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  1. In this piece of writing, a short story about a character “Mr. Krabs” is shared, highlighting his extreme form of masturbation. Krabs pleasures himself to the point of bleeding during his ejaculation. As the sexual painkiller wears off, Krabs lies on his office floor in pain, as described by this passage: “He just lays there with his mouth foaming - a blank, vacant expression on his face as he stares at the ceiling, both eyes a dull, milky white and his pupils like glass marbles. He cannot think.” We soon after learn Krabs is suffering from addiction to some substance or substances, causing him to lose the ability to speak. In the last sentence, Krabs begins to drift away from reality, seeing “a vision of God peering from the Heavans”; this indicates he is about to lose consciousness or perhaps pass away. This writing has clearly portrayed the detrimental effects of overindulgence. To understand the deeper meaning, however, the author’s motive must be examined.
  3. The text appears to have been published online in a non-formal setting, so it can be assumed it was written recently. The character Mr. Krabs in the text is also likely a reference to the character Mr. Krabs from the popular Nickelodeon TV show “Spongebob”. There are two evidences for this. The first is that the names of both characters are identical. The second is the mention of an office: “He climaxes, spraying a mixture of blood and cum all over his office.” In the TV show Spongebob, Mr. Krabs works and spends much of his time in his office, so it makes sense for it to be the setting of the text as well. Putting all of this together, it can be assumed the author was a teen or young adult at the time of writing, and he or she most likely found Spongebob to be a significant part of his or her childhood.
  5. The age of the writer can give us large clues as to the author’s purpose. Teens and young adults often seek social validation from others, and this is quite apparent in the text. By invoking disturbing and grotesque ideas, the author desires to capture the attention of the reader and leave them disgusted yet perplexed.
  7. Further, people of the author’s general age group commonly experience mental health issues relating to stress or depression. This could perhaps explain why the author chose to portray Mr. Krabs, an icon of the author’s childhood, in a state of seeking egregious euphoria; he or she wanted to portray their own struggles with mental health and how pursuing pleasure as a coping mechanism has left him or her in a mindless, drifting state.
  9. To sum up, the young author is likely expressing their own life within the text. The exhilarating feeling brought about via unhealthy ways is only a temporary escape from one’s problems. Increased pain will inevitably follow, creating a condition of emptiness within the individual. “The drugs have completely racked his body and left him unable to form even the simplest of squeaks from his gaping mouth.”
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