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  1. [02:13:14] <Natalie> Okay, it should be sometime later in the evening after everybody set up camp in the castle or whatever, a few hours after all the nonsense that happened.  What'd Celina be doing?
  2. [02:14:06] <Celina> Probably settling things with Baron and then bandaging her poor tail ;_;
  3. [02:14:54] <Natalie> We're doing the latter then!
  4. [02:15:03] <Celina> and then probably sneaking into camp all sneakly like
  5. [02:15:07] <Celina> that'd be a good time for Nat to intercept her
  6. [02:15:18] <Celina> (she said, actually being helpful)
  7. [02:15:32] <Natalie> Nat shows up during the tail-patching with a very clear goal.  Or rrrrather some footsteps to.
  8. [02:15:35] <Natalie> .. Do.
  9. [02:15:37] <Natalie> Tap, tap, tap.
  10. [02:16:13] * Celina tenses, then takes in a deep breath. It didn't sound like a monster, but if it was, it was lightning breath time.
  11. [02:16:30] <Natalie> Tap...
  12. [02:16:40] <Celina> "...."
  13. [02:16:41] <Natalie> "How's the tail?"
  14. [02:17:04] <Celina> "......." Celina turns and discreetly lightningbreaths off to the side. "You. What do you want?"
  15. [02:17:18] * Natalie walks around to it, wearing some blank expression.
  16. [02:17:27] * Celina flinches away.
  17. [02:17:44] <Natalie> "That must've really hurt back there, yeah?  Lemme look at it."
  18. [02:17:50] <Natalie> "Ahemmmm."
  19. [02:17:53] <Celina> "I'd rather you didn't."
  20. [02:18:14] * Celina eyes Natalie warily.
  21. [02:18:28] <Natalie> "Nope!  I can heal people so I will.  And there's something I want to talk about, anyway."
  22. [02:18:36] * Natalie talks in a voice that sounds a lot less like 'the usual.'
  23. [02:18:51] * Celina starts to protest, then frowns. "And that would be?"
  24. [02:19:05] <Celina> Perhaps she realizes that this is srs bsns time.
  25. [02:19:56] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn."  Nat fires some magic heal-rays from a foot or two away instead of touching the tail directly, one tiny jolt at a time.  "Why I ran off all the way here alone.  Got to think about things."
  26. [02:20:02] <Natalie> "... Feel any better yet?"
  27. [02:20:10] <Celina> "...Yes, actually."
  28. [02:20:36] <Celina> "For what it's worth, I..."
  29. [02:20:45] <Celina> Celina looks uncomfortable. "Perhaps I overreacted."
  30. [02:21:15] <Natalie> "Good!"  She circles around with a smile.  "Actually when everybody met up again, I was gonna say some stuff.  I think my teasing made you a little TOO mad."
  31. [02:21:20] <Natalie> "Sooo..."
  32. [02:21:45] <Celina> "So."
  33. [02:21:52] * Natalie coughs and extends a hand. "I'm done doing it! Let's be friends instead, okay, Leeny?"
  34. [02:22:30] * Celina briefly looks like she's been hit by a train, but recovers quickly. "On one condition."
  35. [02:22:46] <Natalie> "Mmhmm?"
  36. [02:23:14] <Celina> "Do try and be nicer to Miss Amaryllis, would you? She tries so hard to keep an eye out for you, you know."
  37. [02:24:19] <Natalie> "Oh, I do!"  She giggles enough to almost snort.  "That's all part of the act too!  I gotta hold up my name by acting like that, it's not really okay for nobles to be so... casual, you know?"
  38. [02:24:34] <Natalie> "Nnnn.  Every time I'd kick her up and stuff I always apologized."
  39. [02:24:38] <Celina> "Miss Natalie."
  40. [02:24:42] <Celina> "When you ran off..."
  41. [02:24:55] * Natalie tenses up and nods. "Y-Yeah."
  42. [02:25:19] <Celina> "...Well, perhaps the less said about that, the better."
  43. [02:25:24] <Natalie> "I told her I was sorry then too, that was the maddest she's ever been."
