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  1. 1. (ep.1) When Inori the heroine is running in the beginning of the episode, a huge robot with target locking capabilities throws several missiles towards her from a few meters away. And they all miss her, something which is plain impossible to happen; the recoil and shrapnel alone should have left her half dead and half deaf.
  2. 2. (ep.1) Then another robot appears right next to her and guards her, something which again feels fake, unless these 50 ton robots can move invisible while not making the smallest sound or even the tiniest vibration while walking so fast (as in, so fast they need to save the heroine in the nick of time).
  3. 3. (ep.1) After that, the girl turns invisible and runs away. What the hell, if she could do it all the time then why was she running visible in the first place? Unless she has super regenerating abilities, her cloaking devise needs recharging, and the missiles are made in Taiwan, this whole scene is plain stupid.
  4. 4. (ep.1) The girl is eventually captured and is taken prisoner. PRISONER? They were clearly trying to kill her a few minutes ago. Will you make up your minds already?
  5. 5. (ep.1) Another robot fires towards Shuu the protagonist from two meters away while he is standing still and again misses him completely. Yet it hits the tiny vial hiding in his pocket just fine. How is that possible?
  6. 6. (ep.1) Weren’t they trying to get the vial back? So why are they shooting at those who are carrying it or know were it is? It’s not made of steel and just a minute ago they were trying to get Inori alive just for that reason… Hey wait, now they are back to trying to kill her. WILL YOU MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY?
  7. 7. (ep.1) The hero is fine, gets up and sprouts a ten meter long energy blade. How is he lifting it? How does he immediately know what it is and how to use it? And what the hell are human-generated magic sabers doing in this sci-fi setting?
  8. 8. (ep.2) I now am certain I no longer need to look for realism in this series. The tactical operations supervisor for the rebels is a loli with cat ears which activates computer commands with her butt. You read correctly; with her butt. And their amazing strategy was provoking the enemy units into firing towards them, only to be destroyed by reflecting back their own laser rays with a magic barrier. LOL SCIENCE!
  9. 9. (ep.4) Inori couldn't even run straight without being captured so far, but now turns to a super ninja for no reason at all! She can now fly in the air and even makes bullets pass thought her. And for no reason again, she is not turning invisible to avoid all the unnecessary shooting and jumping around. She could just walk calmly through them.
  10. 10. (ep.4) Shuu can escape a top guarded room without even using his powers. And lol at the security; the mecha conveniently stay frozen for 10 seconds while he is a sitting duck as he activates and charges his powers.
  11. 11. (ep.6) What kind of a retard would build the control center of a weapon of mass destruction INSIDE the targeting area? The evil military dudes of this show would.
  12. 12. (ep.6) Oh my, first Inori is a ninja, now she is a sharpshooter full of cocky one-liners. Is it me or this is not what we see in the first episode? How did a frail pop idol magically turned after a few days into a ninja and now to a John Woo macho-talker with the ability to fly in the air and hit targets from a hundred meters away? Maybe the heroines in Final Fantasy 10-2 know the answer.
  13. 13. (ep.6) Apparently the best thing enemy soldiers can do when they know they have a sharpshooter right in front of them, is to run towards her, instead of taking cover and using their machineguns. Other than that, a little girl with two pistols, while standing still in the middle of a narrow corridor, just wasted three elite SWAT soldiers carrying machineguns and wearing Kevlar body armours.
  14. 14. (ep.7) Turning missiles to fireworks is far fetched enough but why are all those missiles targeting the few square meters the protagonist is standing on? They could have hit anything else on that huge cruiser he is on, which was after all their true target.
  15. 15. (ep.8) Shuu attacks his friend for being friendly to Inori (the only thing he ever shows balls for) and pulls out of him a weapon which CONVENIENTLY is the only possible thing that can help the rebels in their next mission.
  16. 16. (ep.8) Inori once again is a completely different character as she disables and knocks unconscious enemy soldiers, instead of just killing them without a second thought, as she did two episodes ago.
