to pay for it with their lives. And everyone was a potential loser, from the maid with violent intentions, the foul mouthed and blood hungry Chinese-American, the wildcard from the Operator's, hell even the Finnish soldier wasn't far out of the question. That'd be one way to psychologically fuck with The Princess. So early in their career though? That'd be a massive deathwish even among the damned. And anyway, their mission was to make the Operator's fear them, which is what they were very successfully doing so far.
  51. "Wrong answer Ibara." Chinatsu says, nodding at the bound medic as she proceeds to prye open her mouth and force her to drink the Mayan drug, probably in some fucked up attempt to speed the process up.
  53. "Chinatsu, careful with how much your force that down her mouth. If she drinks too much, she'll run the risk of dying." Alphard says, trying to keep tabs on her soldier's movements.
  55. "She isn't coughing the info up though!" Chinatsu responds.
  57. "The drug usually takes about an hour to kick in." Alphard says.
  59. "I...See. I guess." Chinatsu duly responds, dissapointed with how long it took.
  61. "Jeez, I don't wanna die! I wanna go back to the Coppelion unit that's waiting for me, you can have a photo with them and whatever else you want! Just don't kill me!" Ibara begs, though to no avail.
  63. "The Coppelion Unit, huh? Does that name ring a bell, Clover?" Sniper Wolf asks.
  65. "The fuck do I know about the Coplion?" the Irish woman responds, completely unaware of Ibara's origin. The Wolf just shrugs it off. Well, she wasn't going to start explaining the Irish woman their origins now. They decided to leave the Operator's alone for an hour while the drug attempted to kick in. Fast forward an hour, and the enemy all went back to the Operator's, hoping that they wouldn't need to go down the ultra violent route so early.
  67. "It's gone an hour, Queens. So let's see if she talks." Birmingham says to the Peacebreakers. Duly, they all walked back to them, hanging just behind from Birmingham. She approaches Ibara, who by now, must feel like she just got done participating in the SEAL's Hell Week.
  69. "Look, Ibara, we honestly don't feel like crippling you girls so early, so just be polite, and tell us where the boat is, okay?" Birmingham says to Ibara, trying to be polite. True to the drugs effect, her mind has cracked open, like someone has gone under the influence of MK-ULTRA.
  71. "Okay..." Ibara says, taking a deep breath just before speaking. "The ship that you're looking for is located somewhere between the Bulgarian and Russian sealine. It's got whatever gun you could ever want, as well as other goods, and the ship is named Skyfall." Ibara says whilst under the influence.
  73. Naturally, Birmingham and the others can only grin from ear to ear, as they just scored the name AND location of the ship.
  75. "Hehe, nice one! Thanks for being ever so helpful. As such, we'll fulfill our promise, and not kill you all until the time is right." Birmingham says, friendly petting Ibara's head for being so cooperative. Even though it took the Mayan drug to give them it's wearabouts. Birmingham then suddenly notices someone sat between Revy and Roberta. She was dressed up in gear that would be very easily mistaken for Simon "Ghost" Riley, even right down to her shades and her Ghost balaclava, as well as the headphones that seem to be permanantly attached to the head. As soon as she recognizes the Union Jack flag, she puts two and two together, and discovers that her rival in the Dreamland Platoon has enlisted in what Birmingham thinks is being Koko's arse kisser. Though time really is short, she can't help but playfully taunt her rival. After all, Birmingham and Apache were both extremely competitive rivals in training, as well as combat, always managing to beat one another. Birmingham can only tut in dissapointment at the sight.
  77. "Well fuck me sideways, if isn't my old sparring partner! How ya been... Ghost wannabe?" Birmingham asked Apache. She clearly showed her smile, excited at the fact that in the near future, The Operator's would be ready for Round 2.
  79. "Let's be honest, like I wanna break every bone in your body." Apache responds, clearly not taking any of Birmingham's bullshit.
  81. "Awwww, come on Apache, that's not a good way to speak to an old friend!" Birmingham says, clearly realising that her attempts to be friendly with whom she called a "Ghost wannabe" was failing.
  83. "But then, you never really were a talkative type, huh? Well, no matter." Birmingham fires back.
  85. "We WILL break your psychotic friends. Then we'll break Koko. You'll all understand soon enough." She gravely adds, smiling indulgently afterwards. Underneath the Ghost mask, which was her pride and joy, Apache must have gritted her teeth so hard, they would have broken like glass if it was a Tom & Jerry cartoon.
