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  1. Ashes of Heresy
  3. 1. Homophobia is strictly forbidden
  4. 2. Do not make any hurtful, attacking , or/and racist comments towards anybody
  5. 3. Do not harass, spam, impersonate anybody
  6. 4. Do not delay the rounds by sitting in a room (If you are seen delaying for over 3 minutes you will receive a warning)
  7. 5. Do not mic spam for extensive periods of time (aka Mic Spamming continuously without end)
  8. 6. Do not spam staff for a rank or permission you will be warned.
  9. 7. Chaos and SCPs cannot team.
  10. 8. Listen to staff at all time (Do not argue with them, what they say goes.)
  11. 9. Do not get into fights with each other; If you have a problem with someone bring it to staff For complaints go to the staff (if the complaint is about staff, go to their superior and so on)
  12. 10. Any form of IP stealing, hacking, and/or malware depositing is stricly forbidden
  13. 11. When staff are conducting events listen to them (They are doing it for your enjoyment. If you don't want and event let them know before they do one they always announce them in advance)
  14. 12. Keep the profanity regulated (As in don't go on a spree of remarks for 5 minutes)
  15. 13. Killing multiple friendlies via grenade in an elevator is a permanent ban, no exceptions.
  20. If you have any questions or have a complaint, please contact me
  21. Discord: Havoc#3847
  22. Email:
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