  17. 17. (ep.9) Inori is again a completely different character. This time she… doesn’t exist. Seriously, they removed her from the story and everybody acted like SHE DOESN’T EVEN EXIST! All that for the sake of throwing in more retarded romance with a different girl.
  18. 18. (ep.9) Said girl reads that her lucky stone for getting a boyfriend is the Tiger Eye. And in the exact same second, Shuu comes in holding a tiger stripped pot. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?
  19. 19. (ep.9) Shuu is fighting a mecha with a super powerful magical sword. His strategy is to run away while scared shitless and leaving his friends behind completely defenceless. And then his comeback is to… turn around and hit the incoming missile with the sword. THAT’S IT! Nothing more elaborate than that. So why didn’t he just hit the mecha or at least the missile right away instead of running away?
  20. 20. (ep.9) Of course he eventually does hit the mecha in order to win. After it has possessed his friends that is. He is thus forced to kill them and end their suffering and gets all emo because of that. Not because they were his friends but because he killed. IT WAS FINE WHILE HE WAS KILLING NAMELESS SOLDIERS ALL THIS TIME BUT NOW HE FEELS EMO!
  21. 21. (ep.10) Seriously noble rebels, didn't you realize something was off with Shuu BEFORE you began your next operation? Didn’t you see him acting a bit weird during the briefing and evaluation? And Shuu, you didn't bother telling them you turned emo, did you? You just hid it up until the proper moment to screw everything up.
  22. 22. (ep.10) Seriously generic evil military dude, you make this elaborate trap for the rebels and you don't bother to rig the plane into blowing up the moment they get in? Instead you make it start running on auto pilot? I guess you weren't willing to sacrifice a few mook pilots like you do all the time with your mook soldiers.
  23. 23. (ep.10) Instead of learning from their past mistakes, the evil military dudes repeat the same mistake by bringing an object with unknown and dangerous properties inside their command center instead of just placing it in a secured facility for study, somewhere far away. No wonder they were all wiped out by their own stupidity.
  24. 24. (ep.11) Inori is once again a completely different character. Now she is a sorceress who heals people with a magic lullaby.
  25. 25. (ep.11) Shuu manages to convince his friends to risk their lives in order to save TERRORISTS! And all it took was to simply ask them to do it when the media were telling them for years how dangerous they all are. His defence is even lamer as all he needs to tell them is that Inori is in that tower he plans to go. Yeah, Inori, the girl with a thousand faces who is a TERRORIST! The other girls had no reason to help her since she is their love rival. And the boy was Shuu’s nemesis at that point.
  26. 26. (ep.11) Their car is sent flying, bounces, and crashes into a building yet somehow ALL of them manage to remain alive and conscious including Yahiro who was ejected out of the car. How is that possible?
  27. 27. (ep.11) Shuu shows once again how much he cares about his friends and rewards his classmates’ trust in him by leaving them helpless in the car wreckage. Just three episodes ago he was all emo for abandoning his friends and getting them killed and now he does THE EXACT SAME THING! They were almost killed getting all the way to the enemy base even by using his special powers and now he just leaves them to die by a common soldier who may happen to be close by? Apparently saving Inori is more important than all his friends or his guilt in general. What a jerk!
  28. 28. (ep.11) Hey wait a second. Why did he leave them behind and runs all alone to the rooftop? He doesn’t have superpowers without them; he is just an average guy. How does he know he won’t encounter more enemies? How will he survive long enough to get to Inori? He is not only a jerk but also a complete dumbass!
  29. 29. (ep.11) And out of nowhere a villain teleports and kidnaps Inori the moment Shuu gets to her. How convenient for him to appear at that exact moment, when he apparently could have done so any time he wanted to since the beginning of the series.
  30. 30. (ep.12) You know, having a guy teleporting in front of you is rather excused if he has the magic ability to teleport. Something which the rebel leader didn’t have and yet appeared out of nowhere to protect Shuu from an incoming attack. And apparently, he was fast enough to move faster than light but not fast enough to just pull Shuu a bit to the side and thus not having to bite the bullet.