  87. "When this is done... I'm gonna yank your bloody spine out... And wear it as my crown, I swear to god." Apache responded back with furious intent, even as her voice shook a little, her eyes burning with genuine rage, and her body tensed to an extreme. You could probably hear her blood boiling inside her body if you listened hard enough. Birmingham did badly want to respond to Apache's threat, but the meeting between The Operator's and Peacebreaker's was over. She needed to regroup with Project THOR, and commence the next stage of their tour. However, as far as Birmingham was concerned, for once, she came out on top of her rival.
  89. "Well girls, now we've got to know you all, I suppose we oughtta play fortune cookie for you all. We, The Peacebreaker's, reckon that sometime, in the near future... One of you ends up double crossing The Operator's. Could be someone relatively close to the team, or it could even be someone in it!" Alphard says, playing a fortune teller roll, and being overtly bold.
  91. "Either way, when the levee breaks... You better be ready to have a place to stay." the Mastermind finishes. As The Peacebreakers get ready to leave, Birmingham stays behind. She'll catch up to the others.
  93. "I've only one more message: Tell Koko she needs to think on her sins." Birmingham then grabs her AK-12 and regroups with the others, then make their way out of the cave and jump into their Airbus EC175 Helicopter, leaving them to rot like oxidized car paint.
  95. When they woke up 20 minutes later, The Peacebreaker's had long disappeared, along with the server. In fact, given the astonishing fact that they just outfoxed 4 differents at once, the next logical step would be to raid "Skyfall", and be even more well-equipped just incase any one tried being tricky on them. It seems then that the Anti-Operator's had scored big. Very big.
  97. "Think on your sins... Think on your sins... Think on your sins..." Ibara had been looping those very same words during the minutes that they faded to unconciousness. The equivalent of this was the infamous saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", from the movie "The Shining". Revy coughed up any bile that resided from her throat. It was some of her own blood that got mixed up with the snot.
  99. "Owwwww, fuuuckk... Who were those creeps?" Revy says, feeling groggy as she says the words.
  101. "I don't know Revy, but it's turned into a bad day in Bosnia..." Apache responds to Revy's question, and likewise feeling groggy.
  103. "Someone shut Ibara up before I fucking kill her..." the Chinese-American woman said quickly. Yoko proceeds to snap Ibara out of it, lightly bonking her shoulder with her elbow like you would a CD player if it was stuttering. Good news for Revy's ears; It made Naruse quiet. Even so, the gravity of the situation slowly became clear: Even though took into account of the three dark horses that could have spelled trouble, they had no clue of the fourth whatsoever. Roberta is the first one to break free of the ropes, which had been tied to her hands and behind her back. She flexes and stretches the hands out to make the blood run into them again, before freeing Valmet. The two then proceed to free the others.
  105. "Those girls... They're almost certainely not like those I've seen in Roanopour. The word "Dangerous" tends to get thrown around too quickly, even in that city, but they were on a whole other level." Roberta says, surveying what the hell just happened.
  107. "Roberta, you ain't kidding. I saw someone with an L85A2, and another with an SCAR-L. Which means..." It's at this point, Valmet's worst fears are realized; That the ex-CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer turned monster.
  109. "The one that sent those assassin's AND somehow hid from Koko's grasp is back. We've gotta get ahold of her, and warn the Princess." Valmet says, sounding a little frantic as she does so. With good reason: Koko was the girl that helped her back into the military fray, and was among the first ever soldiers for the Operator's.
  111. "But first, we've gotta treat our wounds. Anyone fancy doubling up as the medic?" Apache asked.
  113. There was a akward silence, as they all stared at Apache like the Badass Brit had suddenly turned into a retard.
  115. "Guess I'll be the combat medic then." Apache said. And with it, she took Naruse's Medic bag and immediately got to work on Canaan. The white haired girl's wounds are serious, but not life threatening, Canaan being cut just shy of her heart. Even so, Apache double checks to make sure that the hemorrage can be controlled. Bleeding's passed along time ago, but thinking on her toes, she realises that the defibrillators were the only way to go.
  117. "Princess... Princess?" Valmet says, attempting to contact her via her radio.
  119. "V-...Valmet?" The Princess says, wondering where the fuck every body had gone to. To her relief, her most loyal soldier had indeed survived. There was alot of static though, mainly due to the fact that they were all in the cave.
  121. "Yeah, this is Valmet. Hex? One we thought we killed a while ago? She's back on the grid. So is Chinatsu." Valmet despondantly said over the radio. There was silence, then
  123. "FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK MYYYYY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Koko shouts over the radio, nearly blowing Valmet's ears out. This did somewhat unsettle the other's, as her voice was on full display over the radio, but even so, her absolute worst fears had been confirmed: The two most dangerous assassins in the world had joined up with the most dangerous terrorist group known to man.
