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  1. [21:02] Oechis says, "Young Mistress, I'm going to take Lucian and the little rose to my clinic to teach them some basic medical knowledge. If you have need of me, you can find me there."
  2. [21:02] Tanya Weiss exclaims, "Very well!"
  3. [21:02] Lucian Valintine says, "Ah, yes."
  4. [21:02] Lucian Valintine says, "Sounds great."
  5. [21:03] Evelyn Stepford says, "I'll start with a wild example, then- killing someone."
  6. [21:03] She swept the tails of her huge red coat, the jingle-jangle of the disassembled syringes and the vials in the holsters within it a melody all it's own as she led the two away. "Pleasant day, all of you~"
  7. (Oechis)
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. [21:03] Evelyn Stepford asks, "How much?"
  11. [21:03] Alphonse Sabiene whispers something.
  12. [21:04] Rosalette says, "Actually I'll...take a short rest for a moment."
  13. [21:04] Oechis says, "Of course, little rose. Please, you both should get comfortable as you like."
  14. [21:04] Lucian Valintine says, "Hm."
  15. [21:05] Lucian Valintine says, "This is an admirable setup you have here."
  16. [21:05] Oechis exclaims, "Of course, Lucian. It is not much, but it is what I could do with the space I had available!"
  17. [21:05] Lucian Valintine says, "I'm sure it will serve wonders for our faction."
  18. [21:06] The man took steps over towards taking a seat, gazes locked upon her.
  20. "The meet and greet was.. nice."
  22. He lied, he hated that sort of thing.
  24. "Tell me more about yourself though, Viveean. I'm curious."
  25. (Lucian Valintine)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [21:08] Oechis asks, "I treat all of Theria here, as well! And, what would you like to know, young Lucian?"
  29. [21:09] Lucian Valintine says, "Mmm. Nothing in particular."
  30. [21:09] Lucian Valintine says, "No detail too large or too small."
  31. [21:09] Lucian Valintine says, "Something interesting."
  32. [21:14] The blonde tilted her head, bringing her gauntlet-clad right hand up to tap a finger against her rose-painted lips. A detail, hm? Something interesting, indeed? Why, so much she could share, so much he could -KNOW- but was he ready?
  34. Not yet. But, he would be. He was malleable.
  36. Like all things, with the magicks she'd learned and been born of. "Of course, of course~" She noted, a pleased air entering her otherwise stoic demeanor. "Well, I've been in Theria for five years now. I come from a land further away from here. I've worked for the Weiss' family for almost as long. Their coin has always been good."
  38. Still, it wasn't as interesting, in her opinion. "With the little rose resting, shall I teach you something unrelated to medicine, instead? Why, you are a combatant, aren't you? Shall I teach you something more... against the whim of saving lives?"
  39. (Oechis)
  40. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  42. [21:23] "That is something interesting."
  44. He responded to her first statement. She held close connections with their leader, that was important to note.
  46. Still.. origins, they hardly mattered. Destinations were more important to him. Still, he smiled softly.
  48. "Ah?"
  50. Something more enjoyable.
  52. "That would be something.. more up my ally. If I have an opportunity to learn I'll always accept it."
  53. (Lucian Valintine)
  54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. [21:27] Oechis says, "Of course, of course. Very well, let me just draw up a diagram quickly, then!~"
  57. [21:27] Lucian Valintine says, "Mhm. No rush, take your time."
  58. [21:34] Rosalette exclaims, "I'm up!"
  59. [21:36] With that, she moved up to the chalkboard and, hefting a piece of the silky rock, began to draw the body of a human upon it. "Part of learning to heal the body is learning to harm it, as well~" She noted, a glee entering her voice as she spoke on a subject that filled her with such pleasure.
  61. Salvation was offered in a myriad of ways, after all. "We shall start with something easy and enjoyable. The arteries. You will want to aim at these if you wish to provide lasting damage that will be harder to heal. After all, exsanguination is much harder to treat than a meat-wound."
  63. She began to draw curling lines throughout the body, detailing the cardiovascular system in detail that is uncomfortably thorough. Her art is not bad at all. "The main points of attack are the throat, the thighs and groin, the sides near the kidneys, and- of course- the heart."
  65. She paused, noting the kitsune's return to wakefulness. "Good, good~ This will still be useful knowledge for you, little rose. Do you have things understood as they are for now? Targets are simplistic, after all~ I can move on if you are ready~"
  66. (Oechis)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [21:40] He leaned back, gazes locked upon her drawings - his ears condensing her words. This much was rather basic, still, a refresher never killed anyone.
  71. "That is certainly the most.. effective approach."
  73. Arms folded before his chest, expressions were blankened. Believe it or not, he was enjoying himself.
  75. A gesture offered to signify that she could proceed if she wished. If there were more immersive ways to end a foe.. he'd like to know.
