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  1. This will go over my peripherals my viewmodel, mouse settings and my opinions and insight and an FAQ.
  3. Setup:
  4. Monitor: BenQ XL2411
  5. Mouse: Logitech G402
  6. Headset: Logitech G430
  7. Mouse Mat: Razer Goliathus Medium Control
  8. Keyboard: aLLreLi K643
  10. Mouse Settings:
  11. In-game sens: 1.35
  12. Windows sens: 6/11
  13. Zoom sens: 0.85
  14. DPI: 1200
  15. Polling Rate: 500hz
  16. Raw Input: 1
  17. Mouse Acceleration: 0
  19. Viewmodel:
  20. viewmodel_fov "68"
  21. viewmodel_offset_x "1.8"
  22. viewmodel_offset_y "2"
  23. viewmodel_offset_z "-1.7"
  25. FAQ:
  26. "What role are you?"
  27. AWPer (rifler)
  29. "How did you improve so quickly?"
  30. Pure dedication. I didn't really watch any videos on how to improve, because when i started playing CS:GO i had no intention of getting better. The only reason i got CS:GO was to Bhop, Surf do ZE and Deathrun. I just started playing competitively and realised how much i enjoyed it and how naturally good i was at CS:GO. So i decided to dedicate to CS:GO and improve.
  32. "How do i improve?"
  33. The best way to improve at CS:GO is to dedicate. Without dedication you won't get far in CS:GO. Only with true passion and dedication will you improve. All i can do is recommend a YouTuber known as "LongBarrel". He has some VERY useful and helpful videos on "how to be a better CS:GO player". CHECK OUT LONGBARREL!
  35. "What resolution do you use?"
  36. I run 1920x1080 (16:9 fullscreen) with all graphics on Very low/low.
  38. "Do i really need a 144hz monitor?"
  39. If you're trying to get more competitive and improve YES you NEED a 144hz monitor. It won't stop you from getting good at CS:GO but it will definitely limit you. If you're seriously trying to improve and trying to get betterm GET a 144hz monitor. It makes a HUGE differance.
  41. "How old are you and what's your name?"
  42. I'm 15 and my name is Charlie.
  44. "Where are you from?"
  45. I'm from London UK and i'm 100% British.
  47. "What Monitor settings do you use?"
  48. Brightness: 100
  49. Contrast: 50
  50. Low Blue Light: 0
  51. Black eQualizer: 15
  52. Blur Reduction: Off
  53. Color Temperature: User Mode
  54. Reset Color: No
  55. AMA: Premium
  56. Instant Mode: On
  57. Sharpness: 5
  58. Digital Vibrance: 90%
  60. Hope this answered any questions you may ask. I didn't add my crosshair because i tend to change it a lot.
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