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  1. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:07 AM
  2. OMFG
  4. OMFG
  6. KnacksLast Thursday at 9:10 AM
  7. What?
  8. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:10 AM
  9. OMG
  10. remember when that girl didn't like me anymore but I briefly mention another girl I liked?
  11. Well today I finally did it and I asked her to talk and she said yes
  12. We are walking out of school today. Wish me luck, coach
  13. KnacksLast Thursday at 9:13 AM
  14. Asked her to talk? Wdym
  15. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:15 AM
  16. Walking together
  17. After school
  18. Like I did with the other grill
  19. KnacksLast Thursday at 9:23 AM
  20. Why not just ask her out my guy
  21. You gonna repeat the process?
  22. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:44 AM
  23. Out to where?
  24. Shouldn't it go slower?
  25. KnacksLast Thursday at 9:47 AM
  26. That’s what dating is for. You’re getting to know them on these dates
  27. And probably grab some food at a sit down restaurants for preferably.
  28. Some place you two can talk and get closer
  29. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:52 AM
  30. What would be a good first date?
  31. KnacksLast Thursday at 9:53 AM
  32. Do you have anything to sightsee or experience? Like museums or events?
  33. If you can’t find anything to go actively do, a sit down date with food is always a safe bet
  34. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:54 AM
  35. Ok
  36. Food always sounds fun too
  37. I wish I could drive tho
  38. I can't until next September :(
  39. KnacksLast Thursday at 9:55 AM
  40. Yea that makes it a little harder
  41. You’ll figure it out
  42. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 9:58 AM
  43. K
  44. Ok
  45. I'll just see how today goes
  46. Day by day
  47. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 10:10 AM
  48. But holy crap I'll be honest that I'm so glad I said I wanted to talk because I would have felt stupid otherwise in putting in that much effort to just walk away
  49. I went out of my comfort zone for that shit man lol
  50. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 11:49 AM
  51. RIP
  52. Was waiting 7min
  53. She wasn't there
  54. Forget about her unless it's a damn good reason(edited)
  55. KnacksLast Thursday at 1:23 PM
  56. Yea she might of forgot but you should probably just ask them out lol
  57. Asking them to talk is kind of random
  58. Kolo SupremoLast Thursday at 2:22 PM
  59. eh I don't know
  60. If she liked me then I don't think she'd forget
  61. Whatever. I'll just see what happens
  62. Thanks tho
  63. KnacksLast Thursday at 3:01 PM
  64. How do you know you like someone unless you get to know them
  65. Basing interest on physical attraction is pretty iffy
  66. December 14, 2018
  67. Kolo SupremoYesterday at 4:15 AM
  68. Bro she wasn't there tho
  69. Yeah I know what you're saying but if she does that a lot then I don't want to bother
  70. But I can't be sure if it was a mistake
  71. Kolo SupremoYesterday at 9:12 AM
  72. Bro I'm done with this shit. Imma forget about this to save me from the 8months of hard depression like the first time
  73. I'm good tho ty for the help
  74. KnacksYesterday at 10:03 AM
  75. Which is valid but generally it’s a good idea to just get to the point so they understand the situation
  76. And what happened?
  77. Kolo SupremoYesterday at 10:21 AM
  78. Nothing
  79. I didn't say anything
  80. Yeah I'm sort of retarded but I accept it
  81. KnacksYesterday at 1:03 PM
  82. Gotta make stuff happen. If you’re done then learn from this lol
  83. Kolo SupremoYesterday at 2:05 PM
  84. Idk bro. Is it not a too late to say anything now?
  85. I can't handle being in a relationship but I like her tho
  86. That's my problem right there
  87. I can't keep up with the expectation with a relationship
  88. Unless you have advice
  89. KnacksYesterday at 3:07 PM
  90. Have you ever been in a relationship? What do you mean the expectation
  91. December 15, 2018
  92. Kolo SupremoToday at 1:40 AM
  93. Nope never been in one
  94. By expectation, I thought that you actually have to try to keep her interested
  95. I'm sort of seeing what you're getting at now tho
  96. Honestly, I just don't want it interfering with the life I have now. I don't want to get into something and that all has to change
  97. (I know this doesn't have to do with anything but I think a great date idea would be the mall plus there's food places there)
  98. Do you personally not have to put in effort to keep someone happy? What's your goal in your relationship?
  99. For me, it doesn't just happen. With the first girl, I felt under pressure every. single. time I spoke
  100. Maybe this thing is not for me.(edited)
  101. KnacksToday at 1:51 AM
  102. If you have to actively keep someone interested in you that's not a healthy relationship. That's generally not how they are. You should want to be with that person. You should want to talk to them, want to hang around them, want to make time.
  103. You obviously have to keep them happy but that doesn't mean you have to jump through hoops and go out of your way. Spending time with them, showing affection, etc. If that's too much then you might be right, being in a relationship right now isn't for you..
  104. As for the feeling pressure? That's just inexperience. That wasn't a relationship either.
  105. (side note the mall would be a good venue to talk and get food)
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