  76. (Lucian Valintine)
  77. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  79. [21:42] She was up and ready to go but however the little girl was still somewhat trying to wake up at the same time watching the as Vivi drew up some stuff upon the board.
  81. "Learning to harm..." She wasn't quite ready for that but this was what she needed to learn for the greater good. Listening her ears would perk up a slight bit hearing about the arteries the little veins within the human body and if they were stuck at spot with a fierce attack.
  83. It would be a harsh injury.
  85. "Striking the arteries are much more harder to treat than a she was taking little mental notes."
  87. However she was ready to proceed once she heard those words if they wanted to continue forward.
  89. "I have things understood I am ready for the next part!" She nods twice, she seemed much more interested now learning about the body and other things beyond that for Theria.
  90. (Rosalette)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. [21:52] "Good! Then, since you're awake, Rosalette, I will go into detail now. And, to keep things interesting for young Lucian, we will detail the combative part of the medical arts, as well!"
  95. With that, she turned to the board and drew a big jumble of wires behind what would be the sternum of the human diagram. "It is important to note, sweet ones, that a Magi is hardier than your average human. And, as a result, there is another system that is of great import as well."
  97. From the heart she'd created, she hefted another piece of chalk, this one blue as opposed to the simplistic white of the other. "The magical circuits. These, too, have vulnerable points. In fact, they can be even more vulnerable than the body of a magi!"
  99. She offered a pleasant smile as she turned to the two. "There are seven points in the body of a Magi that are considered to be the points in the Magic system of most Magi. They are called many different things, but I choose to call them 'magical cores'. They are-"
  101. She took the time to draw little circles at points in the body, most aligned with the spine while one or two were off-center. The brain, the throat, the heart, the gallbladder, the liver, the stomach, and the groin. These are, in fact, correlated to different parts of one's personality, as well. In fact, if you damage one of the cores, it can affect a person's entire being."
  103. She paused, taking time to make sure she was being understood so far.
  104. (Oechis)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [21:58] "Hm.."
  109. Of this, he knew much less about. He had never been properly trained on the topic of mana circuits.
  111. He nodded along with her demonstration. Eyes widening, slightly; occasionally.
  113. This was something of great use, or perhaps better said it might serve to be of a great use in the future to come.
  115. "This is interesting, Miss Viveean."
  117. He nodded sternly in confirmation. The more you know, right?
  119. Oh how useful this could become.
  120. (Lucian Valintine)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [22:00] She was finally starting to get into the groove of learning much more about the human body and how it worked.
  125. Learning about how magi were much more harder than the average human it was noted within her little mind that was keen to learning new things.
  127. Magical circuits also caught the young girl's attention as that was thing that every single magi had and was very important and viable when casting mana within the human body and if those circuits did not work anymore than it would be very troublesome.
  129. "The magical circuits are very important"
  131. Looking at the things that were being drawn up on the board as eyes darted at each important part of the body.
  133. The brain, throat, stomach, groin, gallbladder, liver and much more as the list when on. Feral eyes were latched onto the Ms Vivi the doctor. She was writing this down for herself on a little piece of paper.
  135. "I see, I see.
  136. (Rosalette)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [22:08] Rosalette says, "hm.."
  140. [22:13] "A wonderful example, for the both of you, is the throat core. If you damage it, in fact, it can make a person melancholic. Why, because of a broken throat core, you can actively turn a happy person into one who lives in misery."
  142. She pointed out the core at the base of the throat, "The only issue inherent in attacking the magical cores is that it requires more precision than something like even an artery, which are already mere millimeters in size. A similarly ethereal approach must be taken in order to damage the magical circuits. Such as a blade treated to do so, or- more easily done- complete disruption of the system at that place. In fact, you can poison a Magi's system with your own mana by overloading it. It is far more explosive than a more precision strike would be, but it would still be effective."
  144. She paused, then moved down the body towards the point in the groin. "Of course, obviously, the magical core in the groin is tied to one's sexual health. If you perhaps do not wish an enemy to breed, but still live, you can disrupt their core here and affect not only their fertility, but also their ambitious drive. This core, after all, governs desires more than just flesh."
  146. With the points of interest for Lucian covered, she returned to more medical talk for Rosalette's sake. "It's important to note, that unlike a physical injury, a magical injury is not treated with prosthesis or with treatment, but instead spiritually. They are far harder to tend than just a simple lost limb. Like Rosalette saw earlier, it took me a matter of minutes to replace the mithril piping that had been used to restore Mister Glass' ability to breathe properly and also to eat. In comparison, if his stomach core was broken, it would not be that he could not eat, it would be that he could not process food any longer."
  148. She paused once again, making sure she was being followed.
  149. (Oechis)
  150. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  152. [22:21] The kitsune would slowly nod her head up and down gathering information slowly embracing it all but it was so much to take in at a time. However nonetheless this was something she needed to learn no matter how complex and her notes would help as she teacher began to speak her pencil was moving over the paper to remember these.
