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Fucking a horse (reupload of a post titled "Horse Story")

t17389z Dec 21st, 2012 95,896 Never
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  1. As a femanon and long time lurker I thought it was time to tell this story.
  3. Over the years I've developed lots of fetishes, two of which are /d/ sized dicks and animal/monster fucking. as an avid horseback rider I own a horse of my own (male of course). I thought I would try something.
  5. I waited for when my horse was "in season" so to speak so his dick was fully unsheathed and mildly erect. I called up my best friend and explained all this to her, she agreed to come over to the stable. We took my horse out into the isle and saddled him up. I brought out a table, striped,and laid down on it. my friend moved the horse over me and then proceeded to tie my hands to either end of a rope and loop that around the horn of the saddle. then the same with my feet to the back of the saddle so i was hanging just beneath the horse. From there it was a simple task of my friend lubing him up and pushing the head into my pussy.
  7. So I gave the go ahead and we trotted out into the field behind the stable, me bouncing on his dick with little trouble. (keep in mind this is "302 Boring Lane, Middle of Nowhere, Florida" on a Wednesday so no one was going to show up there) We were slowly increasing to a gallop when suddenly my friend decided to make the horse run as fast as he could. I was getting violently bounced back and forth his cock,it was getting really painful but between the being knocked about and the pure estacy running through me i could not gather the breath to shout to stop. We were flying through the field, probably going 20mph and I was bouncing violently on him when suddenly a sharp pain in my abdomen. As the pain dulled I realized what had happened "all those doujins are true! If the dick is big enough, it can go into my uterus" with it in my uterus I could no longer move, I was frozen in pure estacy, we rode for a little while longer until my friend finally called it quits and slowed us down to a bouncing, and I mean bouncing trot. "How was it?" she said to me, her voice full of sarcasm, "That... was... AMAZING" I managed to stutter out. As we rode in I noticed something was wrong. As we came in I wasn't bouncing as much as I should have been. the problem was, because the head of his dick got in my uterus,which is a really small opening it wouldn't pop out at first  so i had to have my friend pull me forward to yank it out. as we got back she rode us over the table, or so i thought. since i was facing the horses belly I couldn't see what was beneath me, what she did was she just rode us in but she untied my hands first so I dropped to a hanging down but I was still stuck on his dick, dragging it down while handing down by my legs. this created a problem. You guys out there know how occasionally your dick will become harder and rise up a bit? Well that happened with the horse... So anyway she undid my legs and I slid off him with a reassuring plop and I fell to the ground.
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