Vanguard Anon and Padmayan advantures

Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. >You stride out from your ship, sands of the wasteland beneath your boots
  2. >Scanning the landscape, all you see is a depressing sea of dust
  3. >You detected artificial radio signals not far from here, you landed in hopes of encountering a native creature in a secluded area
  4. >You follow the signals toward the source. The sights along the way fit the theme of this dead world
  5. >Dust, dust and more dust. Occasionally broken by the odd dead plant or half buried steel girder
  6. >You wonder why the Senate gave you this star system, the only life sustaining planet nuked itself to oblivion
  7. >Though, this place was uncharted, and as the best Vanguard in his class, it was your job to discover this information
  8. >You took the time to read some info from the sensors in your armor
  9. >Atmosphere is 79% N2, 19% O2, 0.5% CO2 and 0.5% trace gasses, primarily 106^I and 60^Co
  10. >The air was breatable, and the radionuclotides confirm your suspition of a mass nuclear exchange
  11. >Honestly, that makes your job easier. You could probably conquer this place before a crusade fleet arrives
  12. >Up ahead, you spot a small ruin that juts out the landscape
  13. >You wander up towards it, you might gleam something from it, or just break the monotony
  15. >Along the way, suddenly a loud *CRACK* has you ducking down
  16. >*CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* three gunshots follow, you immediately run for the ruins
  17. >You slid to cover and pull out the pistol in its thigh holster
  18. >You peer out from a window, two immaciated creatures run from a boulder. The sand colored creatures wear makeshift armor
  19. >One holds out what seems to be a pistol and fires two shots, while the other runs towards a target out of view with a crude axe
  20. >The pistolier covers their teammate as they charge toward much louder gunshots
  21. >*CRACK* The pistolier takes a bullet to the neck and a cloud of blue-green liquid sprays out
  22. >The barbarian runs through a hail of fire to grab the pistol, and it squeezes two rounds at the unseen target
  23. >You hear a muffled grunt and a "Ni'Tar!" eminate from where the gunshots came from while barbarian cranes his neck to see if the other is moving
  25. >You move your foot slightly, which causes a pile of rubble to topple over
  26. >The sound catches the attention of the barbarian, who raises the pistol as it slowly moves toward the ruin
  27. >You aim your pistol through the window corner and squeeze off a textbook mozambique drill
  28. >Barbarian drops down dead, bleeding out the blue-green fluid seen before
  29. >You look out to see any other threats that might be there.
  30. >The coast is clear, you move towards the bodies in the dirt
  31. >They're rather strange, the creatures are bipedal, but they have digitigrade legs
  32. >A sand colored fur covered the body, thought these ones were rather patchy
  33. >They resembled a blend of human and desert fox
  34. >You shake your head in disgust at the thought
  35. >Their patchwork outfits indicate they're not high on the hirearcy or have many resources
  37. >You contemplate imprinting the one with the intact head, but a loud grunting grabs your attention
  38. >You find your way to its source, pistol at the ready. A much more well equiped and fed creature lies fatally wounded, slumped against a boulder
  39. >It wears more uniform armor (not that it did it much good) above a white, shining and honeycombed jumpsuit
  40. >A battle rifle lies beside it, probably what it was shooting it.
  41. >The creature looks up at you, its eyes go wide but is on its last legs
  42. >You're sure this one has the info you seek. You sit on the creature's chest and pull off your helmet
  43. >The creature meekly resists, but the blood loss stops any real force
  44. >Looking the enemy in the eye, you drive a spike into the brainstem
  45. >The creature trembles and foams at the mouth as the pack does its work
  46. >You're bombarded by memories of the guard as he shutters last, brain completely destroyed
  47. >He was a caravan guard who was ambushed by raiders on his way to Inara, a prosperous city nearby
  48. >You even see what he saw as you subdued and imprinted him
  50. >You take a skin and blood sample and put them in the containers
  51. >You strip him of his equipment. Armor, rifle, even the jumpsuit (luckily, he was your size)
  52. >You radio to your parked ship
  53. "Sunny, I've got samples and imprinted one of the natives. Get the cruiser ready and deploy the disguse maker!"
