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  1. C-rank
  3. Flora: Huh...? Master Kamui, I don't see Joker or Felicia anywhere...
  4. Kamui: I sent them away for a bit. Those two are always working hard, looking after me. I thought it would be good to give them a break once in a while.
  5. Flora: ...I see. Then I shall look after you in their place. Let's see, first of all... Ah, Master Kamui, your hair's looking a bit disheveled...
  6. Kamui: Oh, really?
  7. Flora: Even having your hair just right can be a source of peace of mind. Overcoming a crisis begins with a well-groomed appearance. ...There, it's fixed.
  8. Kamui: Sorry.
  9. Flora: Oh, and you've got some leaves stuck to your clothes. Please stay still so I can pluck them off.
  10. Kamui: Okay.
  11. Flora: There, all gone now. Ah, and your feet are a bit dirty... I'll wash them right away, so please don't move.
  12. Kamui: Uh, okay.
  13. Flora:………… There. They're clean.
  14. Kamui: Thanks. I'll say this again, but as a maid you're cut from a different cloth than Joker or Felicia.
  15. Flora: Thank you very much. Ah, there's some dust on your shoulder, I'll brush it off now...
  16. Kamui: Um... thanks.
  18. B-rank
  20. Flora: -sigh-
  21. Kamui: Huh, Flora? What are you doing in a place like this?
  22. Flora: Master Kamui…forgive me. I allowed you to see such a shameful habit...
  23. Kamui: Is something the matter? I'll lend you an ear.
  24. Flora: ...Thank you. Then, if you would indulge me... As you know, I am a maid. I look after my master with care and complete the housework punctually. That is my job.
  25. Kamui: That's right, and you're doing a perfect job. I think you're an excellent maid.
  26. Flora: Thank you... but from time to time, I get tired of that me...
  27. Kamui:...I see.
  28. Flora: Forgive me. I shouldn't have said anything... I know there are people around us who have bigger worries than someone like me. They're giving it their all without uttering a single complaint, yet I...
  29. Kamui: No, it's fine. Actually, I'm happy I got to hear your real feelings.
  30. Flora: Eh?
  31. Kamui: Isn't it only human for an excellent maid to have her own worries? I feel closer to you.
  32. Flora: Master Kamui…
  33. Kamui: Anyway, for now, just take the rest of the day off. Don't think about anything and just sleep soundly. Got it?
  34. Flora: ...Understood. Ah, before that... Master Kamui, I wanted to fix up your hair, but...
  35. Kamui: None of that either. You're off for the day.
  36. Flora: Yes... understood.
  38. A-rank
  40. Flora: Master Kamui!
  41. Kamui: Flora, you're looking well.
  42. Flora: Just as you said, Master Kamui, I tried falling asleep without thinking about anything. When I awoke, just as you can see, I felt completely invigorated!
  43. Kamui: That's good to hear. You must have been mentally exhausted. From now on, please take care of yourself, too, okay?
  44. Flora: Master Kamui... you are a kind person...
  45. Kamui: No, not at all.. as long as you're feeling better, Flora, I'm happy.
  46. Flora: Master Kamui... Oh... uuuu...
  47. Kamui: Whoa, what the!? A blizzard!? A blizzard's started!?
  48. Flora: I'm sorry... Master Kamui... I was just so... so shaken by your kindness, that... I was so happy, and... and so touched, I just.... I'm sure you want me to stop this, but just for a bit longer, can I...?
  49. Kamui: Huh?
  50. Flora:  I want to use this cold to calm these overwhelming emotions....
  51. Kamui: I-is that so? Okay...
  52. Flora: ...
  53. Kamui: ….not yet?
  54. Flora:  A little more...
  55. Kamui: ...how much longer? ...My temperature is... dropping... At this rate...
  56. Flora: ...Ah, I've managed to calm down, I think.
  57. Kamui: Thank goodness... I thought I was a goner...
  58. Flora: I-I'm sorry, I've shown you yet another shameful habit of mine...
  59. Kamui: Not at all. In fact, I want to see more. I want to know more about you, other than just as a maid.
  60. Flora: T-thank you so much! Master Kamui, for a wonderful gentleman like you who is so kind as to care for even a maid, I hope to continue to be of use!
  62. S-rank
  64. Flora:  What is it, Master Kamui?
  65. Kamui: Thanks for coming, Flora. There's something I wanted to talk to you about.
  66. Flora: Something you want to talk about? What could it be...? Oh, before that, shall I bring a drink for you?
  67. Kamui: I'm good on the drink for now. This is more important.
  68. Flora:  Ah, your hair's looking a little messy again. There, it's fixed.
  69. Kamui: Uh, thanks.
  70. Flora: Oh, and you've got some junk on your cape... All gone. It's perfect. Now, what did you want to talk about...?
  71. Kamui: ...um, will you quit?
  72. Flora: …? What do you mean?
  73. Kamui:  Will you quit being a maid?
  74. Flora: !? What a thing to say... I'm not even suited for fighting, I'm someone without a single merit other than fussing over others... but if you're telling me to quit being maid....
  75. Kamui: W-whoa, it's suddenly gotten breezy in here...
  76. Flora:…to quit being a maid... then... then I no longer have any purpose in life...!
  77. Kamui: T-that's wrong, Flora! That's not why I told you to quit being a maid! What I wanted to say is, I want you to marry me!
  78. Flora: …Huh?
  79. Kamui: From now on, I want you by my side, not as a maid, but as my wife. This is the proof of my feelings.
  80. Flora: …a ring?
  81. Kamui: That's right. I want you to have it.
  82. Flora: …Uuu....uuu....!
  83. Kamui: Whoa, Flora, a blizzard's starting again!?
  84. Flora: I'm sorry...! I'm just... I'm so happy! I'm... I'm so touched, that I.... I just can't stop it...!
  85. Kamui: Then, your answer is...?
  86. Flora: Of course...! Of course I accept!
  87. Kamui: Thank goodness....
  88. Flora: I...I'll do my best! I'll do my very, very best...!
  89. Kamui: W-what the... the blizzard's getting even stronger... temperature... rapidly plunging... vision going dark... but what's this...? I feel so strangely warm and happy...
  90. Flora: Yes...! Me too!
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