  125. Apache blanks it out: She HAS to wake Canaan up. She rips open her shirt, and removes the defibrillators from the packages. She touches the leads to her chest, and proceeds to put the red socket into the leads. She hovers her thumb over the blue button, but it needs a few seconds to charge up. Apache grabs a blue combipen, then stabs it into the middle of her neck. Charge ready. She presses the button. A therapeutic surge of electrical energy goes to the heart of Canaan. It's worked! A sudden bolt, and Canaan wakes up, grogging and deeply gasping for air as she slowly looks around to her surroundings. Then she turns to the women that in a sense, has brought her back to life. It was Apache.
  127. "Welcome back to the living world, maam." Apache says dryly.
  129. "You okay?" The British girl then asks.
  131. "Yeah... At least, I think I am." Canaan says, looking to her wound: It was the knife across the chest from Clover earlier.
  133. "What happened out there? And how did I get this knife wound on my chest?" Canaan asks.
  135. "To quote De Niro: Don't ask." Revy responded, answering Canaan's question for her as the Chinese-American clicked her shoulder back into place.
  137. "More importantly, where's our weapons?" Revy says, asking a question of her own.
  139. "Well, wanna run back and get them? Well, even if we do get back to the crash site, those weapons, along with the Stealth Hawk, are probably long gone..." Apache says.
  141. "Owwwww, fuck! Talk about a shitty day..." Revy says.
  143. "Sister, you ain't kidding." Yoko responds.
  145. Naruse is pretty much knocked out. Fast asleep, she's off into her own world. Probably drifted off into her own dreams. Her nightmares. Yoko grabs Ibara's Beretta M9 Tranquilizer Gun from her weapon holster, and proceeds to bring the M9 back to her body. She puts her hand on the back of the M9's slide, the trigger finger drifting away as it happens. The redhead sniper then slowly pulls the back the slide and checks to see if the dart is loaded. It is loaded. She takes her hand off the slide and then it moves forward. Yoko gently taps Valmet on the shoulder and gives her Ibara's M9, which the Finnish soldier accepts with pleasure.
  147. As with Yoko, Valmet does a brass check, slowly edging the slide back to check that the dart gun is fully loaded, and lets it slide forward. The Finnish soldier then ejects the magazine. It falls in to her hand, as she checks the catridge types. This version of the pistol had been modified to fire anesthetic rounds instead of actual bullets, which makes this particular version of the M9 non lethal. Ideal for when bringing the noise really is not an option. She inserts the magazine into the gun.
  149. "Princess, this is Apache. Apologies for not getting your response, I didn't wanna fan your flames. Anyway, situation report: Naruse's been knocked out by some mystical drug, Canaan was cut just a few centimeters above her heart, but I was able to revive her, and Revy's been banged up pretty damn badly. I suspect that once she finds Hex, she's gonna beat the shit out of her AND shove the American flag up her arse." Apache says into the radio.
  151. Koko could only smirk a little, knowing full well that it's exactly what she'd do.
  153. "Hey Koko, do you mind setting up a helicopter to airlift us outta here?" Apache asks.
  155. "Yeah, I'll find one for you. Just a find a way outta here." Koko says.
  157. "Don't worry maam. Helsinki Snake will lead the way." Apache follows up.
  159. It takes Koko mere seconds to realise that Helsinki Snake referred to Valmet.
  161. "Hehe, Helsinki Snake. I like that name. It has a nice ring to it. Alright, I'll look for a chopper. I'd say good luck, but you won't need it, right?" Koko asks.
  163. "Not at all." Apache answers, as the radio goes silent.
  165. "You're right, Snake... You did keep us waiting. No matter though." Valmet says, looking up, and flexing her muscles, clutching Naruse's dart gun. She then whips her knife out with her off hand, seeing how it is to aim. She decided to put the knife back into it's holster, as she discovers that it's fairly akward.
  167. "Meiling, grab Naruse and keep her over your shoulders. She's not being left to rot here." Valmet says.
  169. Meiling employs the fireman carry, a technique that is employed by firemen to allow them to carry the person over their shoulders. Apache falls back and asks Canaan "Can you walk on your own?"
  171. "I'll be honest: No, I can't. I can however give Valmet up there a heads up with my Synesthesia." Canaan says.
  173. "Our own Predator camera. Nice." Apache says.
  175. "Alright girls, stay behind me. Canaan's going to act as the spotter incase we spot any enemies. Canaan, what color do you see the enemies?" She asks.
  177. "Blue. Though being that they're CT (Counterterrorist) units, they're more like a bluey white." Canaan says.