  54. >"Okay!" A cheery voice crackles in your ear
  55. >You knew none of that would be done when you got back
  56. >You glance back at the ruins you hid in, only to shrug and turn away
  57. >You trek back towards the cruiser for about 15 minutes to find machines strewn about, one of them even was the bioprinter
  58. >Honestly impressed she did more or less what you said, you plug in the bioprinter
  59. >It asks for a sample and you oblige with the samples from the guard
  60. >You sketch a disguise from pics and videos of the 'Padmayans' as they call themselves
  61. >The time of printing is about 2 hours, you take the time to copy the jumpsuit to make one for you and Sunny
  62. >You call her from looking in the cargo area for Gods know what and inspect her
  63. >She pops out her head and throws a wrench to the ground
  64. >You look her over, sand colored fur, small sandy mane, and her fox-like build makes her look like one of their cubs
  65. "Well, Fortuna conspires to aid us. You look like a padmayan child, so I'm gonna give you a jumpsuit and call it at that."
  67. >"Ooohhh..." Sunny glares at the jumpsuit printing on the metal plate "I really like the shineyness"
  68. "Sunny, pack up the mess you've made and we'll find a place to set up a F.O.B."
  69. >She stands at attention with a salute, then rushes over to do exactly what you don't want to happen
  70. >She's sweet, but you get the feeling the Vanguard board was fucking with you when they dumped her pod in your lap and said she was 'advanced'
  71. >She throws equipment in haphazardly, the crashing sounds become a background noise as you plan your next move
  72. >Inara, the city closest to here seems a good place to get information about the current state of affairs
  73. >You decide an aireal view would be the best move
  74. >You were packed up enough to leave, no time to waste
  75. >Climbing into the cockpit, you motion Sunny over to get in. She scurries up the wing
  76. >All the preflight checks were irrelevant for your skill at piloting
  77. >You shortly roll into the air, kicking up dust along the way
  78. >You peer out the window to search for any of the landmarks you've seen in the guard's memories
  79. >You were comfortably high up to not be seen, the lidar and flir don't see anything
  80. >It's been a while, the sun's gone down and darkness engulfs the landscape
  81. >You roll left to look down, to find a sea of soft lights amid the darkness
  82. >You distinctly remember a large, monolithic tower near the center. Its light peers out like the Pharos
  83. >Another issue was where to set up. Lidar scanned the area, the city was on the side of a much larger ruin
  84. >A charred skyscraper caught your attention. It was within the city walls, a large hole that the crusier could fit
  85. >Most of all, the FLIR didn't see any form of occupation.
  86. "Here, this is our F.O.B."
  87. >You gently fly into the wide hole on the ruin side, just below the top floor
  88. >The loud scraping noises did not detract from your perfect landing, the engines quit
  89. >Emerging from the cockpit, you slowly clear the lower levels, looking for a good place to set up
  91. >The second floor down from the new hangar looked to be good
  92. >You open the cargo hatch, equipment falling all around to reveal the now finished bio printer
  93. >You reach for the disguise and examine the face mask, the frame holds up the muzzle and should articulate the way these 'Padmayans' would
  94. >You strip out of your armor and try on the skinsuit, the biomesh sticks perfectly
  95. >Then you place the face mask on, it sticks to everything perfectly
  96. >You put on the jumpsuit over it, you felt the nylon material across your fur. Once again, the biosuit works perfectly
  97. >Looking into a mirror, you check the articulation of the face, ears and tail. Angry; teeth out, ears back and tail raised
  98. >Happy; ears perked up, black lipped smile and curled up tail
  99. >A few other tests of the articulation and this suit could fool even you
  100. >A sinister smile crept across your face, and you spoke in the Padmayan tongue
  101. "<Face of the enemy>"
  102. >You turn to call Sunny over to look at you, She didn't take to that very well
  103. >"Where did you go? Where is he?"
  104. "I'm right here, this is my guise. And be quiet, do you want to wake the neighborhood?"
  105. >"Maybe." Sunny tilted her head
  106. >Tapping your foot, you remember Sunny's jumpsuit draping over the side
  107. "Try this on, you'll be going as my little sister. This is what the natives wear."
  108. >"Okay!" Sunny takes to it rather excitedly. You move to the other side of the cruiser to give her some privacy as she changes
  109. >You turn to the next issue, setting up camp. Moving the heavy prefab is gonna be a pain.
