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Team points competition thing

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  1. team points competition season thing
  3. The idea is to have a few teams of 3-4 jumpers competing against each other to get the most points on randomly selected maps in a period of time (like 2-3 months)
  4. As a jumper, you would signup for the next season, then get put in a team with 3 other jumpers picked randomly
  5. Each jumpers would play maps and compete in a separate leaderboard to get the moist points, and the team at the end of the season with the most points wins!
  6. This would, I think, give people a reason to play or rerun maps they wouldnt have normally. It would give people who are high ranked and struggeling to get points a new fun way to grind maps and actively compete with others
  8. Stuff to think about:
  9. -Need a separate season leaderboard for times and points
  10. -limit the number of maps to get points on in a season so someone whos alone on a server cant just complete a bunch of maps to get massive completion points advantage over a populated region where you cant rtv that easily
  11. -find a way to limit the amount of times those map can get played. I assume, at least in the beginnings, those selected map would get played 24/7 wich would get frustrating for other players.
  12.    -I was thinking maybe limit each player a certain amout of time played on the map, so somone cant just grind 1 map for hours and hours to get an insane time, that otheres wouldnt really be able to get if they cant play that much.
  13.    -Or maybe limit the amount of time the maps can get played daily, so like 4-5h max everyday or something like that
  14. -your runs should count for actual normal tempus leaderboard imo, if you beat your pr or complete incompleted map that is. Otherwise I dont think people would keep interest in it if they grind a map and get a good run but it gets erased at the end of the season
  15. -balance number of demo/soldier maps, maybe from how many solder/demo signed up
  16.    -could look into preventing soldier playing demo map and demo playing soldier maps, so like a t4 dem map that is t6 for soldier cant get farmed for points by soldier.
  17.    -could have 1 or 2 map/tier, excluding t1 cause theres only 1 t1 solly map and not that many demos if any. So like 5-10 maps per season (maybe thats not enough?)
  18. -remove bonus and course points, so just a map leaderboard
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