  31. 31. (ep.12) Ah, a classic moment in all shitty shows. The protagonist is miraculously cured from his amnesia and the villains are revealing all their plans to him for no reason at all. I mean, sure, we learning of whatever the hell they want is a good reason, but not excused in-story. It’s plain inability to reveal their plan otherwise.
  32. 32. (ep.12) And thus we learn en mass of stuff that were vaguely hinted all this time and now everything makes sense… NOT! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF A PLAN IS THAT? Where is their motivation for doing such a thing? We know what they are doing but we don’t have a freaking idea of why they want to do it or how they plan on doing it. If it was so simple, why didn’t they do it earlier? And why couldn’t they do it in any other way? And if they needed Inori all this time, why were they trying to kill her in the pilot episode. And lots of other crap that make no sense.
  33. 33. (ep.12) So after all the mystery is supposed to be now clear, the rebel leader jumps in to save the day. Hey wait a second, wasn’t he gravely wounded ten minutes ago? Oh, apparently his wounds were miraculously healed OUT OF SCREEN! So much for the self-sacrifice he showed and any possible viewer feeling gratitude for his heroic deed. Just let some fakin magic power to heal everyone.
  34. 34. (ep.12) And indeed, Shu is again using a magic gismo that defeats the villains in the most anti-climactic and retarded way possible and we get a rushed and lame happy ending. DOES ANYONE EVEN CARE AT THIS POINT? 35. (ep.12) That rebel leader is definitely not cherishing his life enough. In just 15 minutes he sacrificed himself to save Shuu and after he recovers, he rushes in to just sacrifice again to help Shuu beat that incestuous bitch. Oh well, it’s not like he will die from it, since he will just miraculously heal, just like before… Or didn’t he? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?
  35. 36. (ep.13) So Shuu and Inori return to school and nobody seems to mind of all the things that happened or were prevented thanks to them. ARE THEY BLIND? Shuu saved everyone and nobody noticed the tiniest thing? And of course he is too pussy to admit it himself. These pathetic school bullies come to mess with him and he is about to cry instead of just telling them he has the power to blow up the whole planet if he likes.
  36. 37. (ep.13) Some dudes claiming to be freedom fighters attack the school and shoot randomly at innocent students. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Is the goal of their just cause to be labelled as the biggest jerks on the planet? And how stupid are they if they accept weapons from a mysterious masked guy and simply say “It’s ok, we can trust him”?
  37. 38. (ep.13) The crippled chick gets a fancy set of rollers to show off by beating up those jerks. WHAT'S THE POINT; SHUU COULD TRASH THEM ALL ALONE! And what is the point of having personal issues in this show to begin with? No matter what the problem is, Shuu uses his special power like a magic wand to magically fix it. So no, I didn’t feel a thing about her getting all happy with her rollers. IT IS CHEAP!
  38. 39. (ep.13) Hey wait a second, there is a contradiction going on here. Up to now only Shuu was able to use the Voids of a person, while that person is left unconscious. All of a sudden the rules changed and now the host of the Void remains awake and can freely use the Void himself/herself. I bet the scriptwriters didn’t even notice the crap they are contradicting.
  39. 40. (ep.13) So after this pathetic skirmish the heroes even have the nerve to do a victory pose, as if beating some bully nobodies was awesome or something. I could almost hear the Final Fantasy tune in the BGM. Let me see you doing that with the real army you show-offs.
  40. 41. (ep.13) So everybody sees the two heroes having these superpowers and STILL don't care to ask further of whatever the hell is going on, other than cheering for them. It’s not like some weird virus ruined their lives and there is something weird going on that needs explaining. THEY ARE NOT THINKING!
  41. 42. (ep.13) So the bad guys somehow trick the whole world to believe there's nobody left alive inside the infected area. And seemingly nobody outside reacts, despite clearly seeing from the distance people moving through the ruins for days. Or it's not like the students all have access to mobile phones, or cameras, or giant spotlights, or heck even an airlift bridge, they could use to inform the world they're not dead yet.
