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  1. Pecking order of chill place:
  3. ----Batman Tier----
  4. -Batman (is batman)
  5. ----God Tier----
  6. -Prep Time (is a good thing)
  7. -Luigi (luigi numba wan!)
  8. -John Cena (you can't see him)
  9. -Sans (dunks his opponents to hell)
  10. -Deez Nuts Guy (Ha! Got em! he counters john cena)
  11. -Donkey Kong (expand)
  12. -Springtrap (he is spooky)
  13. -Meme Man (SUCC)
  14. ----High Tier----
  15. -Skeletops (ancient deity that is friends with tsun. is countered by aurom/tsunbot.)
  16. -Spaj/Linkcode (Tied, link could beat spaj but he would probably die in the process.)
  17. -Yanderebolt (he's mostly a neutral character now, but used to be evil)
  18. -Dman (immensely powerful, but overestimates himself.)
  19. -Aurom/Tsunbot (Tied, true equals but with different forces driving them.)
  20. -Cell
  21. ----Middle Tier----
  22. -Harambe (The only thing that can beat batman)
  23. -Melagon/Tsun (both very strong, but merciful. if they don't hold back, its not gonna end well for their opponent.)
  24. -Minun (doesn't know her true power, would be god tier if she did)
  25. -Funfun (half evil)
  26. ----Lol Tier----
  27. -Pepsi (lol memes)
  28. -[Redacted]
  29. -Tort (is level 456)
  31. ----GiratinaAwakens Tier----
  32. -GiratinaAwakens (basically the kratos of chill place, can beat funfun but loses to everyone else.)
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