  110. >A large sheet of metal catches your attention, you could slide it down the stairs to the floor below
  111. >"Surprise!" Sunny jumps out in her new jumpsuit, scaring the shit out of you
  112. "Don't do that!"
  113. >You lean on the cruiser as you catch your breath
  114. "Well, not that you're done. We're gonna set up camp for tonight."
  115. >You grab the sheet metal and drag it to the cargo hatch. Sunny tips the prefab out of the hatch while you catch it
  117. >The damned thing weighs a tonne, you lower the crate onto the sheet, your back about to give out
  118. "Sunny, come on. We got to push this thing to the stairs, we'll slide it down and set it up there."
  119. >The two of you push against the prefab crate. It's a demanding task despite the genetic and cybernetic augmented strength
  120. >You reach the stairs, and lay out the plan for the stairs.
  121. "Alright, You push the thing over the stairs and I'll control its sliding on the other side."
  122. >You move to the stair side and put your hands on the crate, Sunny pushes the thing over the top stair
  123. >It starts sliding, and you struggle to keep it from running you down.
  124. >The crate starts sliding off the sheet metal, you try your best to keep it on, but it catches on a stair near the bottom
  125. >The crate tips over and the full weight falls on your shoulders. With a quick breath, you let it rotate down and land on the floor.
  126. "Alright, we'll do that again and set up on the lower floor. Grab that sheet, and we'll roll it on top."
  127. >Sunny tips the thing over onto the sheet metal, and the process repeats.
  128. >After another time of nearly nearly being crushed be the prefab, the two of you manage to set the prefab in position.
  129. "Now, for the grand opening..."
  130. >You pull out the pin, and the crate pops open. Walls emerge and solidify, the braces lock up properly, everything looks good
  131. >The loud thumping noises no longer concern you, the natives don't care or can't hear
  132. >The two of you walk inside, you look to find the bare bones furniture set themselves up
  133. >Beds, collapsing library and the grid controller.
  134. >You inspect the grid controller, the prefab is working normally. Temperature and atmosphere normal.
  135. >You decide to not activate the fuel cell, it would just waste power
  136. "Sunny, we'll call it a night and set up later tomorrow."
  137. >She agreed and climbed up the upper bunk
  138. >You changed out the skinsuit and hang it in the life support bag, you put on your casual wear
  140. >The exhaustion of the day's events caught up with you, you flop onto the bottom bunk
  141. >Tomorrows plans causally pass your thoughts, take a stroll through town and find some form of information repository
  142. >You're soon out like a light
  143. >The first thing you feel in the morning is something warm and furry crushing your face. A loud snoring emitted from the culprit
  144. "Sunny. Can you please get off my face?"
  145. >The snoring continued, and so you pull you arms free to put the furry mass on the floor
  146. >"H-huh? W-wha...?" Sunny looks around, dazed and confused. You simply put on your disguise and ready for the day
  147. >Sunny had slept in her jumpsuit, and had started combing her sand colored mane with a wire combed plug
  148. >You didn't have the will to stop it, so you just briefed her on today's plan
  149. "We're gonna head out into town and find out what we can about the area, just act like you belong and we'll be fine."
  150. >Sunny was half paying attention, you just gave up on trying to maintain discipline
  151. >Disguise ready and Sunny ready to go, you place a few LRAD pads along the stairwell to deter any intruders.
  152. >You check around the charred doorway to look for any witnesses, but you're clear
  153. >The sounds emanating from the side of other ruins gives you an idea of where the city is
  154. >Sunny skips along the way, as you make your way toward the city proper
  155. >Merchants plying their wares and workshops pumping them out
  156. >Guards equipped in a similar manner to the one in the wastes patrol the streets
  157. >You vigilantly scan for anything that would be helpful for your search.
  158. >A guard brushes past you and turns to face you.
  159. >You get a sense of scale of the adults, something you didn't see before as he dwarfs over you
  160. ><"What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be in university about now?">
  161. <"O-oh yeah, I just took a wrong turn and wandered here.">
  162. ><"Well, it's down the street, past the blacksmith, the big flowstone structure, can't miss it">
  164. >You thank the guard for the info, he mutters something as he walks off
  165. >You didn't do anything before you walked away, getting filled with bullets was not your plan
  166. >The marketplace looks ramshackle, sand rats living in the shadows of their former glory
  167. >You hear the pounding of metal from one of the shacks, that must mean you're close
  168. >Past the smoke of the forge, you spot taller, diorite colored buildings. These must be the upper class area, no wonder the guard didn't like you
  169. >Some Padmayans about your height walk into the building, this must be the university he spoke about.
