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  1. Permissions:
  2. kp.command.reload Give access to /kp reload
  3. kp.command.setspawn Gives access to /kp setspawn
  4. kp.command.spawn Gives access to /kp spawn
  5. kp.command.clear Gives access to /kp clear
  6. kp.command.stats Gives access to /kp stats
  7. Gives access to /kp menu
  8. kp.command.kit Gives access to /kp kit name
  9. kp.command.create Gives access to /kp create name
  10. kp.command.delete Gives access to /kp delete name
  11. kp.command.kits Gives access to /kp kits
  12. kp.kit.fighter Gives acess to the Fighter Kit
  13. kp.kit.archer Gives access to the Archer Kit
  14. kp.kit.tank Gives access to the Tank Kit
  15. kp.kit.soldier Gives access to the Soldier Kit
  16. kp.kit.bomber Gives access to the Bomber Kit
  17. kp.kit.kangaroo Gives access to the Kangaroo Kit
  18. kp.kit.warper Gives access to the Warper Kit
  19. kp.kit.witch Gives access to the Witch Kit
  20. Gives access to the Ninja Kit
  21. kp.kit.thunderbolt Gives access to the Thunderbolt Kit
  22. kp.kit.vampire Gives access to the Vampire Kit
  23. kp.kit.<custom kit name here> Gives access to a custom kit
  24. kp.abilities.fighter Gives access to Fighter's Kit Ability
  25. kp.abilities.archer Gives access to Archer's Kit Ability
  26. kp.abilities.tank Gives access to Tank's Kit Ability
  27. kp.abilities.soldier Gives access to Soldier's Kit Ability
  28. kp.abilities.bomber Gives access to Bomber's Kit Ability
  29. kp.abilities.kangaroo Gives access to Kangaroo's Kit Ability
  30. kp.abilities.warper Gives access to Warper's Kit Ability
  31. kp.abilities.witch Gives access to Witch's Kit Ability
  32. Gives access to the Ninja's Kit Ability
  33. kp.abilities.thunderbolt Gives access to the Thunderbolt's Kit Abililty
  34. kp.abilities.vampire Gives access to the Vampire's Kit Ability
  35. kp.allowbreaking Allows players with this permission to break blocks
  36. kp.allowblockplacing Allows players with this permission to place blocks
  37. kp.allowitemdropping Allows players with this permission to drop items
  38. kp.givekititem Gives the kit item on join
  39. kp.giveleaveitem Gives the leave item on join
  40. kp.playertracker Allows players to use the Player Tracker
  41. kp.soupreturn Gives the player a soup when they kill another player
  42. kp.arrowmessage Displays the health of your opponent if shot is successful
  43. kp.arrowreturn Gives an arrow back to the shooter if shot was successful and hit a player
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