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  1. Birth Name : im eunwoo
  2. Stage Name : eunwoo
  3. Position :
  4. Birthday : september 1, 2000
  5. Hometown : seoul, south korea
  6. Nationality : korean
  7. Height : 170 cm.
  8. Nicknames : uno, i'm eunwoo, woowoo
  9. Facts :
  10. + he was scouted as a trainee in a very young age but wasn't able to debut since he was still very young
  11. + he was often bullied by his co-trainees because they thought he wasn't debuting due to his childish behaviour
  12. + he easily becomes with things. he once said that he cried when his favourite things got lost.
  13. + his nickname (uno) means 'one' in spanish. he was given that nickname when a spanish learning classmate of his realised his name 'eunwoo' sounds the same with 'uno'
  14. + eunwoo doesn't have any siblings
  15. + his favourite subjects are english, music and english. he hates mathematics the most.
  16. + he is famous for his name, 'innocent idol with a powerful voice'
  17. + he likes the month of december the most because it's winter, and he likes cold weather
  18. + he likes to clean his room every once in a while
  19. + he views himself as being - hardworking, passionate and bright.
  20. Personal Fandom Name : one (because they are the one for him)
  21. Personal Fandom Color : blue, gray and white
  22. Ideal Type : someone who he falls in love with without realising it
  23. Instagram : eunwoo_dos.tres
  24. Love Interest : yuuna of itzy
  25. Back up love interest : mina of gugudan
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