  179. "Alright, thanks for the bit of info. Now, move out, girls." Valmet says, as Yoko grabs Naruse's medic bag. Everyone stays silent as they begin making their way out of the cave. It's not even gone a few minutes before they spot their first contacts. Canaan's spotted... 5 enemies. Most likely GROM.
  181. "Heads up, Snake. I've spotted a patrol, 30 meters up ahead. 5 enemies armed with automatic rifles." Apache says.
  183. "Thanks. Everyone hide behind that wall to the left of me." Valmet says. All 8 of them hide behind the wall just in time.
  185. "Let them pass." the Helsinki Snake ordered. It turns out they were Voshkod 6 Soldiers, whom The Operator's had run into before.
  187. "Bloody Voshkod. Didn't we kick their arse before?" Apache mutters.
  189. "Hmmm?" Roberta asks.
  191. "Sorry, forgot the question. Either way, that should be them out of our sight." Apache says.
  193. "Then move." The Helsinki Snake said.
  195. Everbody's remaining silent, as they move, calculating every step like it's the most dangerous ghame of chess in their lives. Unusually, Revy was taking this seriously too, trying to map out escape routes and possible enemy ambush locations. It's not for another few minutes that they're successfully out of the cave. They continue straight on, albeit slowly.
  197. "Koko, Apache here, just asking if there-" Apache is interrupted as Revy suddenly drags her behind some thick underbush.
  199. "Eye's and ears open, ya jackass." Revy says to Apache, annoyed by her lapse in concentration. Canaan then points to two DEVGRU soldiers just ahead of them. Close enough for a CQC takedown. And close enough for a Tranquilizer shot.
  201. "Roberta, can you get close enough to them without being spotted? Looks like they're just standing around doing nothing." Valmet asked.
  203. "Sure. I'll go on your shot." Roberta says.
  205. "Understood. I'll take one, you go for the other." Valmet responds.
  207. As Helsinki Snake lines up her shot for the right guard, Roberta very slowly moves towards the left guard, her spider sense now in full swing, and awaiting Valmet's shot. Targets are aligned, breathing cooled, just awaiting the perfect moment. If she misses, they better pray DEVGRU are on a real good f'n day. She pulls the trigger. A hushed gun noise later, and POW! The right guard's been knocked out. Roberta springs out, like a jack in the box. The poor GROM soldier doesn't even have time to react, as the Bloodhound wraps her hand around his mouth, exposed his neck, and sliced right through it with her Ka-Bar knife. He's off to sleep. Valmet pulls the slide back to eject the anesthetic round.
  209. "Nice one, Bloodhound." Valmet compliments. Even more astounding that it was done without instantly comprimising their positions.
  211. "Same to you." Roberta says. They all continued onwards, not really sure in regards about where they're supposed to be heading. The fact that their Stealth Hawk got downed in a similar vein to the namesake of the movie really did put a spanner in the works, but they were improvising, every step of the way.
  213. "Convoy, ladies. Split up and get out of sight." Valmet says. Everyone splits up and digs into a good hiding while waiting for the GROM to pass. Another few minutes pass by. Apache tries getting to Koko again.
  215. "Koko, this is Apache. Any news?" The woman clad in Ghost's uniform asked.
  217. "Yeah. Someone in the Bulgarian Air Force, callsign Conquistador, is willing to help you gals out. Patching him through..." Koko says, attempting to get the pilot on. A few seconds later and Conquistador was on the line.
  219. "Conquistador, this is Apache of The Operator's. Do you speak English?" Apache asks.
  221. "Yes, I do. What do you want?" The pilot asks. His voice over the comms was mainly a slavic Bulgarian accent, though there was a hint of an English accent in there.
  223. "Our MHX has gone down near the Devetashka Cave and we need a ride home. How close are you?" Apache asked.
  225. "We are about 10 minutes from where you're sitting at the moment. Do you think you can get to us, over?" the pilot says, asking with a question.
  227. "Sure... I mean, why not? We have the legendary soldier of fortune by our side." Apache says.
  229. "You mean...?"
  231. "No, Valmet." Apache says, responding for the pilot.
  233. "Ah, okay. Well anyway, like I said, 10 minutes out. Just stay alive out there. We'll keep the engine running for as long as we can. Conquistador out." the pilot said.
  235. "Cheers. Operator's out." Apache finishes. She keeps Canaan wrapped around her soldier because they still need to have eyes any incoming enemy soldiers.
