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  2. Hao Gu
  3. 3:20 PM (47 minutes ago)
  4. to bcc: fa-eng
  6. Hello folks,
  8. This is my last week at Pure. More specifically, my last day would be this Friday (09/20).
  10. Pure is my first job after graduation. Despite my bad memory, I can clearly remember the first day I walked into 650, and every cheerful moments here. It is also stunning that the arrow of time effortlessly flew past nearly 5 years already.
  12. This is a tough transition as my next step is not an opportunity that is "changing the world"™️ nor a rainbow colored unicorn. However, I think this is the time that I can try something new and afford the opportunity cost, before age and family make it harder.
  14. I would specifically mention that Pure is an awesome place for immigrants. From the inclusive atmosphere, to the company immigration policy, Pure helped me greatly surviving through these initial years in the US, which absolutely affected my entire life path. I can't thank Pure enough for being a warm and resourceful spot, not only for me, but for the whole immigrant family in orange.
  16. At last, let's shout out to helium team as we made it happen! This is an awesome idea executed precisely. Feng had probably just announced during Accelerate. Come and say congrats to the team!
  18. Thanks,
  19. Hao
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