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  1. Hey guys!
  3. So as some of you have likely noticed, there’s been a few changes in the Discord recently.  Part of it is just me being me, sure, but more importantly there’s bigger changes afoot and I figured I’d get ahead of them some.
  5. For starters, the biggest change is twofold; we’ll be sharing a Discord space with LCDL (the Little Cup Draft League) going forward! It’ll be set up something like NBL’s chat; the general chats will be shared by everyone, as will official/battle requests/document, while each league will have their own chat for replays/changes/trades/draft.  
  7. Secondly! We’re actually going to have a full-fledged staff going forward! Both leagues will share this staff, and it includes me at the top with Flop, Dustox, and Mima as mods! With this we’ll also be a bit more formal when it comes to rules and enforcement of them going forward, and as of now we have a #rules channel outlining what those entail!
  9. As for how this’ll work roughly schedule wise?
  11. Draft; Both leagues will start drafting on the same day.
  12. Seasons;  Both leagues will also share a start date!
  13. Trade Deadline; Both leagues will have a trade deadline at the end of Week 10.
  15. Now! LCDL will only have an 11 week regular season and CRBL will keep its 15 week season going forward, so this is where things get different; in essence, LCDL will finish their season a month before CRBL’s.
  17. How will that work when both leagues start at the same time going forward? Essentially, once LCDL wraps their playoffs, we’ll start doing mock drafts and tournaments going forward, kind of like we’ve started doing now.  CRBL-styled tier drafts, S-tier drafts, Gold/Silver drafts, Little Cup drafts, so on and so forth.
  19.  If you’re interested in running one of these let the staff know and we’ll put you down for when we start with mock drafts and tournaments.  Some of these will be for silly prizes, some of this might be for the luxury of being able to pick where you draft next season, who knows! It should be fun (I get to nickname you what I please anyway though so).
  21. Anyway I know this is a big change going forward, so if you have any questions feel free to fire away at me or any of the other newly promoted mods!  
  24. -
  26. (LC post)
  28. Hey guys!
  30. Long story short, we’re moving servers! And no, the league’s not dead no matter how hard Jack tries to drown it in a bathtub.  We’ll be sharing a discord with CRBL going forward.  The discord link is down below!
  32. (discord invite link)
  34. As for season 2! If you’re still interested, please DM me and let me know you’re in so I can put you down going forward.  The current batch of players gets first dibs on joining in for the next season, then we’ll go from there.  We have a few weeks still so if you’re not super certain you want to keep playing, no worries!  You can join the CRBL discord either way as well; it’s open for both players and spectators alike!
  36. -
  38. (LC Post in CRBL discord)
  40. Hello Little Cup Leaguers!  
  42. Welcome aboard! I know this is something of a sudden shift so I’m glad you could make it.  We have a few big changes in store for next season, including a major change in the tier list and points system as well as freed z-crystals going forward!  
  44. We’re still a few weeks off from starting next season, as CRBL is just getting to the end stretch of the regular season, so feel free to spectate and shoot the shit with the others here and get to know each other!  Let me or the mods know if you want a fightclub role as well; it’ll ping you whenever a fight’s going on!
  46. CRBL is a semi-casual league. The acronym stands for Celestial Refresh Battle League, taking its name from the RP site that the league's initial members came from.  They don’t bite, and if they do they don’t have rabies so its fine anyway.
  48. We’re also going to have mock drafts and tournaments going forward with prizes ranging from UNLIMITED POWERRRRR (for a day, with nicknames) to more serious ones like the luxury of being able to pick your slot in the upcoming LCDL or CRBL drafts!
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