Ground Zero Info

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  1. <b><color=#ffa500ff>Server Rules</color></b>
  3.      <color=#800000ff>1. Don't team with other classes with intent to either prolong the game or kill other members of your own or allied class. (If you are a chaos teaming with SCPs and they try to kill a D-Class, you have to break that truce to stop it and secure your team's objective)</color>
  5.        <color=#800000ff>2. Don't Micspam. Soundboards and earrape are allowed for under 15 seconds, but if it steps past that you will get warned, kicked, then possibly banned. (Use of any kind of slurs is permitted but it isn't exempt from this rule, meaning don't say it over and over.)</color>      
  7.       <color=#800000ff>3. Don't camp in a room for more than a minute unless it is reasonable to believe there is an SCP/enemy class still outside, in which the guilt falls on the enemy class for camping you.</color>      
  9.         <color=#800000ff>4. Avoid being overly toxic towards others and starting unnecessary arguments and drama. We try to be more relaxed in terms of word usage but also don't want to create an overly toxic environment.</color>    
  11.         <color=#800000ff>5. Please respect staff decisions on the above rules, if you disagree and think you were wrongfully punished you can say so in the discord to me(DeckyG) or another administrator on the server.</color>      
  13.         <color=#ffa500ff>Most importantly try to have a good time on the server and in the community -DeckyG</color>
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