  154. There was no way she would be able to learn this all in one sitting. These were going to be have to be looked over more than once.
  156. "So if you mess up the throat they would like totalllyy like...stop breathing and stuff and then go pooof!"
  158. She made a little kaboom like gesture with her hands which meant that someone would die.
  160. "But! If that is treated right? which is really hard from what you said then they will be fine as long as the core is fine? from what I'm trying to understand here I think?" She was asking questions as she went. She didn't want to be left in the dark if she didn't understand something that was being said.
  162. "Magical injury?....oh...yea I saw you doing those kinds of things on Mr glass? I think that was his name...HMPH...can't believe he never told me...this is so sad..."
  164. But she was still taking notes and moving forward to the next lesson unless it was over for now.
  166. "Those kits are real important than! we should stock up on them just in case go like really, really bad!" She young kitsune said.
  167. (Rosalette)
  168. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  170. [22:29] * You have been awarded 1 Roleplay Points! *
  171. [22:33] "It would make it hard for them to breathe, even though they weren't physically injured, yes. And, more than that, it would disrupt the flow of mana from their core up towards their brain."
  173. Now she was addressing questions, continuing as she went, "They would be weakened, but they would resume ability to move mana through their circuits and gain most of their functions back. It would be akin to losing nerves- you would be able to still function, but you would lose some of the strength, if you want to take it simply for now."
  175. She nodded at Rosalette's last words, "They are. They will be something I will have to stock up on, for certain."
  177. With the Kitsune's questions addressed, she'd move on. "One last thing before we finish for the day. Back to the cardiovascular system, it is important to note that exsanguination is one of the ways that Magi die more quickly, but Shock is also something that affects the body and causes it to die even though it can survive the damage it has reached. In fact, you can not have been injured at all and you can simply have your nervous system fail or your heart cease functioning purely because your body believes it has suffered such severe damage that it simply shuts itself down. That is why it is important to keep a patient calm."
  179. She pauses, settling both pieces of chalk down and letting her hands go into the pockets of her long red coat. "While most Magi would be able to withstand watching themselves be operated on, it is bad for their mental health. In my case, that is why I keep a large amount of trance-inducing drugs in order to treat Magi with wounds. It does not make them unaware of what is going on, it simply removes their body's processing of the fact. That is why, what you did not see little rose, I put Mister Glass under an illusion in order to keep him sedate while I operated upon him. Otherwise, he would have simply been awake and watching himself be operated on, even while his body would insist that it should be dying."
  180. (Oechis)
  181. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [22:43] It made a lot of since to keep your calm while being operated on and putting someone within a illusion while they would be operated on was very smart but the little girl could not do such a thing so she would have to resort to using some drugs injecting them with it if the time ever came.
  185. "Ooof that is really bad! cardiovascular system is very important got it" She'd take some notes down on the paper while quickly making a section for that part entirely.
  187. Though with the mentioning of the heart she went a bit silent as that sounded very scary really and didn't know if she was really ready for heart operations!
  189. The kitsune's brain seemed to be overloaded with so much information at the moment there was so much to learn and relook once the lesson was done but this was something that had to be done if she wanted to make a living for herself within Theria and become important to others.
  191. "Ughh my brain aches! So much things to learn and they sound so complex!!!" She sighs heavily.
  193. "This is some really good information though and I'll have to relook at this when I'm on my as of now I have no questions." She nods.
  194. (Rosalette)
  195. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [22:45] Admittedly he had fallen asleep with his eyes open..
  199. He snapped to, wondering if anyone had realized? Perhaps with his lack of input.. it was definitely so.
  201. "Sorry.. it isn't the class it's just, I've been lacking proper rest lately.."
  203. He recomposed himself and prepared to pay proper attentions.
  204. (Lucian Valintine)
  205. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  207. [22:46] Rosalette says, "Hm..."
  208. [22:48] Oechis says, "You're fine, young Lucian. My lessons tend to be a bit harder to follow, since I go into such depth. But, this way, you learn what I teach. Besides, this is about the point when I imagine you both can't handle anymore of my rambling. So, this is a perfect time to call to a close your first lesson. Next time, I'll have a more proper lesson for both of you. We'll learn about the skeletal system, I think. That way, I can teach you about breaking bones, and the little rose about fixing such injuries."
  209. [22:49] Rosalette exclaims, "Okay!"
  210. [22:50] Rosalette wipes her the thought of another hard lesson but bones didn't seem to hard to learn.
  211. (Rosalette)
  212. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  214. [22:51] Lucian Valintine says, "Aye... thank you for the opportunity."
  215. [22:51] Lucian Valintine says, "I really did learn many important things."
  216. [22:51] Rosalette exclaims, "Mhm! Thank you vivi!"
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