  44. [02:25:36] <Celina> "Oh you did? I'm happy to hear it."
  45. [02:25:48] <Natalie> "But all's well that ends well!  So I'm telling you I'm sorry too, 'cause we're gonna be together after the crystals anyway, aren't we?"
  46. [02:25:57] <Celina> "Even then, she wanted to find you, more than anything else. I couldn't understand it."
  47. [02:26:00] <Celina> "Well, uh. What?"
  48. [02:26:28] <Natalie> "The crystal shards chose us.  So let's not fight anymore!"
  49. [02:26:59] * Natalie headshakes a couple times. "There's a real reason she was like that anyway."
  50. [02:27:44] * Celina actually smiles, bringing the grand smile count up to like three. "In any case, you don't have to act around us, you know."
  51. [02:28:15] <Celina> "Though I know how hard it is to keep up an act - or to stop playing."
  52. [02:28:49] <Natalie> "Nnn!  Well... it WAS really funny how easy you got set off, I did it all on purpose, for fun."
  53. [02:29:10] <Natalie> "But I'm bored of it, so I won't do it anymore!"
  54. [02:29:17] <Celina> "Perhaps I wouldn't have if I'd realized you're just a child in Human terms."
  55. [02:29:29] <Celina> "I thought you were an adult, saying serious adult things~"
  56. [02:29:47] <Natalie> "Really?  Am I taller than I was last time?  Uhhh..."
  57. [02:30:00] * Natalie tries some futile attempts to measure herself, making weird pouty faces.
  58. [02:30:30] <Celina> "Are you supposed to be that tall? I really can't tell."
  59. [02:30:53] <Celina> "We didn't have any outsiders in Cleyra for such a long time..."
  60. [02:31:18] <Natalie> One little giggle- Nat spins around and wears a goofy grin. "Well!  I'm supposed to be getting into adult things anyway, that's the only way I'm going to restore my house's name, after all."
  61. [02:32:26] <Natalie> "When I act like THAT everyone's like 'oh no, a noble, I gotta act nice' buuuuut, it's really just Ammy n' me."
  62. [02:32:54] <Natalie> "No parents to tell me what to do or not for a long time.  Soooo... even if she's my servant, she's my friend, too.  Maybe that's why she was so worried?"
  63. [02:33:01] <Celina> "...I think so."
  64. [02:33:20] <Celina> "Perhaps I was a bit quick in judging your relationship - it certainly looks different on the outside."
  65. [02:34:03] <Celina> "...I seem to be quick to judge many things." She looks a bit downcast.
  66. [02:34:06] <Natalie> "Nn-hnn." Nod.  "We get that a lot.  Wellll, Leeny, I didn't want you being my enemy since you're pretty tough."
  67. [02:34:31] <Celina> "...And I'm sorry for, uh, breathing lightning at you."
  68. [02:34:46] <Celina> "...Even if it didn't seem to bother you all that much."
  69. [02:35:23] <Natalie> "Hee hee!  Oh, the stuff my dress is made out of wards a lot of that stuff off.  I bet it'd really hurt a lot if I wore something else."
  70. [02:35:41] * Celina gets to her feet, flicking her tail behind herself experimentally. "...Much better. And how clever of you."
  71. [02:35:54] <Celina> "Perhaps we should head back before Miss Amaryllis wakes up?"
  72. [02:36:31] * Natalie stretches. "Yeah. I'm gonna have to say kinda the same stuff to everybody else, but, guess you just got to hear it first, huh?"
  73. [02:36:53] <Natalie> "If I act like that all the time it's gonna be tough in Durandal tomorrow."
  74. [02:37:45] <Celina> "Oh, is there something about Durandal?"
  75. [02:38:01] <Natalie> "Yep!"
  76. [02:38:10] * Natalie spins back around, wearing a :<. "It's REALLY fishy."
  77. [02:38:34] <Celina> "Well, I shall be on my guard then. Thank you for the warning."
  78. [02:38:44] * Celina starts to head back aaand [/mini?]
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