  237. "Don't worry, we'll get you home. Just stay with us." Apache says, looking at Canaan. The Silver haired mercenary nodded, knowing that the chopper would be in sight soon enough. Yet there was a genuine niggle in her head. Alphard said something about a traitor. Someone close enough to Koko that they could consider her a friend, or worse, someone in the crew. She also referenced a Led Zeppelin song, which may have implied that somehow, someway, the Ua Virus lives on, potentially ready to wreak havoc on any given city they want. Due to the niggling thought, her synesthesia suddenly went psychotic, as it randomly started coloring The Operator's in various shades of Blue, Red, Magenta, Purple, until the "Predator camera", as Apache eloquently puts it, dissapeared altogether.
  239. "Oh you are fucking kidding me!"
  241. Revy tries to get Valmet's attention by softly tapping her back with her backhand twice. This does get Valmet's attention. She did want to tell her off for distracting her, but Apache wants to tell Valmet of the changed news:
  243. "Bad news, Valmet. Canaan's lost her synesthesia, so we'll be even more blind." Apache says. Just before Valmet can react, Revy flanks over to the right. Curious, The Operator's did the same. Over on the left, there was a patrol. Suddenly, everyone slows to a crawl. Valmet thinks better of taking the risk. There's way too many guards. Just let them pass. Another few minutes pass. Everyone's gone prone, trying to stay as perfectly still as possible. They can't make out the camouflage through the thick under-bush. Time stops. Once everyone passes by, they continue moving on-wards and upwards.
  245. "Don't fuck up Snake... You're so close now..." Revy thinks, as they near where the helicopter is supposed to be landing. A clenched fist from Valmet. Everyone holds positions. Valmet slowly slithers through the forest, staying prone underneath the foilage, and moving like a praying mantis. She spots someone, staring out into the distance. Another Voshkod 6 member, armed with a Heckler & Koch G36 Compact, with a Sightmark 3X Magnifier and Eotech 512 on top of the gun. On the bottom of the gun, it has a Magpul Angled Foregrip. She lines up her dart gun, making sure it's aligned with his head. However, she pulls the trigger before she can actually align it correctly. It skims the back of his head, which distracts the soldier.
  247. "Hmmm?" Before the Voshkod 6 soldier wonders who fired the shot, a second tranquilizer shot occurs. This time it ends up connecting with his head. He drops his G36C onto the ground and suddenly collapses, drifting off to sleep as he does so. A sigh of relief escapes Valmet, as she nearly lost control of the situation. she slowly moves up to the crouched position.
  249. "Back to me, ladies. Hopefully, we should be home sweet home too." Valmet orders to the Operator's. Slowly, the rest begin catching up to Helsinki Snake in single file. She double checks her surroundings.
  251. "Still here?" Conquistador asks.
  253. "Yeah, I think we can make out your tail." Apache says. Just in time, as Meiling can at last lay Naruse down. Meiling needs a break, as she's been carrying her since the Japanese medic was knocked out by the Mayan. In seemingly and annoyingly convenient timing too, Ibara slowly wakes up to her surroundings. She scratches the back of her head, rotates her shoulders and her head slowly, and stands up.
  255. "Ughhhhhh... Girls, where am I?" Naruse asks, not aware of the fact that she's been carried from the Devetashka Cave to the landing.
  257. "Nearly home." Meiling responds, answering Ibara's question for her.
  259. Meiling stands up as well, as they all walk to the Conquistador which is hiding behind a tree line.
  261. "Well, I don't know about you all, but I can see why Koko has so much faith in all of us." Meiling says with some enthusiasm behind her voice. It had been a nearly an hour since the Stealth Hawk got downed and they began walking somewhat aimlessly around.
  263. "Yeah, nice work, Snake." Revy says, being as blunt and honest as she can be.
  265. "I knew you could do it, but even so, that was a hell of a victory for you. Good job, girl." Apache compliments.
  267. "Aww, you'll end up making me blush at this point!" Valmet says. They did mean it though: One was asleep, and another had to be carried through the hell of it all even when her ability ended up dying off about halfway into the mission. As they went through the end of the tree line, they found their way home: A Bulgarian Air Force deployed Eurocopter AS532 Cougar, callsign "Conquistador".
  269. "I didn't think you'd make it, ladies." Conquistador says. "Hop in."
  271. "With pleasure." Everyone hops onto the Eurocopter, and with the exceptions of their labored breathing, the cabin goes silent. The Eurocopter begins it's journey to their home, The Operator's Headquaters. Ibara glances out of the door at Devetaki as it gets smaller and smaller. Everyone takes a seat on the chair and leans their head on the back of it.
  273. "What do you suppose we oughtta do when we get back?" Roberta asks everyone. However, only one answer comes. Naturally, it's from Revy.
  275. "Do them a fucking favor and show them what the color of their brain is."
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