  170. >Okay, just act like you belong
  171. >You wander into the place, and into the atrium. In the center, lays a scale model of a city in the center. That must be the former city these ruin once were
  172. >A few of the youths gave you strange looks as you passed by, you just walk along like you owned the place
  173. >You made your way to some lecture room you had no business being in, a few others walk in after you.
  174. >The furniture was strange, the seats were a sideways ring with a portion removed, the back part was the seat and the other held the desk board
  175. >All of the room was the same color as the building, it was rather depressing really
  176. >Some of the youths turns in their seats towards yours, one of them asked
  177. ><"So who are you? You don't look like your from here?">
  178. <"Galecthay, I'm from Anarii">
  179. >You fucked up and blurted out your real name. Nevermind saying you're from the city you've never been around
  180. >The others buy it, though the glances still make you ill at ease
  181. >One girl gets your attention, her angry glaring does not bode well.
  182. ><"Okay, how does no one see the xeno in the room?!">
  183. >The others roll their eyes <"You've been telling us of aliens and pre-war conspiracies for YEARS now. You don't have any proof of this Yyogg shit, what makes this kid different?">
  184. >The girl had distinctive jet black hair, she seemed better fed than the others in the marketplace, though all these kids did too
  186. >She walked over in front of your desk and gestures to you <"Really? How about his mane color? No Padmayan has ever had in recorded history has has that mane color?"
  187. <"It's a benign mutation, besides I've never seen anyone with a black mane before.">
  188. ><"Alright what about your shins being super long, it that a 'benign mutation'?">
  189. <"Yes, Go out in the wastes for a day, you'll see much weirder shit">
  190. ><"I've been out in the wastes a lot, I've never seen anything like you">
  191. >Luckily for you, the others don't buy it. Her tangent was interrupted by the instructor entering the room
  192. >She sat down while the material was readied. The instructor spoke out
  193. ><"Well, welcome to the first year of instruction. You are very privileged to be here, the only university on Padmay."
  194. >The instructor continues <"Let's start with the history of Inara. This place started as a city called Anu-Ariea when it was a part of the nation Charr in the pre-war days...">
  195. >You furiously took notes down on a pad that was provided before, a recording was rolling for later transcription
  196. >You still felt the black haired girl leering at you, but you were disregarding her for more information about the planet
  197. ><"...Because of Anu's R&D role during the resource wars, a high capacity Stronghold was built underneath the city. And that's where our ancestors weathered the Great Fire...">
  198. >That got your attention, that 'Stronghold' must hold the secrets to how this city held on to its technological abilities. Now to locate it and make an expedition down
  199. >The instructor scanned the room with a devious look on his face <"You..."> He looked out at you <"How would a global nuclear exchange destroy the biosphere to the extent the Great Fire did?">
  200. <"Umm...Likely a cobalt salt bomb, were a thermonuclear weapon also transmute a cobalt shell to cobalt 60 and spreads it through the atmosphere onto a large area.">
  201. >He looks suprised <"Well, it's good to see someone do their research."> He goes back to the lecture
  203. >He looks suprised <"Well, it's good to see someone do their research."> He goes back to the lecture
  204. >A muffled cry of <"See!"> emanates from the back of the room, but was promptly ignored
  205. >The instructor went on with his lesson, and you go on with your note taking.
  206. >But that 'Stronghold 57' persisted. Maybe it would hold the secrets to their remaining technology and hopefully reveal some form of weakness for you to exploit
  207. >And perhaps, there may still be missiles ready to fire in their silos, a lovely treat of irony from their forebearers
  208. >Still, that one girl may be a problem. She seems more clever than most, best to eliminate her
  209. >Your plotting ends when the class ended. The others walked out of the room and you followed suit
  210. >Once outside, you heard a familiar voice call your name from the bottom of the stairs <"Galecthay!"> The black haired girl called out, as you turned to meet her
  211. >You size her up as she walked towards you
  212. >Her jet black mane was worn in a much more human style down to her shoulders. She wore the white, honeycombed jumpsuit that ran from her neck to just above the knees and elbows that the others wore, and she filled it out very well...
