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(コイカツ) - Koikatu

[Koikatu] Release Date: 04/27/2018

[Koikatu DLC_#01] Release Date: 08/31/2018

[Koikatu DLC_#02] Release Date: 12/21/2018

[Koikatu DLC_#03] Release Date: 05/24/2019


WikiKoikatu Wiki


DiscordKoikatu Discord


IMAGEGame Updating Guide

IMAGECreate Body Paint/Tattoos Guide

IMAGECreating Your Own (.zip) Mods Guide


MEGA DownloadKoikatu 100% SaveData




URLEmotion Creators Pastebin

URL2Chan Character/Scene Sharing Archive

URLProxy Bypass

[Female & Male Uncensor]

Koikatsu Female & Male DemosaicInstallation: Koikatu\BepInEx

Koikatu Uncensor_Selector_v3.7Adds Uncensors to Each Individual Character

[Game Update]

MEGA Downloadkoikatu_02plus_cdp0201hbtks_all (Latest Update:02/05/2019)

[English Translation]

Koikatu_English_LauncherTranslated by Gingercock & MegaKameha

Koikatu English_UITranslation_v3.0UITranslation for BepInEx

XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepIn_v3.8.1Auto_Translator for BepInEx

[Mods, Plugins & Add-Ons]

MEGA DownloadKoikatu Mods, Plugins & Add-Ons

[Recommended Plugins]

BepInEx_v4.1.2Latest BepInEx Plugin Download

BepisPlugins_r11.2.1English Translation Loader, IPA Plugin/Mod Loader, WideSlider & More

Koikatu ABMX_v3.3Additional Bones Modifier Plugin

Koikatu KKAPI_v1.4.0.1Adds More Plugin Support

Koikatu More_Accessories_v1.0.5Adds More Accessories Slots

Koikatu KKPE_v1.2.0Adds Alternative Controls to IK for Characters

Koikatu Overlay_Mods_v5.0.1Adds Overlay Option

Koikatu VMDPlay_v0.0.14Adds VMD.MMD Support (Darkness DLC Fix)

Koikatu Plugins_Build_2019-08-09Various Koikatu Plugins

Koikatu GUIDMigration_v1.5.3Migrates Information on Your Character Cards

Koikatu Breast_Physics_Controller_v1.1Adds Breast Physics Options

Koikatu Hair_Accessory_Customizer_v1.1.2Adds Configuration Options for Hair Accessories to The Character Maker

Koikatu HeadClosedEyeFix_v1.2Fix for Closed Eyes

Koikatu_MiscFixes_v1.1Improved Game Performance

Koikatu_Fixes_v1.1Massive Speedup for Loading Studio Scenes & School Mode

[Utility Plugins]

Koikatu POVPOV Add-on Plugin

Koikatu kPlug_v1.90Add-on Plugin

Koikatu Bone_Editor_GUI_v1.1Additional Bones Modifier GUI

KoiCatalog_v1.1.2Card Manager for Koikatu

Koikatu ShortcutsKoi_v1.9Alternative Interface Shortcut Menu

Koikatu ZipStudio_v0.2A Tool to Crate Your Own (.zip) "SideLoader" Mods

Koikatu Expression_Control_v0.2.0Customize Character Expressions

Koikatu Mod_Discover_v1.0Mod Reader/Information

Koikatu Added_Dynamic_Bone_ColliderDynamic Titties & Ass

Koikatu Invisible_Body_v1.3Adds a Toggle Option to Switch Between Invisible & Visible Characters

Koikatu Stilleto_v1.2a3High-Heels Plugin

Koikatu EyeTexOverlay_v0.2.0Adds Overlay Option to Eyes

Koikatu KKUS_v1.0.0Quality of Life & Game Improvements

Koikatu TexResPatchImproved Quality of Tattoo & Text

Koikatu Bra_Push-Up_Mod_v0.2.0Improved Bra/Breast Physics

Koikatu Floor_Collider_v0.1 (Standalone)BepInEx (Standalone Version)

Koikatu AddDBCollider_v1.1bBepInEx (Standalone Version)

Koikatu Floor_Collider + Breast_Collider & Female_Uncensor_v2.1Adds Collider Physics + Female Uncensor (Hardmode Version)

Koikatu Atari_v2.1 (Breasts & Hair_Collision_Mod)Adds Collider Physics to Hair & Breasts (SideLoader Version)

Koikatu Image_Series_Recorder_v1.0Animated Sprite Creator

Koikatu Specter_v0.12Adds Various In-Game Options

Koikatu Cheat_Tools_v2.4Substantial Performance Increase for the Inspector

Koikatu VN_Game_Engine_v13.0Create In-Game Visual Novels

Koikatu Attach_AnimationLib_v0.5bAllows to Attach Chara IK Node to Objects

Koikatu Skin_Effects_v1.6.2Adds Simple Effects to Characters Skin

Koikatu NodesConstraints_v1.0.1Allows the User to Link Objects Together

Koikatu More_Accessory_Parents_v1.0Adds Additional Attachment Points for Accessories

Koikatu Eye_Shaking_v1.0Adds Shaking Eye Highlights

Koikatu Manager_v0.7.0Can Browse Cards, Zipmods/Plugins and View Information

Koikatu Feet_Control + Texture_v1.20Adds Bone Support for Feet

Koikatu ForceHighPoly_v1.2Forces All Characters to Load in High Poly Mode,

Koikatu ClothingStateMenu_v2.3Adds a Clothing Menu

Koikatu BodyShaders_BETA_02 (Experimental)Adds a Shader Option to Skin

Koikatu Material_Editor_v1.5Allows You to Edit Many Properties of Objects That Aren't Usually Accessible in Game

Koikatu Pregnancy_Mod_v1.1Plugin That Adds Pregnancy to The Main Game

Koikatu QuickAccessBox_v1.0Adds a Quick Access List for Searching


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