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#OpPedoChat Updated List.

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  2.                                                #OpPedoChat
  3.                                                 Anonymous
  5. Hello all.
  6.             Today we bring you a smaller, however new Target list for #OpPedoChat with a mention of some sites hosted on Ecatel.co.uk. #OpEcatel.
  7. Myself and everyone else would like to thank you for your support and help so far. However this is not going to be a quick and easy operation.
  9. As of 11/08/2012 All the sites listed below are ONLINE.
  10. *** As always, if any sites on this list are deemed as "innocent" Contact someone and it will be removed (Contact details provided at the bottom of this PasteBin) ***
  12. ~ Thanks to anonperson443 for some of the listed sites ~
  14. http://fei3679.info/ (Young Female "models" Contains links to CP Sites)
  15. http://www.untouchedbeauty.net/ (Girls appear to be young, Site has a disclaimer however needs looking into)
  16. http://free-teen-porn-tube.com/ (****Obvious/blatent CP. A priority site on this list****)
  17. http://sky8186.info/
  18. http://xhys.info/
  19. http://sex-sex.weblog2.nl/ (***PRIORITY ~~ Even has FORCED SEX Section~~ ***)
  20. http://my-nonude-nicky.com/
  21. http://www.little-cuties.org/index.html?463#ENCODED_GAL# (This one has alot of links to checkout.  PM me new targets)
  22. http://goodtimes7.weebly.com/ (Suggestive as fuck. if you have a problem with it being on the list, contact me)
  23. http://free.dadera.netne.net/
  24. http://buyyoungbeauty.in/index1.html (Links to CP)
  25. http://derfioplet.com/index.php (***Priority site, Take it down ASAP***)
  26. http://tempo7.yolasite.com/ (Some pics, Site links to CP sites)
  27. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  28. New Sites:
  29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Update 13.8.12~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. http://5u7x.net/
  31. http://goamateursexvideos.com/
  32. http://mafiatop.info/index.html?14
  33. http://lickholes.com/index.php
  34. http://vk18yo.com/index.php
  35. http://sexycuties.in/
  36. http://makroporn.com/index.php
  37. http://tubesexxxx.net/
  38. http://cuntsgroup.com/index.php
  39. http://www.sweet-kitties.in/
  40. http://mixtas.hut2.ru/
  41. http://stunning-teens.com/
  42. http://koshkoueboshko.com/index.php
  44. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  45. *** The Sites below are confirmed hosted by Ecatel.co.uk *** #OpEcatel.
  47. http://9to12.org/ (Obvious)
  48. http://nnneversleeps.info/ (Young looking girls as you scroll down, links to other sites as well)
  49. www.onlynngirls.info (Same as the site above)
  51. Credits to FINDOW for the other version of this paste located on pastebin.com/aA3wqECp
  52. and lino126 for The update.
  54. We Are Anonymous.
  55. We Are Legion.
  56. We Do Not Forgive.
  57. We Do Not Forget.
  58. Expect Us.
  59. #OpPedoChat.
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