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(コイカツ) - Koikatu

[Koikatu] Release Date: 04/27/2018

[Koikatu DLC_#01] Release Date: 08/31/2018

[Koikatu DLC_#02] Release Date: 12/21/2018

[Koikatu DLC_#03] Release Date: 05/24/2019




DiscordActive Community & Help Support


IMAGEGame Updating Guide

IMAGEKplug Installation Guide

IMAGEKoikatu Guides Collection


Download100% SaveData




URLCharacter & Scene Archive

[Female Uncensor]

Koikatu Uncensor_Selector_v3.9Adds an Uncensor to Each Individual Character

Koikatu Female_SAC_Uncensor_Selector_Package_v0.7Uncensor Package

[Game Update]

Downloadkoikatu_02plus_cdp0201hbtks_all (Latest Update:02/05/2019)

[English Translation]

XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepIn-5x-v4.11.2BepInEx Auto_Translator

Koikatu English_UITranslation_v1.0BepInEx UITranslation

Koikatu Translations_v4.0UITranslation_v1.0 Is Required

Koikatu English_Launcher_v1.5.0Translated English Launcher

[Mods, Plugins & Add-On]

DownloadKoikatu Mods, Plugins & Add-Ons

[Recommended Plugins]

BepInEx_v5.0.1.0Latest BepInEx Plugin

BepInEx.Configuration_Manager_v15.1BepInEx Support

BepInEx.Message_Center_v1.1BepInEx Support

BepisPlugins_r14.1Translation Loader, Plugin Support, Mod Loader, WideSlider & More

BepInEx.IPALoader_v1.2.2IPA Plugin Mod Loader

BepInEx.BepInEx4Upgrader_v1.0.0.0BepInEx4 Mod Loader

[Utility Plugins]

Koikatu Material_Editor_v1.10.1Allows you to Edit Properties of Objects that Aren't Usually Accessible in-Game

Koikatu ABMX_v4.3.0.0Additional Bones Modifier Plugin

Koikatu KKAPI_v1.11.1Plugin Support

Koikatu More_Accessories_v1.0.9Adds More Accessories Slots

Koikatu KKPE_v2.11.1Alternative Controls to IK for Characters

Koikatu Overlay_Mods_v5.1.2Character Skin Overlay

Koikatu Nodes_Constraints_v1.1.0Link Objects Together

Koikatu_Illusion_Fixes_v1.12Massive Game Improvements

Koikatu Collider_v1.0Collider Physics for Clothing, Breasts & Hair

Koikatu VMDPlay_v0.0.15VMD & MMD Support

Koikatu Head_Mod + Face_FixCharacter Head & Face Fix

Koikatu KKUS_v1.8.1Improved Game Improvements

Koikatu kPlug_v2.2Latest Public Free Version

Koikatu Hair_Accessory_Customizer_v1.1.3Configuration Options for Hair Accessories

Koikatu POV_v0.2.1POV Add-On

Koikatu KeelPluginsVarious Plugin Mods

KoiCatalog_v1.1.2Character Card Manager

Koikatu ShortcutsKoi_v1.9Alternative Interface Shortcut Menu

Koikatu Expression_Control_v0.2.3Customize Character Expressions

Koikatu Skin_Effects_v1.7.2Characters Skin Effects

Koikatu Invisible_Body_v1.3.2Toggle Option to Switch Between Invisible & Visible

Koikatu Stilleto_v1.2a3High-Heels Plugin

Koikatu EyeTexOverlay_v0.2.0Character Eyes Overlay

Koikatu TexResPatchImproved Quality of Tattoo & Text

Koikatu Bra_Push-Up_Mod_v0.2.0Improved Bra Breast Physics

Koikatu Specter_v0.13Various in-Game Options

Koikatu More_Accessory_Parents_v1.0Additional Attachment for Accessories

Koikatu Feet_Control + Texture_v1.20Feet IK Support

Koikatu Clothing_State_Menu_v2.3.1Clothing Menu Option

Koikatu Pregnancy_Mod_v1.2Character Pregnancy Add-On

Koikatu Quick_Access_Box_v2.1Adds a Tab for Searching

Koikatu Browser_Folders_v1.5Folder Search Option

Koikatu Graphics_Settings_v1.2.0Graphic Setting Plugin

Koikatu_FK_IK_v1.1Enable Both FK & IK at the Same time

Koikatu Pose_Folder_v1.0Organize your Saved Studio Poses

Koikatu_Pose_Editor_v2.10.1Alternative Menu for Posing a Character with IK Options

Koikatu Expand_Male_MakerMore Options for Male Character Creation

Koikatu FPS_Counter_v3.0FPS Add-On

Koikatu Studio_Mod_Release_v42Various Studio Plugins

Koikatu Hide_All_UI_v2.1Hide In-Game HUD Add-On

Koikatu Height_Bar_v3.2Character Creation Height Bar

Koikatu Cheat_Tools_v2.7Game Trainer

Koikatu Image_Series_Recorder_v1.0Video Recording Add-On

Koikatu Manager_v0.9.3Auto Mod Updater

Koikatu Quick_Access_Box_v2.2Quick Access Searching

Koikatu Video_Export_v1.1.0Recording & Video Export

Koikatu Character_Replacer_v1.6.2Replace the Default Male & Female Characters

Koikatu VN_Game_Engine_v17.5Visual Novel Add-On

Koikatu Scene_Save_State_v10.5Utility for Saving in-Scene Multiple States of Characters, Folders & Items

Koikatu Studio_Scene_Settings_v1.1More Studio Plugin Settings

Koikatu Clothing_Unlocker_v2.0Lets you Wear Different Clothing Types Together without Restrictions


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