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Oct 18th, 2019
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  1. Fynnland Rules
  3. As these rules are guidelines staff members can choose to impose punishment as they see fit and are not required to strictly follow the terms listed above.
  4. You may appeal punishments at
  6. Hacked Client:
  7. The usage of Hacked Clients of any sort is forbidden.
  9. Punishment:
  10. First offense: 30 day ban
  11. Second offense: Permanent ban
  13. Unapproved Modifications:
  14. Using mods which give you an unfair advantage over other players (e.g. Damage Indicator) will result in a ban.
  16. Punishment:
  17. All offenses: 30 day ban
  19. Inappropriate Chat Content:
  20. Inappropriate chat content such as toxicity, death threats or spam is not tolerated.
  22. Punishment:
  23. All offenses: Temporary mute
  25. Exploitation of Bugs:
  26. Exploiting any sort of bug for your personal gain or to disrupt the server and its players as well as not reporting it to staff members in-game or on our discord server will result in a punishment. This does include Minecraft glitches like spamming F3+A or pressing F5 under lava.
  28. Punishment:
  29. All offenses: Temporary ban
  31. Threats of DDoSing/Doxing:
  32. Threats of DDoSing and “Doxing” are strictly prohibited.
  34. Punishment:
  35. All offenses: Permanent ban
  37. Auto Clicking/Macros:
  38. Using any third party applications to gain an unfair advantage or modifying your mouse to double click is not allowed.
  40. Punishment:
  41. All offenses: 30 day ban
  43. Advertising:
  44. Advertising other servers or trying to sell items on the network for real money is not allowed.
  45. You may post links to content related to Fynnland as long as you do not spam it.
  47. Punishment:
  48. First offense: Permanent ban
  50. Boosting/Manipulation of Stats:
  51. Boosting or purposely manipulating stats is not allowed.
  53. Punishment:
  54. All offenses: 7 day ban & stats reset
  56. Teaming:
  57. Teaming in FFAs as well as forming teams higher than the quantity specified by the host in UHC will lead to a punishment.
  58. Apart from that, knowingly teaming with cheaters in order to boost stats will result in a severe punishment.
  60. Punishment:
  61. Extending Team Limit: 3 day ban
  62. Knowingly teaming with cheaters: 14 day ban
  64. Inappropriate Username/Skin:
  65. Joining with an inappropriate username or skin will result in a ban.
  67. Punishment:
  68. All offenses: 30 day ban
  70. Lying to Staff:
  71. Do not lie to staff or waste our time to prevent punishments.
  73. Punishment:
  74. All offenses: 3 day ban/stricter punishment
  76. Lag Machine:
  77. Placing lava and/or water to ruin other players' gameplay will result in a punishment.
  79. Punishment:
  80. First offense: Permanent ban
  82. Excessive Stalking:
  83. Stalking and stealing is allowed as long as it is not excessive. That means you are not allowed to prevent a player from mining, crafting or placing blocks as well as continuously stealing or breaking furnaces and crafting tables.
  85. Punishment:
  86. First offense: 3 day ban
  88. iPvP:
  89. Trying to kill or cause damage to other players before grace period has ended is against the rules and will be punished.
  91. Punishment:
  92. First offense: 3 day ban
  94. Portal Trapping:
  95. Placing lava inside the portal or blocks around it is not allowed as long as it prevents players from leaving the portal.
  96. Portal Camping, however, is allowed.
  98. Punishment:
  99. First offense: 3 day ban
  101. Sacrificing:
  102. Sacrificing yourself to a player without fighting and with the intention to just gift your stuff to another player is not allowed and will be punished. This includes asking players for a sacrifice.
  104. Punishment:
  105. First offense: 3 day ban
  107. Camping:
  108. You will be punished if you refuse to fight at meetup at the hosts discretion. You are also not allowed to do skybasing inside 100x100.
  109. Going or staying underground after 100x100 shrink counts as camping unless you follow another player into a cave and kill him in which case you will be given a minute to loot.
  111. Punishment:
  112. First offense: 3 day ban
  114. Spoiling Player Locations:
  115. You are not allowed to spoil another player's location in public chat.
  117. Punishment:
  118. First offense: 3 day ban
  120. Interfering in Assigned Fights:
  121. After the 50 border shrink the host will start assigning fights. Do not start fighting unless the host assigns you.
  122. You may not interfere in assigned fights by causing damage to the players, roding them back intentionally or placing blocks with the sole purpose of blocking off a player's way. Apart from that you may not clean up assigned fights or steal any gear unless the player leaves it behind.
  124. Punishment:
  125. First offense: 3 day ban
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