  42. 43. (ep.13) So what was the point of building a huge wall around the infected area? Not only it must have cost a zillion bucks to make but it also wouldn’t be able to prevent such a dangerous airborne virus from spreading. And even so, when did they find the time to make it in just a few weeks?
  43. 44. (ep.14) Why doesn't Shuu just destroy the wall? It's not like he can't handle a few robots. Too hard? What if he just flies up in the sky and uses his powers to yell to the people outside that there are survivors inside? Too simple? What if he just uses his anti-gravity powers and takes everybody outside by flying over the firing range of the robots? Too anti-climactic? What if he uses any power to make rainbows and unicorns to appear and turns the wall to cotton candy? It’s not like he can’t do anything he likes with his hax powers. Instead of that he wastes weeks in trying to help the survivors rebuild the city.
  44. 45. (ep.14) What is even dumber is how he keeps trying to rebuild the city even after he know the military plans on destroying it bit by bit. So it is completely pointless to try to fix something only to see it being destroyed again. He should just go on the offence and destroy the wall, thus saving the survivors as well as months of pointless rebuilding.
  45. 46. (ep.14) Speaking of survivors, why do we only see high school kids and nobody else aside from a few random people who are killed on the spot? Where are the parents or the adults in general? Why do these teenagers return to school while still wearing their fancy school uniforms if that place is destroyed and there is no education going on there anymore? Do they still need to look stylish, did the virus destroyed all their clothes besides the school uniforms, is this some stupid fetish for us to keep looking, or the scriptwriters simply have no idea what the hell they are doing?
  46. 47. (ep.14) How does that wall walk or has the power to demolish buildings? It is a magical wall? If it closes in the surrounded area, does it mean there are parts of it being crushed by the progressively smaller periphery? And seriously, is this wall the best option they had for destroying the infected area? What about those laser satellites or a good old fashion nuke? And forget all that, if they so much want to destroy the infested area, why do they only demolish a few square meters of it and then just wait? Do they expect the survivors to just destroy themselves with a few pints of demagogy?
  47. 48. (ep.14) So much for the demagogy trick. Shuu once again uses his hax powers to magically prove to everyone how the obviously generic evil military dudes are really just obviously generic evil military dudes. And then he becomes their leader. Not because he is the most charismatic, or smart, or whatever. He just has hax powers and can accomplish anything he likes with them. OF COURSE and he becomes their leader.
  48. 49. (ep.15) A contradiction once again. Now everybody can have their Voids activated and used by themselves, instead of having just one of them active at a time and them remaining unconscious. And then they want us to believe they are trapped and hopeless??? Can you imagine hundreds of Void users attacking the wall at the same time? Not all the armies of the world would be enough to defeat them.
  49. 50. (ep.15) At one point they mention that they are running out of vaccine. Why do they even need vaccine in the first place? They have the healing Void.
  50. 51. (ep.15) Because they are too stupid to realize that, the bottom ranked Void users decide to go find vaccine in a dangerous area. How stupid are they to expect not to run into trouble if they know their powers are useless and the area is patrolled by enemy units? Why did they even go there while holding their useless Voids?
  51. 52. (ep.15) The guy with the Void that can open anything is ranked in the lowest category. Seriously??? You have a Void that can open anything and that is considered useless? Can any of you imagine what will happen if he uses it on that walking wall? Yeah, what a useless Void he has... But what can you expect from a bunch of idiots who categorize their powers based on a DBZ power level scouter and not based on utility?
  52. 53. (ep.15) A girl admits she is in love with Shuu (ok, they all are but she is the only one to openly admit it) and then conveniently gets killed after 10 minutes. Who the hell writes this overblown crap and expects us to like them? Or perhaps we can’t have Shuu getting laid and thus growing some balls the normal way?
  53. 54. (ep.15) Oh and by the way, the girl was killed because she used her last powers to heal Shuu instead of herself. Can any of you imagine what would have happened if she had healed herself first? Exactly, they would both be alive.
  54. 55. (ep.15) Upon seeing her dying Shuu gets all emo and decides to become Lelouch. Yeah, because this was the first time a person he loved died around him and he is excused to do so… NOT! This is, like, the tenth time he sees people close to him dying and he was always reverting back to his pussy self. Hell man, his own sister died before his eyes and had less of an effect on him and this random chick just makes him a completely different man? The ultimate character development failure has just been born.