  213. >You scrub that thought out. Yellow iris'd eyes stare daggers at you as she approaches. No one believes her, play it cool
  214. <"Ah, It's you. I failed to catch your name ms.?">
  215. ><"Na'Rasha, and let me say this. You may have the others fooled, but i understand your nature. And I'm gonna bring it to light as I drag your body through the street.">
  216. <"And I'm gonna be king of all Ara, live in a big shiny house and drink non-radioactive water. Besides, I fail to see how you'd accomplish that.">
  217. >Na'Rasha displays a set of unlinked handcuffs in her right hand, tail swaying in agitation
  218. <"Oohh, kinky. What are they?">
  219. >She opens them <"Oh, just some shock cuffs I developed. It can subdue anything with a nervous system.">
  220. <"Have you proven that conclusion?">
  221. ><"Well, I do need to do some extensive testing...">
  223. >Na'Rasha reaches out for your arm. A sweeping kick to the ankle gentle dissuades her before you take off
  224. >You bolt through the forum, taking jagged routes through and around shops to ditch her
  225. >A quick glance reveals Na'Rasha barrelling towards you. Not too concerned until you see she's devil dashing! Now you're in deep shit
  226. >The momentum along with a conveniently place pole swung you around the left hand corner towards some pre-war rubble
  227. >Na'Rasha slid around the corner, but you were out of sight.
  228. >She raised her face toward the air, catching your scent. Now she tracks you through the rubble
  229. >She leaps onto a low, charred wall. Leaping off again once she spotted her prey
  230. >You reached the safety of the tower, silently leaping up the stairs. You pass the LRAD pads set up earlier, hopefully that will deter her enough
  231. ><"I can smell you up the tower, xeno."> You resisted the temptation to make a quip at her expense.
  232. >A minute later, you hear a loud cry of pain. The LRAD pads did their job
  233. >After a thump of her falling back, she shouts up <"Alright...I just gonna go and...Plan something else for a bit..."> Likely fighting through the brain jarring pain
  234. >The sound of paw steps confirms she'd left. You open, then shut the door of home base, throwing down your facemask, covered in sweat.
  235. "That went smoooothly"
  236. >Sunny looks up at you from her local newspaper she was reading upside down. "Tsk Tsk, where have you been, master?"
  237. >You just rolled your eyes, changing into casual ware.
  238. "Come on Sunny, we're gonna finish unpacking and setting up base."
  239. >Sunny got up and the two of you walked up to the cruiser. From there, you unloaded the prefabs and set them up
  240. >Thankfully, they weren't very heavy. You then unpacked the equipment crates and set up the facilities.
  241. >And for your next great plot... The hunt for stronghold 57.
  243. Episode 2
  244. >A few minutes past sunrise, Sunny walks through the greenhouse, watering can in hand
  245. >She stops to water the prickly pear in bloom, growing out the PVC pipes along the interior and humming an unintelligible tune
  246. >You lean back in a glorified lawnchair in front of your desk, reading through the terminal and browsing aerial photos
  247. " where could this thing be? 57 is the most important site in this Gods forsaken city and nothing can point to it."
  248. >You groan in frustration as you rock out of your chair
  249. >Sunny taps on the tilapia tank, sending the school scattering. She turns to you as you're walking into the hot room
  250. >"Maybe you should try walking into other people's houses and ask them over tea?" Once again, her dialog don't mirror any close reality
  251. >Though, it seems to be not a bad idea. Simply asking around might lead to this big fish
  252. "We're not breaking and entering anyone's house yet, but you might be right here. I'll just ask the hideous natives here around for this 'Stronghold'"
  253. >Sunny smiles as you rub her hair, you turn to look back to her at that moment
  254. "Why are you watering plants in a hydroponics rack?"
  255. >"There's flowers, the flowers need water on them so they'll live." You shake your head at her misconception
  256. "Nevermind, we'll head out here in about 25 minutes."