  55. 56. (ep.16) You would think that the security in the wall would be super powerful and aware of everything that happens around there, since not even an army of super powerful teenagers can penetrate it. And look at that, a common guy drops in with a parachute and nobody manages to see him. If it’s so simple then WHY DON’T THEY JUST GET OUT?
  56. 57. (ep.16) So the guy who came in the isolated area tells the students in there (since all the adults have mysteriously disappeared) that he came to take to the outside world the school president. And nobody seems to care at all about FINALLY FINDING A WAY TO GET OUT despite trying for weeks to survive.
  57. 58. (ep.16) At one point some students try to steal vaccine and are captured. All the male robbers are left injured and they take to Shuu only a girl amongst them, as if she is the only one responsible. Troll!
  58. 59. (ep.16) Said girl joins Shuu’s ranks because her power level is high enough. Ten minutes later from all the people in the world she is killed in order to prove how a void that gets destroyed leads to the death of its owner. So much for introducing a new character; she was just an expandable unit.
  59. 60. (ep.17) The plan to escape finally begins and all the students attack with their voids the wall. Something which they should have done right away instead of waiting weeks for that. You would at least think that they wasted all this time in order to find a method for everyone to survive or for their tactical assault to be perfectly coordinated. And NO YOU DON’T! All you see is them running without any plan towards the security robots and getting killed, while Shuu is looking passively in the back. It is only after he decides to attack himself using the super blade that they finally win. And guess what, he practically did everything himself SO WHY DID HE NEED THE REST TO ATTACK AND DIE? This was his masterplan??? He killed half of them for something he could accomplish himself. Couldn’t he at least create fake duplicates by using the void of that cat eared girl? He could at least send these fakes to be killed instead of the actual people. WHAT KIND OF A PLAN WAS THAT?
  60. 61. (ep.17) The blond school president betrays Shuu for hiding the truth about the voids killing their owners if they are destroyed. Did she even think for a second that he wasn’t the one hiding the truth but his assistant? Or that it was Inori and not he who tried to kill her? And did she just have sex with all his men so she could seduce them into betraying him? What a bitch!
  61. 62. (ep.17) Hey look, the rebel leader is alive again! … for the third time. That just came out of nowhere! Not even the dragonballs could resurrect someone twice in 5 episodes.
  62. 63. (ep.18) Oh my, even that enemy mecha pilot is also still alive. And I was so sure Shuu killed him when he went emo for the nth time a few episodes back. I mean, he was so pissed for killing that girl and did waste the other mecha pilots, SO WHY NOT HIM??? So what is he doing now? Oh, he betrays the military because he likes the nekomimi girl… who met her only a few times and she barely knows or cares about him. That just came out of nowhere!
  63. 64. (ep. 18) The United Nations decide to nuke Japan because that ridiculous wall-plan. Though it would make sense if they ONLY wanted to destroy the infested part of the city and not the ENTIRE NATION. Don’t they know bombing civilians never works? Oh that’s right, they are only supposed to be doing that so we will hate them for nuking the Japanese. Pretty much what all Hiroshima movies are doing without ever bothering to mention WHY they did it or if their own nation was kind of an ass at that moment.
  64. 65. (ep. 18) Oh my, the revived rebel leader kills some students, so their Voids can be used to stop the nukes. That is so noble… too bad they never chose to be martyrs and destroying a nuke a few kilometres above you still lets the radiation and the heat to drop down and kill everyone… Well, at least normal nukes do that, not these made in Taiwan. Not that it made any sense how a single missile can stop a dozen nukes dropping at different directions (not in a line) and still hits the airplane that dropped them. Or how a few people on the ground would ever see an airplane flying above them, dropping something, and immediately knowing what it is. It could have easily been humanitarian aid like before. Much less figure it out and still have time to react to all that.
  65. 66. (ep. 18) The revived leader also uses laser satellites to destroy any army invading Japan and protects the mainland by controlling the remote control security robots and has a whole army of zealots. So how did he switch from being dead without controlling anything, to being alive and controlling them all? Those satellites and robots belong to the army you know; they have top security protection, so how did he do it without anyone noticing it? Or how did he switch from a lovable leader fighting for the good of the people to being a megalomaniac asshole with his own fanatics who kills people without a second thought? That just came out of nowhere!
  66. 67. (ep. 18) That blond school president is a complete retard. First she has sex with them all so they will betray Shuu for things he clearly is not responsible for and now she betrays everybody because she digs that resurrected rebel leader who obviously won’t blink twice to kill her if he sees it suits him.
  67. 68. (ep. 18) What the hell is wrong with the security? A limo full of armed men gets inside a top guarded area and nobody could see them coming before it’s too late? Or how does a grandpa with a sword defeat four men with pistols? That just came out of nowhere!
  68. 69. (ep. 18) At least Inori is consistent at being out of character all the time. In this episode she is now a yandere whore who transforms into a demon. Heck, she doesn’t even need Shuu or anyone else to trigger her powers; she just does her thing. That just came out of nowhere!
  69. 70. (ep. 19) Will someone ever try to fix the security in this damn show? Shuu just walks in and kidnaps blondie girl right outside the same place their security was breached a few hours ago. Normally, there should be ten times more people and cameras in that place.
  70. 71. (ep. 19) Same problem with the evil military dudes. If someone feels like stealing something from them, he or she can just do it without any problem at all. Like Shuu’s step mother for example. She is shot at from two meters away, caught on camera stealing the vial, runs for miles in a top security area, and still manages to escape with just a scratch.
  71. 72. (ep. 19) Wait, she is a step mom? What purpose does that have in the story? And if she raised Shuu, where the hell is his sister in those flashbacks? They totally forgot her.
  72. 73. (ep. 19) That evil dude with the mechanic eye was driving a truck at full speed towards the crippled girl. Shuu just storms in and makes him change direction… after they chat for almost one minute with the truck still running.
  73. 74. (ep. 19) Apparently Shuu is now indestructible, because a whole truck explodes with him in it and just walks away without a scratch. Other than that some nobody’s cancer just affects him with a touch.
  74. 75. (ep. 20) Ah, the notorious “Time to explain everything” episode.
  75. So the whole virus thing is actually an alien invasion and that kid who can teleport anywhere it feels like it is Death, their envoy. And he wants to create the Fourth Apocalypse. What were the other three? Is this some NGE rip-off? Anyways, he plans to do that by using Mana as the new Eve and Shuu as the new Adam. I guess it is a NGE rip-off after all. Wasn’t Code Geass enough you bastards? Anyways, Shuu’s father invents after decades of research the Voids as means to prevent the virus from taking over the body. This would somehow save the world from the alien invasion. Yeah, ok, how about killing Mana in a few seconds and thus saving the world you idiot? She is clearly not your cute daughter; she is an alien queen who doesn’t give a f*ck about you or anyone else on the planet. Anyways, his father’s rival makes his own experiments as means to create his own Adam and thus having his own little version of the Third Impact… I mean Fourth Apocalypse. But the main specimen, Gai, escapes because he doesn’t want to have sex… I mean be a guinea pig. He falls into the sea and is accidentally saved by Mana. Convenient or what? So anyways, some years later, Shuu refuses to go hentai with his sister, so she goes crazy and blows up, and he gets amnesiac. Her tiny parts somehow get into kids and anyone under a certain age can now pilot an EVA… I mean manifest a Void with the king’s power. So the villains make a clone of Mana and name her Rei… I mean Inori. She somehow escapes with the vial containing the king’s power, becomes a pop idol, and at the same time works as a rebel in Gai’s team without the villains managing to find her. So all this time the villains’ plan was to kill as many Void users as possible for Mana to get her powers back. Yes, lots of human bodies fusing into one; what does that remind me of? Ok, I see, now everything makes sense… not. This is one of the biggest BS I have encountered since The Book of Bantora.
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