  258. >Carefully searching around the burnt out doorway of the tower, you cross into the city proper without witness
  259. >The best place to start would be the forum, these merchants probably heard some rumors of lost installations and the like
  260. >You navigate the crowd of merchants, caravans and denizens of Inara. You look around for whomever looks like they have reliable info
  261. >A crier? The butcher? no, you shutter at the 'food' he peddles. The apothecary? You might stop by later, you need plant cuttings for later
  262. >The arms dealer, he might know or have heard something. You ride through the cracks in the crowd and make your way there
  263. >Along the way, a speck of black crosses the periphery of your vision. It disappears quickly, could it be? just getting paranoid?
  264. >In this job, there's no such thing as too paranoid
  265. >You continue onto the wooden stall, where a rather large Padmayan stood. He was visibly bored, oddly little business for the shithole he lives in
  266. >You put on your best face and turned on the Vanguard charm
  267. "Mornin' I was looking for a sidearm, good stopping power but doesn't print too much, my old revolver broke."
  268. >The man turned to you, a bit surprised but relieved to actually be doing something
  269. >"Sure, I got a few things like that. Don't you seem a little young though?" You remember that the adults tower a good 200cm
  270. "No such thing, especially these days."
  271. >"That a boy" reverberated from the shop behind his stall, piercing the grinding. The shopkeep pulled a metal and wood semi-auto pistol
  272. >You cradle the handgrip, and clear the chamber. "So, how's it feel?" you dry fire it then turn back to him
  273. "Heavy but smooth. My old .30 cal would grind like no tomorrow, so this is nice."
  274. "You look like you've seen some places, have you ever been to one of those strongholds?"
  275. >The vendor looks back to you, confused but seemingly flattered "Me? no. the closest I've been to one is being near Stronghold 57."
  276. "Where was it? I've been here for awhile and I've never seen anything about it."
  277. >"It's past the council tower, hidden past some rubble. I saw some armed guards there, so probably not open for tours."
  279. >Another man pokes his head out of the shop door, removing his goggles. "No way you're getting in there, my wife's cousin works in the council tower and according to him, the old reactor is still there and producing 3/4 of the city's power. Locked up tighter than a mutie's ass."
  280. >City's main reactor? This is too perfect, you could waltz in there and cripple the only capacity for resistance in one swoop
  281. "That's real interesting, had no idea. What do I owe you for the piece?"
  282. >"135 Ricters for the set."
  283. >You drop some rolls of coins you had 'acquired' and he happily accepted the payment
  285. >You wander towards the council tower, hoping something would come to you how to get in. A loud shouting got your attention
  286. >Two adults were arguing, you could make out "...Purifier...substation issues...get into the reactor..."
  287. >One is dressed in a leather jumpsuit, covered in oil, the other looks like a scientist. The mechanic seems to be in high rank
  288. >Mechanic walks off toward some insula blocks, you tail him for this too perfect opportunity
  289. >Mechanic storms around a ruined building, you hopped into it's broken window. He's right there.
  290. >He turns to look over his shoulder, giving you an opening. You smack him with the empty pistol, it knocked him out cold
  291. >You search for anything useful. His jumpsuit and the piece de la resistance, an all access badge
  292. >You put on the suit, stuffing some cloth to bulk out the loose article
  293. >You strip him of everything, completing your disguise
  294. "Now, to find that reactor"
  295. >The merchant's directions seemed to be accurate, you find a ruined building with a concrete door
  296. >Two guards stood on guard, battle rifles slung over their back. You raise your back, to try to make yourself more adult like
  297. >You show the badge, trying to fool the guards
  298. "Got some emergency maintenance that needs to be done on the substation. I'm here to repair some grid issues"
  299. >The guards look at each other in confusion, then one looks to you "We didn't get word from the council about any repairs."
  300. "It's a small issue, the council wanted to keep it quiet so people don't start freaking out."
  301. >Roll for persuasion
  302. >They look at each other, then shrugged. "All right, you're good." They stepped aside
  303. >Fortuna smiles upon you this day. You look at the control panel, a slot the size of a playing card sat next to a switch and below three lights
  304. >You try the badge, then turn the key. The door begins sliding open into a dark, musty interior
  305. >A malevolent smile creeps across the muzzle on your face-mask
  307. >The blaring of the open access alarms echo through the office, catching Na'Rasha's attention
  308. >She walked across Ravoi's desk, the head commerce organizer walks in with bottle in hand.
  309. >"Ah good, that glorified mechanic finally got off his ass and does his job."
  310. >"Didn't Edom storm off towards the apartments on the south side?" She inquired
  311. >"He probably made a round about way to his job." Ravoi took another sip
  312. >"He looked smaller than normal, and the fact no one notified the guards." Na'Rasha was getting a bit suspicious
  313. >"Granted, they're smarter than the average caravan thug, better make your money sink count."
  314. >"None of the proper procedures were followed, and doubt is piling up like dust rollers..." The commerce organizer was getting annoyed at this
  315. >"Everything will be fine, just rest. Nothing bad will happen."
  316. >"Just send a guard to keep an eye out, just follow the procedures and you'll cover your ass." Na'Rasha was pulling on the political strings
  317. >Na'Rasha looked to him and saw the lack of thinking on his part. "If you won't look into this, I will." She grimaced in annoyance
  318. >"Snowball's chance in M'og. You're just a spoiled cub of a mediocre scientist."
  319. >N'Rasha wanted to claw his eyes out, but she needed something from him. Her insurance policy came to mind
  320. >"So, how would the council feel about your trips to Eva? ones on the city budget? How about the reputation of their 'domineering' husks?"
  321. >"Y-you wouldn't dare, you bitch" The councilor growled lowly
  322. >"The pics don't lie, if you don't grant access of speak of this conversation. They go all over the project slides." N'Rasha grinned in a menacing way
  323. >The councilor faltered. In a low growl, he handed her a key. "There's a secret tunnel on the ground floor, by the stairs. it leads right in"
  324. >She took the key and rushed down the stairs. There layed a padlocked steel hatch
  325. >She opened the lock and slid down the hatch. There the flowstone lined corridor was dimly lit
  326. >N'Rasha ran through the dark hallway, the occasional rad-louse scurried away as she passed
  327. >There she came to the cylindrical chamber and the steel walkway and there she saw the alien down on the reactor level
  329. >Laughing sadistically, you turn from the diagram to a pipe near the reactor floor. You use the wrench to close the safety tank valve
  330. >There's no safety here. The reactor was fairly advanced, molten salt breeder with plenty of life in it
  331. >Knocking out the power and flooding the area in molten, radioactive salts is a beautiful stroke
  332. >If only the place wasn't a dark concrete cave
  333. >As you ready to spear the containment vessel and core, you here a hauntingly familiar voice cry out "Galecthay!"
  334. >Looking up, you find the black haired pest. She won't ruin this moment
  335. "You're starting to get on my nerves"
  336. >"they're gonna be real stimulated once I'm do with you" N'Rasha shouted down the chamber
  337. >She slit down the rails and landed on the floor
  338. "Let's dance"
  339. >You braced for an attack, she slashed her claws on the right side of your face
  340. >Green blood dripped down the wounds, the copper taste came of your blooded finger
  341. >A sweeping kick failed to drop her, she anticipated this old trick
  342. >You punch her in the abdomen, and she recoils, then she strikes with a pipe grabbed from the shelf
  343. >during the bloody melee, the both of you knock over several bottles of chemicals
  344. >You charge with the piece of rebar that would pierce the core, hoping to impale her
  345. >N'Rasha dodges and you impale a reactor pipe, fog enshrouds the floor as you kept fighting
  346. >The both of you kept at it. As the fog grew, a burning in your eyes and lungs grew and grew
  347. >You slowed down, and your foe began to shake.
  348. >The burning grew to coughing, and you bolted up the stairs
  349. >N'Rasha followed suit, the both of you coughing furiously
  350. >The burning crescendo'd at the Stronghold entrance, you struggled to open the door
  351. >"W-What was that!?" N'Rasha cried through the coughing. You remembered symptoms of certain weapons as you gagged
  352. "C-Chlorine g-gas!"
  353. >At the surface, the both of you fell to the ground. Coughing and gagging for several minutes
  354. >N'Rasha leaned on you for support. Finally, the burning subsided
  355. "T-truce?"
  356. "D-Deal" She coughed out, no one was ready to fight at this stage
  357. >You turned to find shouting and burning in the market district, the guards trying to keep order
  358. >Apparently, the power went out while you were down there
  359. >Mission partially completed
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